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When I come to my senses, I'm encircled by holograms.

This was the city I just visited Rinko just a little while ago...

It looks a lot like District 43- the administrative center for Paimont City.

"Is this... {Eden}?" (Rinko)

It seems she's thinking what I'm thinking.

"Come to think of it, Sayorin always said that this place is very realistic..." (Rinko)

T-This wasn't on the level of some game.

All our five senses are working, no wonder this place is indistinguishable from our reality.

Calling it a simple VRMMO isn't doing it justice. It's a brand new world in all senses of the word.

How can humans even create something like this?

"Is {Eden} a shadowgraph of reality?" (Ren)

This place is completely different from the rumored fantasy-esque network RPGs that I've heard about.

All the colors are subdued, and the atmosphere... seems oddly dark.



Make A New Account.

Those words, written in English, flicker before my eyes.

I'm not half-bad at English, so I'm okay, but what about players who only know Japanese?

"Huh? Huh? Which one do I pick?" (Rinko)

Case in point.

"This is your first time in {Eden}, right? In that case, I think you should pick this one that says 'New'." (Ren)

"Oh, I see. Then I'll just pick 'new'. What about you?" (Rinko)

"I think I'll do the same, but..." (Ren)

And so I... try to make a new account.

So what happens if I do this?

Enter Your Account Name





Set Password


[ERROR: 101]

"Huh? Why?" (Ren)

The reason...

Your Account name must be unique.

Select a new Account Name!

It's all written in English that's above my level, so I use an electronic translator to figure out what it says.

So, in other words, it means someone else is apparently already using the name "Isis".

Come to think of this, didn't En say something about this?

"An account's been prepared for you so that you can dive in at any time. Remember it well, Onii-chan. The account is Isis, spelled I-S-I-S." (En)

I see.

I'm where En said I needed to be, so I decide to try logging in.

Enter Your Account Name.


Enter Password.

Huh? Come to think of it, didn't I just find a new password?

When I think about it carefully, it's not strange at all.

There's nothing else I can do, so I'll give it a shot...

Enter Your Account Name.


Enter Password.


Invalid Password!

"Mmmm, no good." (Ren)

"What's wrong?" (Rinko)

I give her the facts straight and simple.

"Hmmm, I see now..." (Rinko)

Rinko swiftly reaches her hand out...

We tried to break into it for some time.

In the end, we decide to stop for today.

We logged out...

"Ahaha, didn't think that'd work." (Rinko)

But thanks to Rinko, we were able to break through the first layer of protection, but it doesn't feel like another miracle's coming our way this time.

"There's definitely some kind of hint." (Ren)

"Yea, you're right, there must be." (Rinko)

"Rin wanted me to enter {Eden} using this account. If I can just log in, I'm sure we'll find some kind of hint. So..." (Ren)

"Right, right. But you shouldn't push yourself. You've done more than enough for today, and you need your sleep. If you do, you might get a good idea about what it might be tomorrow." (Rinko)

"...That really does sound like a good idea." (Ren)

That way, I can sort out all the information regarding my experiences with Rin in the real world. Saten-sensei did say something like that, right?

"I'll try to think about it too." (Rinko)

"Thanks, Rinko. If you weren't here, I'd never have gotten this far." (Ren)

"Wh-What's up with all this humility?" (Rinko)

"Up until now, I treated you poorly. But that was a mistake. I rejected everything in the world and opposed it. I hope you can forgive me." (Ren)

"I-I've been forgiving you all this time, haven't I?" (Rinko)

"I see... you're right." (Ren)

On the surface, Rinko's acted irritated towards me. But in the bottom of her heart, she's always been forgiving me. Why?

I still don't have the resolution to accept the answer to that.

The weather isn't looking too good today.

Ever since I decided to search for Rin, it feels like all of my surroundings have begun to oppose me. Are they that desperate to prevent me from finding her?

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" (Rinko)

Rinko arrives, energetic as ever.

It seems bad weather has no effect on her pressure chart.

I wish she could pass me some of that energy.

"So why did we come all the way out here, even though it's a break?" (Ren)

This morning, she called me and told me to meet at the bus stop, but didn't let on any further details.

"That's obvious, isn't it? It's so we can go to school." (Rinko)

My fatigue's been building up recently.

Unlike before, it feels like I can sleep for as long as I like now.

"That so ...Goodbye. I'm going back home and back to sleep." (Ren)

Beside's there's no meaning in going to school unless Saten-sensei's there, right?

