AN: I totally stole this from Chiquinta... I don't know how exactly anymore but either we were talking or I was reading something she wrote and then this popped into my head... So all creative credit should go to her, I just wrote it down... And then had the nerve to have her beta it :D


"Hey." Chris smiled into the mirror trying to look attractive and working on smart things to say.

"How are you?"

"Me, I'm fine, great really." She smiled at herself.

"You see I'm on this great date with this great man... I'd say my evening is basically bullet-proof."

No, that was all wrong, don't mention bullet's, bullet's make men nervous.

"I'm great, you see I am on this great date with this great man... How could I feel anything but great?

How many times can you use the word great? OK, moving on to other things... what if he brings flowers?

"Wow, you didn't have to do that!" Yeah you might want to consider that if/when presented with a load of expensive jewellery, it's just flowers.

"Thanks." Smell flowers "They're very nice." Professional help needed... NOW!

So Chris ran to her phone and dialled the emergency number.


"Cory, it's me, I need your help!"

"Chris? It's three in the morning."

"I know! But he's coming at 8 to pick me up, he has a whole day planned!"

"And I need to be awake for this because..."

"Because I don't know what to wear, or what to say! I can't tell left from right anymore!"

"You like him don't you?"

"I am crazy about him."

"Literally." Cory grumbled.

"Hey! Will you come? Please? I'll owe you."

"Have I mentioned it's three in the morning?"


"You'd better not be pouting."

"I'm pouting."

"Damn. I'm coming."

"I knew you would! I will owe you forever!" Chris squealed. Cory removed the phone from her ear a bit.

"Better believe it." She sighed and got up to dress.