Hi guys! Guess who's back! Finally decided to try and do a part 2 on Emerald Seas! I'm so sorry for the time in between the last chapter and making this story and THANK YOU guys for the tips and reviews on what to do with this part 2. I got some inspiration so here it is! Please, please, please let me know what you think and any more tips and ideas are very much welcome!

The Prologue begins at the end of At World's End where Cutler Beckett loses his ship, drifting in his flag, where we thought he had died...

Then in the next chapters, the story goes back to where we first get to know Cutler Beckett in the movies, thirteen years after where Emerald seas ended. A few months before Cutler interrupted the wedding of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, at the beginning of Dead Man's Chest.


Emerald seas II: Prologue

So it was true what they said, he had seen it, the light at the end of the tunnel. But it wasn't just a light in what seemed to be the very last minutes of his life. It was the face he had longed for so long to see again. The bright emerald eyes that welcomed him in his most peaceful dreams. The eyes that encouraged him to keep going on. The eyes that told him it wasn't his time yet and that she had been waiting for him, but not at the end of the light.

Cutler had lost everything. His battle against the pirates, the control of Davy Jones' heart and the love of his life all these years ago. Laying there, drifting along the waves of the ocean, surrounded by the pieces of wood of his pride, the leading ship of the Armada, the Endeavour. His body covered by the flag, drifting along the waves, symbolizing the defeat of his Company. The words Jack Sparrow had spoken before the battle had even started were occupying his mind and he was comprehending the words over and over. There was a glimpse of hope, hope that he had not felt for more than thirteen years when he had lost her heart, her soul, her everything. There was a chance she could return to him. And it was at this very moment, his body swallowed by the cold waves, minutes earlier thinking it was his last breath, he felt more alive than ever.


Jack entered the Captain's quarters aboard the Endeavour, forced by two guards. It had been more than a decade he had seen him last but when Jack watched Cutler's back turned to him, standing at the inlet of the ship's stern, it felt like he hadn't changed a bit. Jack tried not to speak, but at the same time, the words were burning on his lips.

Cutler was staring out of the window with the sight of the Black Pearl in the far distance. The ship he had not seen in what felt like forever. He was remembering the time, far more than a decade back, when he had punished Jack in every way possible, burning and sinking the Wicked Wench to the bottom of the ocean. Jack took the love of his life, and so he had done to him in return. Cutler's stomach pinched by the thought of the day it all happened, but his face kept the cold harsh look, not giving away his emotions.

'Remarkable. The last I saw of that ship, she was on fire. A blackened hull sinking beneath the waves' Cutler spoke like he wanted to wound Jack with his words.

'We had a deal, Jack. I contracted you to deliver cargo on my behalf. You chose to liberate it' Cutler continued speaking as he tried to hide the fact he wasn't quite sure if he was ready to face the man behind him. He needed to know if Jack still believed Cutler was the one who ordered him to deliver the slaves. All those years back the liberation of those people hadn't been by Jack's doing, but that of someone else, the only person, besides Cutler, that knew of the truth about the freeing of the slaves. The very same person that he lost that very day.

'People aren't cargo, mate' Jack watched the "P" on his arm's skin, the pirate brand. Remembering the flashing burning pain of the gleaming hot iron that had touched his wrist as he was branded a pirate. Jack thought back to the dark and sad day it had all happened. Inside the East India Company office, he had watched Mercer ready to burn another man's flesh to represent a pirate forever, as a clerk it had been his duty. But Jack remembered an infuriating face, the face of Cutler who had taken over the iron rod with the glowing red "P" at the end which after he had buried it deeply into Jack's flesh. The sizzling sound of his skin burned to mark him for life.

'And you incurred a heavy debt to raise her up again, didn't you?' Cutler continued while thinking about how Jack made a deal with Davy Jones to, at all cost, get his so loved ship back. In exchange for a hundred souls, the Wicked Wench came back, to this day known as the Black Pearl.

Jack seemed to avoid eye contact once Cutler turned to face him.

'It's not here, Jack' Cutler spoke, his eyes followed him searching through the room. Jack looked much different after all these years. Of course older, but there was nothing left of the man he once was. Jack always had something rough about him but the pirate he had turned in throughout the years looked like a stranger to him. It was strange to see him after all those years, he was the only person who had known "her" almost just as well as he had, seeing him in person made Cutler feel almost wistful, like she could come through the door any moment and join them in their conversation.

Jack made his way through everything which could contain the thing he was looking for.

'What? What isn't?' Jack was fooling him, he turned to face him for the first time.

'The heart of Davy Jones. It's safe aboard the Dutchman and so unavailable for use as leverage to satisfy your debt to the good captain' Cutler's thoughts raced through his mind, how could a man like Jack deserve to be reunited with his love, while he couldn't. Jack did pay a high price though, and he had brought back nothing more than wood and sails, in Cutler's opinion. It was an object, not a living human. But Jack still seemed to love his ship more than anything.