"Heeeey, hold it!" (Rinko)

"Wh-What are you doing?" (Ren)

She grabs the nape of my neck from behind, making it impossible for me to move.

"Look, just come with me." (Rinko)

If it's come to this, then all I can do is give in to her.

"...So, care to give a clear explanation as to why we're going to school during the break?" (Ren)

"During the break, only class activities are shut down. Club activities are still going on, and some of the facilities are still running." (Rinko)

"Like what?" (Ren)

"The library." (Rinko)

"Huh? The library?" (Ren)

"What are you, a dolt? Anyway, what do you say to putting that excellent brain of yours to some use?" (Rinko)

"...Oh, I get it now." (Ren)

She's probably trying to say that if we look through enough different books, we can attempt to deduce the password that we couldn't figure out yesterday.

"So that's the plan." (Ren)

"You see? I'm smart, aren't I?" (Rinko)

"It's not something meant to be said by yourself, though." (Ren)

"But no one else here will say it either, right?" (Rinko)

"Hmm... That might be true." (Ren)

"R-e-n!" (Rinko)

"Ah, sorry. I didn't have any ill will in saying that, so- ow ow ow ow ow!" (Ren)

"...Geez." (Rinko)

"Well, looks like we're here." (Rinko)

The air conditioning is working wonders on this room, and the color tone of the grains of wood is easy on the eyes.

Because of the school break, there are almost no other people here aside from the librarians. It's more or less deserted.

"Right, right. Now, where's the mythology section..." (Rinko)

It seems Rinko already has a starting point.

Considering the situation yesterday, what would be a good keyword to look up?

I try thinking about it, but my brain won't work, as if it's off-key.

I just can't keep up with Rinko's insight.

And here I always thought I was the smarter one.

How pathetic!

"Sorry, Rinko." (Ren)

"Huh, what?" (Rinko)

"I'm gonna rest here for a bit." (Ren)

I sit down in a nearby chair.

"I'm just tired, so if I rest for a bit, I should be all better..." (Ren)

"Ren..." (Rinko)

Rinko looks at me with concern.

I feel really bad about making her worry, but I'm so very tired right now that there's nothing I can do about it.

Damn, my lack of physical ability! Just why am I so frail?!

"Got it... Then I'll go gather books that look like they might be good references, so just rest here until I get back." (Rinko)

"Yeah, thanks." (Ren)

"..." (Rinko)

She looks at me like she wants to ask something.

But she says nothing, instead she just disappears off in the direction of the bookshelves.

I rest my chin in my hands as I remember Rin...

"...Onii-chan." (Rin)

"Rin, huh, I've missed you. I've missed you so much for these last two years." (Ren)

"What did you see, Onii-chan?" (Rin)

"When we opened the dark, drawn curtains in your room, I saw a shining moon as vivid as a dream." (Ren)

"That's right. The moon is always in the sky. Even if the sunlight dispels it, it's still there on the other side of the Earth." (Rin)

"So even if you can't see it, it's still there..." (Ren)

"Find me with the power to see the invisible. Once you do, save everything." (Rin)

"By 'everything', are you saying that it's not enough to just find you? If that's true, then I'm at a complete loss as to what I should do." (Ren)

"If it's you, you can do it. That's the only thing I'm sure of... Well then, I must be going." (Rin)

"Hey, wait. Where are you?" (Ren)

"You know that, right? The moon in your dreams. In a place that you can see, yet can't see. Over there..." (Rin)

"Rin..." (Ren)

"U-Umm" (?)

"..." (Ren)

"Good afternoon." (?)

"...Huh?" (Ren)

I was having a continuation of last night's dream.

And when I come to my senses, a girl that I've seen before is calling out to me.


"You are Suhi, right?" (Ren)

"Ah, yes. Ren-kun, isn't it?" (Suhi)

"Yeah, that's right." (Ren)

"Oh, that's good. I wouldn't know what to do if I'd gotten it wrong... Thank you for helping me out the other day." (Suhi)

"Huh? Oh, you mean the card business. No, don't worry about it. If you bring it up every time, I'll have to keep thanking you as well, ahaha~" (Ren)

"Oh, I guess you're right. Sorry about that." (Suhi)

"Uh, err..." (Ren)

You don't need to keep apologizing like that either, is what I wanted to say, but...

"Do you come to the library often, Ren-kun?" (Suhi)

"No. Today is a rare exception." (Ren)

"So that would mean... that there's some book you're looking for, right?" (Suhi)

"Yeah, something like that..." (Ren)

Because Rinko was the one who brought me here, I can't give a deeper response than that.

