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Naruto's chakra color will be yellow like it is in the manga. His elements will have the weaknesses FT elements have. In other words, his wind won't be weak to fire. Jutsu and spells will be explained at the bottom of the chapter.

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Episode 2: Lord of Shadows


Mere minutes before Serna came under attack...


Naruto sipped his tea. "Oh, and he can transfer energy to you if you need it, but it's not something he can do very often. Can't say anything else about his abilities, sorry." Kurama hated telling anyone anything about his jutsu.

Mystogan nodded. "I understand."

Naruto grimaced. "One more thing, don't bump fists with him unless you think you're going to die." If Kurama syncs with anyone other than me, they'd be lucky to lose a decade of their life. Naruto didn't doubt Kurama would sacrifice Mystogan without a second thought if he thought it necessary.

"I'll keep that in mind."

Naruto smiled. "Master Makarov refused every offer I made to work with him until now. Do you know why he changed his mind?"

Mystogan put his fork down and met Naruto's gaze. "The master was going to refuse your request. I'm here because I wanted to come."

Naruto sighed and leaned back the booth. "I've been turned down again then, huh? Well, I appreciate you coming. I guess I'll have to-" Naruto and Mystogan stiffened. The hair on the back of Naruto's neck stood on end, and he leaped to his feet. The other customers trembled, their faces were pale, and a few were crying.

He raced out of the cafe with Mystogan at his heels. A man screamed behind him. Naruto leaped atop the cafe and Body Flickered toward the scream. He skidded to a stop in front of three houses that had been cut in half. Mist flew over his head before another man screamed. That's Mystogan's Mist Body spell. Naruto pressed himself flat against one of the houses and peeked around it. His eyes widened. What the hell happened here?

Mangled corpses, severed limbs, and broken spears were scattered across the street. Naruto grimaced as the putrid stench of the battle assaulted him. A man had been gutted. Pierce stood in front of twenty other militiamen with his back toward Naruto in the middle of the street. Across them stood the source of the chilling magic.

A bead of cold sweat slid down Naruto's temple. Standing across from the militiamen, was a bipedal reptilian creature taller than eight-feet wreathed in shadow. It held an unmoving man's head in a giant four-fingered hand and had a foot planted on another man's chest. If it's this strong, I should try to ambush it.

Pierce inched toward it; then the demon pressed down on the man beneath its feet. The guard screamed as a crack that made half the militiamen flinch came from his chest. Scowling, Pierce took a step back.

The demon tossed the man in its hand aside. Naruto winced when he struck a house before falling to the earth in a heap with his neck bent at an unnatural angle. It paused and sniffed the air. A yellow magic circle appeared over the demon's head. It leaped away from the magic circle and bared its curved canine-teeth.

The demon's eyes narrowed when the magic circle faded without a spell. Vines shot from the earth in front of Pierce and wrapped around the demon's neck. "Bind it!"

"Yes sir!" the militia cried as countless vines shot from the earth. The demon stared with a calculating gleam in its silver eyes; then the vines engulfed it. Naruto frowned, flipping through hand signs. The militiamen slammed a fist into their open palm, and there was a crunch.

A slight pulse of magic made his eyes widen. Wind Style: Breakthrough! The demon exploded from the shadow, only to be struck by the burst of wind Naruto exhaled. It was sent skidding into a house on the other side of the street. Wind Style: Vacuum Bullet! A pressurized sphere of wind soared at the demon.

Black spikes erupted from the earth in front of the demon. The sphere crashed into the spikes before dispersing. Naruto frowned. The demon pushed itself to its feet. The air around them became colder and heavier. It narrowed its eyes at Naruto.

Naruto stepped onto the street. "Mr. Pierce, you and your men might want to get the civilians out of the line of fire. I've got this one."

"All right," Pierce scowled, "Don't let its spells touch your shadow." He turned to his men and nodded at them. They saluted before scattering across the city. Pierce glanced back at him, then ran toward the Mayoral office. The demon pointed at a house behind him. Mystogan strode out from behind the house to Naruto's side. So much for an ambush.

