WARNING! Kelly fans may want to avoid the cheerleaders chant. PLEASE remember this story is wild, wacky and out there. It's a bit of comic book twist, with humour and bitchyness thrown in. When I decided to adapt this from a one shot, to a full story. I wanted to make it crazy, and different. I wanted the wackiness that sometimes comes from the movies, of Kevin Smith and Tarantino. With some inspiration from the original Heathers, and a bit of clueless to.

Don't forget who my favourite pairing is, Steve's her fun, he's teaching her how to live again and have fun.

Third time lucky in trying to post, since I last posted back way back in July, the way I used to post my stories no longer works. It used to be easy you could copy and paste from a phone or tablet, now it turns it into gibberish.

Chapter six

Crazy cheeky cheerleaders, causing chaos

Brenda rushes, into the pits bathroom, followed by two cheerleaders, holding onto the sink she starts to cry. Hearing people behind her, she turns quickly to check it's not Donna. She's surprised to see two cheerleaders, she recognises one of them from French class, they've worked together a couple of times when conversing, but she didn't know the other one.

They both come up to her, "Hi, we wanted to check you were ok?" She smiled sweetly, "We heard what Donna said, and thought it was mean. We're in the same french class, my names".

"Peyton", Brenda smiles at her wiping her tears with her hand and smudging her make up.

The other girl came closer with some tissues, handing them to her. Leaning in, she quietly said "I'm Paisley, I used to be a good friend of Kelly and Donna's, but Kelly did the same thing to me, that she did you. She knew I liked Steve, it's the only reason she went after him", she says shyly looking down.

"I umm, I didn't know you liked Steve", she said guiltily.

"It's ok, we don't know each other, so you don't have anything to be sorry for. And besides Kelly did a right number on him, he deserves to be happy and date someone nice". She blushed tugging on her long blonde ponytail.

Brenda smiles, held her handout "I'm Brenda", deciding to properly introduce herself.

Paisley shook it, "I'm Paisley", she said with a warm genuine smile.

"Here let me fix your make up", Peyton said. "Taking out her eyebrow pencil and mascara out of her purse".

Andrea came in surprised to see Brenda smiling and laughing with the two cheerleaders, as they fixed her makeup.

Seeing Andreas trying to back out of the room, "Andrea right, I'm Payton this Paige, come in. We're getting Brenda fixed up, ready for the big arrival, she has to look her best, right?"

"Sure, of course, Brenda looks great" she said nervously.

Peyton smiles at her, "So Andrea are you going to be covering today for the paper?"

"Umm well gossip isn't something we normally cover", she sounded uncertain she didn't want to offend Brenda's new friends and for her to loose their friendship.

"Ok, well maybe you should have a pen paper ready just encase you change your mind", she smiled and winked at her.

"Ok, thanks I will", Andrea smiled back at her.

Peyton turns back to Brenda, and adds a little blusher, "Perfect, very natural with a bit of sexy smoky eyes, don't you think Pays".

"Totally she looks gorgeous", Paisley replied.

Brenda smiled blushing "Thank you".

"No worries" Payton replied, and went to hug her. "I can see us being great friends".

Andrea looked down to the floor.

"Me to, me to" Paisley said, joining the hug.

"The four of us should go to the movies one night", Payton said, noticing Andrea feeling left out.

"That would be nice", Brenda replied "Wouldn't it Andrea?" Trying to draw her into the conversation

"Yes, I'd like that", she smiled, hunching her shoulder forward, trying to rain in her eagerness at being included.

Paisley linked her arm round Andrea's shoulder, "I love your hair it's pretty, mines so straight you can't do anything with it".

Andrea blushes "Thank you". Paisley smiles at her.

Payton flicked her head sending her long red wavy hair out in all directions, "Well our hair is all different colours and types". She laughs "We got no competition there. And we're all former friends of Ms Taylor's" She laughs, "We better go, take our places".

Brenda has just sat down again with Steve, her brother and Andrea. Out of the corner of her eye she saw David with his arm round Donna, who was crying, and trying to make eye contact with her, Brenda looked away, not wanting to look at Donna right now.

The bell of the door went off, as Kelly walks in. After she'd closed the door and walked into the middle of the pit, to see who she recognised and if Donna and David were here, she saw Donna was crying. Wondering why, she looked around, and realised the pit was staring at her. Some with amusement some with hostility.

She noticed the cheerleaders were taking a formation.

They started to raise their pompoms.

"What are you doing why are you looking at me", she snarkerly asked.

