Hey guys, am Ben and am new to the fanfiction world. I watched Hyperdimention Neptunia and I so much love Neptune as a character. So I had this idea to write a story were Neptune found a boy and fell in love with him and the boy loves her back. I think this will be a good story that I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. So with that said… Enjoy.

In the town of Tokiness there live an individual named Ben. Ben was a student of Raina high school. In his school, Ben was actually a loser that everyone hates. That's what everyone thinks but too Ben, he was just glad that everyone sees him that way. Ben has a secret that nobody knows about and that secret is that he is over a thousand years. Ben is actually an immortal that has lived 1000 years on earth. He has this ability that no other human possesses which include flying, materializing his sword from nothing and his immortality. Ben's body can instantly, in a blink of an eye heal any wound he got. What I mean is his body can regenerate any wound he gets meaning Ben has no scar. That is why he has lived as long as he has. Ben is not an old man if that is what you are thinking but he appears to be in his teen. He stopped ageing at the age of 17 years old. So even if he is 1000 years now, he still looks like he is in his early 17 years and because of this, he tries to avoid all contact with people.

So that brings us to the present where we see Ben happily walking out of a game store with a game in hand.

"I finally got the game that I have been hoping for. Man today is a good day, noting can spoil my mood now" Ben said while he walked home. Ben lives in a small apartment which looks run down. As Ben came to his house, he went to his room to connect the game and play it. As he got ready to play the game, something happened! A huge explosion occurred in his room which cursed his game to explode. As his game exploded, it cursed a black hole to appear in the middle of his room. At this point Ben was terrified because he has no idea what is happening. The black hole began to suck Ben inside it. Ben was trying his best to not get sucked in but it was inevitable. As Ben was sucked in, the black hole disappeared.

Ben was falling into who knows where but the last thing he remembered was seeing a girl with pink hair and was playing some game.


Neptune was one of the goddess of her world. In her world there are four nations which include Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee and Leanbox. These countries were ruled by four goddesses who include Neptune goddess of Planeptune, Noire goddess of Lastation, Blanc Goddess of Lowee and finally Vert goddess of Leanbox. These goddesses were worshiped and respected by their people. The goddesses always does what there can for their people who in turn believe in them. The peoples believe are converted to what is known as share energy which in turn keeps the goddesses alive. Once the share energy is low, it means the people are losing fate in their goddess and once that happens, the goddess will die. So the goddesses are always trying to keep their people happy no matter the cost.

So today we are looking at the goddess of Planeptune Neptune who is lazing about in her living room. She is enjoying her game when all of a sudden this hole appeared in her living room. Thinking it was an attack, she brought her sword and prepared herself but what she saw made her confused. In the hole, a boy fell out and he looks like he is in his teen. The boy was unconscious and was now lying in her living room. Curious she went to check on him to know if he was alive. Once she confirmed that he was alive she called her sister Nepgear and her oracle Histoire.

"What is it sis…?" asked Nepgear who looked like she just woke up

"Neptune why are you being so loud this morning and who is that?" asked Histoire as she observed the person

"I don't know. He just appeared out of nowhere and appears to be unconscious" responded Neptune as she too was observing the person.

"Maybe he is an enemy sent to spy on you Neptune" was Nepgear reply

"Maybe! But just to be on the safe side I think we should lock him up in the cell" Histoire said as she began to call the guards. Neptune who was quiet for a while decided to speak

"Histy I don't think he is a spy or a villain. Let's just place him in a room, I will watch him till he wakes up" Neptune said as she began to carry the unconscious person to the guest room.

"I never thought I see the day when Neptune will take charge for once" said Histoire with a look of surprise

"Hey I can take charge just fine but not so often. Nepgear can you help me carry him to the guest room?" Neptune asked her little sister

"Sure thing sis" Nepgear said as she went to help Neptune carry the person to the guest room.

After there placed him in the guest room, Nepgear left to go see Uni in Lastation while Neptune remain in the guest room with the person. After like thirty minute of waiting the person began to wake up

"O my head. What happened?" asked Ben as he realized that he was no longer in his room

"You are finally awake. Who are you and what are you doing here?" Neptune asked with eagerness in her voice

"I should be the one asking the question. Who are you and where am I?" Ben asked

"O sorry my name is Neptune and I am the goddess of Planeptune" said Neptune with her chest pomp high

"What! What are you talking about, just where on earth am I" Ben asked with a hint of panicking in his voice

"Hey I told you who I am so tell me who you are" Neptune said with a hint of annoyance in her voice

"My name is Ben and I am in high school. I was just about to play my game in my room when all of a sudden this black thing appeared in my room and sucked me in it" Ben said hoping to get some answers

"Wow! you mean like a black hole" Neptune said

"Something like that but where on earth am I" Ben said looking around

"You are in a world called Game Industry and from the looks of it you are not from here" Neptune said with fact

"What do you mean I am not from here" Ben asked a little confused

"Yeah! it will be a pain to try and explain it all. Why don't I go call Histy to explain it for you" Neptune said as she began to leave the room. A few minute later Neptune came into the room with something that looks like a flying fairy.

