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Chapter Three

Numbness and emptiness suddenly exploded into life and color as Gohan awoke with a desperate gasp.

He sat up immediately, his body was trembling, the sheets below him drenched in sweat. He was still trying to work out what exactly had happened. He remembered dying as clear as day. The pain. The blood. The numbness which followed. They were all too vivid to be anything but real, the echoes of agony racked his body even now. He slowly raised a hand and ran it over his shoulder. There didn't seem to be a wound or any scarring. A quick glance at his left shoulder showed that it was completely healed, as if it had never been bitten.

"What's going on…?" Gohan wondered aloud. He noticed he was back in Serafall's bed and the Devil King herself wasn't anywhere to be seen. Sitting on the nightstand beside the bed was a fresh set of his purple gi. Getting out of bed, he slowly walked over and put the clothes on.

As he did so, he couldn't help but feel something strange. He wasn't quite sure what it was. It was almost like the room was… brighter than it should be. Brushing it aside, he finished changing and headed towards the bedroom door. There was a tinge of sweetness in the air, akin to fresh baking, following the scent he arrived at his door.

Reaching for the handle he turned it while yawning in the process. That was some sleep he had!

A loud snap could be heard as the handle snapped off. Gohan looked down at his hand, puzzled at what he was seeing. Did that actually just happen? He hadn't woken up still a Super Saiyan, had he?

"Faulty maybe? The door does look pretty old," Gohan reasoned. The last time he had trouble controlling his strength was when he was preparing for the Cell games and tried to stay in Super Saiyan while living normally. He never had an issue without being transformed before. He quickly checked his hair, just to make sure he wasn't. Lo and behold, his hair was black. His expression of puzzlement only deepened.

"Weird," he mumbled as he pushed on the door. Another snap could be heard as the door frame buckled. The door itself hit the carpeted ground outside the bedroom with an audible slam that echoed throughout the entire mansion. Gohan looked down at the broken door, his tired curious expression changing to something akin to terror. "Ah! Why did THAT happen!?" the boy panicked.

A flash of blue appeared to his right as Serafall walked out of a teleportation glyph.

"Oh! You're awake- AHHH! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DOOR!?"

"I-I… I didn't mean to!" Gohan raised his hands in defense. Serafall glared at him for a few seconds before she allowed her expression to soften. She gave a heavy sigh before she snapped her fingers. The door was encased in a magical blue outline. Gohan stepped out of the way as it levitated up and reattached itself to the doorframe. With a soft click, it was repaired perfectly. The half-Saiyan stared in awe as Serafall dusted her hands. "Just what can magic not do?"

The Satan girl smirked, allowing her smile to brighten the moody atmosphere. However, as quick as it came, it vanished, replaced by a somber look. Gohan noticed her very quick change and allowed his smile to fade as well. The two stared at each other rather awkwardly. Serafall wasn't quite sure what to say to Gohan, while the half-Saiyan wasn't sure where to start.

"Gohan… we need to talk."

That was how he found himself at the table downstairs in the same kitchen as before, and just like the last time he was sharing a delightful meal with Serafall. That had been a happier moment, but now the atmosphere was tainted with melancholy. Gohan fancy himself a master at reading emotions, but it was hard to miss the anxiousness that the Devil King showed.

She had confirmed the horrible truth. He had been hoping it was just a strangely vivid dream or some kind of magic, but it was as he subconsciously feared. The pain, the agony, the suffering, then the unforgettable sensation of numbness that washed over his body. There was no way he hadn't died… but that left one question.

Why was he still here?

"How… did I survive?"

"You didn't," Serafall answered bluntly. Her expression was downtrodden and filled to the brim with undeniable guilt. She looked just as miserable as he felt. What felt even worse was that he hadn't even let his guard down. He had the power to overwhelm them, but he had been outsmarted. In the moment when his guard mattered the most, he had been trapped by Hel's magic. If only he had more knowledge on how their abilities had worked he might have survived. Although, there was another huge disadvantage he had to deal with. "You died. As would anyone who gets bitten by Fenrir."

"Fenrir?" Gohan paused, remembering the giant wolf. He recalled Hel calling out, commanding the giant monster to kill him. The half-Saiyan was certain his power had been enough to defend against the wolf's bite. He certainly had more than enough ki to survive whatever Cell would have thrown at him… so why did Fenrir's fangs completely ignore his defenses? It didn't make any sense! "That's the giant wolf right?"

"He's one of the most feared creatures in all the nine realms. Child of Loki, the Norse God of Mischief. That beast's claws can tear through any armor and magical defense, while its fangs can kill any god. I wouldn't face it alone, Hell, not even Sirzechs or Ajuka would dare face off against it alone. If anyone were to face that monster, we'd do it as a team," the Leviathan girl explained grimly.

"It can… kill gods?"

"Yes, hence why some label him a God-Slayer."

"But… why couldn't I sense them? I just… they aren't androids, clearly. I just… I don't understand."

"Humans aren't able to sense gods or those of their descendants through traditional means. They have an immortal soul that prevents them from being detected by normal people, regardless how well they've mastered sensory or Senjutsu, the only exception being if you possess a Sacred Gear. The three you fought were among the strongest. You were lucky to live as long as you did," Serafall explained. She never broke eye contact with Gohan. She watched as the boy stared down at his hands, as if he couldn't comprehend why he had lost. "You have to understand, even I wouldn't fight against Baldur, Hel, and Fenrir alone. They are among some of the strongest in the Norse Pantheon."

