My name is Lunafreya Nox Flueret. After years of declaring dead i had one goal. To avenge my mother and the rest of the other borders of Eos. The day that i was declared dead ,was the day i died. Many years ago Niflheim invaded Tenebrae and killed my mother. Years that i swore to become a weapon to justify the acts of Niflheim went worse.

I have to become someone else.

I had to be someone else.

"Hey who's that where she come from?."The guard asked as White Lightning appeared and fought them with her martial arts. She raised her bow and hit the guard and immediately fought the owner

"Wait...wait.."the man was thrown towards the window where White Lightning slammed her foot and grabbed his head.

"Marcus already failed."White Lightning said

"No please don't."Marcus pleaded

"Call off that shipment of your orders from Niflheim and made inside pockets now?!."White Lightning growled

"I will..."White Lightning grabbed him and punch him in cold laying out motionless until she escaped the rooftop


Nyx and the others heard the news about Marcus Gregory calling off the buyers from Niflheim. Marcus told them the vigilante did that to him. The glaives heard the news

"Well that is new."Crowe said while sipping some coffee

"I agree. You know this past months. This vigilante was attacking the other members of the Niflheim. A huge grudge indeed."Libertus added

"Normally i agree with vigilante immediately attacked some of the Niflheim ships that was destroyed and most of all killed someone with a lightning or electricity because of this."Pelna said

"I wonder who was that person under the mask. Some of the news showed that she was a mysterious fighter."Nyx showed them the tablet

"Great the rating went up of this masked person. Was she an ally or foe of us?"Libertus asked while some glaives walked passed them

"Some say she was a member of some freedom fighters named Avalance or other stuff but otherwise she seems mysterious."Crowe added

"Anyway we should go to our work now."Nyx said until Drautos came feeling a white dizzy. "Sir have you been drinking again?!."

"Don't know who gave me this."Drautos added while Crowe gave him some water

"I'd say whoever give this to captain deserves a medal."Crowe said

"Or detention."Nyx replied

"Aw come on Nyx. I mean you did worried the captain situation."Pelna said as he grabbed his daggers.

"Or watching our father figure to get drunk in the middle of the battle with daemons."Nyx added making Drautos to frowned

"Hey it is not funny at all."Drautos added causing the others to laughed so hard at the two until they heard a boulder getting smashed.

"Geez what was that?"Libertus asked

"Maybe the daemons got into the wall or they kept fighting with the rest."Crowe said as they both went to their works.


Luna was eating breakfast when her phone rings. She answered it and smiled.

"Miss me already?"Luna teased

"The kids were, so was us."The voice added causing Luna to smiled yet she replied.

"You know Tifa that i am going to visit them...and of course i miss them so was the rest. How are you holding up?"Luna asked

"Well apparently same as good. I mean the rest of here is missing you especially Yuffie. Aerith didn't stopped nagging Cloud and Zach."Tifa replied

"considered done. I did miss a lot of you but i will come there and asked for questions. I am sure the kids miss their aunt Luna but i am not done here."Luna replied

"I know that Luna. We did lost a lot of friends back then. Somehow i got worried because of you."said Tifa

"Tiff...i am okay. I know i lost my mentor back then but we helped each other back then. Its just problematic. Besides Cloud is not infected with Geostigma."Luna said while drinking some water

"Aside from Cloud and the others. I should told you. Noctis and the others are here."Tifa said making Luna widen her eyes.

"What? Tifa did they know?"Luna exclaimed

"No of course not. Barret and the others invite them here. Luckily we didn't tell them that you joined Avalance and the rest."Tifa replied

"Finally. I can't tell them right now. Now it is not a good timing to talked to them even i was declared dead at the time."Luna said

"True but Noctis seems like he was eyeing at me. Its like he was going to asked me a date or something."Tifa said

"Go for it."Luna replied

"What? your serious?! Luna! I mean you know him more than anyone knows. Well we did talked and talked and he kept me laughed."Tifa replied

"Well he likes you but, i know you like him too. Besides i am not going to go against it. Just tell the others that Lucis is in very danger now. Niflheim agreed some peace treaty and i don't know how long will it take."said Luna

"I know but most of all you should be careful. I know as White Lightning you did what you have to do. There is still a hideout outside and we could go there if there is danger."Tifa added

"I couldn't do it without you?"Luna said

"i know. Look we all grieved of what happened to him mostly he cares about you. He acted like a father figure to you."Tifa mentioned

"I know. Tell Marlene and Denzel to take care and Aunty Luna missed them all. Tell Cloud about the conversation we had but not to Noctis and the others. I am not sure how long will it last. The names of the list is so many...but i'll try to visit my mother's grave later."Luna told her

"Will the Niff's find you? I know you can handle a lot...but you need an extra hand."Tifa offered

"I did handle a lot of bad ones. Don't worry...i'll be okay. They know Lunafreya was declared dead but i took the alias Stella but none of them recognize me."said Luna

"Okay...okay...i am so sorry but as your sister and bestfriend i got worried for your safety. All of us were."Tifa added

"As much as i could do. Tifa tell Reno that he had to stopped picking Cloud again."Luna said

"I will. Love you."

