"You may be stronger and faster, Kasady," Eddie began. "But you know what? There is one essential ingredient that you lack." Eddie's eyes drift off course and they are drawn to an air vent on the ceiling to his right. He narrows his eyes as he watches a yellowish substance squeeze through the tiny spacing and on the outside of the grate. Venom licked his slips in anticipation upon noticing that this was actually the black Venom symbiote, but with a very dark yellow tinge to his mass. He turns back to Kasady just as his chest was exposed. "You don't have the venom!"

Eddie rushes towards the wall that Venom was climbing down, reaches up and touches the Venom symbiote with the tip of his middle finger. The symbiote jumps onto Eddie's hand upon recognition and travels down his arm to morph over his entire body, becoming Venom once more. Venom steps back from the wall and looks down at his new color for his physical form and grew in delight as he feels a spark of new energy course through his veins, awakening him and making him roar in triumph with his back arches and head facing up.

He turns to Kasady as the Carnage symbiote began forming over him once more after the soundwaves finally came to a stop. Venom held up one hand, his fingers bending in a crescent moon shaped way towards Carnage and he tilts his head to the side. Kasady froze up all of a sudden, the Carnage symbiote freezing its place as well, almost like it was frozen in a pack of ice. The effects of Kraft des Gehirns had begun taking over the process of using telepathy to freeze the Carnage symbiote from regenerating over Kasady's body was a success as well as freezing Kasady in his place.

"I'm not giving you a splitting headache, am I?" Venom mocked to Kasady. Venom raises the hand with the pipe still clung on to, and chucks it like a spear towards Kasady's exposed chest. Kasady was torn completely from the Carnage symbiote, not even batching a flicker of movement, and Kasady went flying across the hall, only to be impaled against the wall with the end of the pipe sticking out of his chest and back.

Kasady's gasps in pain and his eyes widen, heart beating racing faster than normal. He clutches his shirt while the blood went on with staining his shirt. Even if he couldn't physically feel the pain, he knew like the back of his hand that his health levels were decreasing and his breath slowly stolen from him as he hyperventilated. He forced himself to look down at his wound just before he looked up at Venom, still in a post-throwing position. A small smile was brought to his face as he noticed that Venom and Bane co-bonded with each other over Eddie and that now he possessed the symbiote god of telepathy. He could not help but admit his surprise and amazement to his enemy as his last words.

"Well done, Eddie," he praised. "Well done." His last statement was followed by maniacal laughing for several seconds, that was soon died out when his health levels slowly reached zero. Kasady tried gasping for one last gulp of air before his head finally stopped moving, his jaw dropping, and his eyes roll to the back of his head, his body limping.

Venom takes one step forward to get a closer look. He folds over a little so his eyes were at the same level as Kasady. He stood there for several seconds, unable to believe that Cletus Kasady was gone, finally dead forever and there were going to be no more deaths because of him. Venom felt proud of himself for finally getting rid of the serial killer, but a little saddened. He had no idea why he was so sad, but he knew that he was crying over Kasady's death. He looked down to the ground in shame, before he senses the Carnage symbiote breaking away from its frozen position and falling to the ground like water. Venom races over to the red symbiote and kneels down to one knee and cradles the red symbiote in his hands, holding his son close to his heart.

"Son, are you alright?" Venom already knew the answer. He already knew that the Carnage symbiote wasn't going to make it. He was beyond saving. Unlike Venom, the Carnage symbiote was still a newborn and newborn symbiotes are unable to survive for long after being forced to unbind from their host. Venom looked around for a host in sight, but it was almost midnight and everyone already went home. Even so, he highly doubted that he could find Carnage a host in time because Carnage's movements were already slowing down, almost like he was trapped in sand. "No, please don't do this to me," Venom begged with his heart to his son. "Please don't die on me!" He bowed his head down sympathetically and squeezed his eyes shut so he wouldn't cry.

