Summary: Maeve Potter thought that her life would return to normal after the end of the war, but that could not be further than the truth. With a hidden heritage comes new dangers, and Maeve soon finds herself entangled in the politics of a new world. Has she finished one war only to become involved in yet another?

This will be a crossover for both Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood. I am going to use most of the events from the books, but with the addition of some characters from True Blood. Also I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors. I haven't written in ages and am out of practice.

Chapter One

Maeve Liliana Potter's green eyes widened in shock, and her breath came out in an audible whoosh. "I'm sorry. I must have misheard you. Could you repeat that one more time?"

The look the goblin, Iron Jaw, gave The-Girl-Who-Lived was decidedly unimpressed.

"James Potter was not your biological father," he said once again.

"But...I don't—-how?"

"I assume the usual way such things occur." The goblin said delicately. "Surely this does not come as a complete surprise given the changes in your appearance. Was your...heritage...not one of the reasons you visited Gringotts today?"

Maeve flushed in embarrassment. Her hands went involuntarily to one of said changes to her appearance: her pointed ear lobes. She woke up on the morning of her 17th birthday looking very different than she had the night before. Her ears were now pointed, and while the rest of her appearance remained similar to her original looks, there were significant changes. Her once deep red hair had lightened considerably, and her facial features had become more ethereal, her eyes larger and brighter, her lips fuller, her cheekbones more pronounced.

Ron had stated on more than one occasion that she looked remarkably similar to Fleur Delacour or her sister, Gabrielle, because she had the same sort of magnetic attraction the two part-veela had as well although Maeve wasn't sure she really believed that. Oh, she knew that she was pretty enough. She had been told so ever since she was a small child. In fact, she believed that the only reason Aunt Petunia paid any attention to her at all was due to her looks and the way that having a pretty little girl under her care had opened doors to Aunt Petunia that would not have been opened with only the obscenely large Dudley in her care.

She smoothed her red curls over her now pointed ears self-consciously. "Yes, I thought maybe there was some creature blood in the Potter line." She shrugged. "With the war, I haven't had time to think about it until now. I heard that Gringotts had methods of determining ancestral lines that wizards don't have, so I thought it was worth the visit."

There was also the question of how her parents had been able to hide her otherworldly attributes. Ron assumed that some Potter had married either a veela or a part-veela at some point given her resemblance to the Delacours. He thought they hid her true appearance because of how British wizards felt about those with creature blood. Hermione had not shared his opinion, but as they were soon swept up in the frenzy of fleeing for their lives, hunting horcruxes, and waging war, they didn't have the time or energy to devote to researching her possible inheritance. Now that the war was over, and everything had returned to normal, Maeve thought it was time to get some answers.

"Indeed. Unfortunately, Gringotts is not privy to the personal affairs of wizards, so while I am unsure of who your biological father is, I can tell you that although he was not your biological father, James Potter listed you as his heir. Now that you have reached your majority, you will have access to the main Potter fortune alongside your trust fund."

Maeve felt as if all of the air had been knocked out of her. With everyone dead who may have known the truth, how would she ever find out who her real father was?

"However," the goblin continued when Maeve opened her mouth to ask that very question, "per the final will and testament of Lily Evans, a copy of your family tree was to be provided to you upon your 17th birthday if she had not done so prior to said date. As requested, the family tree was sealed upon completion for security and privacy purposes."

The goblin snapped his fingers, and a rolled up scroll of parchment appeared out of thin air. He handed the scroll to Maeve.

The witch hesitated for a moment before unrolling the scroll. She gave a cursory glance at the portion of the family tree detailing her mother's side of the family before focusing on the side dedicated to her father's side.

She scrunched her nose in confusion. There was no death date listed for her father, which was comforting, but for some reason, the family tree said he was born a thousand years ago.

"This isn't right. Something is wrong with this."

Iron Jaw's offense was etched into his entire body. "I assure you that every Gringotts commissioned family tree is guaranteed to be one-hundred percent accurate."

Maeve quickly back pedaled. "I'm sure it's nothing Gringotts did, but this just can't be right. I mean, even with magic, wizards don't live this long, and according to this scroll, my biological father, Niall Brigant, is a thousand years old."