"But I-"

"No buts. You might be incredibly powerful, Gohan. Stronger than any human I've ever seen and maybe the strongest in history. Even so, fighting gods is another matter entirely."

"I had to do something!" Gohan protested. "Rias was… I couldn't just let him kidnap her!"

"I understand that. Thanks to you she was retrieved safely. Baldur and Hel have been detained and Fenrir sent back to Asgard." Serafall continued. She allowed herself to sigh, calming her thoughts. There was a light trickle against the walls of her mansion, giving off a calm and quiet atmosphere as the rain started to pour down outside. Gohan just sat at the table in dejected silence. "As we have found out from Baldur, they were working for the Khaos Brigade, more specifically the OId Satan Faction. That's why they were after Rias but why Baldur and Hel were doing their dirty work is still under investigation."

"You guys don't know why they were the ones to try and kidnap Rias?"

"With Baldur it's a matter of putting the pieces together. I pity him. Cursed by his mother to live an unfeeling and undying life. He's been searching for longer a way to cure it far longer than I've been alive. He was probably sweet-talked into doing dirty work to get information. But Hel…?" Serafall shook her head and sighed once again. "Still don't have a clue why she'd ally with the Old Satan faction. What she has to gain is beyond any of us and she refuses to talk."

Gohan remained silent, his success in saving Rias was outweighed by his failure to actually stop both Hel, Baldur, and Fenrir. He was even more disturbed by how easily he had died. He remembered how invincible he felt when he faced Cell. He felt like a god. Sure it was uncontrolled arrogance, but that's how intoxicating that power was. Perhaps if he had ascended, the fight would have turned out differently?

But if Fenrir's fangs were as dangerous as Serafall was claiming them to be, would his ascended form's abilities even be enough to defend against that? A part of him felt that it didn't matter how strong he would be. Just by the sounds of it, he could have been a thousand times stronger than he was right now and still Fenrir's fangs would have killed him. His speed on the other hand, would have changed the outcome of that fight, without a doubt.

"If I died… how am I alive?"

"And there it is," Serafall mumbled. Gohan lifted his head to look at her. She had a rather stern but sorrowful expression. "I revived you. It was a difficult process, but in the end, I was able to resurrect you back from the dead."

"Oh…" Gohan replied, a small smile crossing his features. "Thank-"

"Don't thank me yet," Serafall cut him off. "There's a catch."


"Are you aware of our Evil Piece system?" she questioned. Gohan nodded slowly, remembering his conversation with Rias and Akeno before the fighting broke out. He remembered Rias saying something about it being developed to restore and replenish the number of devils lost in the Great War. It started to click with Gohan what exactly had happened. All he had to do was wait until Serafall confirmed it.

"Yeah, Rias told me about it."

"Then you are aware that devils cannot revive people under normal means. What I did has changed you irreversibly."

Gohan wasn't a fool. It took him a few moments to put the pieces together. A pit formed in his stomach, a sense of dread climbing up his spine.

"I'm a devil now," Gohan concluded. There was a brief moment of silence as Serafall sighed once again.

"Yes," she did not mince her words. "I'm sorry it came to this. If there were any other way, I would have done it. I know how much you want to go home. I just thought sending you home a devil is better than in a casket."

That was a rather grim thought. He hadn't even been here that long and he had already died. He had been caught up in something he didn't quite understand and paid the ultimate price for that ignorance. He had been in an unknown place where people had unknown abilities and he treated the fight as though he was fighting an enemy back home. He wanted to kick himself for being so stupid!

"Okay… so I'm a devil? Is that how it works?" Gohan asked, his voice betraying his curiosity. "To be quite honest, I don't feel any different. Is that normal?"

Serafall blinked, her somber expression changing to confusion.

"You're… not mad?" she questioned. Gohan shrugged a little.

"I'm mad at myself more than anything else. How could I be mad at you? You saved me."

"I turned you into a devil! You're not a human anymore!"

"Technically, I was only half-human to begin with," Gohan retorted lightly, causing Serafall to deadpan.

"I- what?"

"While my mother is human, my father is from a warrior race called the 'Saiyans' and it's because of him I'm as strong as I am. He trained me, and being a Saiyan comes with a large increase in fighting power," Gohan replied, giving Serafall the short version. The girl actually looked more confused than before. "I'm from another dimension, so is it really that hard to believe? I mean devils, angels, and all that stuff is really crazy to me!"

"I suppose it's not that much of a stretch," Serafall mused, looking a little calmer. "Although that would explain why resurrecting you was such a hassle. I swear, I was going to start panicking if Ajuka didn't help me out," she admitted. Gohan's eyebrows raised at the new name she dropped. He felt like he should know it, despite never hearing it before.


"Beelzebub," Serafall added. "He's the inventor of the Evil Piece system. He appeared along with Sirzechs and everyone else to fend off Fenrir, Hel, and Baldur. Your little display had the Underworld in an uproar!" she chuckled. She then summoned some strange looking crimson chess pieces to the table and gestured to them. "None of my pawns worked on you. Neither did any of my other pieces. I tried my rook, bishop and even my knight! I even doubled up to make sure! I was starting to think none of them would work!"

"I don't see the queen piece," Gohan murmured. "Am I your Queen?"

"Yes, but… well, you're not any normal Queen," Serafall retorted. "The queen piece was actually the last piece I tried and it still didn't work. I needed Ajuka to help me. Thanks to him the Evil Piece turned into a unique mutated queen. Only then was I able to properly revive you."

