The storm ended but the two were asleep on the floor wearing a white sheet to cover their naked bodies on it. Both of them faced each other however they were in a peaceful sleep. Nyx opened his eyes seeing Luna asleep on his chest,he smiled as Luna was still asleep. she seems peaceful when she was asleep and also beautiful despite his snores but she didn't mind. The storm ended yet the two are naked except a white sheet blanket was covering them then he went back to sleep. Within minutes Luna woke up feeling warm on Nyx hand,she stared at him smiling. Last night was perfect for them. It was blissful sex indeed but Luna was happy. She struggle to remove herself from Nyx but it was useless. She looked at him,he seems peaceful when he was asleep...but sometimes she did heard him screaming his nightmares. She felt sore but she will handle it,she poked at him but nothing. Luna grinned like a Cheshire cat until she tried pinch his nose but Nyx grabbed her arm and made them a round spin. Luna was on the floor while Nyx was above her.

''Trying to poke me?''Nyx asked as Luna laughed.

''I was going to surprised you but it seems like you were aware of my actions.''said Luna as she giggled

Nyx chuckle as he stared at her beautiful eyes and face. '' I was awake earlier but i pretended to go back to sleep in case you were going to do something on me.'' Nyx replied

''Sneaky aren't you?''Luna teased him until she kissed him . They kissed passionately again as Nyx kissed her neck making her moan again despite of what happened to them last night yet she kissed his neck. ''I am so sorry about yesterday.''

''You were perfect.''Nyx replied as he kissed her until she groaned. ''Are you okay? Are you sore?''

''I am but i will be fine. I just want to stay here for a moment.''said Luna

''Okay...but we are not done with our mission yet. What important is your back and safe and sound nothing more.''said Nyx

''Maybe..but things will be different as well. Me going back as White lightning makes me realized that i was making a tense moved despite my injuries.''Luna teased making him laughed as he kissed her shoulder where there was a scar from her fell.

''Better.?''Nyx asked

''Lots.''Luna replied until they both blushed that they were indeed naked but they didn't mind at all. The sheets she tighten them for safety even she saw some blood on it.

''Okay...look get out of there right now. I am going to make breakfast before we leave again.''Nyx told her as he looked at his pants but he couldn't find them anywhere. ''where did i put my pants?'' Nyx asked

''I don't know.''said Luna as she grabbed his buttoned shirt and put it on without her bra.

''Your wearing my shirt.''Nyx mentioned

''I can't find mine.''Luna replied as she giggled making Nyx laughed till he grabbed his boxers and went to the kitchen to make some food. Unknown to him Luna grabbed a camera and took a picture at him while cooking.

''Hey?''Nyx yelled as Luna was running from him until he caught her and circle her around making her laughed till they laughed together. Nyx kissed her forehead till she smiled warmly.

''Sorry...''said Luna as they kissed.

Back At Lucis.

The pair went back to Lucis an hour. Once they arrived back to Luna's apartment. Nyx grabbed their bags while Luna grabs her weapons and keys of her house. As they entered back. Nyx looked at Luna.

''You okay?''Nyx asked

''Yeah. Just exhausted since the trip and besides we agree that term of ours. Declaring me alive the whole nationwide will noticed. I don't heal people anymore because my genova cells were with me. Keeping within me turned me into worse.''said Luna

''Hey worse than you can imagine. I care as well but we can't helped the fact about the consequences we just don't know how long will this be ended. Right now our safety is important.''Nyx reassure her

''I know...its just a lot happens. I've been hiding here for years without stepping out declaring me alive and once this is over. A lot will happened. We can handle this. We just needed some plan to make.''said Luna until Nyx kissed her forehead.

