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Starring Tom Hardy as Eddie/Venom, Michelle Williams as Anne/She-Venom, and Woody Harrelson as Kasady/Carnage

Eddie Brock, a renowned journalist, loses everything and enters a depression until a strange black substance finds Eddie and they work together to find and stop a murderous symbiote bonded to the mass murderer, Kasady himself. Set in an alternate universe on Earth-192322, acts as a parallel universe to the actual Venom movie and its sequels.

Eddie Brock ran a hand through his brown hair as he prepared himself for the interview of a lifetime as he described it. He made sure his pencil was sharpened and that his notes were in proper order. As he walked through the cells of San Quentin, the guard escorting him told him everything thing there was to know about the prisoner codenamed, 'Red.' Eddie already jotted down notes on him ahead of time, but he felt like there was still more to learn about Red. Killed his dog with a drill, pushed his grandmother down a flight of stairs, killing her, setting fire to an orphanage (allegedly), digging up his deceased mother (most likely due to his Oedipus Complex syndrome, something that greatly disgusted Eddie), and pushed a girl in front of bus after she declined going out with him. He had no patterns on who he killed, which made it very difficult for him to track, or even predict.

Eddie knew what his objective was and it was to interview Cletus Kasady due to his request and so the FBI can look for the one hundred and thirty-two buried bodies. (One hundred and thirty-two was also Kasady's confirmed kill count) Eddie was going to be sick upon stepping into the same room with a mass murderer, but he pushed his sickness back down his stomach and walked into the room with a cell in the center.

"Let's do this," Eddie said to himself and sighed before he finally spoke up, succeeding in hiding the nervousness in his voice. "Hey, Cletus," he called out to the redheaded prisoner with his back turned to Eddie. He was dressed in a straight jacket colored white, his arms wrapped together, but there was blood on his calf area and he was using that blood to write 'Welcome Eddie' on the wall. Eddie's eyes open upon seeing the message and he almost forgot what to say. It took him a few seconds before he regained his composure and said, "I see you've already decorated for me."

"Hi, Eddie," a deep, Brooklyn accent voice spoke as the serial killer looked over his shoulder to meet Eddie with a grin. He shifted in his seat and licked his lips ravenously. "You look...delicious enough to eat."

"I'm sure," Eddie replied dryly, trying not to sound scared in any way possible. In a way, he had no idea if he was just mocking him, or being very literal. Nothing in his profile stated that he practiced in cannibalism. Then again, this is a man who went insane for seemingly no reason at all and seemingly kills for no reason at all other for the sake of it. Eddie wasn't going to defend Kasady in any way and not say that he was a cannibal.

"You know what a human eyeball taste like?" Kasady asked, feigning innocence. "It's juicy. Like a grape and lemon mixed together." He makes slurping sounds and sticks his tongue out at Eddie, pretending to be licking something. "Mmm, tasty, tasty, tasty. Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside."

"You're a cannibal," Eddie voiced in disgust, feeling his breakfast from earlier welling up inside his stomach. "You make me sick." He still had no idea if he was being serious or just mocking him.

"I'm sorry," Kasady raised his cuffed hands in surrender mockingly. "I'll be a good boy. I'll turn the serial killer off unless you say differently."

"That would be a pleasant idea," Eddie humored the criminal. "Why an interview? Why?"

"It's kinda tough to see you in this light." Kasady leaned forward in his chair and squinted while sucking air through his teeth. Eddie's face was hidden in the shadows. He looked at the light above him and gestured for Eddie to move up. "Why don't you make it easier and come over here?"

Eddie knew exactly what he was doing, but he was doing everything in his power to make sure that Kasady would comply and give him his interview for himself, and the location of the buried bodies for the FBI and poor families for their loss. "If it helps," he states before pausing to take a step forward into the light, his face becomes slightly visible through the shadows. "Better?"

"A lot better," Kasady complied with a hint of sadism in his voice. "Now I can see the face of the next man whose eyeballs' I'm going to eat."