"A… mutated queen? What does that mean?" Gohan queried. He didn't remember Rias mentioning anything about mutated pieces. Even the name of it sounded strange and didn't exactly give him any clues on what they do.

"A mutated piece is far more potent than any normal piece. They are stronger, in the simplest of terms. Mutated pieces are so rare, they are most often found as pawns. However, a mutated queen is almost unheard of. You've basically made Underworld history because of it."

"So, I'm famous now?"

"No… not really. Well, I guess you are. However, aside from the other Satans and a few higher noble clans, no one knows who you are. What they do know, is that Serafall Leviathan just got herself a Queen," she finished, rolling her eyes. Half the Devils that had arrived with Sirzechs and Ajuka had been dumbfounded when Serafall had been the one to revive Gohan.

Her first peerage member. She had no doubt she'd be the talk of the Underworld for the next few decades.

"That's… er, nice," Gohan said sheepishly. He didn't really care for popularity. "So what now?"

"Well, for starters, getting you home is going to be a lot more difficult now. You're a devil now and my Queen, if you were to disappear it would cause quite a few problems," Serafall explained. Gohan's expression dropped to a more somber one as that fact got him thinking. Serafall had a point. He was part of her peerage now, and from what Rias explained, a peerage was almost like family. He was bound to Serafall. However, he wasn't about to get upset about that when she had saved his life.

"Well, I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. My family and friends are making preparations to come and get me anyway so we can figure it out whenever that happens," Gohan replied nonchalantly. Serafall opened her mouth to say something but quickly shut it, as if she had trouble processing what her new Queen had just said.

"Your family is coming to get you?" she asked incredulously. "How do you know that?"

"Oh!" Gohan exclaimed, a sheepish look erupting across his face. "I guess I forgot to mention it. While we were on the train, I had a dream where I met this giant red dragon. He delivered a message to me from my home. My family and friends are trying to find a way to get here. I'm not sure how long it will be, but from it the sounds of it, I'm gonna be here for quite some time."

"A giant red… dragon…?" Serafall trailed off before her eyes bulged out in surprise. "YOU MET GREAT RED!?"

"Uh, yeah? What's the big deal?"

"BIG DEAL!? WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL!?" Serafall boomed, her screeching voice echoing throughout her entire mansion while her arms flailed wildly. Gohan was sure if it continued, she'd damage his ears! "HE'S ONLY THE MOST POWERFUL BEING IN ALL OF EXISTENCE! DON'T YOU THINK THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SOMETHING YOU SHOULD MENTION!?"

"Can you please stop screaming," Gohan asked nicely, a little shaken by her overly loud voice. "I didn't know okay? Can you blame me? I had barely been in this place longer than a day. I didn't know how important he was."

Serafall was fuming so badly her face was slowly turning red. Not only had her new Queen met one of the most powerful dragons in all of creation in his head, but he had also talked to him! She hadn't had the pleasure of exchanging words with the Legendary Red Dragon God! However, the logic of the younger warrior sunk in and she managed to calm herself down with a few huffs. Although, that didn't mean she was still happy about it.

"Okay-okay. I get it- BUT! You need to tell me about these sorts of things okay!? If it happens again, I am the very first person you need to tell. This is VERY important. Please don't forget to tell me in the future."

"Yeah! I got it! Tell you everything!" Gohan laughed nervously. "I'll be sure to remember that."

"Good. Now, get off that little butt of yours! We have things to do and time's-a-wastin!"

"Oh? Like what?" Gohan asked. Serafall merely grinned.

"Well, for starters, we need to get you acquainted with devil culture and how the Underworld works! Since you just became a devil, your body is undoubtedly stronger along with your initial power, so we should probably get a handle on that before anything else. I don't want to be repairing any more doors," Serafall pondered aloud, causing the boy to flush in embarrassment. "Have you noticed any kind of increase in your power?"

In truth, he hadn't really thought about it. He would need to power up to really see if anything had changed. He felt normal, as normal as he had ever been.

"No, not really," Gohan replied honestly. Serafall placed a hand to her chin in thought. After a few moments, her face brightened significantly.

"Come on, let's go outside. Someone like you is bound to have improved a whole bunch! Who knows?" Serafall sang happily. "You might just surprise yourself."

Gohan shrugged and got up from his seat to follow her. The two of them took a short trip outside to an open area in front of the Leviathan mansion. There was a nice open flat space in front of the building. It was well kept and decorative. It would be a shame to ruin it, but it appeared as if Serafall didn't really care all that much. She turned around with a small hop, demonstrating her excitement.

"Alright then! Show me what you got!"

"Uh…" Gohan looked rather confused. "Do you want me to… fight you?"

"No, silly!" Serafall scolded. "Just power up. Summon as much power as you can. You're obviously experienced so I shouldn't have to explain the basics."

"Oh, okay then," the half-Saiyan responded taking up a stance. He centered himself and focused, allowing his mind to calm in the process. He wasn't quite sure what kind of power he was rocking now so he had to be careful not to overdo it. His training with his father reminded him that if he pushed his ki too far, it could do serious damage to his body. If what Serafall said was true and he was a lot stronger than before, then he had to be careful.

"Hang on," the boy said suddenly, a thoughtful look crossing his features. "Wouldn't this draw unwanted attention?"