Carnage slowly moved up his father's arm, climbing to his shoulder before wrapping around his shoulder area like a necklace. Venom acknowledged his son by putting a hand on his son's mass and massaging him. "Thank you," Carnage whispered into Venom's ear.

"For what?" Venom sniffled with his eyes opening and head turning to look at Carnage. "I killed you."

"You didn't kill me," Carnage said softly to his father. "You saved me from Kasady. You gave me a hug and you saved me from that violent man."

"But you're going to die."

Carnage snuggled against his father, wrapped his body mass tighter around Venom's shoulders, practically squeezing him like a snake. Venom did nothing but continue to massage his son while the tears fell down Venom's face. "There is one thing I would like to know," Carnage whispered.

"What's that?"

"What is my real name? I know Carnage isn't my real name. What is my real name?"

Venom stared intently at Carnage and whispered into his ear what name Venom gave his son. After he told his name, the Carnage said that he loved his real name and he says that even though he will have maybe thirty seconds of life left in him, he was just glad to be spending those last moments with his father.

Venom did get to tell his son that he loved him with all his heart...just before Carnage's life finally gave away.

Eight Days Later

For the past week and one day, Eddie has called April 10, 2019, his twenty-sixth birthday, as the most bizarre nights of his life, if not one of the most bizarre nights of his nights. He spent the last six hours and four minutes from six o'clock to midnight hunting a deranged serial killer while bonded to an alien symbiote, He reconnected with his estranged wife and put a stop to Cletus Kasady after all and the Carnage symbiote passed after Venom told him his real name. As for the symbiotic god codenamed Bane, or Kraft des Gehirns, Venom, Eddie, and Anne all came to a mutual agreement that a powerful being such as Kraft des Gehirns was too powerful to let loose around the city. And because Kraft des Gehirns requires a host with no specific match like Venom and Carnage do, anybody could pretty much be the symbiotic god of telepathy. So the three took upon themselves to load Kraft des Gehirns into a container, the very same container that he was originally encaged in and put him in a sack with rocks.

Several hours later, they took a plane ride over the Bermuda Triangle and tossed the container down into the ocean and it sunk in the trenches.

Back in San Francisco, with the death of Carnage, Eddie Brock and Venom's name had been cleared off the police's list and they were no longer sighted as criminals.

Eddie now sat down next to Anne on a bench in the park on a sunny afternoon on a Thursday. Eddie kept constantly checking his watch because being April 18th, today was the day that the penultimate episode of Gotham airs. He's been waiting for four weeks and the one thing he is really hyped about is seeing the DC character, Bane and not the yellow symbiote with the codename of Bane.

"You keep looking at that watch as if your life depended on it," Anne mocked and gently hit Eddie in the stomach with her shoulder. "You got a date?"

Eddie turned towards her and smiled with a closed mouth. "Of course I do." He decided to mock her back by pretending that Gotham was actually a girl. "I have been seeing her for five years on April 25th. I used to watch her on Mondays, then the dates switched to Thursdays. Counting tonight, this will be our 99th date together."

Anne looked at him like he was crazy, "Does Venom know what girl you are referring to?"

Eddie nodded slowly and dramatically. "I'm going to introduce him to her tonight. Would you like to meet her?"

Anne put her hand on Eddie's hand and responded, "Tell you what. How about next week, on April 25th, when it is your 100th date with this 'girl', then I will pay her visit and get to know her."

"Well," Eddie cocked his head. "If that's the case, then you should go back and look over the first 99th dates we've had before jumping to the 100th date. It should take only about a week."

"That's real tact of you," Venom's voice growled in Eddie's head. "Using your favorite show to make your already taken girl think you are already taken." He clicked his tongue as if disapproving him into doing a dumb thing. "If you want her to think that you are taken, put a ring on your finger."

Eddie's eyes trailed down briefly as he listened to Venom's voice. "We could do that," he supported, albeit unsure. "Where would we get something like that?"

