As soon as Mindy and Danny walked through the tunnel they finally made it to the entrance. When they got to the opened entrance, Mindy began to wow in amazement she could look around her and see the Underworld was an imposing empire.

There were houses and further away from those houses was a big tall black scary looking palace. Mindy knew that the palace that she was looking at was Danny's palace. While staring at the big palace she didn't even realize that Danny's friend, Rob had flown over to meet up with Danny.

"Hey Danny, be back soon. Wow! That went quick."said Rob, not realizing that Mindy was standing right next to him.

"No, it's still going. I am trying to show the Princess of Light to the underworld.",said Danny.

"Wait she is here?",asked Rob in disbelief.

Danny nodded his head. Then,he brought Mindy a little closer to face Rob so she could meet him.

"Mindy this is my friend, Rob, and, Rob- this is Mindy.",introduced Danny.

Mindy who changing her focus from the castle back to meeting. Rob as she reaches out her hand hoping to shake hands with him but the only thing that Rob did was stare at her then looked over at Danny

"Danny why did you bring her here?",asked Rob rudely.

"Well Rob, all she wanted to see what the Underworld was like. You had been there all my life and was like a brother to me I want you to be the first one that makes her feel welcomed." explained Danny.

Rob stared at Danny, then ,stared at Mindy again. This Danny feel like that he is doing the right thing. So, with no other choice, Rob reached out his hand to give Mindy a hand shake. Then,after the hand shake, Rob huffed then flew away as Mindy looked back at Danny she brought up a question to him.

"Danny do you think I did something wrong or...",before Mindy could finish..

Danny said, "No,no Mindy, you did fine. I think he needs some time to think. I mean he is not used to any newcomers anyway.

"Come on, you want to see the Underworld right?",said Danny.

He started flapping his wings hoping for Mindy to join with him. Mindy thought about it for a few seconds before she starts flapping her wings to join Danny as she looked at him saying,

"Yeah let's go.",she said.

She and Danny started flying together to explore the Underworld.