"Love you too. Tell the kids that i missed them."said Luna

Luna sighed as she put the phone down. She did missed Avalanche and the others. She remember that time her mentor and father figure found her. Normally she would go visit her mother's grave for today. After refreshing up. She left her house again and went to hunt again. Normally Luna knows the entire household chores and some normal work. She did went to the bookstore to purchase some novels.

She really loved literature.

With some research. She immediately heard that Pryna and Umbra must be missing her. Of Denzel and Marleen saw the would loved them. Umbra and Pryna,loved children. Well Ravus and her loved to play with them. Somehow Luna knew it was to dangerous. Niflheim guards were anywhere and someone stationed there. Her job as daemon hunting was enough well a lot of gil to be encountered. Luna loved to work as a bartender with Tifa and being Denzel and Marleene's tutor.

After she received her reward to hunt the daemon. She went to the bookstore to buy a novel. While exploring the other book sections of fantasy and romance on different aisle. Luna found a book and read the title and contents. The book was called Semester of the Light.

After leaving the book store she keep walking and looked on every structure of Lucis. She sighed as she grabbed her helmet and drove her motorcycle again. She drove to fast due to the minutes she immediately arrived at Tenebrae. She grabbed her hood and bought flowers from the vendor. She even avoided the guards of Niflheim before sneaking into the royal tombstones. Finally Luna reached towards her mother's tombstones. She kneel down and placed flowers on the ground.

''Hi mother. Its been a long time. I am back now and i don't know what to do with the list you given me. .''

Code one.

''Genesis''...''Luna said as she tried to run to find Cloud and the others

Memories flooded Luna as she left Tenebrae once more. Meanwhile back at the Kingsglaive Nyx and the others decided to find some new glaives by recruit them somewhere,trained or not. Some of the glaives were killed on the daemons while guarding the wall. Apparently some daemons were killed by Daemon hunters which confused them. While at the bar Nyx and the others drank their beers on the tavern unknown to them Luna was drinking on the other side ed towards of the table. She glances at the sky. As the 4 raised their glasses,they heard a waitress was harassed by the customer. Before Nyx and the others could interfere. Luna dropped her glass

''leave her.''Luna told them causing the 4 to looked at her as the men looked at her

''Or what?'' The man said releasing the waitress

Nyx and the others watched as Luna drank the water on her glass then she throws to the man's head shocking everywhere as he went down. The men's friend tried to helped him until Luna gave them punches and kicks that send them to the ground. The others gaped their mouths as Luna huffed as she released her breath. She grabbed her jacket and looked at them.

''Don't underestimate woman. They are not weak.'' Luna said as she walked past them even passing Nyx until she left the tavern

''what did i just saw?'' Libertus asked

''What was her name?''Crowe asked

''Stella. Her name is Stella. She just moved here a year ago. One of the refugees.''Nyx said

''OH i thought she was your girlfriend.''Pelna teased

''No. Of course not.''Nyx reminded him that making the others looked at the men

''Maybe you should talked to her about the job offering of the Glaives.'' Crowe said as Libertus and the others looked at her but she smiled which making Pelna blushed and happy of Crowe's suggestion.

''I don't think so. Her fights like she was some kind of soldier from another country...''Nyx looked down

''Ask her.'' Libertus asked

''Go on Hero. Don't abandoned you tough girlfriend.''said Pelna said as Nyx exit the base.

Afterwards the night was fully chilly yet Luna survived on cold weathers. Tightening her jacket. She reached towards her hideout where she watch the surveillance. Normally Luna knowns how to hacked until she find out. Hazel Smith. One of the wealthy people who sided with the Niflheim by using his docks also the murder he committed. He killed Travis. She grabbed her suit and masked as she prepare her gloves. She grabbed her sword,bow and arrows along with knives and shurikens filled with lightning and exit the hideout using another passages way

Hazel Smith was furious at his lawyer about the case and the glaives involved something the Niflheim. Until the lights of his guards are down even his lawyer,he looked back until he was snatched. Waking up Hazel saw White Lightning in front of him. He was hanging upside down.

