This one's in celebration of these two dorks getting canon married lol

The morning light drifted in through cheap curtains, its brightness casting over Kate's face. It took about an hour for them to wake her up, but eventually her eyes registered it and she blinked awake.

They were in a decently cheap hotel room. That is, her and Princeton were. He was hugging her loosely in a deep sleep, his face just a few inches above hers. His exhales gently tickled the fur on the bridge of her nose.

Smiling at the faint sensations, Kate buried her face into Princeton's neck and nuzzled it softly. Eventually a soft groan left his throat and his hug tightened just a hair. His lips pressed against her forehead and Kate pulled away from his throat to look at him.

"G'morning, baby," she said, her words mildly slurred by drowsiness and a very faint hangover. Princeton started stroking her back.

"How'd my beautiful wife sleep last night, huh?" he said, and Kate broke out in flustered giggles. Her face pressed back against his neck.

After a brief moment of recovery, she took a deep breath. "Alright, just a little sore is all."

"That's good."

They fell into silence for about ten minutes afterwards and just enjoyed each other's presence. Kate's eyes slid shut and she started to doze back off, and then Princeton shook her softly. She whined and cracked an eye open.

"Hey babe, it's like 10:30, we should probably get ready," he said. Sighing, Kate stretched and blinked a few times to help herself wake up. Princeton released her from his hug and pushed himself up into a sitting position. She followed suit a minute or so later.

"I know I was the one that wanted to go swimming, but god I'm not in the mood for it now," Kate said, rubbing her face. Princeton leaned over and kissed her cheek. He lingered afterwards, so Kate took the opportunity to kiss him on the lips. Princeton returned it as well as he could, but they were at an awkward angle so it wasn't all that effective. He broke it off when his neck started to hurt a bit.

"My parents paid for our plane tickets-" he said, sliding off the bed "-so we should do a little more than just bang in a cheap hotel room."

"I guess!" Kate said playfully. A small smile twitched on to her face as her attention redirected to her hand. She pressed a finger to the jewel on her golden ring and let out a soft sigh.

She turned to look at Princeton. "You've got your ring on still, right?"

He laughed. "Yeah, Kate! I just got it yesterday!"

She glanced off to the side. "I know, I just, um, wanna see it."

With a grin, Princeton walked over to her and sat down beside her. He held his hand out to her and she grasped it and stared at the small gold band on his ring finger. She giggled and kissed him, an overwhelming amount of happiness hitting her chest.

"I love yoouuuu," Kate said in a soft coo. She rested her head on his shoulder and Princeton kissed the top of it.

"Love you, too."

They sat there for a couple of minutes, and then Kate patted his thigh. "Alright, beach time!"

"Can't wait to see you in that swimsuit," Princeton grinned. Kate laughed.

"I'm naked right now, how is that any better?"

He got up to his feet and stretched. "Well, you look great now, and you'll look just as great in a different sort of way!" There was a pause as he started to rummage through his suitcase, so Kate smirked at him.

"It's because it's skin-tight, isn't it?" she said. Princeton pulled out his red pair of swim trunks and shot a finger pistol at her.

"Yeah that's it!"

She snorted.

With a yawn, Princeton headed over to the bathroom. "Alright, I'm gonna clean up a little."

"Oh, I've gotta do that too, don't I," Kate said. She stared down at herself and sighed as the bathroom door shut. Having fur really made it hard to take a quick shower, so that meant some really weird and specific spot-cleaning was about to happen.

The shower turned on and she got up to her feet, a bit surprised to find herself mildly wobbly still. Laughing just a little, she meandered over to her suitcase and pulled out her swimsuit. It was a pink one-piece with a white stripe down either side, which was thrown over her shoulder as she walked to the bathroom.

Princeton hadn't locked it, obviously, so Kate pushed the door open and swung it shut behind her. Then, she dropped her swimsuit on the ground, grabbed a washcloth off the towel rack and gave it a quick dousing, and started scrubbing the bits of her face crusted with drool. Panting got really messy sometimes.

