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Chapter 11

The rumbling sound of the clouds clashing together was something that covered the town in the early hours of the morning. A light rainfall made the streets muddy as two black boots marched down the alleys at a rapid pace. The light of the morning was nowhere to be seen yet, a dark fog was hiding the trash covered streets of Tortuga, every now and then a clucking chicken made Cutler's heartbeat quicken, which made him more on edge and watchful of any danger.

'Goodmornin' a slightly enthusiastic but more sarcastic voice surprised him passing one of the corners of the alleys. Cutler had a hard time not shouting out after the scare but it turned into more of a growl once he stood face to face with Jack, his hair still unbrushed, like he hadn't bothered to look into a mirror before going out on the street this morning.

'For heaven's sake Jack, do you mind so early?' Cutler moved down his black hat to stop the slight raindrops from moving down his cheek, onto the stubbly skin of his chin.

'And please remove this smug of your face. We both know the position you're in and I already noticed the joy you have found in for once feeling more supreme than me' Cutler mumbled as Jack joined his marching down the alleys and he shrugged his shoulders.

'Oh yes I do enjoy this. Almost just as much as the taste of rum in the early morning' Jack lifting a bottle to his face whispered annoyingly which made Cutler roll his eyes. Probably one of the many eye rolls this journey will make him do.

'So if I heard correctly from your person of contact last night, you have found a crew to set up this journey?' Cutler tried to remove the annoyance from his tone and set his voice back to the cold business-like tone again, as always. Jack seemed to have been rewarded with quite the generous donation's from his pirate friends after 'winning the battle against the Company and winning the war', but Cutler was sure Jack probably had gambled already half of it away, or simply spilling all the coins on rum. But it seemed Jack had still enough to employ them a crew that was willing to sail them to an unknown destination. It was of course all still a secret, so a crew that would only look at their pay, and not the safety of their journey or the destination was needed, and with the Company still suspecting their Director being death, this crew of simple men just holding out their hands for a few coins was the only option.

Cutler soon regretted his decision when he came face to face with a variety of men, which Cutler would have described as close to death, more than to being alife.

'You promised they wouldn't be pirates' Cutler whispered, surprising himself he did as he was never afraid to speak up his mind in the presence of other people.

'These men aren't pirates. But perfectly accepted, well-behaving men that take pride in being an addition to our society!' Jack couldn't have spoken with more sarcasm to his voice. Cutler felt his eyes lifting to the sky again but they soon dropped to the floor as one of the crewmen standing before him spat down onto the wooden floors of the dock, right beside his left booth.

'I ain't sailing with one of these high up our asses Lordships that thinks he's better than all of us' one of the pirates, looking down at Cutler's wig and well-dressed attire, spoke up with a voice that could make one tremble by simply hearing it. Cutler tried to raise his chest, almost instinctively, as he was about to tell this rat how things worked in the world, but Jack tried to make him take a step back and Cutler felt the breath of anger stuck in his lungs release.

'He's no noblemen no more! Didn't you see the downfall the Endeavour had? This man here was one of the Lieutenants that failed to do his job of firing back. And now he's a nobody like all fo us' Jack couldn't have spoken with more smug to his voice and the look on his face was like that of a kid in a candy store. Cutler had to swallow as for a moment he thought Jack was revealing who he truly was, but his concern was soon replaced by annoyance again as Cutler's couldn't figure out what he thought was worse, Jack saying he was just a Lieutenant, or that he 'failed' to do his job.

'Oh, we're fine then. Welcome to the crew misfit' the pirate smiled like he was dumb enough to believe a person like Cutler could just turn to piracy in just a snap, but Cutler was relieved this large man in front of him was now smiling at him with his crooked teeth, instead of being a few seconds away of being stabbed to death.

'Let's make out way then' Jack proudly turned Cutler by his shoulder like he was a little kid sailing for the first time, and all Cutler was beheld was the most damaged ship he had seen, it was probably more damaged than a ship that had just fought in the battle against piracy.

