The doctor and some of my friends from books are going to educate you on why pears are awful.

"I am The Doctor and I told you pears are awful many times, but no one listens. So I must call on the help of Biana Vacker, Annabeth Chase, Katniss Everdeen, and Luna Lovegood to prove my point." The Doctor says patting her hair.

"I volunteer as tribute!" Katniss shouts.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Biana says

"It means Katniss will try a pear first." The Doctor says handing her a pear.

Katniss takes a bite and says,"Pretty good."

The Doctor staggers back and puts a hand on her heart,"No it's not!"

Annabeth takes a pear and eats it,"It's good."

The Doctor gasps and starts running in circles screaming,"PEARS ARE AWFUL!"

Luna grabs a pear eats it and says,"Wit behond measure is mans greatest treasure." And walks out of the room.

Finally Biana grabs a pear takes a bite a spits it out,"That's awful!" Biana shouts throwing down the pear,"What gnomes grew this."

"Thank you Biana Vacker. You will be invited back to my talk show, Why Pears are Awful. See you next time!" The Doctor says shutting down the show.

In back room:

Katniss is trying to wash the taste out of her mouth and Annabeth is drinking apple juice.

"My plans for world domination are working. Starting with a single pear." Says...

Come back soon for the next time you need a reason to not eat pears! If you can't tell, I hate pears.