Summary: Maeve Potter thought that her life would return to normal after the end of the war, but that could not be further than the truth. With a hidden heritage comes new dangers, and Maeve soon finds herself entangled in the politics of a new world. Has she finished one war only to become involved in yet another?

This will be a crossover for both Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood. I am going to use most of the events from the books, but with the addition of some characters from True Blood. Also I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors. I haven't written in ages and am out of practice.

Chapter Four

With a loud crack, Maeve appeared in a wooded area. Without even looking around, she fell to the ground sobbing uncontrollably. She wished she could go back to thinking that James Potter was her father. In truth, he was her father, in every way that counted. He had taken care of her and loved her. He had fought for her and eventually even died for her. What had Niall done for her? Left her alone… left her ignorant… and all for what? Her safety. If he had been so concerned about the safety of his children, perhaps he should have made sure he didn't have any. Not that Maeve was sorry to be alive, she was definitely happy that she was born, but still! And how concerned could he be if he never checked in on her after all of these years?

Maeve was not sure how much time passed until she was all cried out. Crying had never done her any good not at the Dursleys or at Hogwarts, but there was something cleansing about the physical representation of her grief. She wiped the tears off of her face and took in her surroundings. The sticky heat let her know that she was probably still in Louisiana. Since she had only been in cities so far, she had no idea how she ended up in the woods. She was confident that she hadn't gone too far, though.

The problem with accidental magic is that unlike intentional magic it responds to the innermost desires of the caster. Maeve's accidental magic had been very active as a child. When she was hungry, which was quite often, food would appear in her cupboard. Whenever Aunt Petunia would try to cut all of her beautiful hair off, it would grow back overnight as if it had never been cut at all. She had floated down the staircase once when an angry Dudley had pushed her from the top step. She had even accidentally Apparated one other time when Dudley and his croonies were chasing her. One minute she was running, and the next she was on the roof of the school cafeteria.

She tried to remember what exactly she had been thinking about when she had accidentally Apparated. She just remembered thinking about getting away from Niall. She sighed as she stood up, grabbing her discarded bottomless clutch as she did. At least she had had that in her hands when she Apparated, or she might be without her wand now! She brushed the leaves and dirt off of her light green sundress and looked around her. The trees were thick but not so thick that there was no sunlight breaking through such as was often the case in the Forbidden Forest. She could hear the twittering of birds as well as a cacophony of noises from other animals and insects. Beyond what she could see and hear, however, there was something else. Maeve could also feel a magical presence nearby. She didn't know what it was, but it felt similar to the magic Claude was using during his dance the other night.

She decided to investigate further and made her way through the woods even though she was definitely not dressed for it. It took a little while, perhaps half an hour or so, before she found herself in a small clearing. Once there, it only took her a moment of searching before she found the source of the magic. In the middle of the small clearing, she could see a slight wavering in the air. Something was there that she couldn't see.

Hesitantly, Maeve reached her hand out towards the distortion. She gasped and reared back when her hand seemingly disappeared through it. It was a portal-not only was it a portal, but it was one of the few portals to the Faery realm. The goblins had indicated there were once many portals around the world but that over the years, many of the portals had been closed. Mr. Cataliades had told her that there was one in Louisiana near where the Stackhouses lived that Fintan had used in the past, but he had not been specific as to its location.

Maeve wanted nothing more than to step through that portal and into Faery, but what then? Thanks to the warnings given to her by the triplets, Niall, and Mr. Cataliades, she had a pretty good idea of the danger she was likely to find on the other side, so even though her Gryffindor nature-and her own curiosity-clamoured for her to go into Faery, she did not. She probably should have Apparated right back to the triplets' home, so that they knew she was safe, but she could not stomach the idea of seeing any of them let alone Niall at the moment.

Instead, she sat on the ground with her legs folded beneath her and stared at the portal. She wished once again that she could turn back time, that she could go back to not knowing anything, back to the ignorance she had known before her 17th birthday and especially back to not knowing about Niall Brigant. How had everything become such a mess? She still couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that Niall had known about her. It tore at her heart. She just hadn't expected that at all.

She decided to make the most of her accidental magic. If this was truly the portal near where the Stackhouses lived, then perhaps she should make a stop there. The only problem was that she had no idea where their house was in relation to where she was now.

She took her wand out of her clutch and put it flat on her palm. "Point me," she whispered, her mind and magic concentrating on the Stackhouses. While it was not quite how the Point me spell generally worked, intention played such a huge part in magic that she hoped it would work in this matter.

Her wand spun around several times before pointing back towards the way she came. She walked back through the woods stopping every few meters to cast the spell again. It was only half a kilometer or so until she saw a large white farmhouse in the distance. As she approached the house, she was able to get a better look. There was a large screened in porch in the front of the house. Compared to the more modern house the triplets lived in, the house needed some work. The paint was dull in places and peeling in others. However, there was something about the house that reminded Maeve of the Burrow. Maybe it was the garden she could see off to the side or the lived in look of the front porch with a porch swing one side and a small table next to a chair on the other. A myriad of plants were also placed along the length of the porch. Whatever it was, she liked the look of the house.

She paused and took a deep breath. She could see two vehicles parked in front of the house, one was a yellow car that had seen better days, and the other was a black truck with pink and blue swirls going down the side, so she knew someone was home at least. Still, she had no idea what to do now that she was facing the house. She tried to straighten herself up, making sure that she did not look entirely unkempt. Her sundress was probably fine, but her hair was a mess. Knowing it was a lost cause, she just walked up to the front door with a confidence she did not really have and knocked.

An elderly woman answered the door. She was short and thin with white hair, bright blue eyes, and a kind face. Maeve liked the look of her instantly. She paused upon seeing Maeve, taking in her no doubt bedraggled appearance

"Can I help you?" she asked in a thick Southern accent, a concerned look on her face.

"I… yes," she stammered. "Are you Adele Stackhouse?"

"Why, yes, I am. And you are?"

"I'm Maeve Potter," she replied.

The elderly woman studied Maeve knowingly for a moment. "Is everything alright, dear?"

Maeve nodded her head. "Yes. I don't know why I'm here." She finally confessed. Nervously, she pushed her hair behind her ears accidentally exposing her pointed earlobes.

Adele Stackhouse's eyes widened in shock at the gesture. "Fintan…" she breathed out. "You're like him, aren't you?"

"Yes. He's my brother," she admitted. "Not that it matters to him, at least. He doesn't want anything to do with me." She took a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come."

She turned to leave, but then stopped when Adele said,. "Wait!"

"This was a mistake," she insisted. She lowered her voice. "You don't know me, I know, and your family doesn't know about Fintan, or anything, but I was so close…" She trailed off. "I just wanted to meet Sookie and Jason, if I could. I just found out that we're cousins, of a sort, and after everything that happened today, I was hoping to find just one member of my family who actually wanted me."

Adele watched Maeve as she rambled. When she fell silent, the elderly woman seemed to come to some decision as she gave a sharp nod of her head. "Tonight we're having a special meeting of my club, The Descendants of the Glorious Dead, at the Community Building. The meeting starts at 7:30. You can meet Sookie then."

A bright smile lit up Maeve's face. "Thank you. You have no idea what this means. I'll see you tonight."