"Hazel already failed this world."White Lightning yelled as she released her arrow making him yelped and begged her mercy.

"No please."Hazel Smith begged

"Your gonna testify the trial. Your gonna confessed for what you did to Travis Mcarthy...there won't be a second warning."White Lightning released another arrow until she disappeared into the flash of light

The next morning

Back at the Glaives base.

The moment of the glaives received a news about the vigilante. The entire glaives realized that this vigilante was the rumored one that was tagging off towards Niflheim. Drautos told the glaives to find this vigilante and asked for some questions. What they didn't know is that, they been monitored by the device. Luna was sweating as she punch the punching bag using her gloves. She was breathing hardly,as she could do it. She punch and kicked the punching bag repeatedly. She needed to continue her mission before something happens for more. She failed before but she won't failed back.

The list was just following orders.

But she had to do it.

Luna walked away from her house and walked towards every shops she would passed. She looked on the wall from above ,then she barely looked on the other side. She stopped walking when another footsteps were heard.

''You know you should know that your steps are quite familiar as well.''Luna turned around seeing Nyx wearing his glaive uniform with a comforted smile on his face.

''Hi Stella.''Nyx greeted her

''Nyx. Long time.'' Luna said as she gazed at him

''Hi Stella and it was a long time. What are you doing here?''Nyx asked

''Um strolling like a normal person would do.''Luna guessed causing Nyx to chuckle at her statements but both of them stared at each other.

''Right i can see that. I saw you at your house. You seem busier than usual.''Nyx asked

''Just a cleaning habit. I was going to buy some cleaning supplies for the house that i lived. Turns out i lived a lot of dustier place than i can imagine.''Luna commented causing Nyx to laughed

''i'd see..well i saw you on the other night of the tavern. You beat him to much.''Nyx teased her

''Sorry but because he was harassing a woman. I know the term of refugee here and i went to the immigration office along time. So here i am acting like a normal citizen.''said Luna as she sighed until she look at him. ''I'm sorry. I lashed out of you.''

''It's fine. Um everybody has a hard day. I just wanted to know that if you had problems. My house is open for you. If you needed to talked about something i am here to answer.''Nyx told her that but he saw Luna's sadness on her face ''Hey Stella you okay?''

''Yeah.I just miss my mother. I haven't visited her grave for years. The Empire tainted myself even i watched her die.''Luna said but Nyx offered her his handkerchief. she looked at him.

''Here keep it. You need it more than i do.''Nyx suggested yet Luna accepted his appreciation gift.

''Thank very kind as well..''said Luna

''Everyone lost their love ones so was mine but even still there are with us.''said Nyx as he left away

I have to protect him...

Nyx was confused over a girl named Stella. Even some of the glaives noticed his reaction. normally Nyx seems like he knew Stella before but he shrug his shoulders and continue to chat with Crowe,Libertus and Pelna along with Drautos along with the other glaives. The Kingsglaives knew that finding the vigilante was not easy even the reports of AVALANCHE destroy something on midgar . SOLDIERS were there from around the world of this Jenova project. Meanwhile Luna was typing the contents on the main computer,she sighed as she looked at the briefcase.


Luna watched as the stranger gave her some water. She quickly accepted it and thanked him. The stranger looked at her for a minute until she bowed again.

''Thank you..Mr.''

''Genesis. My name is Genesis Rhapsodos. What is your name?''Genesis asked

''Lunafreya Nox Flueret.''Luna said until Genesis bowed down ''No please.''

''Your highness. I heard about what happened to Tenebrae. They declared you dead already.''Genesis told her

''how long was i out?''Luna asked feeling scared as tears came out from her eyes

''2 weeks. The current of the sea that knocks you unconscious that is why you were dragged here. The news reported that you were dead along with the others.''Genesis told her

''Niflheim invaded Tenebrae. I took King Regis and Noctis away from them but i went to the cliff. They were going to fire me until i jumped to the cliff. I didn't know that news reported me dead.''Luna said

''Its okay...your safe here. Your safe with me.''Genesis told her until he closed the briefcase.

''Genesis where are you going?''Luna asked

''Lunafreya the press announce you dead..but your still alive. I can take you out of here of here safety.''

''I want you to train me.''Luna pleaded causing Genesis to looked at her.

