Livin The Suite Life Next Generation

Episode 3: "I'm Regretting I Ever Met You"

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They are now 16 weeks along. Zaylee is about nine weeks along.

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Onto the story.

Zaylee headed out of the infirmary with tears in her eyes. Her life is now turned upside down. She isn't just a teenager now, she's going to be a teenage mother. She was conflicting on if she should tell Victor about the baby. She walked back to her cabin, where Maybelle saw her walk inside.

"Hey, are you okay? How did the appointment go?"

Zaylee flopped onto her bed, screamed into her pillow and then looked up at her. "I'm really pregnant. I'm nine weeks along. I don't know what I'm going to do!"

Maybelle's eyes went wide. "Oh my God. Are you going to tell Victor? He's the dad, right?"

Zaylee nodded her head. "He is the dad. I don't know if I want to tell him that I'm pregnant. But, I don't think I have a choice to keep this from him. He'll figure it out at some point…" She sighed. "Now, I gotta tell my parents. They need to know." She grabbed her phone and called her mother.

"Hello?" Maya said, as she picked up the phone.

Zaylee took a deep breath. "Hey, Mom. I need to tell you something."

Maya nodded her head. "What is going on, sweetie? Are you alright?"

Zaylee breathed deeply. "I'm pregnant, Mom…"

Maya's eyes went wide. "Oh, honey. How are you feeling?"

Zaylee sniffed softly. "Overwhelmed right now, I'm not sure if I want to tell Victor…"

Maya just sighed. "Is he the dad of the baby, Zay?"

Zaylee nodded. "Yeah."

Maya nodded. "Okay, so, are you going to tell your brother?"

Zaylee nodded. "Yes, Mom. I'm not stupid. He needs to know too. He might freak the hell out but I have no choice."

Maya laughed softly. "He will. I'll tell your father for you so you can focus on telling just Victor and Zack Jr, okay?"

Zaylee nodded. "Thank you, Mom."

Maya smiled. "You're welcome, sweetie. Bye."

Zaylee hung up her phone and then sighed as she headed out to Zack Jr's cabin. Thoughts were all over her mind, she didn't know what to say to her twin brother, but she had to tell him. She knocked on her brother's cabin's door and waited for him to open the door.

It felt like forever, finally though, Zack Jr opened the door. "Hey sis. What's up?"

Zaylee just gulped. She was so scared to tell him the news of her pregnancy. What will he say? What will he do? He was certainly pissed about the fact that she slept with Victor, and the fact she thought she was pregnant, but now it's real. It's real. Fuck. She needed to say something. But what? She paused.

"Can I come in?"

Zack Jr nodded his head. "Yes. Come on in." He let her come inside, she looked so freaked out. "Zay, what's wrong with you?"

Zaylee sat down on the bed, sighing deeply. She shut her eyes as tears filled her eyes. "Please don't be mad at me, okay?"

Zack Jr sat down next to her. "You know I can't promise anything. I'm your older brother. I'm protective…"

Zaylee's eyes filled with tears. She knew she had to tell him that she's pregnant. It was so difficult. She just sat there. Thoughts filled her brain.

Meanwhile, Zack and Maya's home, Boston Massachusetts

After getting off the phone with her daughter, Maya knew she needed to tell her husband, Zack that their daughter, Zaylee, was pregnant, and she knew Zack would freak out. He is very protective of her. After Victor cheated on her, she was so heartbroken. Zaylee is a strong girl, but Maya didn't know how she was really feeling with the pregnancy. It was a short phone call.

Zack walked out of the home office. "Hey babe. Who was that on the phone?"

Maya sighed deeply. "It was Zaylee. Um, Zack, I need to tell you something. Can we sit down?"

Zack nodded, but was super confused why she would need him to sit down. "Yeah, sure, Maya. Is there something wrong with Zaylee?"

After they sat down on the couch, Maya looked at him. "Well, Zack. I'm going to just come out and say this…"

Zack just looked at her with confusion all over his face. "Say what, babe? Is our daughter okay?!"

