Unexpected New Growing Friendships of Two

Izuku has just gotten his food from the lunch line and made his way to the six girls are they are enjoying their own lunch while reading a EnviroBeat column that was written by Jessica Cruz, he thinks this is interesting but sad when he saw a stack of crushed papers of Jessica's article in the trashcan instead of the recycling bin.

"(Guess some people don't care much these days.)" Izuku thought sad and sat down with the others.

"Hey Jessica, nice work on the column." Izuku complimented.

"Oh, thank you." Jessica smiled.

"Unfortunately, most people in the school don't feel the same way." Izuku pointed at the two pins, the crushed papers are in the recycling bin now because Izuku put them there before meeting up with the girls.

"And those were actually in the trashcan before I came here." Izuku added, making Jessica look sad and shock.

"Oh Jess, sorry, but your column might just be a lost cause." Zee stated.

However, that seem to make Jessica angry, and she lash out some.

"¡No, me niego a creerlo! There's no such thing as a lost cause! That's literally the name of my latest article." Jessica showed the column with the title "There's No Such Thing as a Lot Cause" on it.

"Don't worry, I'm sure someone would appreciate what you're trying to do." Izuku patted her shoulder.

But then Jessica saw another of her papers getting thrown in the trashcan, this got her to go up there and put that paper in the proper place.

"Better go with her beloved, she could use all the support she could get." Diana advised.

"You could have at least recycled, you animals!" Jessica yelled as she picked up the crushed paper and put it in the recycling bin.

Jessica saw one student with a blue baggy-like hat crushing a paper, most likely Jessica's column, looking like he's about to throw it at the trashcan.

"Don't you dare." Jessica refused to let him throw away another recyclable item.

But the blue hat kid didn't care as he smirks and was about to throw the crushed paper only for that arm to be grab by Izuku with a disapproval look.

"Really, Nor? I thought you were better than this when I helped you with that cleanup in the science lab, but now you're going to try bully someone behind Jessica?" Izuku gestured.

Jessica was confused about what he meant by that and looks behind her to see that there is someone behind her, just minding her own business with a book.

"Just go back to your table and eat lunch." Izuku advised. Nor actually listen and leaves back to his lunch.

"Looks like Pam Isley is sitting alone at lunch again." Izuku said as he and Jessica sat back at the table with their friends.

The girl named Pam Isley is a rather short and pale-skinned teenager of thin stature, with olive-green eyes that have dark circles underneath, pale red lips, dark brown eyebrows and long, knee-length, pale-maroon colored hair with darker-colored highlights, which usually covers her right eye. She wears a dull dark green baggy cardigan over a light-yellow turtleneck shirt with a slightly darker-colored collar and a dark green leaf printed on the front, gray baggy pants, and olive-green sneakers with white soles and toes. Breasts size: D-cup.

"That poor girl. No one to eat lunch with, no one to talk to… No friends at all!" Jessica felt really sad for that Pam girl.

"Oh, Jess! Poor unobservant, unperceptive Jess." Babs chuckled.

"Don't you see her hair carefully placed to hide the face? The downward direction of the gaze. The oversized baggy clothes, that tucked her away from society." Babs described the current appearance features of the girl's outlook.

"It doesn't take a super sleuth like me to figure out Pam Isley doesn't want friends." Babs stated, feeling confident that her deduction skills.

"Except when she doesn't mind me being around her." Izuku mentioned.

"She doesn't what now?" Babs was shocked to hear this.

"Yeah, apparently, I'm the only person in the school that Pam seems to be comfortable with for some company. Or at least tolerate enough to not push away as she would put it." Izuku mentioned.

"For real? How did that even happen?" Karen asked.

"It started about one month after our big fight against Lena Luthor, I saw how a few people were making fun of her, and one was even going to throw a water balloon at her." Izuku answered.

"And being the sweet, nice boy you are, you jump in to save her." Kara rolled her eyes with a small smile.

"That's right, and I guess you could say that's how she started opening up a little." Izuku nodded.

(Two Months Ago)

"Wow, it has only been a month and people are still people about the arrival of the Young Justice Heroes." Izuku looked at the news article on the website on his phone.

"Yo Izuku, some guys were wondering if you're up for football when one of us saw you making a fast sprint." Hal walked up to Izuku.

"Thanks, but I'm gonna have to decline. Football isn't really my favorite sport, I'm more into using my brain though I don't mind doing martial arts." Izuku turned down the offer.