''Don't worry...i'll be okay.''said Nyx

Both of them went back to worked as well. With the crystal safe at Edge. Luna was surprised that the crystal still shielded Lucis despite being far away. However while Nyx went back to worked. Luna went to the palace unexpectedly without alerting everyone,she discovered a lot of hidden passages way back. She looked at the hidden elevator that lead towards the throne room where the peace treaty will signed. Until she heard a laughter coming from nowhere. She saw Crowe and Ravus laughing so hard when Crowe was assigned to body guard King Regis ,yet she saw that Ravus and Crowe kissed on the other hall. She cupped her mouth to contained her laughter. She will tell Nyx about this. Suddenly she suddenly realized that Ravus was also protecting King Regis along with Crowe ,she was happy that Ravus was protecting King Regis all along.

Back to her apartment Luna was making her arrows that contains electricity enough to destroy the fleet afterwards. Nyx showed up with a coffee mug on his hands. He put the mug on the table and hold some arrows.

''Guess what? I've been patrolling on the Citadel on the peace treaty.''said Nyx

''And i discovered that Crowe was guarding King Regis and also had a secret relationship with my brother? Yeah unexpectedly meets the unexpected.''said Luna

''Whoa...whoa..what?''Nyx smiled ''Crowe is in relationship with your brother...i cannot believe it. No wonder why she had a secret relationship all along because earlier she seems cheerful.''said Nyx

''Yeah and i found out that Ravus was working protecting King Regis. I went to the palace and doing some underground work and i heard them listening. oh my god am i an idiot or something or i've been snooping around a lot?''Luna asked

''No your not. Besides i am happy as well with Crowe. I just can't believed she fell for him afterwards. Okay. earlier. I heard Luche and Tredd talking about the Niflheim ships are coming to insomnia 20 fleet. Not just that but worse than you can of them are preparing this. A lot of the glaives are coming as well. We don't know the rest.''said Nyx

''They are waging war already. If those ships went to Insomnia...then.''

''Will caused a loophole. We have to destroy those ships before it reached to the palace. ''said Nyx

''God...this is worse. Those were 20 ships and most of all. I can't handle it while the king is with terms.''said Luna

''I got an idea. You have to trust me''said Nyx

Crowe and the rest were drinking on the glaives bar. She was planning to tell Nyx and the rest that she had a boyfriend however it won't work. While walking home Crowe and Nyx stopped.

''Something wrong Nyx?''Crowe asked

''Crowe i know.''said Nyx

''Know what?''Crowe asked

''About Ravus and you.''Crowe was surprised of how Nyx knew about her relationship with Ravus but neverless she calmed down and looked at Nyx but he smiled. ''You don't need to worry. Luna and i already know.''said Nyx

''You know? Lunafreya was here? You know she was alive?''

''Shhhh...not here back at her apartment now.''said Nyx as Crowe followed pursuit

''Nyx what is going on?''said Crowe

''Later.. We need to talked to Libertus and Pelna.''said Nyx

Ravus was walking on the park after seeing a good night sky. He was worried for Luna's safety instead along with Crowe. All this plan is worse. He had to protect King Regis away from them but how. How can he and Crowe managed to get the king out.? His thoughts were interrupted when he looked back seeing White Lightning. Ravus was alarmed as he grabbed his rapier.

''No fights Ravus.''said White Lightning

''Why do you know my name?''Ravus demanded

''Because you never sided with the Empire once.''White Lightning said as she took of her mask shocking Ravus.

''Lunafreya.''said Ravus

''We need to talked.''

Libertus and Pelna watched as Nyx and Crowe went to Luna's apartment. Nyx told them to quiet down to avoid Tredd and Luche from the rest including. They were both confused. They entered as well towards the other lair...then Ravus and White Lightning came. Both of the glaives are shock except Nyx but Luna took off her mask revealing to them and explained to them.

''You were alive all these years? And you never come to us for protection?''Libertus asked

''Staying on Lucis is not the best part. Lunafreya managed to take King Regis and Noctis away before he could distract them.''said Ravus as he saw the lair. He was impressed of her design. ''How did you build this place?''

''Long.''said Luna

''And Tredd and Luche along with the glaives are working for the Empire. No wondered why they sneak off with Drautos.''said Pelna

''Who was in fact General Glauca?''

