A new story of mine based on Nyx and Luna. Lunyx Luna is a warrior here.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. The youngest oracle of the history was declared dead after Niflheim invaded Tenebrae when she was a child. She was killed by an explosions after she helped King Regis and Noctis to escaped. However Luna watched her kingdom destroyed,she witness General Glauca killing Queen Sylvia while protecting Ravus. Luna tried to run from the guards chasing her until,she was pulled by her friend and took her away. While distracting the guards, Luna could hear the child's yelp of being hurt,yet she continue to run and run till she found a cliff. She looked down and it was surrounded by deep waters.

Normally Luna know how to fight based on her instructor taught her and Ravus when she was a child. The Niflheim is looking for something and that was on Luna's pocket. A book that Queen Sylvia was writing. Despite being an oracle Luna was a warrior instead. Luna could hear them coming until she remember what Queen Sylvia told her.

Don't let them take the book Luna. Don't give them the book.

Luna knew that book Queen Sylvia wrote was important. This is why she entrusted the book to Luna not the others even Ravus. Luna could hear the twig snapped into two. She began to focus. The bombs were heard until the armor guards came. Luna tried to go until they fired her. Luna immediately jumped into the cliff and landed on the waters. The guards think they killed Lunafreya but they didn't know that Luna was indeed alive.

The current was to strong for Luna to handle even she loved to swim yet she tried to swam towards the nearest shore but alas ,she didn't see some land but waters everywhere. The current was strong that made Luna unconscious till she opened her eyes seeing herself on the abandoned island.

The island was surrounded by woods and trees but no houses were found. Luna looked around. She was far away from home. Tenebrae was already taken by Niflheim and she was declared dead. She knew she had to avenge their deaths. Her mother's death and the others who were a family to them. One day she will end the Niflheim Empire.

While making a fire using her bare hands. She knew she had to survived now. Survived without her mother or friends to guide her. She was happy that King Regis and Noctis are safe but her other friend...he may have died to protect her from the soldiers which made Luna cried.

Sadly she may never reunite with Pryna and Umbra along with Ravus and the others. Luna knew that she had to face the consequences without them. She had to trust by herself now. She didn't know how to fight enough...she knew how to fight but to kill or survived.? No. She couldn't.

Every island was in danger and Luna knew that they were demons lurking around for their prey. Luna grabbed a book from her pocket. It was invisible but when she reaches towards the fire. She saw names and the other officials allied with Niflheim. Luna didn't know that Queen Sylvia wrote the other corrupt persons of the Empire along with its allies. Now they were targeting Lucis and the Niflheim must have figured it out that Queen Sylvia list all of them on her book.

Howls were heard but Luna tugged her coat jacket to keep her warm even it is night. Luna could hear the wolves howling towards their prey or other daemons. Luna kept the book on her pocket until she heard a growling sound. It was a daemon with the size of the snake (not the one from FINAL fantasy Brotherhood).

Luna grabbed a dagger from her robes. Seeing a snake can properly not easy to kill because she doesn't know how to kill a person or a daemon yet. Holding the dagger tightly. The snake tried to lunged at Luna whom she quickly dodge yet she attacked the snake by slashing its skin. The snake growled as it throws Luna to the tree making her yelped in pain.

Luna could see the fire on her eyes. She holds the dagger tightly as she tried to kill the daemon using her fighting skills. Apparently she kills the snake daemon and she feels exhausted. She knew she was weak from the attacks and the escape part. Luna lied to the ground while the fire kept going. Luna's eyes could see a person coming to her,she tried to move but every part of her strength was fading away. All she could see was a person in a dark mask with black and white cloth armored around him. The stranger looked at the unconscious Luna until he carried her away from the fire.