"Huh?" she blinked in slight confusion before dismissively waving him off. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. I have hundreds of suppression wards surrounding my home. If I didn't, practicing my magical girl attacks and poses would constantly annoy half the Underworld with all the energy I use," Serafall laughed. Gohan wasn't sure if he should even question that. Better just to leave that be for now.

"Well, if it's okay with you, I guess it's fine."

"Don't hold back!" she giggled in anticipation.

Balling his fists and summoning forth his energy, a familiar white flaming aura appeared around him. He allowed his energy to grow at a steady pace, taking care to not push too far. The longer this went on, the more comfortable Gohan became in releasing his energy. Growing a bit more confident, he bent his knees a little, a small growl eliciting from his throat as he began to push a little harder.

The wind picked up and started rustling the grass and trees all around him. Serafall's hair was starting to blow backward from the sheer force of the energy that Gohan was summoning. She then began to notice something. While his body was surrounded by that incredible flaming white aura, the surface of his skin started to take on a small aqua blue outline.

"His demonic energy is leaking out," she mused. Gohan seemed to take notice as well and halted his power increase.

"Serafall? What's this?" he lifted his hands to examine the sapphire outline a little better. Now that he was releasing his power more, he began to notice another spring of energy inside of him, one that he was not at all familiar with. It seemed he had unintentionally begun drawing on this well of energy. It wasn't anything like ki. It felt similar, but at the same time, there were other strange properties to it he was not understanding.

"That's your demonic energy!" she called out. "Since you're a devil now, your body will produce demonic power. You will be able to learn all kinds of things with it, like teleportation and materialization," she explained. That prospect was rather exciting. He nodded as Serafall gestured for him to continue.

He pushed harder, the winds around him picking up some more. Serafall still stood tall, unaffected by the winds. Gohan felt himself reaching his previous maximum. A small part of him was shocked when he surpassed it effortlessly and his energy still continued to grow without showing signs of stopping. His body didn't seem to be under any kind of strain either.

"Alright, enough holding back," Gohan thought as he steeled himself. With a roar, he pushed his power even further. He started to feel his body straining. After a few moments, he hit the ceiling of his base power. He allowed it to equalize as he stood up straight. He took another look at his hands, admiring the new depths of his power. His jaw almost dropped at how much stronger he was. It was almost inconceivable!

"Incredible!" Serafall thought, her mouth slightly ajar. "He's already as powerful as an Ultimate-Class Devil! Still… he's hiding something. The power we all sensed him generate was enough to alert the whole Underworld. What exactly was it? Rias said he went all golden… but what does that mean?"

The half-Saiyan turned devil wasn't quite sure what to do next. It was as if he had spent another year or so in the time chamber! An increase of this magnitude… it would no doubt shock his father and Piccolo! The thought then occurred to him; what about Super Saiyan? Should he try it? Just how strong would it be now?

"Hey, Serafall!" Gohan called out. "Can I transform?"

"Transform? This must be what Rias talked about!" the Leviathan girl thought. With an anticipating grin on her face, she nodded in response. "Go for it! Just be careful!"

Without further adieu, Gohan summoned his will forward and started the sequence he had grown so accustomed to. It all started with the trigger, something he had learned to activate at will. With this new body, he'd have to be careful how far he pushed himself, despite feeling like he could push all the way to his ascended state.

He felt his power skyrocket as his body started to change. His flaming aura shifted back and forth between white and gold. The air around him became hot and thick as his power pulsated off his body. The blue glow that outlined his skin intensified as he began unconsciously tapping into more of his demonic energy.

His physical exertion became vocal as an extended growl exited his throat. Gohan's hands balled once more as he continued to push, feeling that rush of energy course through his body. The winds around him increased tenfold, Serafall struggling somewhat to keep herself grounded. She had raised her arms to shield her face from the brutal hurricane her new Queen was generating. It was mind-boggling!

In a few quick moments, a bright red magical circle erupted next to her, casting a red glow all around it. In a crimson flash, Sirzechs and Grayfia appeared, the latter looking somewhat concerned and tense. Sirzechs on the other hand, simply stared ahead at Gohan who hadn't even noticed they had arrived yet. Much like Serafall, Grayfia had been hit by the wind and was struggling to stand against it.

Sirzechs stood unaffected, a small smile on his face.

A final roar echoed from Gohan as his body finalized the transformation. An explosive golden wave of energy rushed through the area, forcing both Grayfia and Serafall to skid back a few meters while Sirzechs remained unaffected. The very air around Gohan sparkled with light blue demonic whisps, a surprising addition from his devil magic. Even the half-Saiyan was surprised about the new physical change.

"Now this Isn't something you see every day," Sirzechs spoke with a small smirk.

"My lord…" Grayfia spoke, her words almost breathless. "His power. It's…"

"Satan-class," Serafall finished for her in an exhausted tone. "My Queen has power beyond Satan-class," she chuckled, almost like an insane person. She hadn't been expecting an increase in raw power by this much. "I don't know what to make of this. What do I do!? The noble devil clans are going to have a fit when they find out a Low-Class is as strong as a Devil King!" Serafall whined as Gohan strolled over to the three older devils. He let his aura disperse but held his transformation.

"I see you are already testing the limits of your new body," Sirzechs commented with a smile. Gohan nodded, a friendly smirk gracing his expression. For some reason, such a friendly look did not suit his new transformed state. "Grayfia and I sensed your power through Serafall's suppression wards. A very impressive feat. How do you feel?"

