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Publish date: 2019-04-11

Edit (2019-05-12): The legalese, detailed story parametres, and text formatting legend have been removed from each chapter and consolidated into Part 2 of the story AN instead.

Edit (2019-05-14): Part 3, the index of acronyms, has been added.

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Pt. 01: A Story Preamble from the Author

Hello all,

This story is a continuation and rewrite of The Dragon Has Three Heads (DH3H), by TheLaughingMan1. Chapters 2 and 3 will largely be the same as DH3H, with the Chapter 4 and onwards being entirely my work. The tentative general directions that I want to take my story can be found below, some of which can also be found in my Chapter 2 review of DH3H.

First, the title of the story will be changed. The Dragon Has Three Heads is not as powerful and memorable as I would like it to be. My current working title is Epic of the Triumvirate Dragonborn Conquerors (E3DC); although it certainly is memorable, it is a bit clunky for my tastes. As such, alternative suggestions are welcome. And speaking of three heads, the three-headed dragon will probably be the combined form of the three individual dragons, although I am still not sure whether I should then give dragon animagus forms to the siblings as well.

Second, House Potter's (I will probably find a way for the siblings to eventually establish a new House, since I have never found the name Potter to be impressive. Or maybe I can change it to something Latin by weaving in an interpretation of the Potters originating from the Roman Republic. Or elevate the Evans name somehow, such as changing it to Eveschatten, as inspired by Eveningshade à la the fanfiction Passageways, by jerrway69.) influence and reliance on House Longbottom will be increased by a healthy amount and severely diminished respectively. For a house that has consistently produced impressive offspring and some have married well, I find it extremely hard to fathom how House Potter is on the near-bottom rung of the aristocratic ladder. For example, they could have gotten knighted and titled by the Crown for impressive deeds or/and invaluable contributions rendered.

Third, Hadrian's fanatical devotion to family will be tuned down several notches. Family is what one makes of it. And while defending family (which I presume to mean blood relations in DH3H) is important, I will not have the siblings hesitate to cut down, figuratively, politically, and physically, members who severely threaten the well-beings and agendas of the siblings and Lily (who henceforth shall be tentatively referred to as the Evans/Eveschatten).

Fourth, the Evans will be fleshed out and there will be appropriate character development. I envision the siblings to operate, both individually and cohesively, as competent leaders of different stripes. Hadrian/Aegon will still be bold and decisive of course, but also rational and methodical in his decision-making (which is why I am extremely disappointed by his retarded dumpling routine during the First Task, where he, and by misplaced devotion, his sisters, planned on dying an ignoble death by dragonfyre); Rosaline/Rhaenys will continue on as a devious seductress with a penchant for underhanded lethality; and Belladonna/Visenya will have her bloodthirsty nature channeled appropriately towards the political and marital battlefields, but with her haughty warrior princess aspect fully intact (I love her similarities, both physical and temperament wise, to a teenage Bellatrix, her cousin, by the way. I have always envisioned her to be a fierce and vivacious wavy-haired ravenette with amethyst eyes.).

Fifth, the relationship and mutual devotion between the siblings will be airtight, or at least almost all of the time. One thing that downgrades the relationship between Aegon and his sister-wives is the implied favourtism shown by Aegon towards Rhaenys over Visenya. Even though (according to the ASoIaF Wiki) Aegon married Rhaenys for love and Visenya for duty, Aegon was extremely foolish to let the latter relationship turn sour. I am not even sure how good of parents Aegon and Visenya were (Rhaenys did not count, since she died during the campaign in Dorne). Just look at the siblings' children: Aenys was a weak-willed ninny and Maegor was excessively tyrannical. It took Jaehaerys to bring stability and prosperity to the realm. Although I am glad to see that Hadrian, Rose, and Ivy already operate as a synchronised unit both in public and private, I will ensure that they remain that way, with the help of frequent threesomes in the bedroom ;). I may also introduce Lily into the incestuous collective, both because I am a shameless fan of the Hadrian x Lily pairing and an interpretation of Lily stopping the siblings' playing house activities as subconscious (or not) jealousy. And even though Aegon remained faithful to his two sister-wives, in this story, I intend for Hadrian to end up with a collective that numbers somewhere between three and seven, with Fleur as a likely candidate and a few other yet-to-be-introduced competent female characters as potential ones.

Sixth, the siblings, and later Lily, will publicly practice their moral behaviours. For example, the siblings will become increasingly brazen in their public affection for one another as time (and their secured powers in various arenas) goes on. It will likely start with territorial displays towards external parties (I interpret Ivy's animosity towards Fleur as potential sexual competition for her brother) and increased physical touches, and end with unmistakable status behaviours, such as the sisters sitting in their brother's lap. Also, they will be ruthless in their dealings with parties whom they cannot turn towards their causes. After all, might (partially) makes right (even in a society based on the rule of law, toothless enforcement and adjudication of law make the laws de facto useless).

