The Gods, above the skies , were having a meeting. There was no balance between good and evil. This was a problem that has troubled them for centuries that needed to be solved. The world would crumble into chaos. There would be a lot of fights,agreements and disagreements on how the need for balance will be solved.

Suddenly, a god came up with an idea that'll work.

"Its time for the oldest children of Satan and Mother Earth to get married."


The gods didn't believe him,but laughed at first. Later, one god explained to them how the idea will work. "We'll seed messages to Satan and Mother Earth to let they're children know that they are getting married to both balance good and evil.", the gods finally understood him. Then, a message was sent to both Mother Earth and Satan to let them know...

In the Underworld, lSatan's oldest son, Prince Of Darkness, had been feared by many earthlings. He set things on fire,terrorized villages,killed earthlings, and conjured dangerous black smoke that caused sickness. His life was marked by the fact he lived in a big dark and creepy castle with his father and younger brother. Now things are about to change...

The Prince Of Darkness was by himself in his room. It was cold and lonely. Thats the way he liked it inside of his coffin. That was, also,there he slept with his teddy. The Prince Of Darkness likes his teddy, even though he was feared by earthlings. He adored his teddy bear until he woken up by his coffin opening.

"Hisss, what do you want!?",yelled the Prince.

He flew up from his coffin with his black dark demon wings.

"Prince Of Darkness...",began his manticore servant.

The Prince Of Darkness rolled his black eyes. He hated everyone calling him that.

Just call me by my Earth name: Danny.", offered the Prince Of Darkness shaking his claws.

Alright Master.",said the manticore servant.

"No,no Danny.. it's Danny." said Danny.

"Alright Master Danny." said the manticore servant.

"No I didn't mean...ugh forget it." ,grunted Danny as he facepalmed himself.

"What do you want?"asked Danny.

"Well Master Danny you're getting married.",said the manticore servant. Danny's eyes widened up "Married!?" He ;thought to manticore servant was waiting for a reaction since what happened to Danny's ex-wife, he thought the whole arranged marriage thing will make him happy again.

"Did you heard me Master Danny, you're getting married."said the manticore servant.

"Yeah I heard I'm not ready to get married again! Who am I'm marrying!? Who's the girl!?",shouted Danny in panic,as his father, Satan came in the room.

"Well son it's actually a mission're getting married to the daughter of Mother Earth." explained Satan.

Danny stood there shocked to be getting married to the daughter of Mother Earth!? No way! Not for him "NOOOOOOOOO!" roared out Danny in anger.

In the Heavens, lived Mother Earth's oldest daughter, The Princes Of Light, who was beloved by all and was goody-two shoes to all earthlings. She helped bring life and wonder to earth. She made the beauty out of forests,jungles and helps to heal the wounded and sick

It was her life ever since then she,her mother and youngest brother lived in a beautiful white and golden castle ever since but things are about to change...

In a white and cozy room lived was The Princess Of Light she sleeps in her nice and comfortable queen size bed until she heard the sound of the door opened to the sound of her fairy godmother who used to babysit her when she was a child greeting her with tea and bread

"Good morning Princess Of Light.",she said with a smile.

"Oh Frances, you know, I would like to go by the name of my earth name now.",said Princess Of Light.

She wook up to have the tea and bread in her bedWhat happened to you being called Princess Of Light?" Questioned her Frances

"I would like everyone to be calling me by my earth name:Mindy that's all." Says

Mindy with a smile "Well then Mindy I have some big news to tell you." Says Frances.

"What is it ? They have new clothing at the angelic mall?",asked Mindy making Frances laugh.

"No, is that your getting married." said Frances.

Mindy's face lits up,

"Really!?",shouted Mindy in excited.

"Yes really but..." ,said Frances could say anything.

Mindy just squeals in excitement. She is so excited she flew up to the was it this was really it for Mindy. Finally, she could get married! She always imagined herself in a beautiful wedding dress walking down the isle with the man she loves and settles in to start a little family.

"Oh my god,oh my god I'm going to get married I'm going to be wearing a wedding dress and everything!" shouted Mindy in excited.

"That's nice Mindy but..."

Before Frances could say anything Mindy flew back down.

"But what is the guy here already? I need to be all dressed up already?", asked Mindy confused.

"No it's that you have been chosen to marry The Prince Of Darkness." said Frances Mindy stood in silence making a pouty face like she was about to cry instead she shouted out "NOOOOOOO!"