I want to avoid an awkward situation.

Right then...

"Huh... Ow ow ow ow ow ow!" (Ren)

An extremely familiar pain assaults my right ear.

"Hey! I've been working my butt off desperately looking for materials and hauling them around! So what are you doing, Ren?" (Rinko)

"I-I get it, please let me go- Ow ow ow ow!" (Ren)

At that moment, a voice comes from far away.

"Please remain silent in the library." (Librarian)

As soon as Rinko hears that, she let's go of me...

"Hmph." (Rinko)

But it doesn't stop her from muttering to herself.

"Ummm..." (Suhi)

"Ah, right." (Ren)

"Then please excuse Suhi. She wouldn't wish to get in the way even more." (Suhi)

"Oh, I see..." (Ren)

"See you. Bye bye, Ren-kun." (Suhi)

"Yeah, goodbye, Suhi." (Ren)

Suhi heads over to the library counter as if nothing happened. She returns her book, and...

Ah, it seems she's borrowing a new book as well.

"Suhi... ney~" (Rinko)

"Hmm?" (Ren)

"The minute I take my eyes off you, you immediately start flirting with others." (Rinko)

"Flirting? That's not it. She was just passing by, so she called out to me." (Ren)

"So she picks up guys? Oh geez, do you really feel like looking for Rin-chan at all? I'm working so hard right now, and yet you are..." (Rinko)

Oh, she's right on that count. I really don't have time to be thinking about Suhi right now.

"Anyway, that's a huge pile of books." (Ren)

For now, I'll change the subject.

"Ah..., yeah. I had no idea our library was so well-stocked." (Rinko)

Well, it's called a "library" not a "library room". It's a spacious three-storeyed hall, filled to the brim with books and documents.

Seiho Academy's institutions are famous even in the rest of the city.

"I can't believe they had so many books on just Oriental mythology alone. It's pretty rare to find these, too... I hear." (Rinko)

"Oriental?" (Ren)

"Yeah. Mythology about ancient civilizations in the Middle East and what's now modern-day Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt... like that." (Rinko)

Wait, just how is this related to our search for the password...?

"For now, it seems like Rin-chan's disappearance is somehow connected to {Eden}, so wouldn't checking the books on the places closely related to Eden and its legends be a good place to start?" (Rinko)

"Ah... so that's why you got Oriental mythology. But why not Christian myths though?" (Ren)

"Orient is closely related to Christianity too, actually. Like Jerusalem, or the Red Sea. In that sense, Orient can be called the "cradle of human civilization" and is somehow connected to nearly all major religions. In a sense, it can be called the common factor in almost all Abrahamic and Olden religions." (Rinko)

"Ahh..." (Ren)

There was a connection like that? I really didn't know.

Also, I had no idea that she was so passionate about lores and myths. Finding someone like that is hard in this science-driven age...

Wait a sec...

"Yeah. Something wrong?" (Rinko)

"Rinko, lemme see that!" (Ren)

"E-Eh? Wha..." (Rinko)

At that instant, I began flipping pages as if someone flipped a switch in my head.

The answer lies in this book.

Or at the very least, there should be a hint or two in it.

"That one is a very odd religion. Ren... I really don't see how you can connect it anywhere." (Rinko)

"Uhum..." (Ren)

That may be so... But it has to be this one.

I feel like I am possessed by something.

A majority of the books on the table involved Sumerian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Christian, Islamic and Mesopotamic myths.

Still, I don't know what compelled me to take this specific book.


A bizarre religion founded on the principles of "One in all" and "All in One."

Concepts about how Man can ascend to become God, methods of acquiring divinity, and techniques based on the principles of relation between transcendence and hegemony.

It's an occultist's wet dream.

As for why I know all this... I still can't make head or tails of it.

Like the Tower of Babel, Thelema deals with the concept that both the Creator and the Created are indistinguishable, and either can become either at any time.

I suddenly look up from the documents; I see Suhi's back as she leaves the library.

She looks a bit lonely. And then, just when it feels like she's going to turn around and look towards me...

I want to ask her something...

"Hey, hey, Ren... Look at this..." (Rinko)

That voice brings me back once more. Wait... what was I thinking just now? Damn... I lost track...

"What?" (Ren)

"Isn't that?" (Rinko)

Rinko points to a page. On it is...