"I can think of places where women won't be wearing any rings: Whorehouses, churches, disco parties, and prisons. Ideally whorehouses, but we could go to prison and eat some heads off like candy apples because no one is going to help when we lick their scalps like popsicles."

Eddie licked his lips and groaned in disgust. "You have a sick sense of humor."

"Who are you talking to?" Eddie tilted her head to the side, studying Eddie hard. "Is that Venom? What is he saying to you?" She watched as Eddie cringed in his seat in discomfort. She could tell that Venom said something repulsive to Eddie by the way he is shrugging his shoulders and sticking out his tongue like he ate something sour.

"He is going into pretty graphic detail on how he is going to put sour patch candies on human brains and eat them. Even the way he describes the taste is making me secrete saliva."

"I see I have got your tastebuds started up and ready to run."

"If Venom was an author, guaranteed he could make readers cringer with only one paragraph."

"I'll be the next Stephen King."

"Now he's talking about being the next Stephen King." Eddie turned away from Anne to whisper something to Venom. Anne tried listening on the conversation but Eddie whispered so softly, you have to be within half an inch of his mouth to be able to hear him. "Never heard of the author before."

"How is Venom treating you?" Anne asked as she rested her head on Eddie's shoulder like a pillow. "He's not bullying you or treating you the way you don't deserve to be treated, right?"

Eddie put his left hand around Anne's shoulder and rested his head on Anne's head, his cheek connecting to his scalp. "He's the occasional jokester every once and a while. He makes fun of my pale skin, he makes fun of the fact that I have to sneak out of my house every time he goes out because of the paparazzi."

Ever since Venom and Eddie's name had been cleared and Cletus Kasady plans were posthumously exposed to the public, Anne's firm rehired her for her original job and gave her big cases to work on, As for Eddie, he had gotten his reputation back and reinstated on The Eddie Brock Report. While he still had some time off before he went off to investigate a group calling themselves, The Redeemers, spotted in Auckland, New Zealand, he spent his few days off with Anne.

"Aww…" Anne mocked. "Do you need me to beat him up for you?" She laughed a little, which made Eddie laugh a little. Her smile slowly died out when she remembered that Eddie has to leave for a different country in a different continent soon. She wrapped her arms around Eddie's chest like a mama bear and she asked Eddie when he was leaving the country.

"I have booked a one-way flight to Auckland, New Zealand which will be leaving in…" He looks at his digital wristwatch. "On the twenty-first." That meant he had only three more days left to spend with Anne. "Before you know it, I will be spending three days in Australia, interviewing a group calling themselves The Redeemers. What an ugly name, doncha think?"

"Can I come with you?" Anne asked abruptly. "Do you think that I could join you on your business trip?"

Eddie shifted slightly in his seat but did not move much because he didn't want to move Anne from sleeping on his shoulder. "You don't want to go with me; It will be nothing but work. You and I probably won't be able to go to that one restaurant places that exist only in Australia that we've always wanted to go to."

"I'll be your audience," she suggested. "Or, since you are investigating a group, maybe you should have a defense attorney in case they prove to be psychopaths or they want to kill you. We could put them away."

He laughed a little over his statement, and he patted her on the head. "That's why it's better if you stay here. If they are killers, then I don't want you in the crossfire."

"And I don't want you in the crossfire," she rebutted.

Eddie rubbed her head in an attempt to calm her down and he could only hope it was working. He wanted to say not to worry about him, but from he learned from three years of living with her, it's that regardless of the woman, whether you know them or not, you never tell a woman to not worry. That and that is also what his mother always told him. "Well, I have Venom to protect me."

"If those Redeemers come across us, then they're gonna want to change their names to The Regretters." Venom laughed at his own joke, which started to irritate the living crap out of Eddie. "How does that sound, Eddie? Would you like me to go into greater detail about gutting them open and eating their intestines like spaghetti?"