Naruto glanced at Mystogan. "Mind being support?"

"Not at all."

Naruto smirked. "Glad to hear it." He made the horse hand sign and gritted his teeth. There was a small gust of wind as his yellow chakra flared and flickered from his skin. Mystogan flinched while the demon fell into a stance. Regular punches and kicks aren't going to be worth much. Best if I harden my limbs with the Titan's Fist. Naruto's arms and legs shifted to a deep blue that bordered on black.

He drew a seal tag from a pocket on the side of his flak jacket. He smiled, then twenty shurikens flew from the tag. The demon's body shifted into a shadow and winded toward them. Its upper body emerged from the shadow before jabbing a claw at Naruto's belly. Naruto leaned away, grabbing its claw with both of his hands. Mystogan blasted a black beam the demon blocked with a forearm. It growled before swatting him away with its tail.

Whirling Palm! Naruto planted his palm in the side of the demon's face. The blow sent it skidding back and forced its lower body out of its shadow form. It was on its feet before he could finish his hand signs. It thrust its hands toward him, shooting a black beam large enough to engulf him. Earth Style: Golem! Naruto slammed a hand into the earth, summoning a giant hand of stone that wrapped around him. Shards of stone and a cloud of dust were wrenched from the golem's hand almost instantly before the beam faded.

The golem's hand sank back into the earth until Naruto could see over it. His eyes widened, the demon was gone. He spun, lashing out with a chop that passed through shadow. Naruto lurched back when an enormous claw swung at his chest, drawing three thin cuts above his sternum.

A thin yellow beam crashed into the shadow, forcing it to leap away from Naruto. The demon shifted back to its physical form and growled. Naruto could see drops of blood a few feet in front of it on the ground. A yellow magic circle materialized over the demon's head. It destroyed the magic circle with a swing of a claw, its gaze never leaving Naruto's.

Mist swirled at Naruto's side before it shifted into Mystogan. "It might be time for your father's famous technique."

Naruto huffed. "Geez, everyone and their mother knows about one of my trump cards." Two chains slithered down from his shoulder. "The Rain of Light would be better suited to-" White vines exploded from a house behind the demon and wrapped themselves around its limbs.

Naruto's eyes widened. That's a spell that represses the victim's magic! The demon snarled and thrashed, tearing some of the vines from the earth. "Don't just stare, brats!" Pierce's voice barked. "Finish it!"

"Yessir!" Naruto grinned before his chains extended and wrapped around the demon's throat.

Mystogan slammed one of his staves into the ground and flipped through hand patterns. "Sweep away the darkness! Rain of Light!" A stream of golden energy flew from Mystogan's staff high into the air. Eyes widening, the demon leaned back and twisted its neck before blasting a black arrow into the house behind it, drawing a pained cry from Pierce.

The stream of golden magic transformed into three spears that fell upon the demon like lightning. The spears ran the demon through and planted themselves into the earth. The demon shook, gasped, then it exploded into a cloud of black energy. Naruto and Mystogan covered their eyes with their arms. Slowly, the black substance settled, revealing a man lying on his back, impaled on the golden spears.

"What- what is the meaning of this?" Mystogan whispered. Naruto could only stare. The man they'd wounded wore the uniform of the Serna militia. Mystogan dismissed the spears of light with a wave of his hand. "Who is this man?" he asked.

"It's a proxy spell," Naruto said, his voice empty. "That thing made this man take on its form and attack his home…" His fists were clenched and shaking as his chest began to burn.

Pierce limped toward the man. "Edward?" he murmured as he knelt. "Is that you, son?" He placed two fingers on the man's throat. After a moment, Pierce drew his hand back and wiped his eyes. Naruto leaned back on the hand of his golem. He took several deep breaths to calm the fire growing in his chest.

Mystogan strode forward and knelt. "Sei-Rha is carved into his forehead. That must be its name," he muttered, shutting his eyes.

"We're going after it right now," Naruto scowled, "Proxy spells can be traced back to the one who cast them if you're quick and lucky enough. Kurama is probably trying to figure out where this Sei-Rha is lurking." I've never heard the name Sei-Rha, but Kurama likes researching gods and demons, he might know of it.