Cutler was determined to keep Davy Jones' heart away from him. Not only did he need it himself but once Jack got his hands on the heart, he was able to escape what he deserved. And so Cutler's battle throughout the years, to make sure Jack and every pirate on this earth got his well-deserved faith, would all be in vain.

'By my reckoning, that account has been settled' Jack spoke about his death, he finally got what he deserved, a one-way trip to the Locker. But he had returned, Cutler knew how resourceful Jack was. Just like Cutler, he knew a lot about the supernatural, probably more than himself. He wondered how he'd escaped, but tried not to ask that kind of questions.

'By your death? And yet, here you are' Cutler spoke his eyes following Jack's movements. He was mocking his painting, probably thinking he'd had it in his office out of vanity. But it was the painting she had painted for him all those years ago, it was one of the few things that were keeping the memory of her alive. Jack took his cane into his hand raising it. Cutler ignored him, he was used to Jack's sometimes childish behavior, in that regard he had not changed a bit.

'Close your eyes and pretend it's all a bad dream. That's how I get by' Jack spoke ambiguously, meaning his trip to the Locker. Speaking of it as if it were nothing, like he had returned without any effort. But too in a way, did he just tell Cutler to forget everything they've been going through, what Jack had done to him and his love, that it was just a bad dream and to forget her just like that? Cutler was silent and tried to calm his thoughts, his face still emotionless like he had taught himself throughout the years.

Cutler didn't know why, but he still wanted to know whether Jack was regretting it, he had once cared for her too. Jack thought he was able to save her and tried to do good, but he had made the wrong decision and a terrible mistake in the end. Cutler's voice broke with emotion.

'Your good deed cost me everything, Jack' as Cutler whispered his eyes raised to him. Jack's good intentions indeed cost him greatly. She was taken to the locker without any chance of saving her. For a moment it was silent.

'And you have spared me any possibility of ending up as anything other than what I am' Jack knew exactly what he was talking about and for a moment this voice revealed some emotion as well as he watched Cutler who had returned his face to its strict self again. It was true, Cutler was the reason Jack now lived a life of piracy. He had made sure Jack needed to run for the rest of his life, justice chasing him at all times. Since the day he was marked a pirate, he was never able to be free again. They each left a mark, on the other. A mark that would both chase them for life.

As their negotiation went on Jack watched Cutler sitting behind his desk.

'You can keep Barbossa, the belligerent homunculus and his friend with the wooden eye both, and Turner... especially Turner. The rest go with me aboard the Pearl, and I will lead you to Shipwreck Cove, where I will hand you the pirates and you will not hand me to Jones. Bloody fair deal, don't you think?' Jack muttered.

'And what becomes of Miss Swann?' Cutler spoke while turning a piece of eight between his fingers. Jack watched him in surprise, he almost seemed jealously offended. So Cutler was right, Jack had a thing for her.

'What interest is she to you?' Jack tried to act like it let him cold while his eyes pierced Cutler's.

'I made a promise to her' Cutler spoke underneath his breath carefully and lowered his eyes to his desk.

'To Elizabeth?' Jack seemed confused, he watched him while leaning on his desk.

'No.. to "her"' Cutler still whispered. Suddenly Jack understood, he was talking about Kate, for the first time this conversation and probably the first time since it all happened. But it seemed like her name caused him to much pain. Jack moved his sight to the ground for a slight second.

'I promised her many years ago I would not harm Miss Swann, so even though it didn't look like it, she was never in danger' Cutler continued. There were plenty of opportunities for Cutler to have hurt or kill Elizabeth. When arresting her along with Will Turner and James Norrington he had done it all to take his revenge on Governor Swann, he hit him where it hurts the most; his daughter. They all had a charge against them for which the punishment was execution, but for Elizabeth Cutler would never have let it come that far, he promised Kate. Elizabeth was safe inside the dungeons of Port Royal while he was able to take his revenge on Jack and destroy all pirates. But Elizabeth had escaped and threatened him with a gun to his head, he had no choice but to let her go. He remembered Elizabeth asking why he did not raise an alarm when she was threatening him in his office. Cutler told her it wasn't anything he couldn't handle, but the truth was he would endanger her once he'd let his men know of her escape, with a gun to his head they would defiantly shoot her. Whatever he did, however many deals or promises he broke with everyone, he could not break his promise to the only person that had ever cared for him.

'Jack, I've just recalled, I have this wonderful compass which points to whatever I want' Cutler quickly changed the subject and rising from his chair he walked straight to one of the cabinets in the back of the room.

'So for what do I need you?' Cutler raised the compass in his hand to Jack. The famous compass that had been a big part of both their history. Jack had to swallow seeing it in Cutler's hands. Cutler never knew it had belonged to Kate before Jack had it in his possession for years now, still after all this time he didn't know the truth about her death and it surprised Jack it made him feel regret for a slight moment.

