while the Mudblood scar on Hermione's arm was caused by a cursed blade courtesy of our beloved Bellatrix in this story the scar isn't there but I shall explain more in future chapters.

Yes this story contains sex, I am a perv what can I say most of my stories do. Which is why they are rated M.

I shall never abandon my stories even if it takes a while to update.

On with the show.

There was no backing out of this, no way for Hermione to explain herself at being caught red-handed. Narcissa Malfoy stood bearing down upon her, her hands on her hips performing a well known Molly Weasley move.

"Can you explain sister why you have an under age student barely clothed in your closet? All while you are pleasuring Alecto." Narcissa calmly asked her nude sister. The doors of the wardrobe wide open showcasing Hermione to the two naked witches on the bed

Bellatrix flounced off the bed, her firm breasts slightly bouncing. The dark haired witch had no shame, she was proud of her body and happily looked her little sister in the eye. "How on earth did you get in there Miss Granger?" She mocked shock.

Hermione scrambled for her robes with such haste she tripped haphazardly into Narcissa. The Medi witch grabbed the brunette by her bare hips to keep the girl from pitching them both onto the ground. Once realising where her hands were Narcissa stepped away to give them both much needed space.

"I think you should head to bed Miss Granger before you find yourself in the headmaster's office."

Without waiting for further prompting she ran from the stifling room and back into the classroom. Her skirt still laying on the ground, Hermione grabbed it on the way past. Running as if the devil was chasing her she made it to her private chambers without meeting another soul. Fortunate or unfortunate she wasn't sure. Sleep evaded her that night, much to her displeasure. She was worn out and wanted to leave the strange night behind, to be forgotten but she doubted that would happen anytime soon.

The next morning she stumbled half asleep into the great hall, her tired eyes seeking out her friends. She smiled at seeing Harry and Draco bent conspiracously over the table. Ron stuffing his face with a chain link if sausages piled on his plate, yep some things don't ever change.

"Morning Hermione." Harry chirped out upon seeing her. "Salazar you look like shit."

Hermione rolled her eyes, "gee thanks Harry. You don't look to hot yourself." Draco and Ron snickered earning a glare from Harry and Hermione.

Coffee helped boost her energy while keeping her hands warm. She had tuned out the boys to pay full attention to those around her. She had the best spot to do her people spotting, her back to the wall allowed her to watch everything that happened in the great hall.

One memory she remembered from before the war ended starting to play in her minds eye. Hermione lost in her memories failed to notice the observation by Bellatrix and Narcissa.

"I pick truth." Ron grumbled.

"Is it true that you broke the ugly vase that sat on mom's sideboard and blamed Ginny?" George asked his brother.

Ron spluttered before nodding, a bright red blush covering his ears. "Harry your turn, truth or dare?."

"Dare me Ron!" he bounced up in excitement like a kid in a candy store.

"I dare you to drink three shots of fire whiskey."

"Easy. Miones turn." Harry giggled girlishly, downing the brown liquid. "Don't be afraid mione."

Ron burped, slopping his butterbeer all over his robes causing Harry to continue on with his fit of giggles.

"Fine. I choose dare." Hermione defiantly picked.

Harry leant over the table to Ron and the twins, their whispered conservation barely making its way to Hermione's slightly tipsy hearing. The foursome broke apart, all four wearing matching grins as Harry swayed dangerously.

"We dare you to tell us who you fancy" Harry blurted out.

Hermione crossed her arms, pouting at their trickery. "But that's not fair I chose dare not truth!"

"Dares a..." Fred started.

"Dare mione." George finished.

Ron smiled, leering at Hermione, puffing out his chest. "Tell them mione, tell them you love me."

"No way in hell do I fancy you Ronald." The look on her redheaded friends face nearly broke her heart. "I.. I'm gay."

Fred high fives George and Harry both grudgingly handing over pieces of gold to the grinning twin. "I called it our little Hermione loooovess the ladies."

George faked swooned into Harry's arms accidently knocking over the bottle of whiskey, soaking everyone's laps.

"What would you lot know? Bet you Harry's broom that both Ronald and Harry are still virgins!" Hermione snarked. Fred and George bent over laughing at the reddened faces of the younger boys.

"Yeah definitely."

A single tear slipped down her cheek.

"Oi Hermione."

Hermione snapped back to reality, her brow furrowed. A young first year was trying to gain her attention "What?"

"I think professor Black wants you." He fumbled out before rushing out the hall.

Turning to the head table she saw the deviousish witch beckoning her over. If the crooked finger was to be going by anything.

A spike of fear rendered her motionless, stock still on the bench.