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After a restless nights sleep, Dylan heads over to the Walsh house, hoping to take Brenda out for breakfast. As he drives up, he sees no sign of Brandon's car, or Mr. Walsh's. But Steve corvette is sitting in the middle of the drive. Wondering why Steve was there, and being to early on a Saturday for Brandon to be up, let alone at work. He parks round the corner where he can't be seen. Walking across the lawn, rather than the front path, he hides at the side to see if anyone's about. Seeing no signs of life, he walks down the path towards the back door, which is ajar. The closer he gets he can hear noises, familiar ones. Hope those noises aren't what he thinks they are, he edges closer.

"Wow, Steve stop."

"Come on Brenda."

"No, last night was a lot of fun, but as I said, I don't want anything heavy or another relationship, I'm not ready, for that. I'm not ready to trust anyone, not yet, maybe not ever again, after what they did."

"I know, baby", he kisses her forehead. "You may feel broken, but you look gorgeous."

She smiles back blushing, "Thank you."

"Don't let them win. Don't let them, see you crushed no matter how you feel. Believe me I've been there with Kelly, I handled it wrong. Don't let them keep control or the power, lording it over you."

She nods crying a little he dries her tears with his thumb, "Stand up tall, keep your head, show them you don't need them don't look at them and keep on walking."

Brenda nervously replies in a quiet tone, Dylan outside strains to hear, "I'll try."

"That's my girl. Now, I know you don't want a commitment, but what about a little good bye loving?" he laughs.

"Well I guess it wouldn't hurt."

"Of course not, and I just have one thing to say, Dylan's a goddamn idiot, getting rid of you, your amazing body, and exceptional skills, for frigid Kelly. Oh my, once you have a queen, you don't wanna go back to a peasant." Brenda laughs, Steve growls, the sounds start to fade as they go deeper into the house.

Dylan stands there with his head against the brick work to steady himself, stunned and silently crying. What had he done? He'd broken her and she found comfort in Steve because he'd destroyed her.

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