To tell the truth, Armin wasn't scared by how Annie's developed a habit of sleepwalking cause it's not the first time this had happened during his arrival at this apartment, but rather that she's come to him last night.

What will he do if this happens again? Would the right thing be to try and wake her up? Normally that would be the case, but he has heard about a case that sleepwalkers May react very shocked or disoriented for a while with no memory of their "episode".

And unknowingly for the young genius, it looks like this situation won't be solving itself so quickly.

Meanwhile... 5th floor Apartment - 1:47 AM

"Zzz...Arrrminn...kind "

Says a familiar tired voice as one of the doors start to open, revealed to once again be Annie Leonhart still under a deep sleep. With bed head hair her eyes nearly closed, wearing pajamas consisting of a worn out white T shirt, and gray sweatpants .

Annie: "Zzz... Armin, why are you so nice... to someone"

She slurs out as she sleepily makes her way downstairs and towards his door once again and began knocking on it, awaiting his arrival.