"I've never felt stronger," Gohan replied, opening and closing his hands in front of him.

"The body of a devil is much stronger and more resilient than a human's. Despite how powerful your previous body was, you will find your new form to be much stronger. It's to accommodate all your previous strengths while also making room for demonic energy you are no doubt generating," Sirzechs explained. Gohan raised one of his hands and pulled on the separate energy source that now sat within his body. A small blue magical crest appeared on his palm, one he did not recognize, but everyone else seemed to.

"The crest of the Sitri clan!" Serafall exclaimed. "Since you are a part of my peerage, your demonic energy represents itself as such," Serafall explained proudly. The half-Saiyan glanced at the magical rune floating in his hand. A small frown crossed his features when he tried to do something with the magical reservoir inside of him.

It came as no surprise that he didn't actually have all that much demonic power. His ki reserves made his demonic magic feel like a small pond compared to an endless ocean. He idly wondered what he would be able to achieve if he trained up his demonic magic. Would it be as useful in battle as his ki? We're the methods of training those powers even the same? So many questions!

"Now, I'd hate to bring up politics, but unfortunately we have a problem," Sirzechs started as he looked at Gohan. Serafall forcefully exhaled in aggravation. There was nothing more she hated than Underworld politics. Why couldn't she just run around and be a magical girl? Sometimes she hated the Leviathan position! "As you are probably aware, Gohan, you are currently the only member of Serafall's peerage. A mutated queen piece no less. Now, this usually wouldn't be a problem if the devil in question was a bit more… well, how should I put this?"

"Well-known? High ranking? Knowledgeable? Understands at least the basics of devil culture?" Grayfia suggested blandly, clearly annoyed at her husband's apprehension. Sirzechs sheepishly scratched the back of his head, allowing a guilty grin to appear on his pristine features.

"Ah, yes… any one of those. So, we have a bit of a conundrum on our hands. Devil King peerages are fairly well-known, and it's widely accepted that Serafall here, has had no peerage and didn't intend to have one for quite some time. It would be expected that her peerage would consist of high ranking devils, which you are… clearly not," Sirzechs explained. Gohan was starting to understand where this was heading.

"So… that means what exactly?" Gohan asked. Grayfia cleared her throat.

"Seeing as you are a recently reincarnated devil, you are automatically ranked as a Low-class Devil. However, you are a part of Serafall's peerage, a Satan-class Devil. You also happen to be her Queen. You may not understand the intricacies of our culture, but understand that quite a lot of the Underworld would not be pleased with this development," Grayfia lectured in a stern tone of voice. "Those who witnessed your resurrection know better than to go running their mouths."

"Uh, why?" Gohan asked, not exactly understanding why it was so bad. Grayfia raised an eyebrow at the blatant ignorance, despite knowing it wasn't his fault.

"Serafall's position as Leviathan would come under scrutiny from the more… arrogant and traditional noble clans. They would see it as a weakness for a Satan to recruit Low-class Devils into their peerage. To put it bluntly, we'd have a political crisis on our hands."

"Seriously?" the Super Saiyan asked quizzically. Serafall nodded as he turned to her for confirmation. "Why would people get that upset over something so stupid?"

"Believe it or not, a good portion of the Underworld's noble clans are filled with blithering morons. Getting on their bad side would undoubtedly spark another civil war. Given our numbers, that would probably end in our extinction."

"That's uncalled for," Sirzechs interjected, turning to Grayfia. Husband and wife stared at each other until Sirzechs sighed. "But not untrue."

"So! In other words," Serafall started. "If they say even a single word divulging your identity as my servant…" she ran one finger across her neck then stuck out her tongue while rolling her eyes into the back of her head. Gohan cringed a little. They'd go that far to conceal his identity? The warrior child also wasn't sure if Serafall was joking or not. Killing just because of that was not okay in his books.

He'd just discuss it with her later.

"Okay," Gohan said apprehensively.

"So in the meantime, while we work on helping you progress through the ranks so your appearance as Serafall's Queen doesn't cause an uproar, you will be tutored by my lovely wife here," Sirzechs chuckled, pointing to Grayfia. Gohan raised an eyebrow at this. Tutoring? Last time he was tutored, it didn't exactly end well.

"Tutoring? On what?"

"Everything," Grayfia replied instantly. The way she said it sent chills down the boy's spine.

"I'd do it myself," Serafall started, but sighed and shrugged. "But being a Devil King has its responsibilities. I'll still be able to train with you, but tutoring you will take hours out of my day, which I can't exactly afford. Besides, now that you're a part of my peerage, I need to come up with tasks for you to do!" she finished happily. Gohan's face dropped in disbelief.

"Chores!?" he almost yelled indignantly. Serafall merely poked out her tongue in response. "Well, I suppose I shouldn't really complain. Landing in another dimension could have been a lot worse."

"Don't worry about it, Gohan," Sirzechs stated supportively. "Until the time comes when you go home, we'll make sure your stay here is as easy as possible."



A couple of weeks had passed and the half-Saiyan was clearly suffering from homesickness.

Serafall thought it would be nice to allow him to settle into his new role as her queen by allowing him time to think and at least accept his situation. He hadn't had much to say since actually becoming a devil, but the Satan girl could tell there were elements to himself that he was hiding. The homesickness was one of them. However, as a member of her peerage, she had to give him some work to do otherwise he'd go crazy. He had been stuck around her mansion with nothing to do besides study and occasionally train since being resurrected.