Maya sighed as she grabbed his arm. "Yes, she's fine. She's just having a baby…"

Zack just stared at his wife. Did she just say that Zaylee was pregnant? Yes. He couldn't get the right words to come out. What do you exactly say when your wife tells you that your daughter is pregnant? "Excuse me? She's pregnant?! Are you sure, Maya?"

Maya nodded her head. "Yes, I'm sure. She told me herself…"

Zack took a deep breath. "Who's the dad?"

Maya knew he'd lose his top after knowing Victor is the father of the baby. She paused as she spoke up.

"Victor is the father of the baby…" She said, sighing deeply.

Zack's eyes went wide.

Meanwhile, Cody and Bailey's home

Everleigh was in her bedroom when Stephen knocked on her open bedroom door.

"Hey, Eve, can I come in, please? I need to talk to you."

Everleigh nodded as she put her book down. She sighed as Stephen walked over to her bed and sat down next to her. "Evie, I need to tell you how sorry I am for the way I reacted about your pregnancy. You didn't need me yelling at you like that. You don't need me to overwhelm you like I did…"

Everleigh nodded her head slowly. "Oh, Steph. It's okay. I mean, you were just being the loving overprotective older brother. I know I'm only fourteen and I'm pregnant. This shit is scary enough…"

Stephen nodded his head. "I know, and I'm so sorry, Evie. Is the baby okay? Do you know how far along you are?"

Everleigh nodded. "Yeah, the baby is fine. I'm 16 weeks along…"

Stephen's eyes went wide. "Wait. Wait a minute. You're sixteen weeks and you didn't know?! How is that possible?"

Everleigh sighed. "Well, the doctor said the baby was laying on my side and my back for the past four months. I'm about to be showing soon."

Stephen paused. "Oh wow, Eve. That's gotta be a lot. Do you know what you want to do?"

Everleigh shrugged her shoulders. "I know I don't want an abortion. My other two options are keeping and or adoption…"

Stephen nodded his head. "What does Ashton think?"

Everleigh sighed. "He's supportive. He won't leave me. He's planning on helping me out with the pregnancy. He has his rights. He's the father of this child."

He smiled. "Good. I don't want him to hurt you. You need the support. Just know I'm here for you…"

She hugged him. "Thank you, Steph…"

Back on the S.S. Tipton

Zack Jr just stared at his sister, he was now getting worried. She hadn't spoken up about what's going on with her. He just grabbed her hand and squeezed her hand. "Sis, are you okay?"

She just sniffed. "I'm pregnant…"

His eyes went wide. "What? But, you said you could be a few days ago. Are you telling me the truth now?"

Zaylee nodded her head. "Yeah, I'm telling you the truth now. I'm really pregnant with Victor's child…"

Zack Jr just knew his body was boiling. All he thought about was killing Victor for knocking up his sister. "I want to kill him!" He stood up from his bed and then opened the door, but before he could run out of the room, Zaylee grabbed his arm.

"Bro, please. Let me tell him, please?"

Zack Jr took a deep breath and just nodded. "Fine. You can tell him, but if he upsets you, I'm beating him up!"

She shook her head. "You could get into trouble…"

He shook his head. "I don't care. He needs to understand how much he ruined your life, Zay."

Zaylee sighed. "I know." She looked at her watch. "Well, I better go now. It's getting late. Night, bro." She headed out of his room and then headed to her room for the night.

The next morning, Saturday, September 28th, 2030

Docked on Parrot Island

Zaylee and Maybelle woke up, showered, got dressed and then met Zack Jr, Anna, Ania, Noah, Nicki, Taylor and Katrina on the Sky Deck for breakfast.

Anna whispered to her cousin. "Did you tell Zack Jr about the pregnancy?"

Zaylee nodded. "Yeah, I did."

Ania spoke up this time. "What happened?"

Zaylee sighed. "He took it better than I expected. Although, he wants to hurt Victor…"

Nicki chuckled. "Well, that's understandable. He's mad that Victor got you pregnant. Duh. Are you going to break the news to Victor?"

Zaylee nodded her head. "Yeah. I'll tell him after I eat. Baby is hungry."