''Kid. I am not leaving here for another weeks. I came here for 2 weeks for the hunt of a SOLDIER thing.''Genesis told her but Luna nodded her head

'' I understand that. I want you to train me. I want to avenge my mother and the rest.''Luna pleaded until Genesis sighed but smiled at her.

''Kid...i will teach you that. However training is not easy . It is to hard to take several military training here.''Genesis told her yet she understand his statements.

''I understand.''Luna agree yet she looked at the briefcase.

End of Flashback

Nyx got a bad day at work at the Gatewatch. A lot of refugees seeking refuge in Lucis. Technically he was once a refugee here and he deserve the punishment. It might take a long week but he will managed. He passed through different houses or apartments till he reach his own. He collapse on his couch and opened some television. He switch it to many channels. Until he heard knocks. He wondered who would visit him at nights...well except for the other glaives. He went to the door and opened it.

''Stella?''Nyx was surprised seeing Luna in front of his apartment until she widen her eyes seeing his six pack making Nyx noticed. ''Sorry i'll changed.'' Nyx closed the door and grabbed a shirt then he went back to Luna.

'' i went to the gatekeeper to looked for you but he said you went home.''said Luna

''Oh i didn't know you would go there...i mean what are you doing here?'' Nyx asked feeling guilty for not cleaning his apartment.

''Um i apologize for my rude behavior earlier and i wanted to make it up to you.''said Luna

''You don't have too. Besides i am sure you might miss a less home.''Nyx replied

''Can i come in?''Luna asked feeling the cold again

''sure come in.''

Luna entered his apartment and saw the entire surroundings. It felt like home but somehow she felt comfortable with the rest of the life she wanted. She sat on the couch,then she looked at Nyx who bought some cups and spoons.

''You really need to bring me an ice cream for comfort?''Nyx asked remembering something

''Well back from Tenebrae or somewhere. Ice cream is the great stress reliever.''Luna added causing Nyx to widen his eyes

''Your from Tenebrae?'' Nyx yelped

''Yeah i was but i left and go somewhere...i don't want to talked about.''Luna said

''Fair enough.''

Both of them eat ice cream on the couch until they acted like old friends. Normally Luna laughed at his jokes until she throws him a pillow making them laugh like childhood.

''Having in a gatewatch must be hard?'' Luna said

''Not really. But a job is a job to be done. what about yourself. I mean aren't Tenebrae are full of religious type.''Nyx smiled at her causing Luna to chuckle.

''Well i am a daemon hunter as well. Besides i can handle living myself alone at my apartment. I cooked as well and i might as well answer your question. Tenebrae are really religious but i am different from them. I left to follow my own footsteps.''said Luna

''so you went everywhere you could go.''said Nyx

''I am.''said Luna not telling him about her SOLDIER life

''Well everyone deserves to follow some dreams. My work as a serving the king was great and sounds problematic but great.''Nyx said as he looked at Luna who ate some ice cream.

''I can't imagine you as master of the universe or also glaive working but i understand what you felt. Anyway i gave you my address of my apartment and i would like to see you around if your not busy.''Luna said but Nyx smiled.

''Thank you. I appreciate it. Normally some Lucian are prejuiced of refugees here,some don't.''Nyx said

''True but Nyx i am here if you are lonely or something.''said Luna

''I appreciate Stella.''Nyx said as they smiled until Luna hears something.

''Did you hear that?'' Luna asked as she grabbed a knife until footsteps were coming. Nyx was confused by her reaction until she throws the knife on the attacker on Nyx window. The person got hit and another came from the door armed.

''Come on.''Nyx was alarmed as he grabbed Luna from the couch and went to the other room.

The attackers came but Luna immediately fought them while Nyx battled using his kukri daggers. As they were enough Luna throws a knife and hit the attackers hand letting her escaped from the window. Luna recognize that woman and she knew smith hired her to kill someone. Probably someone.

''Stella are you okay?''Nyx asked

''I'm okay...i'm okay.''said Luna thinking something.


Vincent Valentine crossed his arms as he waited for someone. He heard the motor running till he looked back seeing White Lightning taking off her helmet. Vincent holds the file and looked at his closet friend and member of Avalanche.

''Its a good thing they let you out.''Vincent asked

''I had knew few tunnels outside Lucis. Genesis told me to keep watching the tunnels aren't used.''said White Lightning as she saw her old friend

''Knowing this. Your already in trouble by that woman. She was part of the Hojo's specimen and most of all. You arrested her but with some old acquaintances she knew.''said Vincent

''How are they?''White Lightning asked

''Missed you. Cloud was okay with his works along with Zack. You know where here for you if you know the drill.''

