Harry Potter: Witch Trainer

Premise and description

Hi, first let me apologize for posting the wrong doc. What you might have read was something that was given to me by fluffy-fanfic-lover. This is the revised premise that I meant to post. Also, please read the next chapter as that is the actual beginning to this story. This part is only to fill you in on what this story is about and who's going to be in it.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter franchise belongs to J.K. Rowling, X-men franchise belongs to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and Marvel Comics, and Highschool Dxd, Negima, Rosario + Vampire, Gate, and any other crossover I might add belong to their respective creators. No copyright infringement is intended.

Premise: Based on the game Witch Trainer, created by Akubar and Renpy. After defeating every Dark Lord from his home world, Harry Potter is sent to an alternative universe to take Albus Dumbledore's place, literally. He is sent to Hogwarts in disguise as Dumbledore and only Severus Snape, Deputy Headmaster, knows he's not Dumbledore. When Harry arrives, he discovers that the year is 1994, his fourth year originally, and that Hogwarts is not just a Wizarding school anymore. Now, as he takes his role as Headmaster, he will deal with students and teachers alike with some training and tutoring to those in the art of sex.

Scenarios: Lemons, fetishes, public humiliation, domination, student/teacher, mind break , beastiality, tentacles, glory hole. Multiple stories that branch out after choose to make them all personal slave , public slave or mix.

Universes: Harry Potter, Highschool DxD, Negima, Rosario + Vampire, Mon Musu, X-Men Evolution

Current Confirmed Females: (no order)

Hermione Granger

Lily Evans

Daphne Greengrass

Astoria Greengrass

Luna Lovegood

Susan Bones

Cho Chang

Nymphadora Tonks

Narcissa Black

Pansy Parkinson

Tracey Davis

Hannah Abbott

Padma Patil

Parvati Patil

Lavender Brown

Ginny Weasley

Fleur Delacour

Bellatrix Black

Alicia Spinnet

Katie Bell

Angelina Johnson

Romilda Vane

Aurora Sinistra

Rias Gremory

Akeno Himejima

Koneko Toujou

Asia Argento

Xenovia Quarta


Ravel Phenex

Ingvild Leviathan

Seraphal Leviathan

Sona Sitri

Tsubaki Shinra

Momo Hanakai

Tsubasa Yura

Tomoe Meguri

Reya Kusaka

Ruruko Nimura



Le Fey Pendragon

Gabiel the Seraph

Greyfia Lucifer/lucifuge

Venella Ball/ gremory

Irina Shido

Moka Akashiya

Akasha Akashiya (Outer Moka)

Kurumu Kurono

Ageha kurono

Yukari Sendou (age 14?)

Mizore Shirayuki

Tsurara Shirayuki

Ruby Tojo

Kokoa Shuzen

Akua Shuzen

Kahlua Shuzen

Shizuka Nekonome

Ririko Kagome


Centorea Shianus


Rachnera Arachnera







Evangeline AK McDowell


Rory Mercury (Rory the Reaper)

Princess Pina Co Lada

Tuka Luna Marceau

Yao Ro Dushi

Lelei La Lalana

Jean Grey



Scarlet Witch





Emma Frost




More if possible

Chapter Descriptions: Every odd chapter will have 2 HP girls and 1 AU girl, and every even chapter will have 1 HP girl and 2 AU girls. Here is a brief idea of where I'm planning to go ( Chapters 3-4 Not Confirmed)

Chapter 1: Sona Sitri, Pansy Parkinson, Lily Evans

Chapter 2: Rias Gremory, Hermione Granger, Moka Akashiya

Chapter 3: Daphne Greengrass, Akeno Himejima, Nymphadora Tonks

Chapter 4: Akasha Akashiya, Narcissa Black, Asia Argento

The rest I will wait until I hear from you. Please let me know who you would want to see in future chapters. Also, if you want a particle angle for any of the girls listed above please let me know. Thank you all for reading my stories and once again I apologize for the mix up.