A strange unrealistic dimension running apparel to the original. A nightmare a gut churning nightmare where one does not wake up from. Severe head injury obtained from the battle resulting in concussion. Whatever the cause for her eye sight to suddenly fail her now didn't matter or maybe it did and she was going insane.

The great hall was once again back to its pristine condition, the four house tables with their house flags flying above taking up the floor while the high rise housed the professors table. The room had no visible evidence of the battle from the night before.

The ceiling once again enchanted to look like the night sky with its twinkling stars and half crescent moon shining over head. The battle had effectively destroyed the beautiful piece of magic by the vicious club welding trolls and the acromantulas crashing through the ceiling. The wall that backed on to the castle grounds had collapsed, the brick and glass from the windows shattered on the floor. The bodies of the deceased no longer lined up waiting for relatives to claim their loved ones. The scorch mark where you know who fell at Harry Potter's wand marking his final stand no longer engraved on the floor. No smell of death or the coppery metallic of spilt blood left wafting around them. It was impossible.

Looking down at her trembling hands, she didn't remember getting to the great hall nor did she remember putting on her school uniform. Her fingers fumbled with the red and gold tie clasped around her neck. Her school regulated skirt seemed shorter this morning showing far more skin than she was ever comfortable with, usually sitting below the knee but now resting mid thigh.

Glancing back up at the students of every house sat eating breakfast as if it was a normal school day, every student wearing their uniform or in some cases their uniforms wearing them. Not a sad face amongst them. The delivery owls making their scheduled drop off bundles of mail flopping upon the tables knocking cups and plates askew much to some of the students disgust.

Gryffindor table had the most undignified shouts coming from it as the Weasley owl crash landed in the middle of the table upending the morning meal of porridge and toast and flooding her housemate's laps with unrecognisable liquids. Harry and Ronald gently coaxing the tiny owl up on to the redhead's shoulder and detaching the burden from his talon and rewarding the chaotic creature with a sliver of bacon.

Her heart beat was going through the tumble spin right now. Loud and fast. Nothing was making sense she was seeing dead people eating breakfast and laughing with their friends. The tightening in her chest was restricting her breathing.

Stumbling she leant heavily against the doorframe, her fingers gripping the thin wood turning her knuckles white from the death grip. Resting her forehead on the frame her eyes closed, trying to regain her composure. Breath, breath Hermione breath.

"Hermione are you okay?". An eerily familiar voice asked, concern leaking through their words.

Hermione growled suddenly turning around and shoving the pureblooded blonde Slytherin in the chest away from her person.

"Don't you dare touch me. Not you.. not after everything you and your family has done. Not after you stood by and watch that bitch torture me" she hysterically shrieked, ripping her left sleeve away from her arm and the foul slur mudblood carved in to her arm was gone.

Draco knitted in brows in confusion, his hands held up in surrender. A look of pain flashing across his face.

"It was right there.. I know it was.. you.. you did something" Hermione accused, thrusting her wand in to the pale wizard's chest.

"Hermione what the hell do you think you're doing?" Harry demanded furiously shoving her wand away. "Sorry Draco I'm not sure what has gotten in to our friend". Squeezing Draco's shoulder soothingly earning a bright smile in return.

"You are friends with the ferret Harry? A bloody death eater?".

"Don't you dare call him such disgusting names what has gotten in to you? Draco is our friend Hermione" Harry angrily shouted, his green eyes flashing in disgust.

The great hall fell silent watching their fight break out but unaware to Hermione the professors were making their way to the trio.

"There was a battle here just last night! Harry you killed Voldemort after his snake tore Snape's throat out in the shrieking shack" Hermione rambled out her wand waving dangerously between them blue sparks shooting off the end. "Death eaters invaded the school.. we lost Tonks and Remus they were murdered by that demented fucking harpy".

Harry looked on with concern for his friend and worry for everyone's safety as the wand held in Hermione's trembling grip was suddenly shooting off strange sparks.

"Hermione just put the wand down and we can talk but I can assure you Tonks is perfectly fine and Remus is on holiday with Sirius and professor Snape is fine well grouchy but fine" he gently spoke as if to a frightened five year old.

Blank faces looked back at her some filled with confusion and some with concern.

"I was there.. I saw people die.. you have to believe me please" she begged her bespectacled friend who was backing away from her with the enemy half behind him protecting the blonde bully with his body.

Suddenly strong arms circled her waist just as her wand was snatched from her hand. Hermione stiffened at the warm chest pressing in to her back.

"Take her to the infirmary madam Malfoy will need to look her over".

She couldn't make out who was following them but she did hear the crunch of footsteps echoing off the stone walls.

Hermione fought back clawing at the exposed skin on her captors arms, throwing her head back but to be met with a very pointy shoulder, pain blossoming down her neck as her head connected with bone as she was dragged through the halls.

The double doors of the infirmary swung open on their arrival. The medical wing had been one of the biggest hits during the battle completely destroying the room but now it was back to its original state, beds lining the walls forming a semicircle. Bright white walls that made the ill occupants depressed and docile.