''What?! The captain is General Glauca? Well this is worse. The king is completely in danger. Were doomed.''said Libertus

''Doomed as well. Luna already knows General Glauca. We managed to convince Avalanche to prepare the safehouses back at Edge before he could apprehended us. Noctis and the others are safe at Edge.''said Nyx

''Why didn't you tell me you were here all the time?''Ravus asked Luna

''mother gave me the list of names that belonged to the Empire. That is why i destroyed their weaponized machines and also their targets. However Davis was at Galdin quay and pictured me.''said Luna

''You know you did the right thing of doing those right?''Crowe asked

''Right or wrong. Niflheim is targeting both Nyx and i because of the jenova effects on us. We are dead by their wanted list.''said Luna

Ravus smiled. ''I think i know why. The imperial army wanted the jenova effects because of the soldiers strengthen them. Back at Galahd Nyx managed to destroy using his jenova powers to destroy the ships then you destroy the soldiers created by Verstael. If those two have them. They could rule over nation and nation.''

''Aw snap. I was going to destroy Luche's tablet for being ignorant.''Libertus grumble as he mentioned Luche.

''She nearly tried to kill Crowe on the road if i didn't intervene.''Luna added

''Wait what?. That was Luche?! Wait until i get that hands of that bloody bastard.''Crowe tightened her fist

''Easy Crowe. Luche may be pay later or acted like you didn't know nothing. Besides more important is the king to get out of here.''Ravus told them

''Edge is better. The safe houses are already activated.''said Nyx

''What your saying the list? Was it both the Niflheim persons or targets? Because i could swear that book has a hidden page there?''Pelna asked

''How do you know?''Ravus asked

''Every book has a hidden text. In case of slight danger or anonymous text towards its important method. To talked first.''Luna gave Pelna the book. Pelna opens the book seeing a lot of cross lines or part of the structure. ''Just as i expected. The list of persons of Niflheim has many members. How can you handle this list of book?''Pelna asked

''Lets just say i entered the military at Midgar and became an Avalanche founder and also bartender back at Edge. Besides i was a soldier and i lost my oracles powers since genesis injected me some jenova effects.''said Luna

''How?The three demanded

''I died.''Luna replied

''What?! you mean you lost your oracles powers because of the jenova effects and also you were killed by the mako reactor. No wonder why we received a black out last week.''said Libertus

''This will take long.''said Nyx as he slapped his forehead until he looked at the coffee pitcher. ''I am going to grab some coffee back there.''Nyx suggested

''mind if i come? I could use a extra hand.''said Ravus feeling fear from Lunafreya

''Don't kill each other.''Luna and Crowe warned them

''We will.''Nyx and Ravus said

Both Nyx and Ravus went into the kitchen to gathered some coffee. Ravus looked at the former library turned apartment house. No wonder why Luna liked to make designs.

''Here. If you don't mind. The other coffee will take 10 minutes to heated up.''Nyx handed him a coffee which he gladly accepted.

Ravus smiled. ''Thank you for taking care of Lunafreya. You must be Nyx Ulric Rhapsodos.''said Ravus

''Just Nyx Ulric. Luna used my last name while she entered here under the disguised of Stella Rhapsodos. She used my father's last name.''said Nyx

Ravus nodded in agreement. ''To be true. I know what she was doing. How did you two met by any chance?''Ravus asked

Nyx sighed as he released a breath. ''I met Luna back at Tenebrae when i was young. My mother and i went to visit some relatives of mine. While biking i heard her crying. She seems lost her way back home and we began our friendship statues.''

Ravus was surprised. So this is the person Luna talked back home. '' I am surprised that it was you who showed her some independence. Lunafreya told me back home that she met a boy whom she considered a special friend to hang out. So i advised her to give you some soup to eat. She really likes you a lot.''said Ravus

Nyx chuckle. ''Then one day. She came running to me. She told me that niflheim invaded Tenebrae. After she let King Regis escaped. She ran to me and we went on the run. I defended her and told her to run...but i didn't realized she jumped on the cliff then she met my father that i never saw.''said Nyx

Ravus was saddened. He knew what he meant. '' Our father died when we were young. Luna favored him. She decided to become a warrior instead than an oracle. I agree with her because she used to kicked me back.''