"Ben this is Histy, my oracle. She in charge of many things that I can't say" Neptune introduced

"My apologies Ben was it, you said a black hole sucked you in, while you were trying to play your game correct" Histoire said going through some things

"Yes that is correct, can you help me" Ben said with a little hope

"I am afraid there is nothing I can do for you but I will look into it. In the mean time you should consider staying here for a while until I get to the bottom of this. Neptune here will show you around if you want" Histoire said already leaving the room

"So that means I can't go back" Ben said a little sad

"Am afraid so but don't get so down. Who knows it might be for the best" Histoire said trying to cheer him up

"Ok I will try. Thank you" Ben said and with that, Histoire left the room

"So you will be staying here for a while right. Welcome to my basilicon" Neptune said while bringing out her hand to shake Ben

"Yey thanks a lot. I have nowhere to go so I appreciate it." Ben said feeling grateful

"Don't mention it. So let's go show you around but first you need a shower" Neptune said while closing her nose

"Do I smell that bad" Ben said feeling self conscious

"Yeah! A lot, the shower is in the right after you leave this room. I will bring you some towel after you are done" Neptune said as she began to go look for some towel. As Neptune left to go look for some towel, Ben followed her advice and found the bathroom. He went in and took off his dirty cloths and put them in the washing machine. Once that was done, he went to the shower to wash off his body. As Ben was washing his body, Neptune came to the bath room door and was hoping to knock but found the door was open. Neptune came in to the room and froze. In front of her was Ben completely naked and was taking his bath. Neptune blushed at how well developed he was. He has six packs in his stomach and has a well defined muscle. As she was staring at Ben's good body, Ben turned around and also froze. He saw Neptune staring at him with a blush on her face and he too blushed because he has never been in a situation like this before in his life. So Ben took the initiative and covered himself with his hand

"Do you mind?" Ben asked Neptune who was still blushing

"Sorry I didn't know the door was unlocked. Here is the towel I said I will bring" Neptune said while turning around and running away from the bath room. She ran to her room and fell on her bed to try and get the wonderful image out of her head.

"Man I can't believe I saw that. His body is just so amazing. How will I approach him about this" Neptune said to herself. Meanwhile Ben was just thinking the same thing

"Man she saw me naked and I still can't believe it. Nobody has seen me naked for the past 1000 years. It's just so new to me now being seen naked. O well I guess I will apologies for not locking the door" with that Ben got dressed and went to go look for Neptune

"Well I have to admit, she is really cute when she blushed" Ben thought as he was looking for Neptune. Ben found Neptune in her room lost in thought. For a moment, he thought that Neptune was an angel when he looked at her

"Man she is beautiful, I have to have her but how?" Ben thought as he stared at Neptune. Sensing that someone was looking her, Neptune turned around to see Ben looking at her deep in thought.


"What are you doing here?" Neptune asked Ben who looked at her in a funny way

"Well I figured I should apologies for not locking the door when I was taking my bath" Ben said this as he approached Neptune who was still blushing

"No I should be the one to apologies for rudely barging in without knocking" Neptune looked down feeling embarrassed with how the situation turned out

"You know... that was the first time anyone has seen me naked and I must admit, am just glad that it was by a cute girl" Ben said as he pushed Neptune on the bed

"What are you doing? Please let me go" Neptune tried to resist but was putting less effort because deep down, she was enjoying herself

"I know we just met but I think I like you Neptune. No I don't think, I know I like you Neptune more than you know" Ben was surprised by what he said because he knew it was true

"wha-wha-wha what do you mean?" Neptune was getting really nervous

"I meant every word I said" with that said, Ben kissed Neptune on the lips and the funny thing was that Neptune kissed him back. As there were kissing, Ben's hand went to Neptune right breast. Neptune noticed this and helped him by removing her cloths. Ben broke the kiss and went to suck on her right breast making Neptune mourn. As he was sulking on her right breast, his other hand went further down to Neptune skit and he began to remove them.

"Ben are you sure you want to do this" Neptune asked with a low voice

"Yes I would love to as long as it's you" with that said, Ben removed her skit reviling her pink panties. He took his time in taking her panties off of her. After he removed her panties, he began to eat her pussy making Neptune moan louder. He leaked her pussy with he got going from top to her ass. After he was done, he brought out his 5 inch cock and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. Bit by bit, he entered her and he began to move

"O yes please give it to me. Fuck me harder and faster" Neptune screamed out loud. Without hesitation, Ben fucked her faster and harder.

"Am Cumming "Ben said as he continued to fuck her

"That's alright let it out in me" Neptune told him and without much effort, he came in her. After that, Ben collapsed in bed next to Neptune who was also exhausted.


"That was amazing" Ben said

"Yeah you got that right" Neptune said as she sat up

"What's the matter?" Bed asked as he to sat up

"It's just…! I just met you and now we have already had sex. I don't know how to feel" Neptune said a little worried

"Did you like it?" Ben asked

"Yeah I think I do" Neptune said while blushing

"I know we just met and I know you don't know all about me but I still care about you" Ben declared as he took her hand

"Do you mean it?" Neptune asked

"Tell you what! Why don't you show me around tomorrow and we could get o know each other" Ben said to her

"You mean as a date!" Neptune asked in a teasing way

"Yeah what do you say" Ben said as he scratched his chin in embarrassment

"Sure if you don't mind that is" Neptune said

"Then it's settled. We leave tomorrow at 8 "Ben told her

"Alright then. Why don't you sleep hear if you don't mind that is" Neptune asked

"I would love to" Ben said. So he pulled the cover and covered both of them before there dosed off.

"I finally found a girl that I like and I will treasure her for as long as I can" was Ben final thought before he dosed off.

And that's that. So what do you think about the story? I know what you are thinking "way to fast to have a lemon" and i agree. when i wrote this chapter, i just wanted a quick one short lemon chapter with Neptune and any other person. and i originally planned to make this a single chapter story but now that i looked at this chapter, i think i can make a good story from this. So guys, tell me what you think in the review and please review so I will know you guys are reading my work.