Now it was the goblin's turn to look shocked. "Your biological father is Niall Brigant?" He questioned in a strangled voice.

At Maeve's nod, Iron Jaw sighed deeply. He pressed a long spindly finger to a crystal on his desk and spoke a few words in a harsh guttural language. He then turned his attention back to Maeve.

"I take it you are familiar with my...father," she surmised.

The goblin's gaze was inscrutable. "Quite." A pause. "Niall Brigant is the prince of the Sky Fae, and he is still very much alive."

Hope and despair warred within Maeve. James Potter was not her biological father. Not only that, but her father was alive. She had given up hope on having a real family, but the fact that he was not in her life despite both her mother and James being dead since she was fifteen months old spoke great lengths to his willingness to be a part of her life. Unless...

"Do you think that he knows about me?"

The goblin hesitated. "That remains to be seen."

"Do you know of a way to get in contact with him?"

"Not as such. Fairies very rarely interact with goblins if they can help it, but I do have an associate who is in contact with the prince's son, Fintan. He may be willing to help you."

Another snap of the goblin's fingers and second scroll of parchment appeared. A moment later, he passed the parchment over to Maeve. The parchment contained the name and address of the person in question: Desmond Cataliades in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Maeve spent the next week attempting to learn everything about the fae and fairies that she could only to be thwarted at nearly every turn. Apparently the fae were even more secretive than wizards which was saying something. The only book she had found in the Black library had only general information about the different types of fae, of which there were many. The only information the book really had about fairies themselves was how attractive they were and how that attraction often drew other supernatural races to fairies like a moth to a flame often to the detriment of the fairy in question.

She had attempted to send letters to Niall Brigant, Fintan Brigant, and Desmond Cataliades unsuccessfully. When given the letters, her owl, Archimedes, would take off only to go around in circles before bringing the letters back to her which meant they were either behind heavy wards...or they were dead. She had contemplated reaching out to some of the other family members listed on the family tree, in particular, she had two distant cousins who were only a few years older than her, but the goblins had warned her to be wary of reaching out to them with magical means as they may not be aware of either their heritage or the magical world at all since they were Muggles.

It was fast becoming apparent that if Maeve wanted to uncover the mystery of her birth and meet her family members, then she was going to have to make a trip to the United States. More than that, she was going to have to make that trip alone as Ron and Hermione had left for Australia the previous week to find her parents and reverse the memory charm Hermione had placed on them for their safety. However, she was more than a little wary.

Vampires in particular seemed to be the main contributor of fairy deaths thanks to the intoxicating effect fae blood had to vampires. With the vampires coming out of the proverbial coffin only a few short years before, this was more than a little concerning. Maeve had spent the majority of her life in a bubble of assumed safety either behind the blood wards at No. 4 Privet Drive or the formidable wards of Hogwarts. Even now, she was living behind the Fidelius Charm at No. 12 Grimmauld Place. Venturing into the so-called mecca for vampires, New Orleans, was something she was hesitant to do.

Maeve dithered over the decision for another week before finally deciding to go. Gringotts had been more than willing to set up everything that Maeve could need for her trip. In fact, the goblins had been more accommodating than she had ever known them to be about any little thing Maeve could need since discovering she was the daughter of the Sky fae prince. Of course, the goblin race being fae themselves likely had something to do with that. It was definitely a little overwhelming. Still, they had helped her purchase a wardrobe more befitting of her station-their words, not hers-and helped her start exploring any abilities she may have picked up due to her inheritance. They also gave her a crash course in what she needed to know in order to navigate America's supernatural world making sure she was aware of the political structure involved with both the vampires and the so-called two-natured.

They provided her with a dossier of anyone she should be aware of including the local vampire and two-natured authorities in Louisiana. Not that Maeve intended to interact with any of the vampires or werewolves in the area while she was in the States, but the goblins wanted her to be aware just in case. If only they could have given her a dossier on the fairies she was looking for! They remained annoyingly tight lipped regarding that although their reasoning was sound. Apparently, most fairies spent very little time in the human world, and instead, lived primarily in their own world, Faery.

Still, despite all of her preparations, she felt wholly unprepared for the trip when she finally took the international Portkey from Gringotts' London Branch to their New Orleans branch on June 17th.

