Back from anyone as well. Maybe not. Here it is.


One of the Niflheim officials went out of the car after hearing a meeting. While walking away,he could hear thunder was boomed from nowhere. Apparently it started to rain on the darker skies. Lightnings appeared on the sky yet, man looked for shelter to avoid being in the rain. Unknown to him someone was there watching him from the distance. The figure began to move fast like a thunder coming from nowhere. Like a flashed of light.

As the person continue to walked some of the guards who was guarding him started to hear a twig from nowhere. While they passed on the dark alley. The rain continue to patter towards the ground until the guard was snatched into the darkness alarming the guards and their boss.

"What was that?"

The guards protected their master until they were killed by unexpectedly person. The person fired his gun while he escorted towards the car. He fired the gun.

"Hey you missed."the person said causing the man to turned around.

The official heard his guard knock out cold until his window was smashed and there was a white arrow on it. He stared it until he felt the electricity that he couldn't handle even wearing an armor until he was thrown away on the rain. The official saw a female person with blonde hair and blue eyes , who was wearing a black armor,white cape,a black mask with two pointy side on the head who holds a bow and arrow.

"Whoa...whoa just tell me what you want?."the official asked while as the person jumped down seeing him.

Looking at her eyes. There are ice cold filled with electricity until she fired another arrow and hit the official on the leg making him pain and yelped. Afterwards he could see blood coming from the ground his hand was covered his own blood as his chest was slashed

"Who are you?."the official asked as the masked person looked at her while aiming at him

"I am White Lightning."White Lightning declared as she fired the arrow and kills the official even he felt the electricity.

The rain continue to dropped yet the dark skies covering. White Lightning immediately disappeared as she rode on her motorcycle and zoomed away. She passed the other shops of Lucis and towns eventually she reached towards her apartment. She immediately hide her motorcycle before the neighbors could hear her. The once said apartment was an abandoned library that was selected to be renovated.

White Lightning immediately enter her other passages from the bookcase. The bookcase slid open letting her entering her hide out. She passed on the stairs and dropped her cape. She opened the book and crossed the name on it. As she put her weapons down she took of her mask revealing to be Luna who smiled as she looked into the mask she was holding.

Afterwards she removed her armor clothing and grabbed a towel proceeding towards the bathroom before she caught sick. She used the bathroom hideout than the main one. After taking a bath Luna stepped out and looked on the list and the news of the Lucis. She was not done with her mission yet. Niflheim is already in Lucis and begin the peace treaty.

" Great timing."said Luna as she made coffee on her hideout.

Luna watched the other officials. One of them is missing yet she began to yawned. She needed sleep because of her work for many years. She knows that she was going to grocery tomorrow. She immediately relaxed on the couch of her hideout and fell asleep. She could hear thunder booming through the windows.

The next morning

Luna was awake from her slumber. She was on her hideout couch than the bed. yet she sleep,on the worse place before coming back .She prepare for breakfast on the main and trained herself. She keep training and made some arrows,knives and some lightning metals. Luna went opened the television seeing the news about the official of the Niflheim killed yesterday by a mysterious vigilante. Luna sighed this is a hundred works she did. She grabbed her coffee and drank it before going to exercise to trained again. She practice her sword, knives,archery along with handling with some other weapons.

She heard that Niflheim invaded many places and the others were taken refuge in Lucis. Apparently under the disguise of an refugee named Stella. After her declaration was dead. Everyone taught Luna was dead but in reality she was arriving from self imposed exile. Luna immediately found an abandoned place. The old library of Lucis. This is the perfect hideout for her to take her plans. After weeks of rebuilding the found 5 passages way unknown to the others this could be useful for her work. Despite this Luna made her hideout. The other parts were the bookshelf containing her stuff of her operations,then she looked down would be a better place. Luna immediately fixed the place in a month.

Back on her hideout. Luna entered the stairs on the other passageways. There is another shelf of books and a sofa and a living room with a wine and bar to drink. There was a pole to slide down (like the fire station) where her works where even stairs. Somehow this library could still be useful. The old library of Lucis became her operation and apartment in disguised.

Luna saw her motorcycle and her car over the garage so was the hidden compartment of her hiding place. She wondered how this library had many passageways lately. After covering with sweat. Luna proceed to take a bath and ate breakfast before going out again. She grabbed her white shirt,her black pants and shoes. She grabbed her black leather jacket and walked away.