"Don't be going into any details, Venom," he insisted to his parasitic friend. He looked back at Anne and asked her Dan was doing. "Is he still in the hospital?"

"He checked out yesterday," she answered. "He was just glad he was a doctor."


"Because he got a discount on the bill."'

The two break out into laughter, Eddie folding over and laughing softly. Anne chuckled and hit him playfully on the shoulder.

"That Dan man, he is hilarious." Underneath his facade, he was still fuming over Dan being the one who stole Anne from him. But he was a man with a code of honor and the only thing keeping him from eating Dan's brain is the fact that he is a doctor and people need doctors in order to survive. Especially innocent people. "For our 'taste' at least. I trust that he can take care of you."

Anne looked up at him, not understanding what he was saying. "What are you saying."

Eddie then began to explain himself. "Because of who I am, it is better if we stayed apart." He knew that she would be protesting and trying to rebut his claim, but he made it clear what his intentions were. "I love you, Anne. But the life that I am about to lead is not one that you should be involved in. After today, I'm going to use these powers to save people, protect the innocent. If my enemies found out about you, I could never forgive myself. We could keep within minimal contact with each other, but we can't live together. Trust me, it's better this way."

Anne closed her eyes and rested her head against his heart area, making sure that she comprehended everything that he said. She knew where he was coming from. She knew that if he was going to become a vigilante, then that meant that they couldn't stay together for the aforementioned reasons. He would be worried about her, but she would be worried a lot more about him because he will be running directly into the line of fire. "What about you?" she asked, just to make sure that this was what Eddie wanted. She was able to accept his ex-husband's wishes, but she just wanted to make sure that this was the path that Eddie intended to go down one hundred percent. The point of no return. "If you are going to become a vigilante, are you willing to lead a double-life?"

"Of course I am," he answered softly. "Growing up, I have always wanted to be a superhero like Iron Man, and when I tried to save everyone at that In-And-Out Burger where Dylan died, I couldn't because I was just a regular human being. But now that I have an alien lifeform attached to me, giving me powers that could actually be used to stop criminals, I can't let them go to waste. We may have lost a son, both Venom and I and you, but now we have the chance to make up for all the losses by using these powers to save other Dylans out there, preventing people from becoming suicidal, giving people second chances before they become someone like Cletus Kasady. We could actually make the world a better place. But, we are going to have enemies, some regular humans, some probably symbiotic and we want to make sure that you stay out of the crossfire. Please bear with me, Anne. Don't put yourself at risk for me."

Anne snuggled against Eddie and grabbed his hand, entangling her fingers in his fingers. She was slowly taking in the message that from now on, it was just going to be her and it was no longer going to be her and Eddie. Then she got to thinking how if she never cheated on Eddie, then she never would've indirectly driven him to commit suicide and bonding to Venom. So in a way, everything that happened from six-ten to midnight fourteen on April 10, 2019, is all because of her. She was indirectly responsible for what happened, so she has got to pay Eddie back somehow and that was making sure that she would live another day to see each other again. She closed her eyes and listened to Eddie's heart, feeling Venom move across Eddie's zipped up jacket to rub against her face. She smiled and she tapped Eddie on the knee before looking at him. "Just promise me one thing."

Eddie tilted his head to the side in curiosity. "You name it; anything at all."

"You go on a date with me to Alfred's Steakhouse."

Eddie leaned in and kissed Anne on the lips. "Consider it done," Eddie said confidently.

Eddie wanted to keep walking forward and cross the street, but Venom kept on insisting on staying to pet a wiener dog on the snout. Venom really loved that dog and forced Eddie down onto his knees to kiss the long-bodied dog on the ears. Eddie spat dog hair out his mouth once he started choking on the hair. Eddie rubbed his mouth with the back of his hand before petting the dog one last time and waving the owner goodbye.

Eddie walked across the street where he conversed with Venom.

"I can see that you really like dogs."

"They are so cute; I love them. Can we get one?"