The first thing Maeve noticed upon arriving in New Orleans was that it was hot. Ridiculously, uncomfortably hot. The moment she stepped out of Gringotts it smacked her in the face, and she began sweating almost immediately despite the light sundress she was wearing and the cooling charm she had cast before leaving.

The second thing she noticed was that even though she was trying to fly under the radar so to speak she felt as if everyone's eyes were on her. She took a deep breath and tried not to let her paranoia get to her. The war had only been over for a matter of weeks, but all of the Death Eaters who had survived the war had been rounded up. Plus, no one knew who she was in the Muggle world which was why she had decided against staying in the magical district in the first place. Here she hoped she could be just another person. So long as she stayed clear of any vampires, she figured would be absolutely fine. Still, it didn't stop her from being cautious or from despairing over how much attention her changed appearance garnered.

It only took her a few minutes to walk from the magical district to the hotel she was staying at, and Maeve spent that time taking in the sprawling city of New Orleans. She had been concerned about not being able to find the hotel, but it had been ridiculously easy. The hotel, the Windsor Court Hotel, was not only one of the tallest buildings she had ever seen, but it was also one of the most beautiful. Paintings, sculptures, persian rugs, flowers, marble flooring, and elegant furniture filled every inch of the lobby.

Her room-or suite as it turned out as she was staying in the presidential suite-was even more luxurious. No wonder the clerk checking her in had seemed so surprised when she gave them her information especially as she had no visible luggage since her trunk had been shrunk and was tucked into the bottomless clutch that Hermione had given to her for her last birthday.

Maeve spent the next little while exploring the suite. There was a large jacuzzi bath that was practically calling her name. Had she not had an appointment with Mr. Cataliades already scheduled-again, thanks to the goblins-then she would have stripped bare right then and there and spent the rest of the afternoon in the tub. Her second favorite part of the suite were the large wall-to-wall windows that gave her a very generous view of the city. She imagined that she could spend hours just looking outside the window watching the city. She was almost tempted to order room service and do just that, but when she saw that one of the restaurants in the hotel offered a special Traditional English Tea service, she decided to check that out instead.

Before leaving, she cast a refreshing charm on her clothes, reinforced her cooling charm, and splashed some cool water on her face. Then, she frowned at the state of her hair. The humidity was playing havoc with her curls giving her an almost Hermione-esque look. She mentally flipped through the series of hair charms in the spell book that Lavender Brown had given to her for Christmas first year. Hermione had been given one as well, but she refused to use it on principle, something about not giving into society prescribed ideas of feminine beauty or some such rot. Maeve, on the other hand, thought the book, filled with useful beauty charms, was a lifesaver. If not for those charms, she would have cut off all of her hair years ago. Instead, she had allowed it to grow until it reached the bottom of her back.

Maeve sighed and performed the series of intricate twists and jabs of one of the charms with her wand. Her hair braided and arranged itself into what the book described as a flower braid updo. She left some curls free on either side of her face to hide her pointed earlobes. It was a little more dressy than she usual did but given that she was about to go to her appointment with Mr. Cataliades she thought it would do. It turned out that Mr. Cataliades was a demon who practiced law primarily in the supernatural world.

Once her hair was finished, Maeve tucked her wand back into her clutch and headed down to Le Salon for the afternoon tea service. She was a little nervous about eating alone, but her nerves went away as soon as she walked into the restaurant. Between the relaxing harp music and the tea itself—a delightful blend of Darjeeling—the service was just what she needed before her meeting. She could have done without some of the sandwiches and confections served but overall, she planned on going back as many times as she was able to. However, the moment she stepped out of the cab she took to Mr. Cataliades's office, her nerves returned full force. She took a deep breath and steeled herself before she entered the office. Was she a Gryffindor or not?

She walked resolutely into the office and up to the receptionist's desk. The receptionist was a no nonsense looking woman who reminded Maeve of Professor McGonagall with her pulled back into the same tight bun and the same pinched look on her face.

"May I help you?" she asked in a tone that clearly indicated she would rather be doing anything but helping Maeve.

"Yes, you may," she said coolly. "I believe Mr. Cataliades is expecting me."


