As they approached his house, Percy felt disappointment at having to break the meaningful silence that had engulfed the both of them but knew that it was inevitable. The stopped in front of an apartment building that looked like it had about 20 floors. 'We're here,' he said softly, trying to make the breaking of peace as gradual as he could. Annabeth nodded. The two made their way inside the building, waiting silently for the elevator to come down. Percy fumbled in his bag for something, and after two minutes of intense and clumsy searching finally emerged victorious with a key in his hand.

'Mum's not going to be home and we don't feel comfortable leaving the key under the doormat,' he explained. As soon as Annabeth expressed understanding, the elevator dinged open and they both stepped inside. Percy pressed the button for the fourth floor and moved to the back of the elevator. Soon enough, the elevator dinged open again and the two stepped out.

Percy opened the door to his apartment and let Annabeth step in before him. Annabeth smiled in gratitude towards him and Percy ignored the sudden drop in his stomach. Of he was this affected just by a smile, god help him survive the next two hours.

After about 10 minutes of deciding where they would sit, Percy repeatedly asking Annabeth whether she wanted water or some kind of refreshment and Annabeth repeatedly declining, they found themselves sitting comfortably on Percy's bed with worksheets and notes spread out all over, leaving a small space for them. Neither of them seemed to mind their close proximity, if anything, Percy appreciated it.

Annabeth took a deep breath and turned to Percy. 'Alright, I'm going to need to get a background on your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to math, so do you mind briefing me on where exactly you're having difficulties?'

Percy, a bit shocked at her eloquence (was this how she talked to everyone), nodded slowly. Annabeth smiled at him, could someone please tell his stomach to calm the hell down, and looked down to the sheet of paper in her lap. 'These are the chapters that have been covered in class till now. We're going to go over everything but I want to start with the chapters that you find hard.'

She went on to reciting all the chapters and asked Percy to point out the ones he didn't understand. As time went on, they soon had a plan as to how they were going to cover all the chapters they did in the next two months. Time had flown and an hour was already up. When Annabeth realized this, she quickly started to explain the first chapter to him in layman terms and picked out a sheet from her folder and gave it to him. 'Seeing as two hours are already up, here's the worksheet I prepared for this session, sorry we can't do it together, my dad'll be mad if I'm late,' she said.

It could be said that Percy was surprised and impressed at how prepared Annabeth was. He nodded shyly. 'I can drop you till your house if you want?' he offered politely. Annabeth laughed lightly and patted his cheek. 'That's alright, thank you offering though.' By this time, both of them were at the front door. She opened the door and shouted a quick bye, and just like that she was gone. Percy wouldn't admit it, but his hand involuntary touched his cheek a few times where she had touched him. It was a slight (very slight) possibility that Percy was starting to develop a crush on the girl.


The next two months passed by with Percy's grades gradually improving from a D to a B and his feelings from Annabeth getting deeper every second he spent with her. You know what didn't help in curbing his feelings at all? The fact that he had gotten way closer to her and she was getting comfortable. This meant more touches, cuddling when the studies got too much; resting her head on his shoulder and hugs. His mum absolutely loved Annabeth. This meant her staying over for dinner almost every time she came over for studying or just hanging out. She had become family already and Percy couldn't imagine life without her.

Annabeth finally had a best friend. Even if she wasn't Percy's (she definitely was), he was still hers'. She couldn't deny the feelings she had for him but right now, as he didn't seem to reciprocate the feelings, she was satisfied with being this close to him. Being this close to him meant, cuddles (that he initiated how much ever he would deny it), him hugging her from the back while she explained a hard topic to him, her staying over for dinner at his house practically every other day and finally feeling like she had a mum.

As the tutoring lessons had stopped officially, now Annabeth just went over to his house as his best friend. She still helped him with his homework but she wasn't responsible for his grades. Everything was so perfect right now, she kind of just wanted to live in this moment forever. Then Percy shifted so he could wrap his arms around her and pull her snugly into his chest and she decided that she wanted to live in this moment instead.

But something was off. She could feel it. 'Perce?'

All she got was a hum in acknowledgement so she continued. 'You good, bub?' she asked concernedly. She could feel him nod into her back but she wasn't convinced still so she adjusted herself so that she was facing him. She cupped his face. 'You want to try again without the lies?'

'How do you always know?' he asked softly. 'I know you,' she answered quietly. 'And I want to help you but I can't till you tell me what's wrong, right?'

Her hands were still cupping his face and he was having trouble focusing. 'I like you. As in more than a friend,' he quickly blurted out, his cheeks dusted red. It was an understatement to say that Annabeth was shocked. He looked down to hide his face in embarrassment. The giddy feeling Annabeth felt right now was a bit inexplicable. She gently lifted his face. 'Is it alright if I kiss you?' she asked quietly. Her shock had passed onto him, where he just stared at her dumbfounded. 'I'm kind of waiting for an answer, Perce,' she said, a bit embarrassed now.

He pulled her closer. As in she was now sitting directly on his lap, with her legs around his waist. 'Please do,' he said in a bit of a smug tone. She blushed a bit before pulling his face in till their lips met. And a thousand emotions erupted in both of their stomachs. Their lips fit perfectly. It was almost addicting. Annabeth tilted her head so as to deepen the kiss. Percy gasped at the action and Annabeth took it as an opportunity to insert her tongue in.

Their tongues battled for dominance, until they had to pull away to breathe. 'Ok woah,' Percy gasped out. Annabeth laughed. 'Yeah.'

'God, you have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that,' Percy confessed. She frowned. 'It can't have been longer than me because I've had a crush on you from the first time I tutored you.'

Now it was Percy's time to frown. 'Um that's how long I've liked you,' he said in a confused manner. Annabeth and Percy looked at each other for five minutes straight till Annabeth smacked her forehead. Percy looked startled. He rubbed her forehead and glared at her. 'Stop hurting what's mine, you noob,' he told her disapprovingly. 'Yours'?' she asked teasingly. Percy just nodded solemnly and whispered an 'all mine' before pulling her even closer than before if that was even possible and burying his face in her hair. 'All yours'' she sighed contentedly.