"Isis. The reigning Queen of the Egyptian Pantheon. She was the Goddess of Fertility, Motherhood, Feminity, Death, Healing, and Rebirth. She was most well-known for the eternal quest for the resurrection of her deceased husband, Osiris, which she succeeded in accomplishing." (Ren)

"Well, well, have I gained some points in your book?" (Rinko)

"Why didn't I realize that...? That's right, Isis is an Egyptian Goddess, very closely related to Thelema. That was incredibly obvious, wasn't it? I was blind." (Ren)

What prompted me to say that? It made no sense at all... All this knowledge...

Is this what they call instincts?

"Ren..." (Rinko)

"Thank you, Rinko." (Ren)

"Ah, yeah. Ahaha..." (Rinko)

Rinko was rubbing her head and grinning like a fool... Was she always this good at uptake?

"Anyway, this document seems relevant, so let's copy all the necessary passages." (Ren)

"Got it." (Rinko)

"All right, let's do this!" (Ren)

I begin to pour through the materials Rinko got for me one after another.

All worldly thoughts disappear from my brain as I start to move towards one goal and one goal alone.

"I see..." (Rinko)

"Hmm?" (Ren)

Rinko is looking at me with strangely warm eyes.

"So when you find a goal, you really pursue it to the end. So for these past two years, you'd just lost sight of your goal, I guess." (Rinko)

"Ah..." (Ren)

Does Rinko feel that deeply about that?

I feel myself get a bit embarrassed from guilt. So in order to hide that...

"Rinko, please help me look for clues. I'm counting on you." (Ren)

I say this.

"All right, I'll give it all I've got as well." (Rinko)

My beloved sister. My beloved playmate.

Right now, the three of us are starting to move together in order to recover our lost pasts and to live for our future.

Still, the only thing that lingers at the back of my mind, was the train of thought that I lost earlier.

I look towards the exit. Obviously, Suhi isn't there anymore...

I focus on the documents.

I look at the entry next to Isis and begin to read it.

Nephthys: Egyptian Goddess of Funerary Rites. Associated with Isis, and the Moon. Many of the ancient pyramids were built to worship and channel her.

Rin was always fascinated by the moon.

And if she gave me the name of "Isis", then...

"Perhaps Rin named her avatar in {Eden} Nephthys, after Isis' dark twin sister." (Ren)

It's not a direct hint to Isis' password, but even so, I think this is information worth remembering.

"That's certainly possible. Girls are romantic, so they get drawn in my mystical things like that." (Rinko)

My field of vision suddenly seems to clear out at those words. I feel like I saw something.

Is this like what you meant by seeing something invisible? I want you to tell me, Rin...

It's only been a few days since I was last here, but the scenery still carries an air of nostalgia.

The wind blows across the roof.

Rinko and I came here to buy some soft drinks from the vending machine.

From what I can see, no one else is here.

"This might be the first time I've come up here at this time of day..." (Rinko)

"I..." (Ren)

Is it the same for me? It's true that because I always come up here during the lunch break, this should be the first time I've ever seen it during the sunset, but...

I feel like I've seen this scenery somewhere before. Is it deja vu?

"Mmm... this feeling of liberation is great! Considering how we've been working our butts off all day, that is." (Rinko)

"Yeah. That's why I always come here." (Ren)

"I kinda get how you feel now." (Rinko)

But while that may be the case...

The refreshing wind itself may not be changing, but the more it blows on us, the colder it feels. We can't stay here forever.

"Well then, we should get..." (Ren)

'...back to the library'

But the moment I try to say that, I eat my words.

Someone's on the roof, approaching us from the back.

"What's wrong?" (Rinko)

"Ssh..." (Ren)

I shush Rinko.

"Huh?" (Rinko)

I drag her along and hide ourselves in the nearby shrubbery.

"The incidents won't end if things keep up like this. Despite that, are you fine with that?" (?)

"I left, yet you're fussing over me. Why?" (?)

"I wasn't in the mood to make contact with you either, considering you abandoned us. But the situation is urgent." (?)

"..." (?)

"This is my executive responsibility: I always pay my debts. But there's something you need to do, right, Nuit?" (?)

"What makes you say that?" (Nuit?)

"The path I'm following is connected to 'your' student's suicides." (?)

Your students?

It can't be that the woman named Nuit who's talking to that unknown person is...

"...What?! What do you mean by that?"

I instinctively gasp.

"Those weren't invoked by some random coincidences and fluctuations in the AIM Cloud. There's a whole backside to the whole thing." (?)

"That's...!" (Sensei)

Rinko tries to say something, but I desperately press my hand over her mouth.