Most days the boy would just wake up, go outside and train for a couple of hours. Other days he'd stay inside and just read until it was time for bed. He didn't seem to be too fussed, but Serafall could tell that he was just trying to push all the fear into the back of his mind. He was intelligent, strong, and wise for his age. It was almost scary how well he could articulate words and talk like an adult.

But he was just a kid.

A nine-year-old boy, who died fighting a battle he really had no stake in. He didn't even know Rias, yet he raced to her aid, as if it was second nature. He fought and bled just to see that she was saved and returned home safely. Not only that, but he gave his life to do so. Whether it was intentional or not, he had done it without a second thought.

That being said, Gohan was taking everything much easier than Rias. The Gremory heiress had been inconsolable since the kidnapping. Serafall had watched Rias, as kind-hearted as she was, demand that Baldur and Hel be executed and Fenrir put down like a rabid dog. She had been so upset and understandably so. She had watched as Gohan bled out and die right in front of her. She hadn't even known him for a day… and yet she treated him like one of her closest friends.

Rias only had Sona growing up, and only recently became close with Akeno due to the wonders of the Evil Piece system. Being an heiress, she didn't have the luxury of having friends growing up. It was the same story with Sona. Due to the closeness of their families, the two managed to bond over their isolation. Rias treasured her friends more than anything, to see someone she was just beginning to bond with cut down so brutally, just trying to help her…


She pitied Grayfia, Sirzechs, and the rest of the Gremory family for having to deal with the endless waterworks. Not to mention the stress Akeno would have been under. Poor girl hasn't even been Rias' Queen for a month and her King was already having an emotional breakdown.

So here she found herself, sitting at one of the desks in the living room with the fireplace going while sorting through some paperwork. Gohan was sitting happily upside down on one of the couches in front of the fire, his legs dangling over the back of the couch. He was reading a book, flipping through pages every minute or so. While reading, he was also pleasantly chewing on some pocky that Serafall had given him. He couldn't have looked more his age if he tried.

"Don't you think that maybe you should go hang out with Rias and Akeno, or Sona?" Serafall suggested suddenly, breaking the silence. Gohan turned his head but didn't say anything, due to his mouth being filled with pocky. "You've haven't left the property since I resurrected you."

"Oh," Gohan's happy mood dropped causing the Leviathan to bite her lip. She hadn't meant to upset him! "Am I intruding? I'm trying not to. Grayfia has sent me a bunch of material to read through so I can understand the Underworld better," he replied softly. "I can leave if you want, but I don't really know my way around here. Everything seems to be connected magically so I wouldn't be able to just fly to the Gremory territory."

"That is true," Serafall sighed. The Devil King started tapping the polished wood of the desk, trying to think of something to suggest to get Gohan out of his slump. Training and reading wasn't going to be enough to really take his mind off going home. A few moments later, an idea popped into her head. "Hey, how about I take you to a Rating Game?" she asked, her voice hinging on excitement. The half-Saiyan child seemed to raise his eyes at that suggestion.

"A Rating Game? Isn't that like a… fighting match?"

"You're a martial artist, right? Don't you like fighting?"

"Well…" Gohan repositioned himself and sat upright on the couch. He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, unsure of really what to say in response to that. "I like training and sparring with my dad and his friends. But I don't like fighting and killing."

"Oh! So you prefer it more like a hobby, or a sport?"

"Yeah!" Gohan's face lit up at the comparison. While it was true he hated fighting for his life, he couldn't deny that he was half-Saiyan after all. Fighting was in his blood. The idea that it was more for sport or a hobby really seemed to sit perfectly with him. "Although, I haven't really had the opportunity to really see what fighting is like, outside of death matches. I've sort of been stuck in those since I could walk."

Serafall cringed slightly. He had said it so casually, as if it were normal for him. What kind of child was forced to fight in battles at such a young age? She recalled the Great War that had occurred so many years ago. It was an unwritten agreement between the three factions to leave children out of it. Angels and even fallen angels tried to leave children out of their business. Angels protected them, while fallen angels did their best not to involve them.

War was bloody. Messy.

It was no place for children, no matter what side you were on.

Unless you were part of a rogue church or some kind of cult. Then all bets were off the table.

"So, I'll take you to see a Rating Game," Serafall concluded with a sound smile. "You have yet to see one, so I think you might learn a thing or two."

It wasn't like Gohan was going to argue with her. The idea of the Rating Game fascinated him. He had read about all the rules and processes of the game. It all seemed like one big chess match, which was probably why Evil Pieces were based on chess pieces. Still, he had yet to really see it all in action. The prospect of getting to see one in person had him rather excited. He couldn't imagine how his father would react if he were here.

"Alright, sure!" Gohan jumped to his feet. He then paused, looking a little confused. "Wait, these things have audiences right? I thought I was trying to lay low and not draw any attention to myself. If I'm seen with you, won't people recognize that I'm your Queen?"

"I wouldn't worry about that," Serafall waved off. "Satan's like myself have private rooms we can use to watch the games."

"Oh, well if it's no big deal, I'd love to!"


Less than half an hour later, Gohan found himself sitting in a comfortable room overlooking a packed stadium, next to the female Leviathan.

There had to be hundreds of thousands of people here. He had never seen so many people in one place at once, even in the private booth he could hear the roar of the crowd. It was simply overwhelming, he could hardly even think of being in the spot of the contestants. Although, Gohan remembered what it was like to have the world's eye on him. Although at the time, the fate of the world was far more important than being camera shy or getting stage fright.