'It points to what you want most, and that's not the Brethren Court, is it?' Jack's eyes watched him, Cutler still holding the compass right in front of him. It indeed wasn't, but Cutler could not tell what was.

'Then what is, Jack?' Cutler asked with a strict face.

'Me...Dead' Jack spoke only half the truth, he knew it was pointing to him not only because Cutler wanted him dead. It probably was one of his desires, but not what he wanted most.

Cutler opened the compass, his eyes moved down on the red arrow starting to point into Jack's direction. Suddenly Jack started to move to the left and then right in a goofy way, trying to avoid the arrow. Cutler watched the arrow following him with every movement.

'Damn' Cutler mumbled closing the compass with a loud snap.

He tossed the compass to Jack, who in return tossed a fan he had taken from the desk earlier.

' occurs. If I got what I wanted most, then wouldn't I wanted second-most, become the thing I wanted most?' Cutler spoke while fanning himself with the fan Jack had thrown to him. Jack tightened his grip on the compass in his hand.

'So if I kill you, then I can find Shipwreck Cove, is it...on my own' from behind his coat, Cutler pulled out the small pistol he always carried with him just in case and pointed it at Jack.

'Cut out the middleman. As it were. Literally' as Cutler spoke Jack's grin disappeared quickly. He wasn't sure if Cutler would kill him just then and there, but he surely wasn't going to risk it. He had no choice but the tell him the truth right now. Besides, he had to sooner or later. The guilt was still haunting him after all this time, and he couldn't hide it any longer.

It was silent for a moment. The pistol was still pointing at Jack's face. He wasn't sure how he was going to bring this.

'Wait!' Jack raised his hands in front of him like it would protect him from the bullet. Cutler looked at him questioning.

'You wanting me death might not be the only reason it is pointing to me. There is something you want most, that you can only retrieve through me, but it will only show you when I tell you what it is that you want most..' Jack rambled like he often did, almost confused himself about what he just said. Cutler's strict face watched him in confusion, his hand holding the gun made a gesture he needed to spell it out.

'How can I desire something without knowing what it is? I know very well what I desire most!' Cutler spoke stubbornly. He was indeed a man who very well knew his own goals and desires.

'I know the feeling mate.. I've been going around for a long time without knowing what I want' Jack spoke sarcastically trying to change the subject while waving his hands as he walked away from Cutler still keeping him under his shot.

'Jack, stop avoiding the question! What is it I want most?' Cutler's eyes pierced his. Jack had turned around to face him again and stopped grinning, for a moment his eyes turned to what seemed like sorrow.

'Sweet Kate' Jack whispered. There followed a piercing silence. He was the first person in years to speak her name again in Cutler's presence, most people did not dare to mention her when he was in the room. Cutler's heartbeat raised for the first time in this whole conversation. His emotionless expression had turned into a mixture of grief and confusion. But her name sounded comforting so a slight smile had appeared on his face. When Jack had whispered her name it almost felt like the old days. Cutler saw Jack staring back, his eyes looked filled with emotion too like he did still care for her after all.

Cutler awoke from staring and realized it could not point to Kate, it wouldn't be possible.

'Impossible..' Cutler whispered. When Jack had noticed his change of expression Cutler turned his face strict again.

'It isn't mate..' Jack whispered in return.

'Stop playing this game Jack and don't you dare use her in your ways of escaping your fate!' Cutler raised his voice which was still affected by his emotion.

'Just hear me out, I am speaking the truth' Jack's voice had almost sounded desperate, something that made Cutler doubt whether he was just playing one of his tricks or if he really tried to tell him something.

'If it were to be possible.. then care to explain why it points to you?' Cutler hissed out of confusion and self-defense.

'You needed me to tell you she is still alive. You can not desire something, or rather someone, without knowing it exists. Besides, you need me knowing the information on how to get her back' Cutler could not believe his ears when Jack finished his sentence. He did not trust Jack but why would he lie. Jack probably had a deep hatred for Cutler in return, but he would never shame Kate in any way, he was sure of that. But how could there be any truth in his words?

'It all came to me while being in the Locker' Jack started, after emptying his lungs.

'You see.. she is still alive' Jack continued and moved around the large table containing the golden globe of the world. Cutler was forgetting about everything he had been fighting for, the deals he was making with everyone to get what he wanted and the fight that was going on outside. It all seemed unimportant now. Cutler loosened his grip on his pistol and lowered it alongside his body.

'You know very well that is impossible. She.. died right in front of me Jack' Cutler looked angry and emotional at the same time. Holding the closed fan still tightly in his other hand.

Right after Kate died and it all happened, Cutler had not shown him any mercy, no fair trial in court, no eyewitnesses that could have defended him. Jack got punished and branded a pirate without being able to speak a single word. Cutler had been blinded by hate.