Anna laughed. "Now, that's understandable too." She felt arms around her waist and a kiss on her cheek. "Hey ladies." Noah smiled at Anna. "Good morning, babe. How did you sleep?"

Anna smiled. "I slept pretty good."

Victor walked over to Zaylee. "Hey."

Zaylee just breathed deeply. "Hey, um...Can we talk?"

Victor nodded his head. "Yeah."

Zaylee just saw the look on her brother's face, she shook her head, as she headed somewhere in private with Victor.

"What's up?" Victor said.

Zaylee took a deep breath. She was just wanting to tell him everything. But, how will it go? She definitely was hurt to be pregnant, but as she knew the truth and things she said the day before went away somehow. She doesn't want to be with him, but wants him to be in the baby's life.

"I'm pregnant…" She said, but continued. "...with your baby…"

Victor was in denial. He thought she had cheated on him. He wasn't ready to be a father. He shook his head. "No, you're not. It's not my baby…"

Zaylee nodded her head. "Yes, it is! I'm pregnant with your child, Victor. I want you to be in their life…"

Victor shook his head. "I'm not that baby's father, Zaylee! You cheated on me."

Zaylee's eyes went wide. "N...No, I didn't! It's YOUR child! I know for a fact it is your child!" She had tears in her eyes now.

He shook his head. He yelled at her. "It is NOT MY CHILD. I'm too young to be a father!"

She just felt tears falling down her face. She was now so hurt. "And, I'm not too young to be a mother?! Are you serious?!"

Victor just glared at her. "It's not my baby. I know it's not! I'm done with you…"

Zaylee wiped her tears off her face. "I hate you! I'm done with you too!" She ran off, ran past everyone and to her cabin, slammed the door, ran to her bed, fell on her bed and began sobbing. Her heart broke for her child. She was definitely now regretting sleeping with Victor.

Anna, Ania, Taylor, Nicki, Maybelle, Zack Jr and Noah watched Zaylee run past them with tears falling down her face.

They decided to go check on her. When they got to her cabin, Maybelle opened the door and Anna walked over to her cousin.

"Zay, are you okay? What happened?"

Zaylee wiped her face as she sat up. "Victor denied the baby. He said I cheated on him and that he's too young to be a dad…" She sniffed. "...and I'm not too young to be a mother?!" She cried.

Cheevers High, Boston, Massachusetts

Everleigh was at school for a game when Sharlanne walked over to her. "Hey Martin, so a little birdie told me that you're pregnant. It can't be true, can it?"

Everleigh groaned. She wasn't hoping to have people know already. Too late. She just sighed deeply. "Is it your business whether I'm pregnant or not?"

Sharlanne smiled. "Oh, come on. Ashton is too old for you…"

Everleigh shook her head. "My and Ashton's relationship isn't your business either!" She said, as she held her sweater closer.

Sharlanne smiled. "Oh my God. You are pregnant…"

Everleigh glared at her. "So what if I am?! Who told you?"

Melanie smiled. "You think I wasn't going to keep it a secret, Everleigh? Hell, he's going to leave you. Watch…" She whispered in her ear. "He's 18, I'm sure he has a life. Right? He will leave…"

Everleigh just sighed. "You...You don't know that!" She gasped as she was pulled by the hair. "Break his heart, understand?"

Everleigh shook her head. "No! I won't. This is his baby. He loves me!" She groaned. "Let go of me!" She struggled to get her to let go of her hair.

Melanie finally let go of her hair. "Abort that child…"

Everleigh layed a hand on her belly as she held in tears. "Great. This is going to be the longest five months of my fucking life…"

After the game, Everleigh waited for Ashton. She was just ready for the next five months to fly by.

When Ashton arrived, he opened his passenger door for her. He saw the look on her face. He helped her up on the seat. "Babe, what's wrong? What happened?"

Everleigh began crying, she sniffed. "Your ex girlfriend is a psychopath! She pulled my hair and told me to break up with you and abort the baby…"

Ashton's eyes went wide. "That son of a bitch." He hugged his girlfriend. "Eve, I'm sorry she said that. I'm not leaving you. We're not aborting our baby!"

