Watching intensely from above on the lone balcony sheltered by the gathering darkness as the herd of students suddenly appeared by portkeys and broomsticks looking around confused, shivering on the grounds in small frightened groups with the youngest being protected by the seventh years and as if on cue the older women came flogging out the manor to safely escort the children into the haven and make sure none where injured. She grimaced at the sight of the Gryffindors and redheads trampling over the her home.

"You called?".

Hermione sighed, glancing one last time at the dwindling group before turning to face her friend who casually made himself at home on her bed.

Starting to pace the length of the balcony. "Protect your mother. Promise me". Cinnamon eyes met blue as Draco furrowed his brow in confusion, realisation dawning when he noticed the lone broom resting against the stone rail and taking in his friends duelling robes.

Jumping from the bed and advancing on Hermione. "Absolutely not, mother will not allow you to fight".

"Sorry Draco but I must help end this once and for all". She swiftly disarmed him, conjuring robes to hold him tight to the bed post, bending down to Draco's eye level and placing her hand under his chin. "I must do this for I can't live in a world where Voldemort wins and I made a promise a long time ago and I don't intend on breaking it now. You are going to be a big brother Draco" she whispered the last part.

Straightening up and taking the broom in hand before jumping over the balcony, the blonde wizards terrified screams taunted her all through her reckless flight to Hogwarts. The time she made it to the castle bright colourful flashes lit up the darkened sky, the dark lord was already there with his death eaters frustratingly trying to destroy the castles protective bubble that thankfully allowed her through safely.

"You shouldn't of came".

Hermione dismounted her broom, ditching it by Hagrid's hut before turning gracefully to her guardian. His grim determination set hard on his sallow face, his black orbs narrowing at his charges complete disregard for her safety.

She brushed past him and into the great hall where the order and Hogwarts staff gathered with Lucius leaning up against the brick wall a bored sneer plastered on his haughty features, a fine brow raised when he noticed Hermione strolling in with Severus.

"What a foolish girl you are Miss Granger. I have hoped you would of stayed away for Narcissa's sake but once a Gryffindor always a bleeding heart Gryffindor I supoose". Lucius pushed way from the wall eyeing Hermione with slight admiration.

"Miss Granger I wasn't expecting you to come" professor McGonagall's scottish lilt echoed around the great hall.

Before Hermione could speak a loud commotion caught everyone's undivided attention from outside the grounds. The order members made their way to the main entrance fear taking hold as the protective ward came crashing around them and the first wave of death eaters advanced on the light with frightening speed of black smoke.

The light side broke up throwing curse after curse at the grinning followers of their greatest enemy pushing them back from the castle.

Hermione sprinted across the wet grass keeping a protective hand over her small bump terror griping her heart as dozens of Hagrid's beloved human eating Acromantulas invaded the school grounds attacking everyone in the large venomous predators path not caring who the unfortunate fool fought for.

Voldemort was the last to breach the wards with his inner circle at his side and the fierce battle began as the dark charged at the light.

Hermione continued to fight her way through the battlefield, dodging and weaving around the stray curses trying her hardest to find her former bespectacled friend all while ducking under the gaint feet of trolls and just barely missing the spiders.

Unfortunately Bellatrix noticed that the muggleborn witch was fighting alone, taking the advantage to end the mudblood once and for all, the dark insane witch advanced on the little witch. "My my muddy. Just us girlies now" she cackled, slashing her wand at the girl's mud caked cheek, grinning with joy as blood beaded up from the shallow wound.

Hermione felt dead on her feet, her wand dropped somewhere behind Bellatrix who jumped about like a child on Christmas morning as her face was slashed, ribbons of blood dripping down her robes.

A famaliar angelic voice shouted out in fear from behind her. "NO". She regretted turning her back on the deranged dark witch.


The unforgivable curse slammed into her back, her body convulsing, her blood boiling dangerously through her veins as her bones creaked under torture. please stop not our... Her vision swam.

The curse unexpectedly stopped, she sucked in a deep agonising breath, laying still unsure what the insane witch was up to but as the seconds ticked by, Hermione braved pushing herself up onto shaky legs, her cinnamon eyes widened to see Narcissa in her tight black robes, her blonde hair scraped up, standing in front of her, wand aimed at the sudden unnatural colour of Bellatrix's skin before her leather clad body imploded into dust.

Narcissa couldn't believe that she killed her sister, her wand arm shook just as Hermione pulled her in to her comforting warmth.

"HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME?" The blonde shouted, pulling back from the brunette. "I thought I lost you" her voice shook at her admittance, her beautiful blue eyes shining with unshed tears.

Hermione grimly smiled at her concern. "You found Draco then".

Narcissa grabbed her witch passionately by her robes, their lips colliding together in a frantic longing. I love you forever and always.

A scream pulled them reluctantly apart, a loud deathly explosion threw both helpless witches back, Hermione's head smacking against hard stone unaware of reality as darkness pulled her under.

Loud unmistakable shouts of fear was heard around the once loved school now turned battlefield. Hermione carefully rose from the ground her vision blurred, her body swaying under the sudden stomach churning dizziness of the concussion she no doubt received from the blow to the back of her head.

The darkness obscured her view she hers fumbled around in front of her desperate to found Narcissa, her feet stumbled underneath her.