Hermione was strapped down on a bed her ankles and wrists secured to the railings. The more she thrashed the tighter the leather straps curled around her skin biting into her fragile bones.

"What do we have here?".

Three figures stood looming over the end of her bed, three people she wished she would never see again, three dead death eaters standing over her concern flitting across their features.

"We believe Miss Granger has suffered a mental breakdown. She attacked Mr Malfoy and Mr Potter neither student provoked her" Alecto Carrow quietly informed the tall regal woman in matron uniform.

Nope, no, no this can't be happening absolutely not. Just got to wake up now.

"Miss Granger let's take a look at you shall we?"

Hermione growled at the approaching woman unable to do much else she threw her head back on the pillow twisting her upper body violently and hissing curses at the universe perfecting an imitation of a mental patient in an asylum.

"I say she does remind me of you Bella" Alecto Carrow giggled accidentally knocking over the side table earning a sharp glare from the dark woman.

Bellatrix Lestrange was the one woman Hermione hated with every fibre of her being. The witch that tortured without mercy, killed without a second thought. Curls as dark as midnight, light unable to penetrate the inky darkness, wild beyond control. Her dark eyes swirling with insanity, sucking up the joy and happiness wherever she went, her skin pale and sallow from years in Azkaban.

Nothing like the woman before her while she still resembled the second in command to the foulest wizard to walk the earth, her curls were soft and smooth dangling over her shoulders. Her eyes now a molten grey still held some insanity but the biggest difference that caught Hermione's attention was the pale complexion that suited her no longer gaunt and sallow. Devilishly red lips pulled in to a bored frown.

Fuck those lips are beautiful. Damn it Granger she's a bloody death eater just waiting to use the cruciatus on your ass. Sexy lips waiting to be tasted... Wait what?.

"Fuck you death eater bitch" Hermione spat not sure who she directed that weak insult at. Her gaze drifting from the lunatic and on to the supposed matron lingering by her side.

Blonde hair with black sections running through the top pulled in to a tight bun at the nape of her neck. The most intense blue eyes she had ever seen stared back at her with curiosity and concern. Her ruby red lips pulled tightly together giving Hermione the impression the blonde didn't approve of her unladylike behaviour.

Well tough bloody tit.

The curtains around the bed was closed behind them leaving her with the Malfoy matriarch quietly muttering with her eyes closed and her wand trailing over Hermione's body. The light blue light pulsing off her skin showcased her skeleton but that was all she could work out.

"Where's madam Pomfrey? Does she know an imposter is taking residence in her infirmary?".

"Poppy left a year ago Miss Granger and as well you know I am a qualified healer who took over for madam Pomfrey. You are suffering from delusions and until I can be sure you are safe to be released you shall be staying put".

The curtains reopened to the two death eaters waiting patiently with professor McGonagall striding into the infirmary, her signaturee emerald green robes swirling around her feet like water lapping at her legs.

"Professor help me there's death eaters in the school! You have to do someth...". Hermione's voice trailed off, she tried to open her mouth to speak again but she couldn't.

Alecto grimaced, tucking away her wand she received a nod of gratitude of Bellatrix at the unorthodox way of dealing with the girl.

"Narcissa what is the diagnosis?" Minerva inquired, sadly watching her favourite cub thrash silently on the bed like a mad woman.

Narcissa cracked her neck, a smile gracing her face turning to the deputy headmistress.

"Miss Granger is suffering from delusions in my opinion she has a mental disorder that has gone unchecked until now. If you are in agreement I shall perform the necessary examines to find the cause of the strange behaviour".

Minerva nodded.

"Usually I would need permission from the parents but as Miss Granger is an orphan your consent as head of house will be acceptable" Narcissa smoothly finished.

"Do you have someone in mind to perform the Legilimency? I'd rather not ask Severus with his biased personality".

Narcissa sharply nodded turning towards the fireplace and igniting the floo network, kneeling down she poked her head in the green flames.

"I need you at Hogwarts my dear I have a student needing assessed for her own safety".

The room fell in to an awkward silence as the well polished lady spoke through the floo. Hermione couldn't grasp what the hell was happening, she heard everything the older women were rudely discussing about her as if she wasn't in the room. Her mouth was working once again but she had no fight left in her to perform a sentence let alone insult the death eaters.

Narcissa returned with a shorter woman following behind. She was the spitting image of Bellatrix though her curls were slightly wilder and lighter in colour broading on darkish brown, her eyes the same molten grey and her full pink lips pressed in a thin line.

"Bella" the woman calmly spoke, bowing her head in respect at the bored looking woman.

Narcissa turned her attention upon Hermione a smile on her lips.

"Good to see you have finally calmed down Miss Granger. I would like to introduce my sister Andromeda she shall be performing the tests on you". Narcissa pulled her sister next to the bed.

"Good evening Miss Granger" Andromeda spoke her words holding an air of authority and power. She looked at Hermione through heavily hooded eyes very similar to her death eater counterpart, a shudder running down her spine.

