The last thing he remembered before he had awakened in the rushing river; was a piercing hot sensation of being stabbed in the back as he was walking through a park on his way home from working at the custom motorcycle shop. He remembered as the darkness started to creep in around him; followed by some other voice from what he assumed was the world that told him as he felt the pain and heat from the attack and cold from the ground …

"requirement met for ' Pain resistance skill' acquired, requirement met for 'Physical resistance skill' Acquired, and requirement met for 'Thermal resistance skill' acquired..."

…As he felt the last of his life dripping away the feeling of fear started setting in and as it did, he heard …

"requirement met for 'Fear skill' Acquired" of course he thought why did he hear this so clearly; An where the hell was all of this clarity coming from all of the sudden. He then heard the voice say,

"requirement met for 'Parallel Processing skill' Acquired … requirement met for 'Analysis skill' Acquired."

The last thing he remembered as the darkness finally took hold of him as the last bit of fight left his body was,

"requirement met for 'Great Sage skill' acquired"

Of course, that didn't change the things or what had led him here, but he did find himself disoriented, as his light blue eyes open and he started to kick as the water pulled him along. But eventually, he gained his bearings and started swimming to the surface of the raging river that he found himself in now, instead of the park he always went through on his way back and forth from work he had been in moments earlier. He was so deep under the water his body tried to take a breath out of reflexes, but before it could he clamped a hand over his mouth trying to keep himself from swallowing the entire river between fighting with the incredibly strong currents that were against him. Even though only moments before he had been unconscious; he was sure he had already drunk some of the river as his head was pounding and he needed air. So, he kicked hard with his legs and pushed him forward through the water even with the shoes making it hard. But as hard as he could and somehow he managed in the last few moments as his head felt like it was going to explode, he breached the surface of the water and took in a deep breath before coughing; he could feel the air rush into his lungs as he let himself take in a deep breath. But for some reason he didn't feel cold or hot from either the air or water, this allowed his brain to keep a clear focus, and he looked around all he could see was wilderness and daylight.