"I would like to see you try," Eddie challenged. "And I'm not afraid of you just because you're tied up and in a cell."

"Wow," Kasady beamed like a psycho. "Look at the little piggy standing up to the big, bad wolf. If our roles were reversed, then I would be huffing and puffing until I blew these bars down."

"Look, Cletus," Eddie said in a calm voice, trying to be as civil as possible to the mass-murdering psychopathic serial killer. "I came here for an interview and I would hate to agitate you."

"Why?" Kasady suddenly asked as he yanked the chains around his limbs. "I mean, I can turn on and off the serial killer mode if you want so you can look into the eyes of a true madman."

"I've seen a madman before." It was not entirely true. The only real 'madman' that Eddie Brock has ever seen was on this one fictional DC comic movie called The Dark Knight. There was a sick and twisted chaotic clown in there called 'The Joker.' He saw the movie and thought that Heath Ledger gave an unbelievable performance for playing Joker. Rest in peace, Heath Ledger.

"In that case, I think I'll turn on the serial killer mode since you are so familiar with him."

"No," Eddie halted. "That won't be necessary. I just want to do this interview with you. I want the location of all the people that you killed and buried. I am curious, and the FBI is curious."

"Of course they are," Kasady said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I mean, I want to tell you, but me, I don't like saying where my victims are out loud. So, if you can give me a pen, I can write it down for you."

"You really expect me to fall for something like that? You just want to use this pen to stab into my wrist."

"The thought hasn't crossed my mind, Eddie...but the idea….sounds...attractive."

Eddie now knew what the face of a true madman looked like. Cletus Kasady was looking at him with the widest grin he could give. His eyes were half-open, eyes piercing his soul as they gazed into his own. Eddie almost backed away, but pride overcame fear and personal safety and froze him in his face. "If you think I'm going to allow you to talk to me like this, then you are horribly wrong. I know you want the fame of being interviewed, and if you even so much as threaten me, then I'm just going to leave and the FBI can find the bodies all themselves and you won't be taking any credit."

"Oh man," Kasady growled in rage. "Now, I'm really going to kill you. I promise you, on my life, when I get out of here, and I will get out of here, then…." Kasady tilted his head to the side as he smiled evilly at Eddie. "I'm going to unleash carnage upon you and every single person you love."

Several weeks have passed since Eddie has interviewed Cletus Kasady for the bodies and the interview of a lifetime. He broadcasted his report on his show, The Eddie Brock Report, and it was received critical acclaim for his bravery to walk up to Cletus Kasady. Even though Cletus Kasady was put away behind bars, he was still called for trial. Cletus Kasady openly claimed that he was insane and can't control himself, but a lot of people, mostly the families of the people that he killed, were saying that he was a personification of evil and that he needed to be put to death.

Anne Weying-Brock, Eddie Brock's wife, was the lawyer testifying against Cletus Kasady. Eddie Brock stood on the witness stand, glaring intently at the tied up ginger in the chair.

"Cletus Kasady is not insane," Anne told the jury as she presented a document to them with a list inside. "Mr. Kasady is responsible for the deaths of over one hundred people. He buried their bodies and he claims to eat parts of their bodies. He doesn't deserve to walk the streets; he is evil."

Eddie was waiting for his wife to walk up to him and ask if he had any evidence that proved that Cletus Kasady deserved the death sentence. Much to his disbelief, Eddie saw Kasady's body going limp and his eyes close, indicating that he fell asleep. He actually fell asleep during his own trial for his life.