Maeve hesitated. She assumed that Mr. Cataliades was aware of the Wizarding world, but she didn't know how widespread that knowledge was. The office was located in the Muggle side of New Orleans, but if Mr. Cataliades specialized in supernatural clients, then that really didn't mean much. Since the waiting area was empty save the receptionist, she finally gave her name quietly. "Maeve Potter."

The receptionist's eyes widened before they darted furtively to the lightning bolt scar on her forehead. "Oh! Yes, of course, Ms. Potter. Right this way," she said as she guided Maeve to one of the many offices in the building.

Desmond Cataliades looked nothing like Maeve expected. He was a large man with a very round belly. He had round black eyes and what little hair he has was black as well. By the time she had finished examining the lawyer, the receptionist was gone, and the door was closed leaving the two alone.

"How can I be of service to you, Ms. Potter? Iron Jaw was less than forthcoming about your need for a lawyer, and I confess I myself am confused as to why you would travel so far from home for one." The demon gave Maeve a penetrating look. He folded his hands together in front of him and waited for her to respond.

"I recently discovered that James Potter was not my biological father."


"Yes. I want to contact my biological father, and Iron Jaw thought you may be able to do so."

The demon hummed noncommittally. "I suppose that depends on who your father is. I do have many connections in the supernatural world."

She took a deep breath and pushed the hair covering her ears back revealing their tipped ends. "Niall Brigant is my father."

Mr. Cataliades's eyes widened, and his mouth dropped open in shock. His eyes then searched her face, perhaps for some trace of the fairy in question. "I assume you have proof of your claim."

Maeve nodded and pulled the scroll containing the family tree out of her bag. She then handed it to the lawyer.

He took a minute or so to look over the scroll before giving it back to her. "Well, Ms. Potter, you are certainly full of surprises."

She gave the man a self-deprecating smile. "Story of my life. Now, you see my dilemma. I'm not even sure if my father knows I exist much less how to contact him. Iron Jaw mentioned that you were friends with, Fintan. I was hoping you might be willing to contact him for me and facilitate a meeting."

Mr. Cataliades heaved a heavy sigh. "I would be more than happy to help you, Ms. Potter, but I want you to to think about this." He paused before asking, "How familiar are you with fairy politics?"

"Not familiar at all. The books I found contained very little information, and the goblins were either unwilling or unable to tell me much. They seemed to think it wouldn't matter since most fairies lived in Faery and not in the human world anyway."

The demon nodded. "Yes, that is true. However, there is more to it than that. There are two opposing factions of fairies. Many fairies enjoy living in the human world. Your father is one example. In recent years, he has even taken advantage of technological advances to help fairies and other fae blend into the human world better, and then of course, there is the financial side to consider as many of the fairies who choose to live in the human world invest heavily in human businesses.

But there are some fairies who don't think there should be any mingling between humans and fairies, financial or otherwise, but in particular, they don't believe fairies should procreate with humans. They believe those of mixed blood dilute fairy magic and are the reason that the birthrate of fairies has fallen to an alarming level. Because of your father's beliefs, he has made many powerful enemies. Niall was much younger when Fintan and Dermot were born, and things were not as tense between the faction at the time. It is a different time now, and there is much unrest in Faery between the two groups. You have just ended a war. Are you willing to risk becoming involved in another one?"

Silence prevailed while Maeve digested the new information. Was she fated to always be a half-blood? To always be hunted because of the circumstances of her birth?

"It's not that I'm eager to become involved in another war," she finally answered. "But what choice do I have? Whatever my mum and James did to hide the fact that I am part-fairy wore off with my magical majority, so now it is out there for everyone to see."

Mr. Cataliades frowned. "There is no mistaking your fairy heritage, that is true. Fintan himself always had difficulty blending into the human world. With your position in the Wizarding world, it is only a matter of time before someone discovers the truth."

She nodded. "Yes. The only reason they haven't done so already was because of the war. I haven't appeared in public since the final battle. I don't care if the Wizarding world knows who or what I am. I have done more than enough for that world, certainly more than they deserve given how they have treated me in the past. I've never been a part of a family, at least that I can remember, and I am willing to risk whatever I have to for the opportunity to be apart of one."

The demon's look was inscrutable. A long moment passed before he finally said, "Very well