Of friendship

AN: I don't know if I portrayed their relationship right (Cory/Chris friendship) so let me know, reviews as always are greatly appreciated.

Of friendship

Cory shifted in her bed, again, trying to find a more comfortable spot so she might actually fall asleep. She sighed and shifted again. Her sleeplessness had nothing to do with the bed, it had been a particularly trying day at work, she had been shot at two times and a gun had been pointed in her direction two times more. You'd think one would get used to that, well, one might but she didn't.

With a grunt she pulled the covers away and stood up. She moved to the living-room where she switched on the light, it took her a moment to let her eyes adjust to the sudden downpour of light. When she did she found two blue eyes looking directly at her.

"I didn't wake you did I? I tried to be quiet." Chris said apologetically, she had been sitting on the couch in the dark.

"No, I couldn't sleep all by myself." Cory assured her.

Chris looked at Cory for a moment then stood up.

"I'll get the ice-cream, you get the cards." Se said, half a smile plastered on her face.

Cory nodded, it obviously wasn't the first time the two of them couldn't sleep at the same time, and over time they had developed a little ritual. Nothing fancy, just playing cards and eating ice-cream, forgetting, or talking about what bothered them.

They settled on the table, the carton of chocolate chip ice-cream in between them with two spoons sticking out.

Cory split the cards into two neat piles, as they were going to play higher or lower. (AN: dunno the official name) it was a very easy game that couldn't go wrong no matter how tired you were, and didn't require a poker face.

"Arg! You always have all the high cards!" Chris complained, when Cory's fourth card appeared higher then Chris's again.

"I shuffled and split, what did you expect?" Cory asked, a sparkle spelling mischief appearing in her eyes.

"You wouldn't." Chris said, and giggled, it would be OK with her if Cory was a little less by the book then she normally was, but then again, Cory was her friend, by the book or not.

"No, of course I didn't, don't hog the ice-cream." Cory saind, barely managing to get a grip on her spoon as Chris drew the carton nearer to herself little by little.

"I'm not... I am, saving up for winter?" she smiled widely, then gave up the ice-cream with a pout.

"It is winter." Cory commented dryly.

"Hardly." Chris said, as far as she was concerned winter meant snow ice and all that crap.

"Calendar wise." Cory informed her, wanting to have the last word in the matter.

"Oh, we could take a vacation together! Right after newyears, when it isn't so busy at the station, we could go to the snow!" Chris fantasized, eager for a break.

"That would be heaven, just relaxing in the snow, no one pulling guns on other people, not having to do any rotten paperwork, not having to be all strict." Cory fantasized right along with her, both still eating the ice cream and playing the game.

"Of course we'd have to have a snow fight, you can't not have a snow fight." Chris told her.

"You are absolutely right, and of course we'd need a fire place and cocoa or something, and absolutely no men."

Chris raised her spoon to Cory's statement and clicked Cory's spoon as if toasting to it.

They stayed up all night eating, playing and fantasizing when to their shock, the sun rose and their ice-cream ran out.

"We have two hours 'till we have to be back at the station." Cory said, finding it hard to believe the night had already passed.

Chris rose, then groaned, her muscles were killing her. "I'm going to sleep for at least an hour, wake me when I have to get up? I sorta accidentally tossed my alarm clock out of the window." She sheepishly admitted. "It kept on staring at me with those big red numbers."

Cory chuckled "Yeah I'll wake you." Both girl returned to their rooms and as soon as their heads touched the pillow they were out, dreaming about their vacation.


Of course they were late arriving at the fire house.

"MacNamara! Kelly!" Palermo bellowed when they tried to sneak in. "You're late." He said coming closer. He noticed they both were a little pale and had bags under their eyes the size of texas.

Chris cleared her throat. "Sorry, sir. But... Well, did you know that when two women spend a lot of time together their periods come on the same time?" she said, seemingly a little embarrassed. "Of course that's no excuse, sir, but this morning we..." Chris continued, but was quickly stopped by Palermo.

"I don't want to know, just make sure you're on time next time." He said gruffly, then speeded away.

Cory stifled a laugh, only to let it out, softly, when they had reached the locker room.

"I can't believe he bought that!"

"Hey, I didn't lie." Chris defended herself, a proud smile adorning her face.

"No, but you might have mentioned that was last week."

"He didn't want to know!"

"You're bad." Cory laughed.

"As are you, sister." Chris said, and they high fived a little.