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Chapter 1

Harry slipped stealthily through the base; silver flecked green eyes glowing as he navigated the dark easily. He had watched over the last centuries as the Empire gained more and more territory but now it seemed they were getting ready to move on not only Lucis but the Oracle. He didn't think much of either, but the world needed them so here he was. He protected the people of Earth, even if they had forgotten where they came from, calling the planet Eos now. He had read the stories most believed, about how the world began, and they made for nice fairy tales.

He really had no interest in who ruled the world, so long as that rule was just and the majority of humanity safe and content if not happy. Niflheim had crossed that line several times but there had always been opposition, willing and able to fight them. Should the Oracle in Tenebrae and the Kings of Lucis fall then there would be no one to stop the Empire. Maybe he should have acted earlier but despite everything, he was only one man. He could wipe out the Emperor, could have wiped the entire line out, but would that really have stopped things?

He hadn't been awake the whole time, as anyone over seventy would point out, the old liked their sleep. Hell, even the Astrals slept most of the time and they were younger than him. Maybe if he had been awake more, he could have done more to influence things….but there was no point in 'what ifs'. He was awake and moving now and he would stop this idiotic war. Then again, the war may not be the most dangerous threat to humanity. The Starscourge and daemons were, and what really sucked was that they tasted horrible, the one time he'd fed off one he'd had stomach cramps for days.

Harry had seen the strange soldiers that had begun replacing the normal infantry and he was in Niflheim to investigate further, maybe even slow down the expansion of the army and research. Why anyone wanted to work in the artic outlands he had no clue, he was just thankful that extreme temperatures had little effect on him. There were days he wished he had never helped the magical and non-magical worlds combine because then maybe things like magitek technology would have never been created.

Going through the files he found in several offices had his incisors itching, vision sharpening, but he pushed it back and continued on his way. He had taken photos; he could see that the evidence found its way to Insomnia eventually. He made himself keep going, glancing into rooms with tubes of liquid, fighting his instinct to try and free all the babies floating within. He photographed everything, copying notes as he went.

He was on his way out when he saw another door, labelled 'Decommissioning'. He hesitated but then opened it to find a row of metallic pods. Only one had lights blinking and he went to it, forcing it open. Inside was a child with blond hair, pale skin, and very scrawny, much like he had been at that age. He reached out and gently brushed his fingers through shorn hair, feeling the warmth of his skin, hearing the steady beat of his heart. He couldn't be more than five and Harry's heart broke at the sight of him. He grabbed the clipboard, scanning the notes, glad he could not only speak the local language but read and write it. He had always been good with languages once he had tried to learn some after the war. It had given him something to do in those first lonely days when the sun had burned his skin. All he'd had was time to read back then, until he learnt to withstand what no other of his kind ever had.

He was brought back to the present as the child stirred weakly under his touch, startlingly violet eyes fluttering open slowly. The child looked dazed, disorientated and that wasn't surprising since he was being kept sedated. Harry reached down and lifted him from the pod, feeling the slick black bodysuit the child wore under his hands, a hand quickly moving to support his head as it lolled, the boy limp from the drugs even as he whimpered softly. Harry quickly transfigured the photographed clipboard into a warm blanket and wrapped the boy in it, tucking him into his jacket. "It's okay," he whispered. "Just go to sleep, you're safe." He ran his fingers over the blond hair again, feeling the child settle, sleep pulling him back under.

Harry closed his eyes, feeling his magic surge under his skin before he let it go and then Apparated. Seconds later the room exploded, the magic surging through the installation, destroying much of it, especially the tubes of children. He couldn't save all of them, so he had done his best to spare them the horror of what had been planned for them.


Harry set up camp in a Haven, not that daemons usually went after him, but he wasn't going to risk the child. He started a fire, got the tent up, and then unwrapped the sleeping boy from the blanket. He went to remove the suit but couldn't find the fastenings so ended up carefully cutting it off, revealing too pale skin. He growled softy as he found metal actually embedded in the boys skin under the suit, ports and who knew what embedded in tender, bruise mottled, skin. He lifted his arm and saw on his right wrist, branded in black…a barcode! N-1P01387 on one end and 05953234 on the other.

