A/N: Written for the Diversity Writing Challenge, a84 - write a fic that only uses four of the five vowels (ie. do not use one of a, e, i, o or u)

Triumphant Return

Years later, they are reborn.

They emerge from the crater they'd been blasted to smithereens in. They're together again, and whole. They savor it, at first: breathe the fresh air.

Then they go on a mission, and this time there's no room for mischief along the way.

They scan the shops, remembering when they'd tried on all those dresses. They scan the streets they'd ridden, the food-stands they'd raided.

When that fails, they scan the park. Hadn't they lost the Patamon last time?

When that fails, they ride the train to the next stop, since hadn't they been on their way home last time?

When that fails, they ask. That gets some answers and it's a long trip there.

They can't expect them to have waited. How'd they have known?

Still, their tenacity knows no limits, and they find the pair that night.