"Look at him," Anne gestured to the sleeping Kasady. "He fell asleep, just when I was explaining my point. Evil has no fear for the outcome of their life and they embrace it." She opens up the document and presents a list of behaviors that Kasady presented to himself and others. "Cletus Kasady has attempted non-depressed suicidal attempts on two separate occasions with the same gun, which is a .38 caliber. Another witness has reported that Cletus Kasady has committed a series of surgical masochism on his arms, legs, and stomach when there was nobody left alive for him to torture. A third witness - an eleven-year-old female living in Sacramento - reported that Cletus Kasady used a blowtorch to burn the hair off of her scalp. No 'sane' insane man would do something like this. What Cletus Kasady is, is a mass murderer who deserves life in prison with no chance of parole or the death sentence. Anybody with a heart can see that Cletus Kasady is evil walking on two legs. The families of his victims suffer every day because this monster abducts them, kills them in grotesque ways and bury them in concrete. You all know the right thing to do. My witness here has had a conversation with Kasady and he can back up my defense against the psychopath."

Eddie had been preparing himself for this. He rubbed his hands together and spoke in the mic for the court to hear. The sudden loud noises woke Kasady up and he wiped the sand out his eyes. "What'd I miss?" he said in a nasal tone.

Eddie smacked his lips before he leaned into the mic. "When I was doing the interview with Mr. Kasady, the prisoner displayed homicidal tendencies, made threats towards me and my family, and all the way through was smiling. Even though he was behind bars, in a straight jacket and everything, Kasady had that glare that could pierce any man in the soul into fear. I think that he does not belong in society and ridding him would be doing a favor for everybody. In case it was relevant, I recorded his conversation with me and permission to play it."

"If you must," the judge approved.

Eddie nodded in satisfaction and placed the tape inside a tape recorder on the edge of the table. The tape recorder he brought by himself. He played the conversation that he had when he initially met Cletus Kasady.

I'm going to unleash carnage upon you and every single person you love.

The tape was paused there as Anne rested her case. "He made open threats to unleash carnage on my witness and his family. He is a threat to society and he needs to deal with immediately."

"He's insane," Eddie backed up. "Kasady doesn't belong in society. I rest my case."

The jury members looked to each other and began whispering to each other for their final conclusion. Eddie and Anne cast glances at each other with smirks, confident that with the evidence he presented and Anne presented, Kasady would be put away or put to death.

The lead juror - Donna Diego - was a tall woman with shoulder-length red hair. "Your honor, the jury has looked over the evidence and we have reached a decision." She looks over to one juror to hand her a field report on Cletus Kasady. "Based on this field report given to us by an observational psychologist, Cletus Kasady exhibits symptoms of delusion, split personality, and despite the eyewitness of several people, shows no signs of being a sociopath or a psychopath. Granted, he still suffers no control over his actions due to Mr. Brock confirming himself that Kasady suffers from insanity, we have decided, in our own opinion, mine included, that Cletus Kasady has no true control over his action and presents more danger to himself than to others. Prison is not the best choice for him and he should be sent to a mental asylum to get help."

Now the courtroom was silenced. Eddie and Anne's jaws dropped as the verdict processed in their minds clearly. He could not believe what he just heard and he was unable to speak. He stood in the same room as Cletus Kasady and he felt an evil presence. He was not insane, he was evil. He displayed clears signs of a psychopath when he was in the room with him, but when the psychologists come in to observe him, he must've turned off his 'serial killer' mode. That lead Eddie to only one conclusion: Kasady knows how psychologists operate and he was using that to his advantage to outsmart the therapy tests to prove that he was insane and needed help.

Eddie realized that he made the mistake himself of saying that Kasady was insane and the jury members misinterpret this. The crowd seemed to pick up on this because all eyes in the room turned to him, glaring daggers for inadvertently saving Kasady from a life/death sentence. The icing on the cake, this trial was being broadcast for his show and the two hundred thousand viewers watching were going to hate Eddie for his mistake.

That one kid in New York, my fan, if he's watching this, then what is he thinking?

Eddie could just feel the hatred boiling up within the crowd. They were mad at him and so were the fans that were watching this at home. The cameraman got exceptional footage of the judge sentencing Cletus Kasady to life without parole in a mental asylum until he is proven sane by thirteen psychologists. Eddie's embarrassment caught up with him as his face turned blood red.