Both men laughed but Nyx added. ''True. She did throw me at the lake after i caught someone else boxers at the lake. Never underestimate woman. Then one day my family and i left Tenebrae and went back home. I blamed myself for not saving her when i had a chance to.''

Ravus looked at him. ''None of those were your fault. You already saved her a lot. You defended her and that is enough for her.''

''I agree but i never stopped thinking about her since day one even back at Galahd was under attacked. My family was killed and i unexpectedly destroyed some of the ships using my jenova powers. Turns out the empire was looking for genetic. Selena could have it but she and my mother were killed.''said Nyx

Ravus realized why he liked Nyx. Because he never lied. He was telling the truth and losing his parents or family cost a lot. '' I realized that both of us are the same. Lost our family back at the Empire. Full of hatred we are.''Ravus drank his coffee

''When we moved her from Galahd as immigrants. I didn't realized that she was a daemon hunter as well till we met at the cliff. She seems saddened and confused so i comforted her and we introduced ourselves. Both of us seems familiar like we met before.''said Nyx as he drank his coffee

Ravus sighed. ''You didn't know she was White Lightning?'' Ravus asked

Nyx shook his head. ''I didn't know she was until i hacked into one of my workplace seeing her escaped using the old passages way to exit Lucis. I was confused of first when she jumped her bike making me choke on my coffee then she turned up at the gate watch and gave us a sandwich. Then i discovered that she must be sneaking out. One day i saw her parking her bike outside the palace..''

''She parked her bike outside the palace?''Ravus exclaimed.

Nyx nodded his head. ''She did. I was confused at first but after a lot of researched. She was White Lightning because she hacked the camera's back at Lucis. While i was following her. she screamed in pain and she fainted because of her stress overload.''said Nyx

Ravus was shocked. He never know that Luna could hacked through computers of Lucis. He did remember that Loqi told him that the main server was broken. He laughed. ''So what was the reason to released her stress?'' Ravus asked

''She took underground fights outside Lucis borders. That was her stress released.''said Nyx

''I cannot believe she would do that. That was her stress released by entering the underground fights?''Ravus asked

''She did. Honestly i took her back to her apartment and explained to her about my investigation. She didn't mind but i recommended her to get some rest. Then one night i was abducted by Caldor Ulldor using Luche and Tredd. Luna heard it then she came to my aid.''said Nyx

''And she did killed Calidor?''

''And Calidor discovered about her. Then she killed him.''said Nyx

Ravus agree with his term. ''If Lunafreya never escaped then Calidor would beat her for not disobedience. Luckily she did.''said Ravus

Nyx agree with his statement. ''Then she told that she needed to find the second jenova. I think you already know what happened. After we returned home. She told me the truth that Genesis Rhapsodos was my biological father. She said she was protecting me all along. I was angry at first but then i realized i can't handle being angry for so long,so i went home and i caught a fever based on the jenova effects.''said Nyx

Ravus looked sad. ''That must be horrible for you. The man who took Lunafreya in was indeed your father and you never had a chance to met him? Not a single time?''

Nyx shook his head. ''Nope. Then he went to my dream. He told me not to blame Luna about what happened. He was trying to protect me as well but then i realized that i slowly fell in love with Luna. When i was sick. I thought she went to Edge but she went to my apartment unannounced.''