"You poor child," he whispered even as the currently naked child began to stir again. Harry gently began healing the wounds that the suit had covered up, running a hand through his hair to keep him calm until finally his eyes opened, showing more awareness than in the base.

Violet eyes, eyes that Harry suspected should be blue, stared up at him, wide in confusion and fear. That wasn't surprising since Harry was a stranger and the boy would be able to tell he was no longer where he had been. Had the boy even known what was going to happen to him?

"It's alright," he whispered in Gralean and the child blinked before trying to get to his feet.

"Unit 05953234 readddy for assssignment," the boy rushed out, slurring slightly from the drugs, as he wavered on his feet. It was obvious he was trying to sound unemotional, but his young voice trembled.

"Stand down," Harry told him, knowing better than to overwhelm the poor kid. He nodded when the boy's body relaxed a little but then he wavered and Harry caught him, sighing, before bundling him into his lap. He felt the child go rigid but gently rubbed his back, feeling metal at the base of his spine. "You are no longer in the Magitek facility; you have been reassigned," he offered terms the boy would understand. Violet eyes blinked up at him in confusion and Harry gently ruffled his hair. "You are never going back there."

"Are you taking me to be Decommissioned, Sir?"

"No, I am taking you somewhere safe, where you won't have to fight ever again."

The boy just stared at him in confusion before beginning to gag and Harry turned him onto his stomach, holding him up and the kid went to hands and knees as his body was wracked with almost convulsive heaving. Harry gently rubbed his back even as he gently scanned the child, grimacing when what came out wasn't bile but black tar that bubbled on the ground before dissolving. How could anyone infect their own troops, let alone children, with that abomination? The child began crying and Harry realised that the magic of the Haven was interacting badly with the Scourge in his body. His body was becoming cool, his breathing and heart too fast…

"Do you want to live?" He asked quietly.

Something wouldn't let him simply let the child pass away, instinct screamed this child was important. Tear-filled violet eyes struggled to focus on him, a shaky hand weakly trying to hold his and Harry took that as acceptance, sitting back and cradling the child to his chest.

"This will hurt but then you'll be better," he promised as his incisors lengthened before sinking into the tender skin of the boy's throat. He grimaced as thick blood poured into his mouth, stomach cramps or throwing up were definitely in his future.

He forced himself to drink deeply, draining the daemon blood from the child who had passed out in his arms. He took as much as he could, letting the child's memories wash over him, and then bit into his own wrist, letting the blood drip into the boys mouth, massaging his throat to make him swallow. He couldn't give him too much, but he had learnt over the millennia how much it took to change someone and how much it took for other results.

Harry wasn't trying to turn him, living your whole life as a child was not a fate he would wish on anyone. He'd been young for the change himself, but at least he'd been fully grown. He had changed a few people during his unlife, but none had the true immortality he bore, maybe it was the basilisk venom, phoenix tears, shards of the Philosophers Stone…he didn't know why he was seemingly unkillable and no one else had ever worked it out either. This boy would be half-vampire, able to grow up and walk in the sun, but he would still need to feed and be careful about his strength and speed. With his blood Harry allowed memories to flow to his new Childe, nothing personal, but information that his mind would slowly absorb and accept, letting him learn the languages of the world, history, life skills, anything that would help him survive.

Harry removed his wrist and licked the wound to seal it faster before gently rocking the boy, offering what comfort he could as Harry's blood coursed through his veins, changing him. He whimpered, head lolling, muscles spasming and Harry whispered soothing words, wishing he could take the pain. His hand brushed the metal on the boys back again, feeling the heat in it as his blood worked to destroy or remove it. He tightened his grip as the kid screamed, spine bowing as he writhed before beginning to vomit again. He heard the crack of bones and ligaments as old injuries were repaired and then his body grew several inches and gained a healthy weight, scars fading from his skin. When it was all over Harry settled him into a sleeping bag to sleep off his transformation before heading off to hunt, the kid would be hungry when he woke. He also paused and forced himself to vomit up the blood he had drunk from the kid, it wasn't nice, but it was better than days of stomach cramps.