The court was over and everyone was dismissed. As Eddie sat on a bench in the main hallway to wait to his wife, he drummed his finger on the armrest. A homeless man in a dirty trench coat sat next to him and looked at Eddie awkwardly. "Hey, are you that Eddie Brock guy?"

"Not anymore," Eddie replied without thinking but stated what he was emotionally feeling. "I think I just may have saved the serial killer of the twenty-first century from death. It was broadcasted even."

Anne came out of the room, her blond hair a mess, Eddie knew that meant that she grabbed her hair out of anger. She glared at her husband as she closed the wooden door. "Hello, Eddie."

Eddie sensed the venom within Anne's voice and jumped to his feet in hopes to explain himself. "Anne, I'm sorry for what I said. I didn't really mean like he was 'insane' insane, but that he was 'insane' sane. The jurors completely misinterpret what I said."

"Or maybe you just said it the wrong way," Anne rebutted. She didn't bother stopping to look at Eddie as she moved forward. Eddie followed and Anne predicted this. "You said your statement the wrong way and now you let a serial killer go off scot-free."

"But what about the evidence from the psychologists?" Eddie remembered and tried suggesting. "They all said that he was insane and he had no control so that could've backed up the jury's opinion."

"But you backed them up even more. They had files stating that he was crazy and your statement sealed the deal. I lost my job because of you." She walked out through the front doors, Eddie close behind her and still desperate to try and prove his own innocence.

"Look, I spent ten minutes in a room with that man. If I can go make my corrections with your agency, then maybe the right thing can be done and Kasady can go to jail."

"That's not going to work,' Anne stopped him. "They said, 'because you are unable to defend this city from the most hated serial killer of the country, then we should find someone who knows how to testify against a serial killer in court.' Those were the exact words of my boss on the phone."

All the pain in Eddie for letting Kasady go was suddenly replaced with guilt for his position with Anne. He had gotten Anne fired from her job as a district attorney and it hurt him. "Anne," his voice cracked with shakiness. "I'm sorry. I am so sorry for everything." He looked down to the ground in shame and shook his head in self-disappointment. "I'm sorry I cost you your job, I'm sorry I gave Kasady the benefit of the doubt, I'm sorry for not being the husband that you deserve."

Anne was on the verge of crying herself, the dam-building up inside of her threatening to break free. She shut out these emotions by unlocking her car, getting in, and locking Eddie out. He ran to the passenger door and tried to open it, only to find it locked. He knocked on the window in a rhythmic way to get her attention. Anne acknowledged Eddie by glancing over her shoulder to look at the crying Eddie, and the only thing she said was, "I'm sorry."

"You're going to lock me out of the car over a little accident I made? I think you're overreacting."

"It's not that," Anne argued. "This has nothing to do with what you did in the courtroom. I forgive you for what you have done."

"Then what is it?" Eddie begged. He showed her his wedding ring on his finger. "I've had this ring on my finger for three years and never have I taken it off. Never have I taken it off because I want to stay honest, trustworthy, and fidelity towards my wife whom I love so much. If it isn't about what I said or you losing the job, please tell me, I deserve to know that at least. Whatever it is, I promise I won't judge you or leave you for it."

Anne tried saying what was on her mind, but it was like trying to lift water at this point. She wiped her tears away and turned her head to face her husband completely - he most likely wasn't going to be her husband after what she has to say. "I'm seeing somebody else."

Eddie's heart stopped beating as the words sink into him like an anchor. He made sure that what he heard was correct: His wife, whom he had been married to for three years, was seeing somebody else other than Eddie himself. "You," he said before swallowing down a sob. "Were cheating on me?"

"Yes," Anne said, somewhat without hesitation. "I didn't want to tell you because I was afraid of you would react. I felt so guilty over it."

Eddie backed away from the car, suddenly feeling even sicker than he ever felt before. He grabbed his hair with force, causing himself pain. Today has been the worst day of his life. The worst day of his life started this morning when he ran out of coffee, so he went to work tired today. Then, his car broke down and he had to get it towed. Third of all, he was called to a trial without any warning, fourth of all is when he aid the wrong thing to the oblivious jurors. He humiliated himself on his own live show and to top it all, the cake with the most icing on the top, his wife cheated on him.

