AN: Just watched overkill, well the first part, the VCR decided not to tape the rest of it... Anyway, fascinated as I am with TC and Chris's relationship I noticed one very simple thing, those two have a serious communication disorder (TC is very bad at picking words and Chris has a tendency not to hear what he really means, but what the worst thing he possible could mean). But that could lead to some humour, like this very AU fic.

You calling me fat?

"You think we should have a baby?" Chris asked on a lazy evening, she stretched out like a cat then nestled against him on the couch again. It had been a long tiring shift and her words shocked him out of his dreamy slumber.

"What? Why?" he asked, wondering why she would bring it up, was she nesting?

"So you think it's a bad idea. You think you will ever be ready to have one? My biological clock is ticking you know." She said, an edge of anger audible in her voice. He knew he had to tread cautiously now, even if he hadn't done anything.

"No, I don't think it's a bad idea per se, I just don't know if we are ready for it, I mean being parents is a big responsibility and both our careers will suffer from it, someone has to stay home with the kid all day, and you will have to take pregnancy leave, not to speak of the whole pregnancy thing, and we would have to save up all our money, kids are really expensive." He quickly said, hoping she would take it the right way.

"Yes, but no matter when we'll have one we'll have to face the same problems, might as well be now." She shrugged "Besides, think about it, your looks and my brains, he will be perfect." She smiled at the thought of a son of hers with TC's features. TC's thoughts went a little differently: Oh my God, she really is nesting!

"I just don't think you realize at the moment what you will be giving up. Your freedom, your career, your figure..." he said, trying to come up with as many reasons as possible.

"You're afraid I'll lose my figure?" she got more and more ticked off with every word he said. He started to panic.

"No, I think you're beautiful." He guessed, ready to duck for some reason.

"Now or when I am pregnant? I won't always look like this you know!" she hissed as she jumped up, how did this escalate so much?

"I think you're beautiful always! You're my wife, I love you, I think I'm required to find you beautiful." He smiled sweetly trying to take back his words that, the second they had left his throat he knew didn't sound right.

"YOU'RE REQUIRED?" oh yeah, she was pissed.

"No, no! That came out wrong, I mean... I mean I vowed to grow old with you, and even when you're old and wrinkly or fat I'll love you, I mean, who likes sticky girls anyway?" Open mouth, insert foot.

"YOU CALLING ME FAT?" She just didn't know how to look anymore, between rage, disappointment and just utter amazedness it really was hard to figure out.

"NO!" TC yelled back, only now jumping up, then he started laughing at the whole absurdness of the situation, here they were trying to have a conversation about having a child and they got into a fight about looks. She looked mad for a while longer, thinking he was laughing at her. But when he took her in his arms, she couldn't resist and answered the hug. Then she saw the funny side, even though she was still a little mad his laughing infected her.

They fell back on the couch, still chuckling, then she leaned over and pecked him on the lips.

"I love you." She said, having found her normal tone of voice after all that screaming.

"Love you too." He answered and took her hand in his, not for any particular reason, just to hold it.

They just sat there in quiet for a while, just because.