Walking again was her best part. Luna survived without money back to the island aside from that. She had hunt a lot of daemons lately while exilement. She enjoyed walking and greeted with the other humans. As she entered the grocery store. She greeted the store owner with manners.

"Hi Stella you needed some supplies for your house?."Grace the store owner said

"Yes i am Ms Grace. I just needed some supplies for the house and also i needed to hunt lately."said Luna as she grabbed a shopping cart.

"Oh goodness your right dear. There is a hunting job on the board. I guess some others already picked some of their work ones. But for you i find you a great place."said Grace

"Thank you Ms. Grace."said Luna as she bowed down

Luna grabbed some bandages,cottons,needles and some foods that she would be needed along with waters and wines or juices. After she reached the board. She saw a lot of daemons needed to be hunted. Normally all of them are okay for Luna then she picked up the other one containing some 56,000 gil on the lake.

"This will be better."said Luna as she grabbed the flyer

As she passed the aisle of drinks. She read the packaging then she grabbed some coke and the others including water from the store's fridge. She grabbed a grape juice soda can and put it on the her shopping bag,she immediately walked towards the other parts of Lucis. Normally she could hear refugee were being prejuiced by the Lucis people but some accepted them with open arms like King Regis did.

While passing to the other crowds she could hear a boy was being cornered by thugs on the alleys. Luna's instinct began to worked before going out again by her own,she saw the boy downed

"Hey what do you think your doing?!."Luna yelled

"Oh look there is a pretty lady here. Another refugee."one of the thugs said

"Shouldn't you pick on your own size?."Luna demanded while facing them

"Your going to do something about it.?"Another thug said

."Its fine this one is the little refugee from another country.I mean she could be lot of worse."said the other thug

"Might as you well now. Refugees are also people not toys or slave to be beaten. I warned you."Luna punch him sending him to the ground alarming the rest of the boys. "I told you to be careful of refugees but you never listened."

The boys tried to attacked Luna but she attacked them first with her maximum speed and kicked them backwards. The boys are down looking at the fierce woman until they run away. Luna looked at the boy until she kneel on the ground.

"Are you okay?"Luna asked grabbing the boys hand

"I am okay. Thank you miss"

"Stella. You can call me Stella."Luna said using her alias name.

"Thank you Miss Stella."the boy said yet Luna gave her some money and some food making the boy smiled happily and thanked her the gods blessing. After the boy run off Luna began to walked again

She sighed as she appeared on the lake she was going to hunt. Even she set a base outside Lucis. Luna couldn't think but to make another statement. Afterwards she remember her mentor who taught her to fight and survived but sadly part of Luna felt sad for the death of her master. She didn't realized that the creature from the lake tried to attacked her but with quick reflection or speed. The daemons head went into the ground completely dead.

''Mind your surroundings.''Luna told the daemon

After collecting the reward. Luna grabbed her motorcycle and drove outside the City. She went outside for many times till she reach into the beautiful view. She closed her eyes while hearing the birds felt the cold even she tighten her jacket to keep her warm yet in reality she was planning for some attack at one of the list.

''Are you okay?''The man asked causing Luna to turned around yet she widen her eyes.

''I am okay. Thank you for reminding me. Mr...''Luna said

The man chuckle of her face then he replied as he looked at her. ''Nyx. Nyx Ulric maa'm.''Nyx introduce himself seeing Luna

''Stella is my name.''Luna replied as she began to walked away

''You know something tells me that your a refugee here. I mean i've been here for a year but i never saw you before.''Nyx smiled causing Luna to study him then she put a smile as well

''Considered as a part time glaive here.''Luna said making Nyx surprised of her action words yet he smiled and looked at her.

'' Yeah i am a glaive. I work as a kingsglaive. Like you i was a refugee here as well. Sorry if i asked. I usually come here when my shift is off then i saw you.'' Nyx raised for an handshake

Luna looked at him with a warm smile yet she accepted the handshake with Nyx. Both of them felt electricity again like they knew each other before but somehow Luna pulled away.