Everleigh wiped her eyes. "I know. I'm just scared she'll hurt the baby…"

Ashton kissed her head. "Baby, she'll have to go through me before she gets to you…" He closed the door and jumped into the driver's seat. "You're staying with me for the week, okay?"

Everleigh nodded her head. "I doubt my dad will be okay with that, Ash…"

Ashton shook his head. "I don't care. You're pregnant with my baby. My ex is threatening you. God damn it, she's so fucking crazy…"

"No kidding…" She said, looking out the window.

He grabbed her hand and squeezed her hand. "I'm not going to let her hurt you, okay?"

Everleigh nodded. "Okay…"

Ashton parked into Cody and Bailey's driveway and got out of his truck. He knocked on the front door and then Cody answered the door.

"Hey Ashton."

Ashton smiled. "Hi, Cody. I need to ask you if Eve can stay with me for a few days…" He began explaining everything that happened today. "So, can she stay with me?"

Cody paused to think. "Well, I have to be honest. You never gave me a reason not to trust you with my daughter." He nodded. "I can ask Bailey to grab Eve some clothes, okay? Is she okay?"

Ashton nodded. "Just shaken up, but otherwise she's fine."

Cody nodded. "Okay." After getting clothes for Everleigh, her phone charger and makeup bag, Ashton headed back to his truck, hopped back inside and Everleigh smiled. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." He started backing out of the driveway and headed back to his house a few blocks from Cody and Bailey.

Once at Ashton's, Everleigh walked inside the house and sat on the couch. She took off her sneakers, she groaned as she began massaging her feet.

"Ugh. My feet are killing me…"

Ashton put his keys down and then sat next to her, layed her feet on his knee and began massaging her feet. "Feel better?"

Everleigh nodded her head. "Yeah. Thank you, Ash."

Ashton leaned over and kissed her. "I love you. You know that?"

She nodded as she smiled. "I love you too, Ash."

Meanwhile, Spencer's place

Isabella was making a sandwich when Spencer got out of the shower. "Hey, baby girl. What are you doing?"

Isabella smiled. "Making a sandwich. Baby is hungry and so am I…"

Spencer smiled. "Okay. Well, I'm going to head to work now. I'll see you later, okay?" He said, kissing her cheek.

Isabella smiled. "Bye. I love you." They shared a kiss, and then Spencer headed to work while Isabella went to do her science project.

Cody and Bailey's home

Bailey looked at her husband as he was getting something to drink. "So, tell me, how are you feeling?"

Cody looked at her. "About?"

Bailey sighed. "About Eve staying over at Ashton's…"

Cody sighed. "I'm not sure how I feel, Bails. All I know is that he's good to Everleigh and won't let anything happen to her. She went to a game and that's when all the shit went down…I trust Ashton. I don't see anything wrong with him caring for our daughter for a while. She's pregnant…" He paused to take a deep breath. "...I know I should be mad as hell at Ashton for knocking up my little girl, but I'm just glad he's taking responsibility for his actions and taking care of both his baby and his baby mama…"

Bailey smiled. "Me too." She hugged him. "We'll get through this together…"

Cody smiled. "Yeah, we will…"

Meanwhile, on the S.S. Tipton, Zaylee and Maybelle's room

The group just stared at Zaylee in shock who was still in complete shock from Victor's denying his baby.

Zack Jr's eyes went wide. He was full of anger. "I want to kill him! I'll knock him out!" He was about to run out of the room, but Noah grabbed his shoulder. "Dude, I don't think that's a good idea…"

Zaylee just sniffed. "No, Zack, don't. Victor made his decision. He doesn't want to be in the baby's life...He won't be in mine…" She said, sighing. "Great. I'm going to be a single mother…I'll be doing this alone..."

Anna shook her head. "No, you won't. You have us. We'll help you."

Zaylee just looked at her cousins, friends and brother. "Really?"

Ania nodded. "Yeah. Fuck him. He doesn't deserve you or the baby…"

Zaylee hugged Ania and Anna. "Thanks guys…"

To be continued…

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