Waking happened slowly, his body feeling heavy but there was no pain, no funny drugged feeling. He didn't want to wake up, to be back in the pod, waiting to be decommissioned. And then he felt something he had never felt before, something more wonderful than anything else and he couldn't help opening his eyes.


Harry kept up the gentle stroking of the child's hair even as bright blue eyes slowly opened. He had been right about his natural eye colour then. "Good morning," he whispered, knowing how sensitive his hearing would be now.

The boy stiffened but then frowned, staring at him and Harry smiled before opening his arms, the child hesitated for a second before scrambling into his embrace, driven by instinct. He wrapped his arms around the no longer painfully thin body, letting the boy nuzzle at him, hearing the soft whimpers.

"Hungry?" his question got a timid nod in response and Harry grabbed a mug, holding it to his lips. "Drink slowly." He made sure the kid didn't see what was in it, better to ease him into the whole blood drinking bit, then again who knew what those monsters had been giving him or how.

The child obediently took slow mouthfuls until the mug was empty and then cuddled into him and he went back to petting his hair.

"Do you have a name?" he asked gently, and the blond his head shook negatively. "Well then, we'll just have to come up with something," he promised. "My name is Harry."

"S…Sire…" the kid mumbled in confusion, and Harry nuzzled the top of his head.

"That too," he agreed. "I'm going to look after you," he promised, rubbing gently at the barcode still emblazoned on one wrist, as his own lightning bolt scar had proven, some things weren't healed even by vampire blood. His scar had been too much a part of who he saw himself as that it had remained, code must have been the same for the kid.


Harry rode his bike into the small town, the kid, now named Prompto, holding on tightly to him. Harry had never been the best at naming people or animals but the kid liked it so who was he to argue. It had come from the boy being so quick at everything. He was still quiet, easily startled, but he wasn't scared of Harry, drawn by the blood that tied them together. The original plan had been to find him a family somewhere but now he would keep him with him, at least for a few years to ensure he knew what he needed to in order to survive as a dhampyr. Then he could be adopted by a good family somewhere like Insomnia, where he'd grow up safe, no matter how much it would hurt to let him go.

He parked and turned the engine off, gently setting Prompto on the ground before getting off himself and offering his hand. Prompto grabbed it, looking around curiously but also wary. Thankfully he'd absorbed the languages quickly and although he wasn't a chatter box he was more willing to speak after time together on the road. Harry had picked the tiny town for a reason, he hadn't been there in years, more years than Prompto had been alive. The people here knew Harry as a hunter, always willing to take a bounty or help fix something.

Thankfully, his blood had caused some physical shifts in Prompto's appearance, his facial bones softening a little, blue eyes now flecked with green, blond hair tinted with red when the sun hit it. He still had the cute freckles, his skin very pale, thanks to genetics and Harry's vampiric blood. It was enough for strangers to see them and smile at the sight of Father and Son together.

"Heya Harry! Been years since we've seen ya. Thought you'd died or something," an aging woman called, and he smiled, walking over.

"Still kicking Martha," he grinned. "This is Prompto."

"Well, that explains that. What a fine young man," she smiled and Prompto smiled back shyly.

"Hello," the boy offered in perfectly unaccented Lucian.

Harry smiled at that; he knew Prompto was proud that he no longer sounded like a foreigner. "Prompto's been going through a growth spurt, got any kids clothes?"

"Sure thing," she went to show what she had. It was all second hand but in good condition and clean and better than transfigured. Prompto hadn't shown any signs of magic but Harry had expected that, it would take a few years before they knew for sure. For now, he was focused on teaching Prompto to live and be a kid, even if it was a kid who had to drink blood.