''She broke in into your house?''Ravus exclaimed

''She did. She took care of me and then we confessed our feelings for each other. I promised not to broke her heart and we've been doing what we could do. Destroy Niflheim plans and one day. She told me that she was hesitate to kill you.''said Nyx

''I understand what she meant as well but now it would never happened. Besides i already accepted you as her boyfriend as well. Crowe told me about you as well.''said Ravus

Nyx looked down. ''Drautos ordered us to eliminate the mole rabbit that nearly mauled Crowe to death. He told me and Luna to go to Tenebrae to finished it. She was hesitate to go back there. She did went to Tenebrae to visit her mom but she never wanted to come back even ,she wanted to.''said Nyx

''Because her home is on Edge with the Avalanche as well including you. I understand that part. Besides i accepted your relationship with Lunafreya. She seems happy to see you, she felt safe when you are around. I never see her so happy. If i could destroy her relationship,she would be heartbroken.''said Ravus

''Thank you for accepting us.''Nyx was thinking about the dogs. ''Ravus what happened to Umbra and Pryna? Those dogs came to us back then at Tenebrae then we realized that it was indeed us who go back.''

Ravus looked down while holding his shoulders. ''After declaring her dead. The dogs disappeared along with Gentiana. Both of us grieved that day. If the dogs went to you or here. Then it must have been reunite as well. Umbra and Pryna are also messengers like a yin and yang. Like light and dark reunite. ''

''I did miss those dogs as well. How on earth did you and Crowe met?''

Ravus laughed. ''Oh you won't like it. While we were driving back to Insomnia. I didn't know that i was driving until i accidentally crashed with Crowe. I immediately went out seeing a woman. She was okay and i apologized as well. I respected a lady so i helped her out by fixing her bike. Then we introduce ourselves.''said Ravus

''I take it she didn't like the names?''Nyx guessed

''She did. One day we bumped again. she was nearly drunk and she nearly crashed her again. So i comforted her and told her i was protecting King Regis secretly then we both got drunk and we became friends. One day she told me that she lost her parents from the Empire and i told her as well. We fell in love by having a secret relationship. However i feel happy with Crowe. Even we had a secret relationship. I used to stay at her i love the glaive as well. She was tough,compassionate,kind and also brave. Similar to Luna.''said Ravus

''Just don't hurt her.''

''So as yours. I love Crowe and i would do anything to protect her. Crowe and i decided to leave Tenebrae as well.''said Ravus

''But who would handle Tenebrae without its king? Luna told me she rather be a warrior than a queen.''said Nyx

''We can't just decided right now. Wait i could hear them laughed? Were they talking about us?''Ravus frowned

''Oh no. Libertus must told her about what i did.''Nyx said as he carried a coffee maker

Both of them rushed to their side seeing them laughed with Pelna and Libertus about their jokes about Nyx and Ravus but somehow they were relieved. Luna and Ravus reunite as well and talked about their lost time. Crowe and Nyx smiled as they saw the siblings reunite as well. who went to the bedroom of his

''Look I am happy for you as well...on second thought. You have to keep fighting Lunafreya. That is why father told us to keep fighting.''said Ravus

Luna looked down. ''I did miss father a lot. His words remind me of keeping me fight.''

''It was not your fault that our father died. Do you know why Mother told me about what happened to Dad?''Ravus asked as Luna shook her head ''Mother knew you wanted to become a fighter just our dad did. She knew that you didn't wanted you to be an oracle. She wants you to keep fighting. This is why she entrusted you the book.''

''Ravus...did they discovered me as i followed the list?''Luna asked

''No why?.''Ravus asked afterwards Pelna and Crowe came back

''What did you find?''Nyx demanded as he came out from the room

''Bad shot. Luche and Tredd are making a lot of enemy glaives as well. Earlier Libertus and i followed Luche only thing is. Niflheim knows that Luna is alive and they wanted to find her and took her in.''said Crowe

''That is bad.''said Ravus

''Not just that. Drautos was talking to this creepy guy in a jester. He told him that finding Lunafreya was a good thing.''said Pelna

''Both of you must destroy the air ships heading towards the Citadel. We will distract as well . The three of us are guarding the king while Ravus will be there acting as a deputy general. The only bad thing is some glaives are there.''said Crowe

''I got an idea. Nyx...i think you know what your going to do along with Lunafreya.''said Ravus