"Stay with me, don't fall asleep to soon.. the Angels can wait.. for the moment" she softly sang as tears fell down her bruised and bloodied cheeks, the tears splashing onto the blonde's deathly pale face, her head cradled in Hermione's lap.

She ignored their approaching audience as she desperately clutched Narcissa tightly to her. Her heart slammed against her chest with despair and regret unable to stop the gut wrenching sobs taking control of her petite form.

"Stay with me my love". Kissing her cold forehead smearing blood on her perfect skin. Hermione was shaking so forcefully that her vision started to blur again and her hearing started to buzz but she still refused to release her love, refused to believe the unforgivable.

Minerva was the first to see a huddled form on the ground by the destroyed groundskeeper's hut, she took off to investigate, attracting many curious and concerned survivors as they followed behind. Upon reaching the burnt mess the stern witch couldn't stop the painful gasp from escaping her lips at recognising her distraught beloved cub rocking the lifeless body of her young friend Narcissa. Oh no lass please don't be...

"What's going on? Is there more death eaters?" Tonks spoke up, clumsily pushing her way through the small crowd. Merlin no. She grabbed on to the professor for support as the scene came clear.

The gathered survivors looked on with heartfelt sadness and in the assembled order members regret. Regret that they couldn't see past their bigoted views of the blonde and giving her the chance she deserved. Regret that they believed the lies of Albus Dumbledore for so many years, how many others died after being turned away from their protection that the very same man preached that help would be given to those that needed it. Regret and sorrow.

A singular tear slipped down Minerva's flushed cheek as Hermione's haunting sobs grew louder echoing around the battlefield like a ghostly cry.

Hermione's distress attracted the attention of the rest of the Hogwarts occupants who came out to see what was happening.

"Where's Hermione and mother?".

The deputy head spun on her heel clutching the young wizards robes trying to stop him from seeing the devastating truth.

"Get off me where's my mother?" Draco cried out desperately trying to escape from her deathly grip, hearing the heart gripping sobs coming from behind the older witch. "Let me go" his voice took on a childlike whimper at the realisation that his mother or Hermione was gone. No No No please Salazar no. His frantic determination won out as he shrugged out the robes and ran past them, stumbling onto the worst moment of his life, one he would never forget.

He dropped to the ground, his knees taking the full impact but in that single moment he couldn't feel them absorbing the pain, all he could feel was his heart trying to escape his chest, his grey orbs filling with forbidden tears, his lip quivering as he pounded the dirt with his fists. "Mama no. Not her take me. Take me". He looked up in to the dark sky allowing the tears to flow.

Lucius holding onto his injured brother in arms, helping him to the gathered crowd, the familiar faces parting to allow them through, he saw the grief and sadness on their features as he caught their eye, some patted him gently on the shoulder as he went past. Please don't let Draco be..

Severus pushed himself away from his friend, ignoring the burning agony of his bloodied chest as he stood slightly swaying next to Minerva, the ice that caked his heart started to shatter at his godson's breakdown. Forcing himself to move past Draco, the dark wizard choked on a sob as he finally took in his charge crying into Narcissa's dead body. My one true friend oh Cissa.

"Stay with me, don't fall asleep to soon.. You're going to be a mother again my love" Hermione whispered to her, peppering her face with wet bloodied kisses. "I need you".

Severus heard the brunettes strangled whisper, he wiped at his eyes quickly hiding his emotional state, knowing he was of no use he turned and collapsed before darkness took him under. I'm sorry I failed you both was his last thought.

Lucius and Remus immobilised the unconscious wizard. "Your son needs you. I will take good care of Severus I promise" the werewolf stated with no room to argue, he walked away with the wizard floating gently in front of him. Get well my friend. We will be needing you now more so than ever.

He swallowed down the rising bile, he gripped his wand in his fist unable to stop the tear from running down his emotionless mask.

"Lass it's time" Minerva softly spoke kneeling down in front of Hermione. "You need to be treated. I promise Narcissa will be looked after". She nodded to the four advancing wizards and Tonks who with reluctancy grabbed her young friend from behind.

Hermione fought with her low reserves of energy but her jailer held tight. "No don't you touch her. She's alive I know she is" she screamed at the men who manhandled her love. "She has to be". Her tears hit the arm that circled her waist.

She didn't go easy, her legs dragged on the floor digging her heels into the ground as best she could, her magical arm clawing at any flesh she could get hold of.

Tonks winced at her body being abused by the feisty witch but she didn't back down so she was extremely relieved once they entered the infirmary where Remus and Sirius took over and strapping Hermione to the bed in the same private room that she used during the summer.

She groggily opened her exhausted eyes, slamming them shut as the flickering lights abused her vision. Hermione was sore all over, she tried to move but found her arms and legs strapped down. Quiet whispers drifted though her ears, turning her head she spotted Lucius talking to professor McGonagall both looking worse for wear. That's when the haunting scene of night came back to her, she struggled and thrashed to free herself. The binds dug uncomfortably into her flesh, tightening every time she fought back.

"Miss Granger you need to calm down. You are causing your unborn child unnecessary stress" the matron sternly snapped, stepping into the bound witch's view. "I will release you when I am sure you are completely calm". Her eyes gave away her concern. "I can't give you a calming draught due to your pregnancy but you can take a very low dose of dreamless sleep". Her heart went out to her patient. You my dear have had it rough this past year.

Hermione let the tears fall once again. I love you forever and always.