'Where is the Pearl?' Cutler watched Jack leading him onto the gangplank of the ship that was creaking more than it should have.

'I.. lost the Pearl' Jack shrugged his shoulders and tried to ignore Cutler's surprised look. Soon Cutler started to laugh, hard and loud like Jack just told him the most hilarious joke. Jack tried to look away but felt Cutler's piercing eyes.

'How?' was all Cutler could spill from his lips once he seemed to have almost succumbed from his burst of laughter.

'One name mate, Barbossa' Jack spoke while walking up the helm at a fast pace, like he was in a hurry. Cutler arriving next to Jack at the helm shrugged his shoulders and felt like Jack was not going to tell him more than he had, for now, so he let it rest.

'So, what's the destination?' Cutler asked, almost feeling like the young lad he once was, just starting his journey of sailing with the Company on the spice trading ships.

Suddenly Cutler's eyes winded as Jack took something from his belt. It was a long string that made it attached to the bandana of his trousers, at the end of the string a compass. The compass Cutler, after the destruction of the Endeavour, had hoped to see more than a dozen times, and here it was, like he expected it to be, in Jack's possession.

'I know what you're thinking mate, and no, I am not giving it to you' Jack saw Cutler staring, but quickly turning away his eyes, acting like he was too proud to be concerned about Jack's compass.

'How are you going to find a way to save Kate, if you don't give me control over the compass?' Cutler whispered like he protected her name from the scandalous pirates that now occupied the deck below, readying the ship that was soon to set sail.

'Isn't it obvious? Do you really think that we just so happen to know the way into the Locker just like that? If you might recall, I was just swallowed by that terrible beasty of Jones which you, later on, decided to crash in on to a beach. A little too late, now thank you' Jack folded his arms like he was offended.

'And if you have any idea how to find us another Kraken that'll be willing to open it's jaws just to take down this whole ship into the dark abyss beneath then be my guest' Jack started rambling like he did often and Cutler tried to get his attention by clearing his throat.

'So, maybe we should turn to the ones who came so bravely rescuing me, once I was inside the Locker' Jack was looking down on Cutler who seemed confused.

'And who did you have in mind?' Cutler asked while feeling the ship leave it's port now.

'Elizabeth Swann. I mean Turner..' Jack grinned almost stumbling upon the words and inside his hand the compass still he opened the lit. The red arrow Cutler recognized immediately and it started spinning to Jack's wishes. It took a moment before the arrow found a direction, but it soon seemed to have found Jack's most desire as it was pointing into one single heading.

'Gentlemen, we have our heading!' Jack shouted across the deck and soon the course was set as every man on the ship started making sure they were leaving port at full speed.

'So, the compass is leading to your most desire?' Cutler asked like he knew nothing of it and Jack seemed surprised.

'Of course it does, you know that!' now it was Jack that was on the brick of rolling his eyes.

'So you desire Elizabeth Turner the most?' Cutler was looking at Jack with a face that could be described as a malicious smirk when he saw Jack almost dropping the compass to the floor but catching it just in time.

'No, noo of course not. Sometimes the compass just shows you an off route to the destination of your desire' Jack spoke quickly while watching the sunrise in the distance setting in the early morning rays of sunlight upon the shoreline.

'Sure it does' Cutler had to hold himself for a moment not to laugh as Jack kept on staring at the sunrise, making sure to not make any eye contact. But soon Cutler moved down the steps of the upper deck and standing by the balustrade of the ship he watched the sunrise now too, by himself, away from all the men, just himself and his thoughts. Again the scenery from of a ship making him calm and collective again. Watching the sunrays dance upon the shoreline, setting in the golden hour. Which reminded Cutler of the only thing more beautiful he'd ever seen in his life, as the face of his destination came before him. The golden-red curls dancing before her face like he was feeling her presence getting stronger, with every step he took closer..