"Okay, guess there's going to be one awesome green guy on the field!" Hal smirked and flexed his muscles.

"But aren't the colors of your uniform mostly orange?" Izuku asked.

"Oh, what I mean is… Huh, oh look, something is happening over there!" Hal pointed in a direction when he noticed something is going on.

Izuku look over to see a lone girl that is Pam just looking into her locker getting out a couple of books and one can even see a tree poster with the words "Plants are Forever!" with some leaves coming out of the locker.

But Izuku also noticed that four students are smirking a little evilly with one of them holding two balloons that appears to be filled with water.

"Looks like lonely girl is going to get mocked again." Hal said.

"Again, you mean this happened before?" Izuku asked a little surprise.

"Dude, this is high school we're standing in, so things like that are bond to happen." Hal pointed out.

"That doesn't mean I have to like it." Izuku said.

"So, do you know who that girl is?" Izuku asked.

"Nope, but I do know that she's a new school that just transferred from her old school in Gotham City not too long ago. I think it was a week or two." Hal said.

"And it wasn't long until that girl made herself pretty clear that she WANTS to be alone with how she looks." Hal gestured.

"Being alone of your own choice, bet she must've had some really bad experience to distance herself from people." Izuku felt sorry for the new girl.

Izuku remembers what it's like to be alone back in his old world, being outcast by everyone just because he didn't get a Quirk at the age of four and was mostly bullied for most of his life, just like this girl here only she chooses this lonely path while Izuku was forced into it until years later everything got better.

And he can also tell that she wouldn't care much about what people do to her, but he would.

"It's still not right to pick on others, no matter the reason." Izuku narrowed his eyes.

One of the four students, a guy with dark blue hair, hold one water balloon up ready to throw it seeing that Pam still doesn't suspect a thing.

"This is going to be wet!" The dark blue hair guy chuckled.

He threw the water balloon and getting himself ready to mock the girl for her love of plants given that she has some stupid interest in plants which is going to be extra funny to him and his friends.

The pop slashing sound was made which some were expecting the balloon to have hit Pam, but that never happened when it was Izuku the took the hit of the balloon in her stead.

"Huh?" Pam was surprised along with the four bullies.

"Oui, what the fuck are you doing? You just messed up the moment!" The dark blue hair guy complained.

"Just helping out a friend." Izuku answered.

"A friend? Please, like anyone would want to be friends with a fucking loser loner bitch like her." The dark blue hair guy mocked, making Pam glare at him.

"No one is born to be alone, no matter who they are. Even to someone who wishes to be alone." Izuku stated strongly.

"Fine, then that just makes you a fucking loser!" The dark blue hair guy threw the second water balloon at Izuku only for him to easily catch and crush it in his hand.

"It looks like you're the one who's going to be the loser in the future, wasting away your life on harming others when the damage is only making you worse." Izuku said calmly with a disapproval look.

"Are you saying that I'm a loser?" The dark blue hair guy asked in anger.

"No, all I'm saying is you have the chance to become a better person, but it looks like that may happen too late if you keep this up. Which is why you're not worth paying attention to." Izuku said as he turns his back on him.

"Come on, I just remember that we have science class together." Izuku said, picked up the potted plant from her locker and they walk together.

"Hey, don't you fucking dare ignore me! You're just a stupid nerd who won't amount to anything!" The dark blue-haired guy shouted in rage.

"I don't know, man. Looks to me that Izuku is definitely to places." Hal smiled.

"Oh, and give my regard to Mr. Chapin." Hal pointed behind the group.

The dark blue hair guy and his friends became shocked upon realizing the principal is here. They slowly turn their heads around to see Mr. Chapin behind them and giving them a disapproval look on his face.

"You four, detention." Mr. Chapin ordered.

Back with Izuku and Pam walking together with the latter looking really confused and feeling a bit awkward for some reason.

"Hey, can I have my plant back?" Pam asked in a slightly angry tone.

"Are you sure? You're still carrying those books with your arms, and you don't appear to have a backpack." Izuku pointed those out.

"It's fine, not like I'm used to carrying a lot of things before." Pam said.

"Even so, you could still use some help and I'm happy to do so." Izuku smiled.

"Seriously, you don't even know me! Didn't your parents ever teach you about stranger danger?" Pam asked, feeling a bit annoyed.

"Yes, but they also told me to always be kind to others and help them the best way possible even when some don't want help." Izuku countered.

"Wow, you must have a heart of gold." Pam rolled her eyes.