She knew who this woman was, she had met the disowned sister briefly in her fifth year when her daughter Tonks got herself in to trouble. Andromeda was shunned by the pureblood elite for marrying below her station and breeding with a muggleborn wizard before she had the chance to finish her sixth year at Hogwarts. Hermione saw her as an inspiration, a role model, someone who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth but betrayed everything she was brought up to believe in for her own beliefs. The same Andromeda that had no contact with either sister for over twenty years.

Hermione blinked away the thoughts swirling around her mind to release the room was suddenly empty bar Andromeda who was sitting elegantly on the visitors chair watching her intensely as if trying to peel away her hidden secrets from vision alone.

Of course she's a bloody Legilimens Hermione inwardly screamed.

"Sit up Miss Granger it will be far more comfortable for both of us".

Hermione looked at her wrists that no longer bound to the bed, her ankles still in cuffs leaving her legs wide open for anyone Tom, Dick and Harry to look up. How undignified.

Andromeda took pity on the struggling girl raising the head of the bed into a seating position and placing a blanket over her lap to cover her modesty. Swiftly returning to her seat she had her pad and quill at the ready.

Molten grey met cinnamon eyes. "Let us start with your name". Andromeda bit her lip to stop the inappropriate laugh from bursting forth at the agitated patient.

"Hermione Granger as well you know" Hermione grumbled in reply.

"Age and year".

"What is this?"

"Procedure I'm afraid. What year are you in at Hogwarts Miss Granger?".

Rolling her eyes Hermione replied "seventeen and seventh year". Crossing her arms over her chest.

Andromeda raised a brow flipping through the file in her lap.

"Are you sure about that Miss Granger?".

Am I sure in what? if in seventeen what sort of nonsense is this. Just remember Granger it's just a nightmare that you will wake up from.. eventually.

"Obviously" she replied her voice dripping in contempt.

"What do you remember last?" Andromeda calmly asked.

A slight dull pressure pushed through her brain, forcing the battle to the forefront of her mind.

She cringed at the memory of last night, the colourful but deadly curses clashing with each other in the night sky illuminating up the school grounds turned battlefield. The fallen placed in two lines in the great hall as friends wept over their fallen loved ones. Her heart painfully stopping at seeing the heart breaking sight of Tonks and Remus holding hands in death, their son now an orphan. The sight of Harry limp in Hagrid's enormous arms, the gentle half giant surrounded by the enemy while he wailed and cradled her friend as a mother would their young. Ginny's screams of disbelief, the Weasley's grieving over Fred's death. The disappointing moment she and Ron finally kissed in the chamber of secrets the kiss felt empty and strange. The horrific sight of professor Snape dying under the dreadful snake tearing his throat out as the three friends watched helplessly, the moment he drew his final breath staring into Harry's green eyes. When Harry stood victorious over the dead crumbling form of the darkest wizard since Grindelwald. The death of Bellatrix Lestrange at the furious hands of Molly Weasley.

Collin Creevey, Lavender Brown, Gregory Goyle, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, professor Snape, professor Flitwick, Bellatrix Lestrange, Madam Hooch, Alecto Carrow, Amycus Carrow and so many more dead.

These names of the deceased whirling around her mind mercilessly. Tears splashed down her cheeks she felt so helpless even for the enemy that died trying to fight for what they believed in, for what they all were made to do by the hands of two megalomaniacs playing with their followers lives as if pawns on a wizarding chessboard. Neither caring till the other was dead.

Andromeda paled at the sight of her only daughter's lifeless body. Reeling in her emotions pushing down the painful imagine she pulled on her professional mask.

Clearing her throat catching the distressed younger woman's attention.

"Why do you think your mind has...".

Hermione bolted up right kicking her legs attached to the rails in anger. "You.. you looked into my mind without permission. How dare you" she shouted, her untamed curls crackling dangerously with uncontrolled magic.

All of a sudden alarms started screeching all around them bringing the death eaters back into Hermione's company.

Narcissa had one hand covering her ear while she waved her wand through the air silencing the ear splitting siren. Sighing in relief she whirled on to her sister and patient noticing the distress Andromeda was trying to desperately hide.

Bellatrix and Alecto had pounced unprofessionally on Hermione pinning her thrashing body to the mattress as the cuffs around she ankles gave way. Both women breathing heavily using their bodies to keep Hermione's arms and legs still but the young witch wasn't giving up without a fight. The hand resting on her shoulder abruptly pulled away as Hermione bit down hard drawing blood.

"Bloody animal" Alecto shouted in pain clutching her bleeding palm to her chest. Not allowing the slip of a girl to get the better of her she brought her right leg over the girl's chest straddling her using both knees to pin her arms to the bed.

Bellatrix sat perched upon Hermione's legs a look of boredom engraved on her beautiful face.

"What on earth happened Andy?" Narcissa sadly asked looking on at her patient still resisting beneath her sister and colleague.