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Chapter 16

Ardyn hid a smirk as the Emperor received the news of young Noctis' engagement to his friend, one Prompto Argentum. He found the few images of the boy very interesting himself and was surprised no one else had commented on it. He well remembered the destruction of the First Magitek facility all those years ago and Argentum was old enough to have come from there. Had Potter found it and taken him, destroying the place to stop the process? He did not seem the type to leave the rest behind, but could even he have saved all of the children there?

With how vain Verstael was, he was surprised the man hadn't realised Sir Argentum looked almost identical to himself at that age. What differences there were, were small, although he supposed the boys hairstyle did a lot to highlight those differences. Unless the man had a bastard son out there? He doubted it, he'd known him since the before the boy would have been born and seen no signs of him ever being interested in normal procreation, or the act needed for it to occur. It was possible they were more distantly related, but he had the feeling his first assumption was correct, Argentum was a clone.

The engagement did throw a wrench in their plans, then again Glauca had reported that somehow their plans had been discovered in a base where they should never have been. Oops.


Prompto sighed as he skimmed another article on their engagement. He'd been at Noct's side for years with little comment after the first few months. Now suddenly the foreigner wasn't good enough, despite the fact he was mostly Lucian, as far as anyone was aware anyway. He was still a commoner by birth though and while some found that romantic or good, the papers were doing their best to make him seem beneath Noctis.

It didn't really bother him, what did he care about strangers? The reports just wanted sensationalism and those with a working brain would see that.

"More nonsense?" Ignis asked as he entered the room.

"Yep, more of the same."

"You'd think they'd have better things to do," he scoffed, and Prompto smothered a grin at his reaction. "I hope you aren't paying any attention to what they say."

"Just reading them to see what they say so no one can blindside me," he assured him. "Some of it's almost funny," he shrugged before setting the tablet aside, stretching out on the couch.

"Have you made your guest list?" Ignis asked, setting a plate of fresh fruit on the table before sitting in the armchair.

Prompto groaned. "It's a very short list Iggy," he admitted. "Most of the people I know in Insomnia, Noct does too."

"What about outside of the city?"

"There's Cindy and her grandpa Cid, who I know won't come. Apparently he had a falling out with the King years ago. Takka, Dave…Wiz won't come and leave his birds. Vyv'll probably come," Prompto sighed. "I know we'd both like Luna there but unless we kidnap her I doubt the Empire will allow it."

"Try to avoid crimes to get the guests here," Ignis smirked but then sighed. "However, you are likely correct about Lady Lunafreya. We shall still send her an invitation as it is traditional."


"Yes, Prompto?"

"Do you think…I should tell Gladio or the King?" Prompto asked softly.

"Tell them what?"

Prompto snorted slightly, had his secrets really become that normal for him? "About what I am," he clarified for the other blond.


"Ah, I see…" Ignis honestly wasn't sure what to say.

His loyalty to the Crown said yes, they should be told before the wedding. They should have been told years ago. But he was well aware of the risks with anyone knowing Prompto's past and heritage. His Father was truly immortal, unable to die, Prompto was not. While Noctis could ensure Gladio's silence…the King would be able to tell whoever he wished. How would he react to the idea of Prompto drinking Noctis' blood?

If Gladio was to find out in a similar way that he did, Ignis did not see it ending well at all. He would likely attack to defend Noctis and in that situation, Prompto would be extremely territorial. There was a good chance of someone being badly injured if not killed. However, Gladio had been the slowest to accept Prompto, would learning the truth turn him against the younger man? Surely Gladio would accept him once he had time to think, beyond the first emotional reaction.

"I believe that Gladio finding out accidentally would be far worse than being told," he admitted.

Prompto grimaced but nodded.


Prompto pressed a soft kiss to Noctis' hair as they dozed in bed. They both had a day with nothing planned which was rare but very nice. Things had become very hectic with only two months to the wedding. He'd had more fittings than he'd ever imagined could be possible for one outfit in order to get his suit for the wedding. Still, the chaos was worth it when at the end they would be joined for life.

"Prom?" Noct murmured, his head resting over Prompto's heart, one of his favourite positions.


"I want to stay with you…forever."