'You never gave me the time to tell you about what had happened' Jack mumbled, trying to defend himself and took this as the opportunity to finally tell him what really happened.

'This compass never belonged to me at the very beginning' Jack stared at the compass Cutler had handed him some minutes ago. Cutler lowered himself back into the armchair behind his desk filled with the tiny ship models of his Armada and the nine pieces of eight. He stared into the distance, listening in silence to the words Jack spoke.

'Remember, when we visited Tia Dalma all those years ago. It was Kate who received the compass from her. Tia Dalma knew she was going to be in danger, she foresaw her fate. But what Tia Dalma probably didn't realize is that the very thing she gave Kate to help her escape death was the very thing that caused it' Jack lowered his sight on the compass still tightly in his grip.

'I only found out recently this compass holds a curse. A curse that will release your biggest fears once you give away the compass, not just lend it out but truly giving it away, in a way betraying the compass. Kate's biggest fear was to be parted from you, forever. The curse struck Kate when she gave it away. At the time I did not know the compass was doing that to her' Jack spoke, for a moment forgetting what was really important; what he had discovered while being in the Locker.

'This curse should have killed her like we thought it did. But I only just realized it did not..' Jack stared into Cutler's direction, he tried to speak his words carefully, hoping he would understand and believe him.

'Kate gave this compass to me on the day of your wedding, she told me you were everything she desired and wanted nothing more than for me to find the same. Her innocence and selflessness toward me made the curse weaker. The light in her heart made it impossible to kill her. But even though it wasn't able to kill her, the compass found a way to take its revenge and cursed her to sleep for an eternity instead' Jack released a sigh and took a deep breath before continuing.

'She didn't die in your arms that day at the beach. At that very moment, it was the sleeping curse reaching her heart. At first, I thought she died too' Jack's eyes were now piercing Cutler's, who was struck by indignation, almost unable to speak.

'But when I was in the Locker it all came to me. When she was taken away by Davy Jones he did not pass on only her soul to the other side, because she wasn't dead, but he passed her whole body and soul to the Locker. Just like I was transported to the Locker still alive, by the Kraken. We both didn't just "die at sea" but were taken alive, doomed to reach between worlds for eternity' Jack walked to the large window at the side of the cabin. His hand moved to the wall supporting his body, his eyes staring outside at the sea.

'Inside the Locker, I heard a woman calling out my name. I thought I was just imagining it, but when it all came to me I knew it was Kate. I wasn't able to find her. It drove me insane' Jack whispered and still leaning against the wood he lowered his sight to the ground, a sigh escaped his lips.

'Being in the living world again, I now realize there is a way to get her back. She can enter the world of the living again just like I did. I am living prove people who are not dead but stuck in the Locker can in fact escape. But I got help and she can't escape by herself while the sleeping curse is still controlling her' Jack still gazing outside to the ocean looked over his shoulder, watching Cutler staring in front of him still sitting at his desk, he looked frozen.

'She needs you, Cutler, to break this curse, you need to wake her..' Jack finished as he had turned his body towards the desk.

Jack moved next to Cutler's chair, where he was still staring into the distance, comprehending all Jack just told him. Jack still holding the compass tightly between his fingers lowered it to Cutler, his eyes moved away from the spot he had been looking at for what felt like forever. Cutler slowly raised his sight on the compass and then at Jack.

'Take it' Jack lay down the compass on Cutler's desk on top of some documents. Cutler's almost trembling hands raised slowly and took the compass. Without saying a word he opened the lid and soon his eyes watched a spinning arrow, spinning like it was searching for a new direction. And then, the arrow came to a halt, pointing into a single direction. Where a few moments earlier it had been pointing to Jack constantly, it now wasn't, it was pointing away from him. Now that Cutler knew of Kate being alive by retrieving this information from Jack, the arrow turned to an unknown direction. The corners of Cutler's mouth curled into what looked like a careful smile. It proved by the change of the arrow's direction that Jack was indeed telling the truth.

End of flashback

Drifting along the waves on the flag of the East India Trading Company where he met his defeat some minutes ago, Cutler's thoughts were running loose. There was a fire inside of him that had been extinguished a long time ago, but it had been ignited and burned stronger than ever. There was still a way to get her back and he would do everything in his power to reach his goal.

So in the end, just before the Endeavour was blown to pieces, just before Cutler found out the Flying Dutchman was no longer on his side, he still couldn't have killed Jack, not even in front of the whole Armada. Cutler could have ordered the Endeavour to attack, but after Jack had told him about everything he couldn't kill him, he needed him as he was the only person in the world to ever have escaped from the Locker. So Cutler numbed by doubt decided to give up everything he and his Company had ever fought for.

So it was true what they said, love would make you risk anything at every cost..