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New Praxis was a delicate balance of power. They had decided to make it a republic. Garris had made a name for himself, even though he didn't try to. Not only did his people look to him but many other abnormals did too.

Kate tried her best to both be herself and be a respectable future wife of Garris. This wasn't always easy. Yes, she had helped save the homeland abnormals, but some still saw her as an outsider. That was nothing new to Kate.

Today the market was busier then normal. Kate was proud Garris had let her help pick the location to set up the Markets around town and help be apart of setting up the rules of trade. Kate was just looking for something new and tasty to bring home for dinner later. When a slight pushing match started, a few stalls down. Kate knew the 2 abnormals and that this was just a display of rank. But when they knocked over the next stall's pottery and some broke. She marched over to them. Others were helping clean up the mess but no one was brave enough to say anything.

"How much do they owe you?" Kate asked the man running the stall. She knew him a Luther an abnormal that had 3 stomachs and a husband who had 3 kids. Luther looked away, "No… No problem." Kate was not going to see his hard work. The work he did to feed his family just go. "Well, which one of you wants to pay up?" She put her hands on her hips.

"The surface duller wants to lay down some law. Why don't you make us pay? Well, little girl take your best shot." The larger of the 2 men said standing with his arms wide out. Showing off as his clan was known for. But Kate was learning to use more then just her fist or guns.

Kate put her hand in her pocket. Then turned to Luther palms together, said in a loud voice. For all watching, "Luther, I beg forgiveness for these young boys. They lack honor to pay, so I pay for them. May your house be blessed." With that she looked the 2 up and down and walked back to the stall, she had been looking at.

The 2 hung there heads, she had dishonored them. They wanted to call her back, provoke a fight. But they saw everyone in the market turn their backs on them. They chose to leave without any assistance from the security, that had just should up.

Later that evening Garris came home. He was surprised to find Kate was in his kitchen. "You shouldn't be here with me alone," he said. Kate' kissed him on the cheek, "I have permission, from your aunt. It's hard to get used to me living with her and you living here, by yourself." Garris wrapped his arms around her, "I know, it's strange for you. But it has to do with honor. Which," he kissed her nose. "I hear you have plenty of." Kate turned back to get the food she had been plating up.

"Really, and who's been talking about my honor?" She set the plates on the table, as he sat down. "Oh, maybe that wasn't you. Maybe that was some other Surface duller that put to large members of the Sung clan to shame, in the market." Kate sat down with a glass of wine for her and water for him. "Oh that, nothing I couldn't handle." Kate flashed a smile at him. "That could have been very dangerous. But then I guess so are you." Garris reached his hand out palm up. Kate slipped her hand in it. Garris picked up his fork, "Before we start to eat.." His people always ate their meals with little or no talking. Kate laughed, "Don't worry I bought this in the market. All I did was heat it up." He kissed her hand before letting it go to eat. He loved her dearly, but her cooking was terrible.

Even thought they didn't speak words their eye spoke volumes as they watched each other eating. Garris knew Kate would probably never be accepted by everyone. But they better respect her! She would be his wife soon, and anyone that tried to hurt her. He would take it as an attack on him. As would his clan.