Chanting they sing out "We're looking at you, we're looking at you, Kelly". Pointing one then the other pompom at her.

"We're looking at you". Moving their head from side to side, in time with their pompoms.

They twist and turn, moving around as they change formation.

"What's that smell, what that smell, did you ask what's that's smell!"

They move in and out, from each other, backwards and fowaards.

"It' A" they shout as they make each letter with their bodies shaking their pompoms in the air.

"Yes it is, it' A" they sing out again louder, making the letters once more

"Karma", they whisper.

"K is for Kelly,

A is for atonement, for your sins, your sins against your friend, friend.

R is for rejecting his choice, as he spewed all over you, you, all over you.

M is for mistake, the biggest of his life, which was you, you.

A is alight, you used to think you were the most popular girl at school, now you fallen, dropped alight, from your perch".

"Yes, yes", there voices soared.

"What's that smell", ramping up their vocals further, covering their noses with their pompoms.

"It's Kama" they whisper.

They finish by shaking their pompoms Kelly stands their looking at them, stunned, trying to comprehend what happened.

Steve gets up and stands on the bench, wolf whistling and clapping and hollering "Yes, yes more, more, that's was awesome girls absolutely awesome" clapping his hands above his head as he jumps down.

Brenda and Brandon looked at each other stunned at what they witnessed.

The jocks join Steve in clapping and hollering out, a few other school members join in, others stare at Kelly, waiting for her reaction. And some look at Brenda, trying to confirm how much of the song was true.

Andrea looked up from her pad, "I think I got it, all of it", she said in a happy tone, grinning and bouncing in her seat in excitement. Brenda and Brandon both turn to look at her at the same time, staring at her in shock and surprise.

"You really thought I was going to avoid this, it's the most interesting thing that's happened all year", she grinned at both of them, before checking her pad again.

The twins looked at each other again in shock before, looking back at Andrea, Brandon clears his throat to get her attention. When she looks at him, he looks towards his sister.

Realising, what she'd just said, she looks up at Brenda, "Sorry, I didn't mean you getting hurt. But that big fall from grace, from one of the schools leaders and most popular people. Do you know how important this is?"

Brandon "You can't be serious about publishing it?"

"Why", Andrea asks curious.

Brandon looked at his sister, who shrugged, "I don't have problem with it. I'm past carrying about Kelly, after what she did to me".

"Well isn't it kinda taking it a bit far?" He queried

"And she doesn't take things to far, maybe it's about time the uncool kids, those that are looked down upon, stop looking down. And start looking up and stop taking rubbish from the popular kids like Kelly. And that the dweebs, uncool kids or those that aren't as rich are give a chance".

Brandon looked grim, unsure of what she should do, Andrea looks back to his sister.

"She's right", Brenda replied.

Steve sat down, "Of course she's right", grinning at Andrea, "She's the smartest person we know, when would she be wrong".

Kelly comes over "Think that's funny do you", she says looking at them, "So much for friends. You wait till Monday", she warns them.

"I'm so scared" Brenda's acts dramatically, "You don't scare me, and we're not friends, and never will be. Harp on to someone who cares".

Kelly looks startled, and looks at each of them, when they turn away from her, and start discussing whether they should go out tonight, gob smacked at their lack of response she walks over to Donna and David.

She glares at Donna, "Who did you tell, I told you, I trusted you. You are supposed to be my best friend".

"Not now Kelly, Donna's upset". David told her.

"Donna's upset, what about me! She told everyone my secrets, did you not see what just happened, your my brother, why aren't you showing concern for me" getting into his face.

Getting closer she shakes, Donna's shoulders, "Who did you tell? Perfect little goodie goody Brenda? Is that who you told", voice raised and starting to shriek.

David shouts back, "It was me ok, it was me she told. She thought I already knew. And I told Steve, I don't know who told everyone else ok".

"Ohh ha, that was me", Peyton said laughing, "You're a stuck up selfish bitch, well now everyone knows, you were that way when you stole Donna my best friend from me. And went after Steve when you knew Paisley liked him. You've always gone after what everyone else had, just because you wanted it well this school is feed-up with you". She stands with her arms crossed staring at her, no longer willing to back down.

Kelly angry at Donna, David and the cheerleaders, glares at them, "You'll all be sorry, you'll regret what you've done. When the rest of the school finds out, you'll be begging for forgiveness, but you won't get it, it won't happen, you will pay for what you've done". She storms out barraging past the waitress and knocking her to the floor as struts towards the exit!