''I know what i am doing. The book isn't just corrupt officials of Niflheim but members on it. Mother already wrote it down and after a few surveillance some of the glaives are part of it.''said White Lightning

''Luna...careful...your allowed to make allies and the briefcase that Genesis gave you must be protected unless someone uses it,so was yourself.''Vincent warned her

''I know.''said White Lightning

Lucis docks

Hazel Smith was packing and alarmed some of his mens about White Lightnings vendetta against him. The docks that Niflheim were already on board and he needed to get out.

''Tell the men we are ready.''Hazel smith said until an arrow hits the light and men were hit with a strong electricity.

''Get back.''

The guards are attacking but White Lightning immediately emerged and attacked them one by one. Arrows were on their skin and chest. Then she throws the guard down trapping them till she snapped them . She immediately chased Smith on the borders of the docks.

''Hazel!''White Lightning yelled as she chased him.

Hazel yelled as White Lightning appeared behind throws her knives and hit on the sleeves of his suit. She immediately grabbed an arrow and aimed at him.

''God please no!''Hazel yelled

''Both of them cannot hear you.''White Lightning growled as she fired another arrow from her quiver ''Who on earth send you to attacked the Glaive? And who's orders to kill Travis Mcarty.''

''I can't. The Niflheim are going to kill me.''Hazel said

''Niflheim can't helped you now?!''White Lightning aimed at his head making him screamed. ''Who?!''

''It was mine. They ordered me to attacked him and the glaive.''Hazel confessed until he stopped yet White Lightning saw the attacker again

''Miss me?''

''you wish.''

Both woman attacked each other until they subdue each other. White lightning avoided her attacks as she punch her to the face sending her down. White Lightning attacked the woman trapping her legs until she grabbed her knives and aimed at her eye. The electricity was more stronger enough to make a blackout for 2 days but somehow the woman was screaming until her heart stopped burning her. White Lightning heard the guards coming. She escaped the scene before they could find someone there. The news reported of Hazel Smith crimes were exposed thanks to the vigilante named White Lightning. Nyx heard the news everyday and he wondered how this vigilante target the Niflheim since day one. The gatekeepers said that they should show him some news and some camera's were hijacked by unknown person. Nyx knew hijacked means. Someone hacked through some security camera's of Lucis.

Nyx knew that he was no detective but he was a glaive and he was a military. He looked on the gatewatch and the other outside. He gasped as he saw White Lightning exit with some motorcycle there. He wonder who it was.

''Who are you really?''Nyx wondered.


Luna entered the royal cemetery where her mother was buried. She put flowers on the grave where Sylvia was buried. She prayed the gods for her mother to keep her safe in heaven.

''Sorry i came here a little late here Mom. I know i had enough time to deal the rest of my life. The list you've given to me was not just from Niflheim but someone here. I know i can't handle this alone and i understand that the gods were no longer care for me. Somehow,,i wanted Ravus to tell him that i am alive but i couldn't. I am not to face him yet. I'm not the one you wanted me for and i can't be the one you wanted me for. I'm sorry.''Luna said as she stood up and left her mother's grave

Luna knew she was not done by her mission. She knew she can't handle alone but she don't know who to trust. Mainly Avalanche was at Edge and she was at Lucis border. Luna knew she missed home until Nyx came behind her.

''Stella?''Nyx asked

''Nyx what are you doing?''Luna said as she wipe her tears.

''Are you okay.? I went to your house and it was locked.''Nyx was worried about her

''I am okay. I just needed some fresh air more than anything.''Luna replied making Nyx chuckle.

''You don't mind if i joined you. Just needed a air time by myself then i saw you.''Nyx said as they both stared at the sky until they closed them. Luna remembers her old friend

Staring into the quiet place. Luna and her friend watched the beautiful scenario. Both of them released their breath and screamed within their own selves.

Both of them wanted to scream so hard but they relaxed and looked for each other. Nyx realized that Luna seems cheerful but on the inside she seems serious but keep hiding.

''Hey i was wondering the ice cream you've given me was cut off and i was wondering if you want something in return.''Nyx offered

''I am gladly to accept your offer in return.''Luna said as they left happily.


Ravus visit his mother's grave. He entered the cemetery and noticed that they are flowers on the ground. He kneel down and looked on the flowers. They were fresh and good. He wondered who came here.

On the other side of the building Luna was holding her mask and looked on the Lucis. She sighed as she began to do her only job to do. Fighting for what is right based on the list. She disappeared into the night before the other glaives noticed her.