Prompto froze. He couldn't mean….could he? "Noct?" he barely kept his voice from shaking.

Noctis sat up, looking at him seriously. "I don't want the Crystal to drain my dry before I'm even middle aged…I don't want you to have to entomb me and go on for centuries without me."

"Noct…you're too old to be like me. The only option would be a full turning," Prompto sat up too. "You could end up forced to be nocturnal," he warned. "You'd have to be careful around fire…"

"I know," he admitted and Prompto frowned, they hadn't spoken much about what being a full vampire would entail. "I, uh,….might have sounded out your Dad a while back?"

That was a shock. His Dad hadn't turned anyone other than him in at least a millennium, and all of those had been to save the persons life. And Noct was a Prince, sole heir to the Throne, his Dad avoided turning people in such roles for a reason.

"Unless, you don't want," Noct started, and Prompto shook his head.

"Of course I want you with me as long as possible," he promised. "It's just…a really big decision. You could lose your magic Noctis, might not be able to wear the Ring or be linked to the Crystal…"

"Yeah, I know. You're worth it. Your Dad said it'd fully heal my back so losing my magic wouldn't matter as much," since his magic did compensate for permanently weakened muscles. Without his magic, he wouldn't be able to use the weapons he did, he wouldn't be able to lift the larger ones base on his body build. Once turned, he would easily be able to wield any weapon without worrying about the weight.

"Yeah, but that'd mean Ignis and Gladio would lose theirs too and access to the Armiger."


Noctis winced but nodded. They'd have no way to store their weapons, would have to carry them everywhere which would be very awkward. And it would definitely cause people to talk, then again if Noctis was banished to the night that would cause even more, would lead to accusations of Scourge infection likely. And without the Crystal and Ring….the Wall would fall.

There were a lot of issues to consider but he wanted it. Yes, the idea of being only able to drink blood was a bit off putting but he was used to being drunk from and didn't find that disgusting.

"I'd have to make arrangements for an heir first, that would deal with some concerns," Noctis told him. "And I'm not saying let's do it right now or anything. You're Dad said you'll keep aging a bit for another few years too so it's not like I'm worried about being physically years older than you."

"You've really thought about it," Prompto murmured in awe, and Noct nodded.

He'd been thinking about it ever since Prompto had come back, on and off. He knew it wouldn't be easy, that he could outlive his friends and family by centuries, but to stay with Prom, it was worth the sacrifice.

"Yeah, I have been." He leant closer and kissed Prompto softly. "I know it'll take a lot of work and planning, but if you want it too, then I'm willing." And there was Bahamut's prophecy, though if he wasn't a god then was it truly set in stone? No one had said, but he had the feeling it wouldn't end well for him, another reason to be turned.

Prompto stared at him, searching, before finally he nodded. "Alright," he agreed.


Noctis stood still as the Royal tailors bustled about. He agreed with Prom, way too many fittings for an outfit they'd be wearing once. There'd been talk of putting Prompto in white, like a bride, but that had been nixed pretty quickly since there had been comments on Niflheim's colours and how much Prompto already looked like one. So they would both be wearing black, Noctis with gold and Prompto with silver and blue to break up the black. Noctis would wear the Heir's crown and Prompto would be given a circlet with matching design to signify his place as Prince-consort.

He honestly wasn't looking forward to the ceremony itself since it was a big State affair. No quiet ceremony for the Crown Prince after all. It would be aired all over Lucis and probably even further. He hated being the centre of attention but he knew he had to get used to it since it had been happening more and more since he left school. He didn't mind taking on work to spare his Dad though.

He'd had a good talk to Luna on the phone the other day and she had given them her best wishes for the day, promising a gift via Messenger, which could mean either her dogs or Gentiana herself, not that she had ever come to Insomnia, that he knew of anyway.


"So, we are soon to be related," Ardyn smirked from where he was lying on the bed, still feeling a little…loopy from Harry draining his blood.

His words got a chuckle. "I suppose so, my Childe and your many times great-nephew. Poor kids are not looking forward to the theatrical mess their wedding has become. If it was up to them they would have a small ceremony and then a vacation. Is the Empire going to interfere?"