I realize that my hand is trembling.

Rinko and I exchange glances and nod at the same time.

"Just how much do you know, Kamij-" (Sensei)

"How much I know doesn't matter. I stopped here for a purpose. My business is done. I've warned you, as your once old friend." (?)

"Wait." (Sensei)

"STOP. Say no more! It's not like I've forgiven you for your revolt. Don't forget that." (?)

"..." (Sensei)

I see the other person storm off.

Sensei plops down powerlessly on the bench, her expression stern.

She lights a cigarette, and when she's finished it, she goes straight for another one.

Talk about chain-smoking.

I think I hear the loud sound of the engine displacement of a supercar from around the distant school gates, a sound I don't want to get accustomed to.

But if I heard that right, then that means 'that' person has left the school.

Unable to leave, Rinko and I huddle our cold bodies together from behind a clump of bushes.

Only the parts of our bodies that are touching warm up, the difference in temperature between the rest of it is like the threshold between the real and the unreal.

"..." (Sensei)

Just then Sensei slowly stands up.

With her back turned towards us, she speaks up.

"How long have you guys been there?" (Sensei)

And then, she turns our head and her head alone towards our direction.

"Whoaaa!" (Rinko)

"...When did you notice?" (Ren)

"Probably when I changed the cigarettes earlier." (Sensei)

"We've been here ever since before you and that crazy lady came here, to the rooftop." (Ren)

"Crazy lady, huh...?" (Sensei)

I saw Sensei make a slight chuckle.

"Is something funny, Sensei?" (Ren)

"H-Hey, Ren-" (Rinko)

Rinko is tugging on my sleeves desperately.

I know she's telling me to stop, but I can't do that.

"Well, it doesn't really matter." (Sensei)

"That's not good enough. Who was she?" (Ren)

"You're oddly stubborn today. It was no one, at least no one that concerns you, Ren. Forget about it." (Sensei)

At that moment, I'm brought back home from the realization that Saten-sensei we thought we knew isn't just some simple public-health doctor.

She's left me trapped in a cage full of mysteries.

"I can't forget that easily." (Ren)

"Even school doctors have their privacy." (Sensei)

"I know that..." (Ren)

"We'll talk when you've grown up a bit more. We promised that, no?" (Sensei)

"Well..." (Ren)

"I don't think interrogating someone in this fashion is a very adult-like thing to do." (Sensei)

"Sensei... that's not fair." (Ren)

"Yeah. That's how everyone grows up." (Sensei)

"I, I..." (Ren)

I don't want to be that kind of adult.

I catch those words in my throat before they can come out. If I use inflammatory language to go tit for tat with her, then I'll just be proving that I'm a kid, won't I?

"Hurry up and go home. The school gates will auto-lock and be closed soon. If that happens, then going through all the security procedures will be a hassle." (Sensei)

"What are you going to do?" (Ren)

"There's something that she said that concerns me. I'm going to look into it a bit." (Sensei)

Although Saten-sensei still doesn't tell me everything, she finally compromises at the last minute.

That's why I should leave right now...

"Understood, Nuit." (Ren)

"Ren..." (Sensei)

Sensei sounded sad as she said that.

"Today I'll just do as you say and go home, Sensei. I won't ask just who or what you are? Not today, at least..." (Ren)

"If you don't stop playing with fire, then getting burned is the least of your problems." (Sensei)

"It seems my tail has already caught fire. That's why the only thing I can do is to run to reach my goal before I burn up." (Ren)

"Ren, I'm worried about your well-being!" (Sensei)

"Thank you. But I have to learn taking care of my own problems, too. Isn't that called being an adult?" (Ren)

"Ren..." (Sensei)

"I'm sorry about all the rude things I've said today. I respect you even now. But you also need to be careful." (Ren)

"You're right. It wouldn't be good to think too deeply about what they say." (Sensei)

As she says this, Sensei takes out her next cigarette.

I turn around without another word and head towards the staircase.

"I-I'm sorry. We didn't mean to be eavesdropping..." (Rinko)

I turn my head to see Saten-sensei answer with a smile.

"Don't mind it, and don't worry. either way, you're not at fault here, so don't pay it any heed." (Sensei)

"Uh, um... yes. Well then, please excuse us." (Rinko)

Rinko gives a deep bow, heads over to me, and then firmly grips my arm.

Her hand is all sweaty and trembling.

"It's all right." (Ren)

I take Rinko's hand into my own in order to try to calm us both down.