She continued to work her way down, carefully looking for similar spots. The shower turned off and Princeton got out behind her and grabbed a towel off the rack. His drying off took substantially less time than her touch-ups, so much so that by the time he'd pulled on his swim trunks and fixed his hair a little bit, Kate was just starting to wash her inner thighs.

"Gee, Kate, aren't you done yet?" he said, grinning. She shoved him lightly.

"You shut your mouth," Kate said, continuing to clean up her legs with a small smile on her face.

After a couple minutes she decided she was decent enough and picked her swimsuit back up. She pulled it on without too much trouble and looked herself over to make sure there weren't any weird spots left on her fur.

"Do I look alright?" she said, eyes going to the mirror.

Princeton slipped his arms around her. "Yeah!" he said, and kissed her ear. "You'd look even better in a bikini, though."

"No way, mister!"

"Worth a shot."

They kissed and Princeton let go of her. "Alright, we need to put sunscreen on now," Kate said. She grabbed Princeton's hand and they walked out of the bathroom together. "I can probably put it on your back for you!"

"Doesn't it get your fur all greasy?" Princeton said as she started digging the bottle out of her suitcase. She pulled it out, popped the cap off, and squeezed it out on the little bare spots on her hands that mildly resembled paw pads.

"That's alright, it's just my hands!" she chirped, "Now turn around."


He turned and Kate lifted up her hands and then paused. Her fur prickled as heat rushed to her face. "Oh my god," she said, eyes wide.

"What?" Princeton said, biting back a laugh. He could hear the embarrassment in her voice.

Kate's eyes scanned his back over and over. She figured that she gave him some scratches when they had sex, it just made sense. She had claws, and when she grabbed at him sometimes they dug in a little too much. It just never occurred to her that there would be that many.

"How haven't I noticed you had all these scratch marks before?"

"Oh those?" Princeton said, glancing over his shoulder, "I've always had those. You're, well, you're pretty grabby."

"Oh," Kate said. She pressed her hands up to him and started rubbing the sunscreen on. Her hands came to a sudden stop as a terrible realization dawned on her. "Oh god, we're going to the beach, people are going to see that."

Princeton grinned. "Guess they'll know who my wife is."

"Yeah right, they'll probably be thinking 'oh that terrible woman, I can't believe she treats her husband like that'."

There was a pause as Kate continued to smear sunscreen over his back and Princeton fell silent. He cleared his throat. "They don't hurt, I'm really used to you doing it! It's just kind of, well, hot now."

She slid her hands up to his shoulders. "Well, at least there's that."

"I can just tell people you're nice-" Princeton said, glancing back at her brightly, "-because you are!"

Kate took a deep breath and gave him a small smile. "Thanks, baby." She pulled her hands off his back and wiped them off on her legs. "Alright! You can put the rest on yourself."

Princeton turned and gave her a quick kiss. "Awesome! Thanks, Kate!" He picked up the bottle of sunscreen and squeezed a bit out on his hand. Then, he touched a fingertip to it and smeared it over Kate's nose. "-And now you're done!"

"Aww, you remembered!" she said. Her finger rubbed the sunscreen in the rest of the way, and Princeton pulled her into a hug.

"Of course! Don't want your cute little nose to burn," he said, and gave her a peck on the forehead. Kate smiled at the fluttering that put in her chest.

"You're so sweet!"

"So are you!"

They stared at each other for a second, mushiness dripping from their gazes. Kate tilted her head slightly, her hands shifting to his chest. His moved to her hips, and for a moment they were just two newlyweds in a hotel room who were definitely not going swimming. Princeton started to lean in and then someone knocked on the door and the hormones died down.

"Housekeeping! Anyone in there?"

The couple glanced at the door and then back at each other.

"Oh, um, we're on our way out!" Kate said, grabbing her purse and a couple beach towels off the floor. Princeton dug his wallet out of his pants from the day before and stuffed it into her bag.

"Yep!" he added, jogging over to the door and opening it up. The two of them waved at the worker awkwardly and snuck out past her.

They were at the point in their honeymoon where it was time to make other people uncomfortable with their gushing anyways.