Seventh, the to-be conquerors will know that they cannot rest easy and sit on their laurels. Incumbent powers will never willingly cede power to ascendant ones; as such, the siblings will be wise to parties that try to bind them through political machinations. Just look at what became of the Targaryen dynasty: the Citadel has schemed for centuries to kill off the former's dragons and decrease magic overall, while the Seven successfully thrust its tentacles into the Iron Throne, thereby trading its political support for the ruling house for continued influence, thus transforming the government closer to a theocracy. My conquerors will not abide by such unenlightened foolishness and allow backward policies to take root.

Eighth (and this is a continuation of the seventh point), the siblings will not follow the predominant and foolish succession policy of making the eldest (male) offspring of the main line the default heir or heiress. There are a few ways the siblings can ensure their polity remain strong, enlightened, and prosperous, all of which are based on meritocracy: the future heirs and heiresses will be selected based on identifiable and measurable criteria; set it as a democracy with a figurehead monarchy; or my personal favourite, become eternal god-emperors and leave the everyday bureaucratic machinery to competent officials and the civil service, à la the 4th installment of Noodlehammer's Naruto epic. Because the ruling nucleus will (eventually) become so powerful, their justified ego will ensure they have no need to rule their subjects as petty despots.

Well, that is the general direction I want to take the story in. Tell me what you think.

Pt. 02: Legalese, Detailed Story Parametres, and Text Formatting Legend

Disclaimers: I own neither the Harry Potter (HP), A Song of Ice and Fire (ASoIaF), nor Game of Thrones (GoT) franchises; said franchises are affiliated with or/and owned by J. K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin, and WarnerMedia. Any value derived from this work is intended for the sole purposes of this author's enjoyment and its readers' reading pleasures. The story cover artwork is used in a non-commercial context with permission from artist Amok, real name Roman Papsuev. Furthermore, as this work is substantially transformative in nature, it should not infringe upon the copyright(s) of the respective holder(s).

Slightly more in-depth summary: The world of ASoIaF has ceased to exist tens of millennia ago, yet the Targaryen legacy, and that of the blood of dragons, which until a recent revelation, was only whispered as myth, continue to live on. The Eveschatten triplets, Hadrian, Rosaline, and Belladonna, are the reincarnations of Aegon, Rhaenys, and Visenya. With their Valyrian traits awakened and past memories slowly recovered, will the H.P. and modern worlds be prepared for the second comings of the triumvirate dragonborn conquerors? No matter the route, ignis et cruor will become the tools of their masters and the banes their enemies. (Chapters 2 and 3 modified off of The Dragon Has Three Heads, by TheLaughingMan1.)

Themes: conquest, warfare, violence, fantasy, sufficiently analysed magic, sufficiently advanced science, politics, collective, polygamy, polygyny, incest, sibling incest, parental incest, explicit sex, underage sex

Formatting Conventions [0α]:

== Setting of a Regular Scene ==

=+= Setting of a Scene with Oomph =+=

"Normal speech"

"Spell incantation"

'Thought or Spellcasting with (near) silent incantation'

(Mental communication or Spellcasting without incantation (incantation for audience's benefit only))

⠟Speech by magical beings of great power or Other forms of magical speech⣴


«Title of a Literary Work»


⇝⇝⇝Dream or Flashback⇜⇜⇜

⠎⠑⠭Sex Scene⠎⠑⠭

[ix] Footnote

Pt. 03: Index of Acronyms and Abbreviations [0β]

DADA — Defence against the Dark Arts
DBL — Dragon Breeding Licence
DIMC — Department of International Magical Cooperation
DMGS — Department of Magical Games and Sports
DMLE — Department of Magical Law Enforcement
DMys / D.o.M. — Department of Mysteries
DRCMC — Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
GB-ENG — ISO 3166-2 principal subdivision code for the country of England
GB-SCT — ISO 3166-2 principal subdivision code for the country of Scotland
GBR — ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code for the U.K.
I.C.W. — International Confederation of Wizards
Ktnd. — Continued (usage of 'k' is chosen because the Latin prefix '*com-' is derived from the Proto-Indo-European [PIE] prefix 'ḱóm'.)
M.o.M. — Ministry of Magic
Mgk. [ABC] — Magical [Sovereign State (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3)]
Scn. — Scene
TWT — Triwizard Tournament


[0α] On my smartphone (running Android 8.0 Oreo), the following deviation can be observed: The middle Braille Unicode accompanying a Sex Scene is replaced by U+FFFD on HPFFA on Google Chrome.

[0β] Unless otherwise indicated, only those acronyms that are three or less (≤ 3) alphanumeric characters in length AND (the Boolean one, ∧) represent organisations or proper nouns relating to chronology have a period after each character.