The Cell Games were still fresh in his mind, even after all these weeks of peace.

"This is the top league," Serafall explained. "Only the best perform here."

"Whoa…" Gohan breathed in amazement. He didn't care much for the specifics of who all were fighting, but they were clearly talented. Each side fought with vigor, honor, and incredible skill. He hadn't ever seen fighting like this before. Each member of each team brought their own unique skill set to the battlefield.


Magic masters.

Martial artists, like himself.

Sacred Gear users, the works!

Every single person had something unique about them. Not a single one fought in a similar manner. It was mind-blowing! Through all of his fights he'd never encountered anything like the kinds of abilities being put on display, and by no means were they weak. In fact, they were all incredibly powerful in their own right. Raw power was only one factor here. Skill and strategy were far more important than brute strength.

It reminded him of the many challenges and lessons Piccolo had drilled into him when he was much younger.

"Having fun?" Serafall chuckled, watching his varied expressions. Gohan didn't think he would be able to actually enjoy combat after his death match with Cell and subsequent death at the jaws of Fenrir. However, here he was, almost on the edge of his seat observing a fight that was actually both in good spirit and entertaining! There was almost this clarity inside of the young half-Saiyan, an understanding. He had always known his father loved fighting, but the specifics of it were never quite clear to him.

Goku always claimed he loved the thrill of a challenge. He always strived to fight the next strongest opponent, to test his limits and push himself as far as he could possibly go. Gohan would be lying if he didn't also share that same passion, but Goku took it to a whole other level that the boy just couldn't understand. When he faced Freeza, it was without fear or anger. When they learned about the Androids, he looked towards the future with a bright smile and eagerly anticipated the challenge.

Despite the clear danger, Goku always kept his head held high, and never once allowed the fear of what could be, control him.

This feeling, right now… watching this Rating Game. Gohan felt like he could truly understand his father for once in his life. This is what he wanted. To fight freely and test his limits without fearing an end and the death of all his loved ones.

"I-" Gohan paused when he realized that a tear had dropped from his eye. He hadn't even realized it but he had started to cry. All this time, thinking about his father. The homesickness had never been so prevalent. "I am," the boy finished, resolute. Serafall gazed at him, feeling the sadness and desire to go home radiating off him in waves. She felt guilty, but… at the same time, happy. At least he wasn't suppressing his emotions anymore.

"Why are you crying?" Serafall asked, still puzzled. Something was clearly eating away at him. There had to be more to all of this than just his desire to return home. He had told her that there was nothing to worry about, as his family were preparing to come and get him. The Leviathan wasn't sure how long that was going to take, but it wasn't the reason why Gohan seemed so sad all the time.

"I… don't know," he admitted honestly, slumping back into his comfy leather chair. "I guess I realized I'm more like my father than I thought. Fighting and battle is in my blood, but I've always tried my hardest to take the peaceful approach."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you remember when I first got here? How I asked if Cell was gone?"

Serafall paused for a moment, processing the name again.


That name sent a chill down her spine. The way he had said it. She assumed it was some villain he was fighting, but it seemed much more than that. Who exactly was this 'Cell' character he had referred to? She had never really thought to go into detail about it and question it more. There had been more important things to address concerning Gohan's arrival and what to do about his situation. However, now that things had calmed down and he had started settling in, she had more of a reason to ask about it.

"I remember. Who is he?"

Gohan turned away and looked down at his hands. His expression was pained, a mixture of remorse and regret plastered all over it.

"He was a monster, capable of destroying the entire planet. At one point, he seemed completely unstoppable," Gohan lamented. "He was this big, green, bug-like bio-android. He was just… so powerful, but my dad went to fight him."

"Did he beat him?" the female Satan asked, completely ignoring the Rating Game they were supposed to be watching.

"No," Gohan shook his head. "No. My dad's plan wasn't to beat him at all. It was to allow me to learn how he fought… so that I could beat him."

"What?" Serafall breathed, dismay clear on her face.

"Dad recognized I had a power hidden deep within me, and that it would be the only way to beat Cell. So after I had seen how Cell fought, he gave up and allowed me to take the reigns. I wasn't aware of it at first, but I caught on quickly during my fight with the monster. I realized what my father had been trying to do," Gohan clenched his hands. "But I'm not like that. I didn't want to kill Cell. I really didn't!" he cried.

Serafall remained quiet as the boy struggled to keep himself together.

"But Cell… he just kept pushing me. He wouldn't let up, no matter how much I asked him to stop. He just wouldn't! He thrived off the anger and the pain and the MISERY!" A white aura shimmered around the half-Saiyan, causing Serafall to place a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. The child seemed to realize that he was becoming too emotional and reigned it in. The more he recalled the horrific day, the more tears streamed down his cheeks. "I even begged. When he turned his attention to my friends and family, he made me watch as he…"

"Hey," she whispered gently, rubbing his back to try and soothe him. Serafall started to feel a maelstrom of anger build within her. She wasn't a stranger to torture and horrific acts. She had seen plenty during the Great War and the Devil Civil War. It had been many years since she had felt like this. If it had been Sona in Gohan's shoes, Serafall would have done everything she could to keep her safe. There was nothing she wouldn't do to ensure her little sister's safety.

"He broke me."