"I've been told by that from a lot of people, and I don't regret living like this because there are always things that can still have a good life including and your love for plants like this one." Izuku said looking down at the potted plant.

"Plants are FAR better than any people in this fucked up world, it used to be their world first before humans came along and ruined everything." Pam growled a little.

"I know there are humans who do things for stupid reason like money and such just to cut down a forest, but you have to know that there are other people who don't approve of that like protesters wanting to protect the forest and other plants." Izuku mentioned.

"Yeah right, those idiots made no progress." Pam said angrily.

"How can you be so sure?" Izuku asked.

"Because I've seen this happen before and after fighting for a long time, those protesters gave up and allow the fools to ruin the greens that could've grown to made things better." Pam answered snapping at Izuku though he is unaffected of her rage.

"That happened in Gotham, has it?" Izuku asked.

"That city was already beyond saving before I was born, and nobody even tried doing anything." Pam looked down.

"How do you know for sure that there aren't any people fighting to make Gotham a better place?" Izuku asked.

"I just do! Plants barely grow there because of how polluted the ground is and the air always sicken, there isn't anyone that gives a damn." Pam proclaimed.

"Maybe it's because you haven't met them yet." Izuku said.

"Met them? There aren't any!" Pam yelled, but then she looks down at her potted plant with a surprise expression.

"Pam, I know that deep down that there are people out there who do care about the environment and plant life. Sure, you don't see that many of them around, but they are out there." Izuku assured with a smile.

"I won't force to try getting along with other people, but what I can tell you is that you should at least try to open yourself to one person." Izuku advised.

"Like anyone would ever be near me since I met it clear that I won't want to be with people." Pam stated.

"Shut up, Phil!" Pam glared whispering very softly at the potted plant named Phill. Thankfully, Izuku didn't hear that.

"I think you would very surprise that there are people who cares about the plants and environments, like my friend Jessica Cruz. She cares more about things to help make our planet healthy and equal for everything." Izuku mentioned Jessica.

"Does she hate people too?" Pam asked.

"Not as much as you do, but she does care for life such as the animals being abused and used for performances. She's also a vegetarian, no meat and only eat plant-base food." Izuku explained.

It was then Pam gasp in horror upon hearing that this Jessica girl use plants which feels worse as those other people killing plants to make other new things.

"What kind of monsters do you hang out with?!" Pam asked.

"You don't like vegetarians?" Izuku was confused.

"I never even knew people would lower themselves in destroying plants until now! Eating them?!" Pam exclaimed.

"(Oh, guess she's really a plant caring person to not eat them.)" Izuku thought realized.

"Hey, I know that sounds bad. But try thinking this as the circle of life." Izuku said.

"The fuck are you talking about?" Pam asked.

"Well, when humans need to eat, they would go after the plants and animals to keep their bodies fueled to live as much as they could. But then the time comes for animals to die, their bodies become the plant lifeforms such as grass for other animals and humans to eat. When humans die, they are buried in the ground to return their life back into mother nature. Thus, the circle of life." Izuku explained on what he knows about the circle of life.

"Huh, I never thought of something like that." Pa said.

"Oh, we should get to class. We really have science class together." Izuku said and walks off.

"Hey, what's your name?" Pam asked.

"Izuku Midoriya." Izuku answered.

"Pam Isley, and the plant's name is Phill." Pam revealed.

"Oh, so he's an emotional support plant for you. That's really nice." Izuku complimented.

"Uh, yeah, thanks." Pam said, trying to hide her blushing face as they walk together.


"And since then, Pam has been allowing me to hang out with her every now and then." Izuku finished the story.

"Wow, I can't believe you actually gone with Miss Lost Cause over there." Kara was surprised.

"Come on, Kara. It's like Jessica said, there is no lost cause." Izuku said, making Jessica smile and feeling so happy and her heart racing up a little.

"You know, I have been noticing that Pam is less dark and moody to people." Karen noticed this.

"And you know, I have been hoping to introduce you to Pam for some time. Maybe now is the time." Izuku believed.

"But didn't you mention that Pam became disgusted of vegetarians when you told her?" Jessica asked.

"She still is, but I think she could warm up to you and might bond when we go over this." Izuku showed an interesting article about a really big old tree.

"Oh, that's perfect! Let's go!" Jessica excitedly grabbed Izuku's hand, and they make their way to the table where Pam is.

"Huh, life just keep on surprising you." Zee commented.

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