Veronica laid haphazardly on her single bed, leg dangling off the side, cell phone resting on her chest. The screen shone brightly in the dim room as it remained open to the text message screen; an empty message to Logan Echolls.

She had typed and deleted her message a dozen times. But how exactly do you ask your ex-friend for such an off the wall request anyway?

Earlier that day as Veronica's mind wandered in class, as it often did, her thoughts were plagued with how very single she now was. Since the tragic death of her best friend, the end of her only serious relationship, and her exile from the prestigious 09er rank, there hadn't been much interested from the opposite gender.

And not that she needed a man, in fact generally speaking she really enjoyed the freedom, but on days where her hormones raged a bit stronger, she missed the physical contact.

Which brings her back to the phone laying on her chest, who's screen had now darkened from lack of use.

In her very personal, slightly desperate thoughts during biology, her brain had wandered to Logan. She felt slightly guilty thinking of him in that way since he had been Lilly, her deceased best friend's boyfriend. But you'd have to be blind to not notice how attractive Logan was, and Veronica was known for her keen observation skills.

She knew that he was the king of no strings attached, emotion-free sex. And honestly, that's exactly what her body needed.

Strictly speaking, besides the horrendous events of a certain party last year, she had never had sex. And that made composing the message to Logan all the more difficult.

What did you say? "Hey, so If you're interested I'd really like to have sex with you, also I've basically never done it before, so you mind giving me a few pointers?" Yeah right, not in a million years.

Grabbing her phone once again her fingers roamed over the buttons as she racked her brain for how to go about this.

V: Hey this is Veronica, are you awake?

She figured she'd start with something simple, ease her way into the question, and this way she could still tuck tail and run if it started going south. Plus at 12:45 AM there was a strong chance he was already asleep. She couldn't tell at this point which she was hoping for more.

Almost too soon her phone lit up the room and vibrated against her chest. Her heart started pounding embarrassingly hard inside of her rib cage.

L: Depends, what do you want? A favour I presume.

Veronica was momentarily surprised by his use of full sentences and punctuation, before she shook herself out of it, that really wasn't what was important now.

V: Kinda...

She bit her lip as she stared at the phone screen. She cursed herself for not having a better plan before getting to this part. She didn't want to keep him waiting so she tried to hurry up and think of how to word everything she was feeling.

V: It's pretty personal, will you promise to keep this between us?

She suddenly felt a bit nauseous, what if he mocked her, what if she opened up to him and he told the entire school how desperate she was for him? Part of her hoped that he was a better person than that, but this was Logan, 50/50 chance.

L: Spit it out Mars, I'll keep your little secret. Pinkie swear.

If she wasn't so nervous she would have smiled.

V: Have sex with me

Veronica closed her eyes and hit send. She tucked her phone under her pillow as though that would make all of this go away. So it wasn't the most well thought out message, but she figured it got the point across.

With every minute that passed without a reply Veronica felt more and more anxious. Could she pass it off as a joke or pretend she had too much to drink? She assured herself that this is what she wanted, that even she deserved a night to be held and wanted and pleased.

When the phone vibrated she could hardly bring herself to reach under the pillow for the phone. But she'd come this far...

L: I'm sorry what? I think I had a stroke.

Great, sighed Veronica, all that stress and he hadn't even answered the question.

V: If that's a no, send over DIck's number, I'm sure he'll help me out.

Never in a million years would Veronica ever touch Dick, but she hoped it would piss Logan off enough to respond.

When her phone started to ring cutting sharply through the silence of her bedroom, she nearly jumped out of her skin. A phone call wasn't part of how this night was supposed to go.

"Hello?" Veronica said in a hushed tone as to not wake her father. She attempted to sound confident and casual, she hoped he couldn't hear her heart pounding giving her away.

"I never said no." Logan's voice was husky and it did things to Veronica that she would never admit.

"Though why me? Can no longer resist the Echolls charm?" He teased in his usual arrogant tone. She could almost hear the smirk on his gorgeous lips.

"Apparently." She teased back, though it almost pained her that he was right. At least the teasing calmed her nervous slightly, she was used to that Logan.

"But seriously...what's all this about?" His sincerity caught her slightly off guard. She paused briefly to mull over her answer before deciding to be completely honest.

"I just want one night to feel wanted." The vulnerability in her voice was enough for him to stay quiet and let her finish.

"All I'm asking is that you give me one night, no strings attached, no questions, where you let me experience all of the things I need so desperately. After we'll go our separate ways and we never need to speak of it."

Getting the words out was a relief, and he hadn't straight out mocked or denied her yet, which left her hopeful.

"What is it that you need so desperately?" He asked, the husky tone had returned to his voice and she felt it straight to her core.

She closed her eyes and squeezed her legs together as she spoke "Everything. I want you to kiss me so deeply that I'm gasping for air, I want you to have me completely naked and exposed in front of you as you explore every inch of my body with your fingers, lips and tongue. I want to feel you between my legs as I cum on your tongue screaming out your name."

At her own words Veronica had her legs squeezed so tightly together looking for even an ounce of relief, she dripped for him. She needed him.

"I want to have my turn with your body as you just lay back and let me discover you. I want to take you into my mouth, I want to feel you cum down my throat."

Logan's breath was coming out in short little pants, clearly affected by every word that she spoke.

" And I want you to fuck me. I want you to fill me and please me until I forget who I am. I just...I want everything."

She had never meant to say all of that, but she just couldn't stop the words once she had started. Her centre was throbbing as her imagination ran wild, if she reached down to touch herself she would explode.

"Holy fuck..." Logan spoke, voice clearly shaking, breaths coming out deeper and more rapidly.

" that a yes?"