Naruto paused and glanced at the patch of blood on Pierce's right pant leg. "It's for the best if it's just the three of us. That good with you two?"

Pierce nodded with his fists clenched and a deep scowl. "Go as soon as you can. It'll take time for my men to be ready to follow you, but I promise they'll be coming after you."

"Sounds good to me," Mystogan said, "Let's grab our gear and leave immediately." With that, Mystogan dissolved into mist and flew. Pierce strode in the direction of the Cafe and Naruto ran to his room at the inn.

Once he was there, he removed his flak jacket and chainmail before tending to his small wounds. He turned to the mirror and flared his chakra. A seal with the word release written in its center appeared on his belly. Smiling, Naruto slid on armor. This seal was a favorite of his for a reason. He always tried to have it in place before missions. He turned. " Well?"

Kurama stood in the doorway. " Hmph, you were in such a rush you didn't even close the door, " he grumbled. " More importantly, I've found its den."

Naruto frowned and turned back to his weapons pouch. " Good work…" They stood in silence for a long moment. " You were watching the fight, weren't you?"

" For a moment, " Kurama admitted without shame, "I wasn't there when you were fighting. It took me a minute to realize I was looking at a clone of sorts. Once I did, I decided to locate the source."

" Instead of helping the militiamen, " Naruto murmured. He set his weapons pouch down. " Kurama… in some ways, you haven't changed at all."

Kurama didn't reply. Naruto didn't need him to. They'd fought over their conflicting views toward humanity in the past without either's beliefs changing. Naruto strapped his weapons pouch into place. He turned to find Kurama's crimson eyes staring up at him. "Come on. It's time for another hunt."


Countless leaves rustled when a sudden gust of wind washed over them. The jungle itself was still. The only reason Naruto believed anything inhabited was that he could feel eyes watching him with every step he took. Even the monsters of Serene island stay in their den when Sei-Rha's Magic is in the air. The trail of magic the clone left behind could've been tracked by any mage easily. Naruto didn't doubt the creatures of Serene could feel it in the air. This trail is too obvious.

He glanced at Mystogan. "Jewel for your thoughts?"

Mystogan flinched before glancing at Naruto. "It's nothing."

Naruto chuckled while Kurama rolled his eyes. "There's always something when someone says "it's nothing," ya know?"

"I just can't figure out why it took those militiamen," Mystogan said, "It must want something from them, but why them? Why not take civilians who couldn't hurt it?"

A chill ran down Naruto's spine. "If it attacked at night, it could've kidnapped entire families easily."

"Right," Mystogan nodded, "And why an attack in broad daylight?"

"For the same reason, it didn't slaughter the militiamen." Mystogan and Naruto turned to Kurama. Kurama scowled. "Pierce was the only mage worth a damn back there. Him surviving wouldn't be odd, but the others with him. They should've been dead in a second."

"I don't understand," Naruto admitted. "Why would it hold back?"

Mystogan cleared his throat, drawing their attention to him. "I'm sure that clone took a great deal of magic to create and maintain, if the creator of the clone didn't make it go all out, it's probably because the original wanted to conserve its strength for later.

Kurama grunted. "Good guess, but I don't think that's it, kid."

Naruto frowned. " Quit beating around the bush!"

"Fine," Kurama huffed, "That meeting was for squad leaders of Serna's militia. If its goal were to destroy Serna, killing them would've been the smart thing to do. Instead, it made it a point to capture several of them alive. There are a couple of reasons why it could've done that, neither are good for us." Kurama was silent for a moment. "The best scenario is that it wants to eat them slowly, while they're alive to increase its strength." Kurama grimaced while Naruto flinched.

Mystogan stared at Kurama as though he were insane. "In what world is that the best scenario?"

Kurama stopped running. Mystogan and Naruto skidded to a stop too. "The other option," Kurama continued, quietly, "Is human sacrifice."

