Percy looked away from the ocean. The waves glittered in the sunlight and shone like millions of sapphires. The ocean always managed to calm Percy down. Sometimes it would be serene and calm and other times it would be relentless and wild. That alone made Percy feel connected to the ocean. The way it was so unpredictable. Percy hated being unpredictable, it made him feel unstable. He himself couldn't predict his actions, which made it nearly impossible for others to.

Another D in Mathematics resulted in him feeling inferior and disappointed. He had done everything he could've done by himself. He had given his 100% and yet had just scraped past failing. There was no other choice for him other than tutoring.

His mother had already asked his teachers who should help him in his studies and all of them had suggested the same student. Annabeth Chase. This sucked a bit, because she was gorgeous and he would probably be tongue tied in front of her. She was also the no nonsense type and therefore would probably be annoyed with his inability to speak in front of people he didn't know well, especially pretty people he didn't know well.

To make his mother proud though, he would brave through the embarrassment he was probably going to experience while talking to Annabeth. He could do this much for his mum.

Time skip

Monday morning came with Percy questioning if his education was even worth forcing himself out of bed and going to interact with people. Then again, today would be the first tutoring session he would have with Annabeth. He didn't want Annabeth to think of him as incompetent as a first impression.

He got up, stretching his arms to try and get rid of the stiffness he felt in his muscles. After showering, he got dressed in a simple grey sweatshirt and black jeans. He tried to put a comb through his hair but gave up after a few tries. His hair was almost as stubborn as he was.

He got out of his room and head out to the kitchen, lead by the smell of pancakes that made his stomach rumble. His mother was standing at the counter, her hair pulled back neatly in a high ponytail. She was already dressed.

One thing he could say without doubt is that his mum was the best baker in the world. His mum's cookies, especially, were perfectly gooey and yet crunchy. Also, they were blue in colour. That's what made them so special. They'd been through a lot together, Percy and his mum. The one thing that had kept them going through all the hardships they had to face in their life was the concept of blue food. Born out of their rebellious moods against Sally's abusive ex-husband, blue food is one of the only happy memories Percy has of that dark period of their lives.

One other fond memory he had of his childhood was his trips with his mum to the beach. No Gabe, no school, no teachers, just him and Sally. They went to the beach because it reminded Sally of Percy's father. Nights on the beach used to be spent with Sally reliving her past by telling Percy stories. Stories of Sally and Poseidon, stories of heroes, some with happy endings and some with sad endings.

'Hi honey. Good morning,' Sally greeted Percy cheerfully. He sat down at the counter, leaning forward to receive a kiss on his forehead and greeted his mother back. 'Eat up; you have a tiring day ahead of you.'

Percy nodded. 'Is Annabeth supposed to come over or are we supposed to study in the library?' Percy inquired.

'Whatever suits you.'


Sally smiled at her son and ruffled his hair. 'I have to go now, I have opening duty in the café today.'

'Have a nice day, then. Love you,' Percy said.

'Love you too.'

Time Skip

Percy was tired. He didn't want to study more. But he had to, because there was a level he was expected to hold up and that was getting grades above Ds.

He groaned and banged his head against his locker. 'Woah. Are you fine?' someone asked him. He raised his head to see who the voice belonged to. He was met with a sight of imperfect perfection. Blond curls tied back with tendrils framing a sharp face and striking eyes. 'Annabeth!' Percy exclaimed and winced almost immediately, cringing at the excitement his voice held.

Annabeth looked a bit amused. 'Percy, right?'

Percy nodded a bit too fast. Annabeth bit her lip for a quick second. She had to admit, he was cute. A bit too cute. She sighed at her thoughts and looked at him before looking back to the ground. 'So you need help in Math right?' He nodded. She gave him a slight smile. 'Where do you want to go?' she asked.

'Uh I was thinking we could go to my house, but if you're not comfortable with that, we could go to the library, which works too.'

'Your house works for me, unless you would prefer studying in the library?' she said, trying to make sure he was comfortable.

Annabeth had learnt a long time ago, the key to a good study session was comfort. If he wasn't comfortable, he would be too preoccupied with his discomfort to actually focus on his studies.

He shook his head though. 'I think I would be more comfortable in the familiarity of my home. I only offered to go to the library thinking of your comfort,' Percy explained. Annabeth nodded in understanding and gestured for him to lead the way.

Time Skip

While walking beside him to his house, Annabeth couldn't help but keep glancing his way. She realized he was really good looking. His eyes were big enough for effective puppy eyes and something about his messy, soft, hair made her feel something in her stomach. It was bit cold so she hugged herself a bit tighter to warm herself up. She could hear him sniffling and she could also tell he was trying to stop himself from sniffling in front of her too much. She couldn't explain the feeling of endearment she felt in that moment.

He glanced back at her and gave her a small smile and her stomach erupted in butterflies. She kept her cool though and smiled back. She hadn't realized they had been walking in silence for so long. The comforting thing about the silence was that it was natural and not awkward and it made her feel more connected to Percy than words ever could.

Both of them didn't know what happened on that one walk from school to Percy's home but they both felt it. They weren't friends before this. All they'd known about each other was the fact of their existence. But in that moment somehow, they felt like they'd known each other for multiple lives.

There was something beautiful about the walk Annabeth just couldn't explain. If she tried to explain the emotions that went through her in that silence, her friends would probably scoff and think that she was making something out of nothing.

Maybe it was the weather that made it that much more meaningful. Maybe it was the fact that neither of them felt the need to break the silence. Maybe it was the fact that they were both comfortable enough in the silence that they didn't speak until they reached his house. All Annabeth knew was that she wanted to relive that feeling, those emotions over and over. All Percy knew was that he wanted to stay in that moment forever. All they knew is that they didn't want their relationship to be just that of a tutor and a tutee. All they knew is that they wanted more.