"There was talk of attempting to interfere by offering peace but only if Noctis should wed dear Lunafreya. In the end, it was decided that peace shall be offered as their wedding gift. And the Lady Lunafreya shall be allowed to attend as part of the offer, along with myself. Of course we both know the peace is not genuine."

"Pretty sure the Chancellor of Niflheim also hasn't received an invitation."

"Mere details," he denied and Harry laughed.

"Going as her plus one?"

"Perhaps," he smirked. "And don't worry, I promise I shan't disrupt the wedding."

"Good, I'd hate to have to kill you for it."

"Good luck with that dear, the blasted Draconian will not allow me to die except via the Prophecy."

"Over my dead body," he snarled, eyes flashing silver.

"How do you think I became this? I denied his plans and went about healing the people my own way, for that I was cursed."

"As I've said before, If I have to slap him around, so be it. My son is not going to be a widower any sooner than he has to be."

"I do believe I would like to see that," he admitted. He knew he couldn't take Bahamut himself but if Harry could, well… "Why be concerned if they are not gods and you are the elder? Surely you can stop them and save the boy?"

"I can think of a few ways to save Noctis, yeah. But the Scourge needs to be dealt with too."

"Ah, yes, which means I can finally go to my rest," he sneered slightly and then blinked when Harry lazily swatted at him.

"if you think I've gone to all this trouble just to get you killed, you haven't learnt a thing about me," the older male chided, and Ardyn stared at him in genuine surprise before it faded.

A likely story. He was only interested in saving his soon to be son-in-law. No one had cared about Ardyn's fate since she had died. Before he realised it, he was pinned beneath Harry's slighter form, suddenly very aware of just how strong the ancient being was.

"I am going to save both of you," he growled. "Bahamut crossed the line in what he did to you and he will be brought to account for his actions towards your entire family line."

"Why?" he demanded.

"Because under all that rage and daemon influence, is a real person who is smart, snarky, and has a warped sense of humour. I like that guy and want to save him."

Ardyn honestly didn't have a clue how to respond to that.


"I get that you're pissed at Regis over something, but can't you put that aside to see Prompto married?" Harry asked, leaning against the wall as he watched Cid work.

"Ain't none of your business," Cid grumbled as he leant over an engine.

"It is when you're upsetting my son," Harry stated firmly. "Come on old man, one day won't kill you. You don't even need to speak to him or Lord Amicitia. I know Noctis wants to meet you too," Harry pushed. "If you want, you can use the Argentum home to stay a night if necessary, well away from the Citadel. I'll even take the couch and you and Cindy can take the other two bedrooms. You've met my brother and his wife, they're making sure they're there for the wedding too."

"Harry's right Paw-Paw. Ain't fair to punish Prom and the Prince for your fight with the King," Cindy said as she joined them, arms crossed as she stared her Grandfather down.


They looked at each other and smirked.


Ignis opened the envelope and nodded when he found the RSVP from Cid Sophiar and Cindy Aurum, checking their names off the list. That was the last confirmation for Prompto's side of things. Even his 'Aunt and Uncle' were actually going to be in town. He did wonder how they had met the Argentum's and become close enough for the couple to pretend to be related, then again, family was often more than just blood.

In just under a month, the big day would be upon them. Tomorrow, they were taking Gladio back to the Argentum home to tell him about Prompto. They didn't want to do it in the Citadel where there was a chance of being caught or having Gladio tell before Noctis could silence him, even with the Wards on the bedroom.

Nothing could go wrong this close!


Gladio was surprised when they went to Prom's Uncle's house since the kid didn't live there anymore. It made no more sense when Iggy said that they had something to tell him, why drive all the way out to the house? Maybe they were hiding stuff for their bachelor's nights at the place?

He was completely and utterly shocked when they took him to the 'basement'. What the hell? And that was only the start of the mind blowing information.

When they were done, he stared at the nervous Prompto, his normally blue eyes a strange silver colour. So…the kid was only half human but not a daemon or anything. He didn't know what to say or think…it hurt that they hadn't told him…and he was pissed at Noctis for playing so dangerously! He was the Prince! One little slip up on Prompto's side and they would have a funeral to plan rather than a wedding!



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