Serafall almost felt her heart stop. She had to suppress her own tears. Every word he uttered was laced with emotion.

"All that power within me came rushing out and at first I couldn't control it. It was wild and… intoxicating."

"What's he talking about? The golden transformation?" the Devil King thought. "That only really changes him physically… unless I'm, missing something. He didn't seem all that different when he showed me before."

"Cell wasn't prepared for it. My dad and everyone else weren't prepared for it, and I certainly wasn't prepared to handle it," Gohan stated as he started to calm down. It seemed he had a better control over his emotions now that he passed the traumatic part in his story. "I picked Cell apart. I tortured him the way he tortured me. That power allowed me to return every ounce of misery he had given out. I savored every last moment of it."

Serafall could hear the disgust in his tone.

"I hate that kind of fighting," he declared. "There's nothing I hate more than pointless bloodshed," Gohan let out a tired sigh. "But there was nothing I hated more that day than Cell."

"What happened?" she asked sympathetically. The boy was playing with his hands as he thought. It was still hard to think that he had fought such a powerful monster. Destroying a planet, in reality, wasn't all that difficult. Even a Middle-Class Devil could annihilate Earth with a well-placed shot to the core.

Assuming the hundreds of thousands of magical barriers around the core were down.

The core of each realm was protected by extremely powerful magic. This had been in place far before she was even born, dating back to the time when the old Satans were still in control. Nothing short of someone with Satan levels of strength could even hope to make a dent in those barriers. They were put up by the Biblical God, the Four Original Satans, Greek, and Norse Pantheons, and even the Shinto and Hindu gods.

It was something everyone could agree on.

Despite how much war waged on, there were extremely powerful measures put in place to prevent planetary destruction.

Not even the infamous Trihexa could break those barriers.

"What does every coward do when they're losing a fight? He tried to run," Gohan replied sourly. "But I didn't let him. Nowhere to run to in that fight, so he resorted to a gamble. He tried to blow himself up."

"What…!?" the Devil King thought, completely bewildered. How could you be so desperate that you'd resort to self-destruction, just to win a fight!?

"I figured out what he was trying to do before it was too late. I flew him up to space to try to minimize the damage to Earth. I knew it wouldn't be enough so I tried to offset the explosion with my own attack."

"An attack of that magnitude…" Serafall murmured, recalling his earlier strength. "It would be powerful enough to shake the foundations of all the realms!"

"Well, it did something, because that's how I ended up here. The last thing I remembered was being swallowed by the explosion. Next thing I know, I'm waking up in your bed."

No wonder he had looked so battle damaged when she found him! Serafall assumed it was the brutal nothingness of the Dimensional Gap that had started to take its toll on the boy before spitting him out onto her front lawn. However, it seemed as if it was his final fight with Cell that had caused all the damage.

"I see," Serafall murmured, giving her queen another look over. A simple boy with so much power and responsibility. He had to know that fighting such a foe was going to lead to his death. Had he known that? Flying up to take a self-destructing monster away from his family and friends, knowing he probably wouldn't come back. Thinking about it, she wondered if she had that same courage. She'd do it in a heartbeat if it meant she was saving her sister, but for the rest of the Underworld?

She wasn't quite sure about that.

"Thank you, Gohan," Serafall stated compassionately. Without really even thinking, she leaned over her chair and pulled him into an affectionate hug. He didn't resist and sank into her embrace. The female Leviathan could tell he was hurting, that the experience had been traumatic enough for him to repress the more horrific details. Despite all that, she could feel that the boy had lifted some weight off his shoulders.

"What for?" he asked softly.

"For opening up to me. I could feel that it was eating away at you. You may not have even realized it, but these sorts of things are extremely traumatic," she explained. "How do you feel?"

"A little better," he admitted. "I still want to go home."

"I did promise that I would help you get home, but you know how difficult that is going to be. Do you think it would be better to just wait for your family?" Serafall suggested. Gohan had to think about that one for a few moments. If Baldur and Fenrir could take him down at his strongest, he shuddered to think just how powerful Ophis was, or if the Infinity Dragon was even friendly in the first place. Maybe he should take a page out of his father's book and stick around, train, and learn. Who knows what kind of things he could discover here? Goku seemed to have a good time on Yardrat, so what's to say Gohan couldn't have a good time here as well?

His family wasn't in any immediate danger, as far as he was aware. He could sit tight for however long it would take for them to come pick him up.

"I'm not sure. It doesn't really feel right just sitting around and waiting, but it seems that maybe it would be the best choice. Despite all I've read, I still understand very little about this world. I paid that price when I rushed to save Rias. Maybe I should take my time and gather my bearings before I start trying to chase down an Infinite Dragon God," Gohan chuckled lightly. Serafall laughed at the absurdity of it as well. At least, for Serafall, she felt more content knowing that the boy had a good head on his shoulders. Running to try and find Ophis might just lead to another death.

"That sounds like a way better idea!" she exclaimed. "Besides, now that you're feeling better, maybe it's time I got you working on some of your duties as Queen of Magical Girl Leviathan!" Serafall finished with a beaming smile. Gohan tilted his head in slight confusion. He knew she had a borderline obsession with the magical girl genre, but did she really refer to herself as one? He couldn't really see it, despite knowing she had multiple outfits in her mansion, let alone the ones she had made herself.

"Queen duties…? Relating to my place in your peerage?"


"Uh, what would those be?"

Serafall winked at him, a mischievous smile appearing on her face.

"You'll see."


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