Eddie chuckled at his friend and waved at a group of passing teenage girls. "We'll see about that." He stops to take a selfie with a young boy and his father before he marched on. "Tell you what, we can get a dog if we come to an agreement."

"An agreement? Like, who's going to give it a bath every month?"

"No, more like a set of rules. You're an alien symbiote and you need to feed on brains to survive, but you can't just go around eating anybody you want."

"We can't?" Venom asked as if he had done something wrong. "Even if we were really hungry?"

"Do you think that is something that Anne would want?" Eddie shook his head for Venom. "Hell no she wouldn't. So that is why we are going to have to set some rules that we will never break no matter what."

"Okay, go on."

"Rule number one: You are only allowed to hurt, kill, very possibly eat, very very bad people. Rule number two: We will use our powers to save people, never to shame people or make them feel bad."

"Those rules sound easy enough. Are there any trick questions in there?"

"Trick questions?" Eddie reached into his inner jacket pocket to pull out a Snickers bar. About three days after the Carnage incident, Eddie discovered due to his love for chocolate, Venom has a huge heart for Snickers bars and Eddie bought his friend an industrial amount of Snickers bars just for him. They still got like two dozen more bars. After taking a bite of a Snickers bar, he heard Venom sigh in pleasure, somewhat similar to when a person is hot and they have cold water poured onto their forehead. "What kind of trick questions?"

"Like what's the safest form of sex?"

"If this is a trick question, I have no idea."

"Not have sex. Those sorts of trick questions."

"Well…" He took another bite of his candy and then picks up where he left off. "No tricks questions like that. But another rule we are to follow is we are to never, ever, under any circumstances, no matter the consequences, we will never, ever, hurt, eat, or even drug, a child, baby, or pregnant woman. Regardless if they are killers or if they are products of killers. We will never, ever, hurt anyone nineteen and below. As for pregnant women, never lay a finger on them. Actually, we don't kill women at all; we kill men only."

"I understand. We kill nobody but men. But what if we have to kill a woman?"

"If there was no other choice, then we kill her. But if she was pregnant, we would have to find a third option or carve up a third option."

"Any other rules?"

"Yes. No hurting animals and we take care of people who are abusive to animals. Secondly, we must keep our identity a secret. Nobody can know who we are or else Anne will be at risk. Not just Anne, but other people we love. Understand?"

"Understood, now that we are full and satisfied, can we go for a swing across the city?"

"Sure thing." Eddie threw the wrapped in the nearest trashcan and moved towards the closest alley. He makes sure that no one is looking before he starts his climb up the wall, Venom's form slowly forming over his fingertips.

What is a superhero?

Eddie climbs up the fire escapes, swinging from one bar to the next like a monkey. He grabs one bar and does a pull-up jumper to the next bar.

Does a superhero need to have a cool costume or a fan base?

Eddie climbs onto the roof of the twelve-story building and crawls like a spider across the ground of the roof. The black symbiote took over Eddie's body from his waist down.

Does a superhero need to have a cool name or some kind of moral code? Do all superheroes have to follow a no-kill rule?

Eddie perches down on the opposite edge of the roof, his entire body covered in the black ooze except for his face. He looks down and caresses his white spider chest symbol.

Although the name 'Venom' sounds badass, the only thing a superhero needs is to do what's necessary. And that is why we are better than that spider punk in New York. We're not heroes.

The black ooze covers Eddie's face and Eddie becomes Venom once more. He shoots out a web and swings across the city, soaring the skies like an eagle.

We are Venom.

And that is the end of another story. I was happy to write this fanfic after seeing the Venom movie and I gotta say, I am proud of how this turned out. I hope you guys enjoyed reading and if you guys didn't, then that's okay. But please review and constructive criticism is acceptable. Once again, thank you all for reading and I'll see you soon.

Currently, two more stories set in this universe are being written. The first one will be published sometime in October and they will both be prequels to Homecoming and Lethal Protector.