Eddie looked down at the wedding ring on his finger and groaned in sadness. With shaky fingers, he licked his finger and slid the ring off. To him, that wedding meant everything. He thought that Anne was the love of his life, but he was horribly wrong. He didn't want to be with a woman who slept with another man. Eddie would've thrown it away out of spite, but he was civil instead of wrathful. He tapped on the passenger window and Anne lowered it.

"I want a divorce," Eddie said with sadness before handing the ring to Anne. "I hope your new boyfriend likes the ring. I've kept that ring in my wallet for two years when we started dating.

"Can't we talk about this?"

"Talk about what? I want a divorce," Eddie insisted but kept his rage under control. "Today has been the most backward, worst, horrible day of my life. If you are going to defend yourself in court, considering that you no longer work in courts, then I pray to God that you find an excellent defense lawyer. Find someone who has proved murderous criminals innocent and try to get him to convince the jury why we should still be together. I really hope that happens because I deserve better than this. I could've cheated on you, I could've gone out with this cute girl who works in my office, but I didn't because I'm a faithful husband and I am wearing a ring around my finger. I was a faithful husband. There were fights here and there, disagreements and whatnot, but I never hurt you in any way that was intentional and long-lasting other than ruining your career as a district attorney." Eddie backs away from the window and looks out to the distance. The world suddenly became smaller.

"Can't we just talk about this, Eddie?" Anne sobbed as Eddie got farther and farther away from the vehicle. She called out to him several times in vain desperate attempts to get back the man she truly loves.

"You brought this on yourself, Anne!" Eddie shouted. "I want a divorce and I will be setting a date. I want to meet your lover and I want to get a confession from him. What's his name?"

"Dan Lewis..."

"And what is he?"

"A doctor."

"A doctor?!" Eddie calmed himself before he nodded in understanding. He remembered when they first started dating - or maybe it was before - Anne asked Eddie if he wanted to be a doctor and Anne showed a keen interest in becoming a doctor but ultimately settled on becoming a district attorney. Eddie could honestly care less about Dan Lewis, only one thing: "Does he know?" When Anne choked on her answer and her answer was slightly impaired of being heard, Eddie asked again but elaborated this time. "Does Dan know that you are married? Does Dan know that you have a husband?"

"He knows," Anne admits.

Eddie's rage was boiling up within him, and despite the fact that he was angry at Anne, he refused to allow himself to express physical anger towards her, only speaking what was on his mind instead of making threats. "Did you tell Dan...or did he find out?" The former was the answer. "When you told Dan, did these affairs keep happening? Did you continue to lay with him even after the disclosed fact that you are married and your husband is still alive?"

"Eddie, let's not do this…" she desperately begged.

Eddie wasn't going to let her get away with it that easily. "You don't get to throw a grenade and run away Anne," Eddie uttered. "You can't expect to say please when you don't want to confess something and expect to get away with it completely. I just want the truth; I have been faithful to you and I want to know if there is still a little bit of faith within you. Now I'm going to ask one more time: Did you continue to lay with Dan after telling him about me?"

The air between the two was suddenly filled with dread. Each one of the Brocks in a stand-off, their eyes gazing into the other's eye, looking for an answer or some kind of reaction. Eddie wasn't going to talk, and he basically backed Anne into a corner, so she knew it would be useless trying to pull it off any longer because, at this point, it was very clear which way the wind was blowing. "Yes."

Just like that, Eddie's world shattered. He was standing there on the sidewalk, frozen, sadness painted across his face. He turns away as a tear descends down his cheek. He takes out a quarter from his wallet and puts it in a payphone. He would've used his cellphone, but his battery was dead. He punches in a number and calls one of his show assistants who had the day off.

"Mr. Michelinie, I know it's your day off, but could you please come to pick me up at the courthouse?"