''I came here with a quiet mind. I handle my job as a daemon hunter on the lake therefore i came here to clear my mind after all.''Luna replied until they both smiled each other

''I see you around Stella.''Nyx said

''See you around Nyx.''Luna said

Both of them left the cliff and went to their separate ways. The door opens and Luna slide down using the pole headed towards her lair. She pressed the security breach on her computer and gained access towards the hidden camera's she installed. Even she used some magic to create a barrier of her bases around. The official was declared dead and Niflheim pointed about the vigilante warrior that was trailing with them all along. Despite this Luna managed to hacked the other officials of the Niflheim. She knew that Ravus joined the Niflheim. This worried her one day because she and Ravus will fight as well. There are many list of corrupt officials on the book. Luna knew it was not easy,because some glaives used to work for Niflheim. Her new target appeared on the computer base,while she pressed it. Luna immediately left her lair while suiting up as White Lightning.

Another Official named Malone Kenchin another official of the Niflheim. After another official was found dead outside of citadel. Malone got worried for the incoming attacks. his operations of Cartanica was under control. The daemons that they were experimented was good to attack Lucis once more. At his own office Malone immediately turned off his television after hearing one of the official dead unknown to him ,someone is already attacking them one by one. The guards were being distracted until White Lightning fires a dart that made the guard to passed out. White Lightning saw guards everywhere yet she looked closer seeing the closure of the research created by Verstael besithia. The machine guards didn't noticed that he was destroyed into pieces by a horrible but powerful lightning.

White Lightning encountered a magical barrier that contains powerful aura that could send a laser distress to attacked,apparently she finds the continents and smashed the device. This alerted Malone and the other guards but White Lightning attacked them. Malone was surprised that the vigilante was there,therefore he tried to run and alert the other Niflheim commnders but he was to late,as he was hit by an arrow shocking him filled with electricity. Until he layed down. White Lightning kneel down and looked at him completely dead. she grabbed the documents before she could recognize the footsteps. She escaped again on the dark window and disappeared on the quiet night.

The next day

The news appeared as the death of Malone Kenchin yet Luna watched the news on her hideout. She looked on the list where she grabbed a pen and scratch it out the name. She looked on the picture of her mother. She remember that news that declared her dead.

Lunafreya Nox Flueret. The youngest oracle was killed by Niflheim ambushed Tenebrae...

The youngest oracle dead...

Tenebrae was under the Niflheim capital...

The house of flueret lost a mother and a sister.

The lost of oracles...

Ravus Nox Fleuret joined Niflhiem..

Luna heard this news a hundred time but she was not dead. No she was alive and hidden as refugee at the day but at night but an masked person at the night. As White Lightning. The mysterious vigilante. Luna remember her mentor found her at the woods.


Luna opened her eyes. She saw herself on the cave. She didn't remember how she got here. She saw herself on the blanket,she stood up and looked outside. She saw blood on her hands. She killed a daemon.

''Ah your awake.''said the stranger

''Who are you?''Luna demanded

''I am the one who found you here.''The stranger offered her some food which Luna accepted the offer.

End of Flashback

Luna leaned back her chair and remember the entire moments with her mentor. This time she was not done yet. She grabbed her armor suit and wear it on. She grabbed her bow and arrow along with her sword. She was not done with the others.


Ravus and Aranea walked towards the empty alley. They keep talking about what they life would do after serving the Niflheim. Wedge and Biggs where nowhere to be found.

''Honestly i don't know what else to do. Going back to serve Tenebrae under the Imperial watch or something.''Ravus replied while they were walking

''Hmm not a flirty type ones that i meet.''Aranea flirted at him

''I have no life to go back there. My parents and sister are all gone so i am alone to handle Tenebrae.''Ravus said as he continue to walked passed Aranea

''You know the Niffs were the one who killed your family. I mean i kinda sucked this part as a commodore lately.''Aranea said as she waved her hands like she was stretching them until Ravus looked back at her until her stomach growled.

''You know i think i know where a good Chinese food somewhere around here. you wouldn't know.''Ravus offered her

''Gradually.''Aranea accepted his arm as they walked away

Unknown to them White Lightning used her wire grappling and watched them exit the alley way. Luna watched sadly as Ravus walked away knowing her brother that she was alive made it looked danger,despite the danger she already did.

'' He didn't know of what is happening. There are many names of the list and i have to kept going without him. Ravus i am so sorry that i wasn't there to protect you at all. My only brother.'' Luna thought