Naruto grimaced. "The only spells I can think of like that would be-"

"Incredibly advanced Black Magic," Mystogan finished, clenching his fists, "Sei-Rha doesn't just want their magic and flesh, it wants their very souls."

"Naruto, do you remember the request mentioning disappearances?" Kurama asked. "When we asked Pierce, he said no civilians were kidnapped. The only corpses they never managed to recover belonged to mages. I think we know why only mages were taken." After a moment of silence, Kurama turned and ran with Naruto and Mystogan following closely behind.

There weren't any more words for quite a while after that. Naruto was glad no one had anything to say. He was beginning to suspect the eyes on them belonged to creatures who'd been taken over by Sei-Rha. Supposedly, powerful shadow users were capable of controlling animals by taking their shadows

Would something like that apply to humans? Or Kurama? Naruto gritted his teeth. I have no idea. They were heading into the den of a powerful enemy that was almost certainly expecting them without much information to go on. It felt like marching into battle without a flak jacket or chainmail. Mom, Dad, I still have so much to learn to reach your level.

They ran for hours before Kurama slowed to a walk. "Is it close?" Mystogan asked.

"It won't be too long a walk from here," Kurama replied.

Naruto frowned. "It doesn't feel like we've gotten any closer for the last half hour."

"This feeling in the air," Mystogan murmured, "It's as if the trail we've been following has been buried beneath a mountain."

" It's been that way for a couple of minutes now," Kurama frowned. Naruto glanced at him. "The magic in the air increased so slowly I thought I'd imagined it. I didn't realize what was happening until the trail seemed to disappear."

"So much for finding it easily," Naruto said as he crossed his arms over his chest. Releasing immense magic should make it easier to find Sei-Rha. Battles between wizard saints could be felt across cities. The air could be so heavy with magic; it would make some civilians faint. That shouldn't hide it. There's got to be more to this than it looks.

Mystogan stiffened. "I'll scout the area." He transformed into mist and flew between the trees to their right.

"Wha- hey!" Naruto cried. "We shouldn't separate!"

Kurama glared at the direction the mist went in. "I told you they'd be impossible to control."

Mystogan was so measured in the fight with Sei-Rha, what could've made him react like that? Naruto sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "If he's going to be like this, should we use it-"

" No, " Kurama cut in, "Not yet anyway. I want to be separate if we get ambushed."

"Got it, then we should-"Mist winding between trees caught his eye. "We'll stick to the usual."

"Yes," Kurama nodded. The mist stopped before them and shifted into Mystogan. "Let's move right away."



Mist Body: changes the caster to mist. Allows the caster to move quickly.

Rain of Light: light magic soars into the air before shifting into spears. These spears of light fall upon the foe, running them through. This is a spell Makarov used against Hades in the anime.

Ray: a thin beam of light magic. It's the spell Makarov used on Jose's shoulder.


Shuriken Unsealing: Many shurikens are sent flying toward the foe as they're unsealed. It's based on the storage seal.

Ninja Art: Chakra Chain: chains shot from the caster's body, they usually wrap around something. A basic jutsu that every Uzumaki is taught when they're young.

Titan's Fist: An Uzumaki jutsu that hardens the skin and allows it to resist being pierced, cut, or burned. It resists almost anything.

Whirling Palm: an enhanced palm strike used in combination with the Titan's Fist.

Wind Style: Breakthrough: a gust of wind that can have its power increased or decreased at the caster's desire. The gust doesn't have to be from the caster's mouth; the caster can thrust their arm to launch the gust as well. It can also take the form of a tornado that rises from just above the earth.

Wind style: Vacuum Bullet: the user compresses air into an orb that is then shot at the foe.

Golem: a golem of stone that can vary greatly in size and durability depending on the caster. Onoki's golem is the size of a Biju while Akatsuchi's golem is about twice the size of a man.

Sei-Rha's spells:

Dark Blast: a black beam of darkness magic that can be used to drill or can be made to explode on impact.

Shadow Body. Turns the user into shadow. Rogue uses it all the time.

I won't be explaining everything Sei-Rha did in the battle just yet.

Thanks for reading.