When we start to descend the staircase, we hear a voice from behind us.

"Just so you know, illicit relationships are generally forbidden within school~." (Sensei)

"S-Sensei!" (Rinko)

"Don't worry about it, Rinko. It's just one of Saten-sensei's European jokes." (Ren)

"Huh? Really?" (Rinko)

I don't know how much of what she says is serious or a joke.

Even if I try to chuckle it all away... I know that it's beginning.

The end of everything as we know it.

It's like some unfathomable darkness has begun to shroud our surroundings pitch black, one so deep that it envelopes everything all around us.

And somewhere in the eye of that dark maelstrom... is Saten-sensei.

We left the library and was back on the streets...

"Saten-sensei was different than usual... and kinda scary, huh?" (Rinko)

Rinko tries making conversation.

"Yeah..." (Ren)

But I think that was definitely Sensei's true nature. Underneath all of her jovial layer, it was undoubtful that a very mysterious existence laid hidden.

I have known it ever since I've first met her. She wasn't your average joe. That much is certain...

"I wonder if that beautiful stalker was someone close to Sensei. Perhaps a lover or something..." (Rinko)

Ufff... Wait... What...

How does one come to that conclusion?

Are we even talking about the same Sensei?

Saten-sensei came weird in a lot of ways, but I'm pretty sure she didn't swing the way Rinko just meant.

But how could I be sure, even?

"No, I don't think so. They both didn't give off that kind of feel. In fact, it felt like something much more personal, like they were much more close than even that..." (Ren)

I wanted to refute what she said, but I say something else instead...

"Oho~ That's surprising!" (Rinko)

"What's so surprising?" (Ren)

"Well, because normally, you suck at reading the atmosphere..." (Rinko)

That was blunt. But, hey, several girls have told me I "have no delicacy". So I guess it probably is true that reading the atmosphere is not my strong forte. But now...

"I just kinda knew that was the way it was. That's the feeling I perceived when I observed them analytically." (Ren)

Rather than insight, it was more like a logical consequence. I wouldn't exactly be pressed to call it a deduction, but just by seeing the circumstances and hearing what they said, it was like some kind of causality.

"So that's it..." (Rinko)

It feels as if some sense that has been sleeping within me has awoken.

That's the best way for me to explain it.

To put it in another way, it's like explaining color to someone who's been blind from birth.

Just then, Rinko suddenly tugs at my sleeve.

"Hey, Ren, I don't wanna go home. I'm scared of being alone. It feels like something bad really might happen. Hey, can we stay together, even if it's only just for tonight?" (Rinko)

As she trembles, Rinko looks at me with upturned, almost inviting eyes.

"If you feel that way, then sure..." (Ren)

"H-H-Huh...?" (Rinko)

"Let's go." (Ren)

"Hueeeeh?" (Rinko)

"Welcome!" (Clerk)

"So... in the end, this is what you meant." (Rinko)

"This place is open 24 hours a day, and there's also booths for two people here. We can spend the time here until morning as we please." (Ren)

"Yeah, yeah... *grumble grumble*" (Rinko)

"Uh, so first, I do this..." (Ren)

In order to pretend that I'm not listening to her grumbling, I first place the documents down on the desk, next to the monitor.

"So now what?" (Rinko)

"We're going to parse these documents one more time, and then dive in." (Ren)

"Huh? You mean into {Eden}? But I thought you couldn't get in... wait, do you know the password?" (Rinko)

"There's a little something I'd like to try. If that doesn't work, I'll just enter using a completely unrelated new account. I'll try to search for information there." (Ren)

"Ah, I get it now..." (Rinko)

"Then let's go." (Ren)

"Ah, hold on! ...Oh geez, you're so impatient. So how are we going to enter into {Eden}?" (Rinko)

"We could just look it up on the Cloud, but you have that address on that mail you got on your phone, right?" (Ren)

"Oh, that. Yeah, I got it... You mean this?" (Rinko)

"Yep. That's it..." (Ren)

[Welcome to EDEN]

Presented by IED-Mirage.



Make A New Account.

I try logging in...

Enter your Account name.


Enter Password.


Now, this is where the problem begins.

"Rinko, could I see the documents we copied earlier?" (Ren)

"Sure. I have them right here, but what are we looking for?" (Rinko)

"I might be wrong, but there's a verse in the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead' regarding Isis' role as a mother that I copied." (Ren)

"Huh? Really?" (Rinko)

"The account name is Isis, so the password might just be the verse used to invoke Isis..." (Ren)

"Huh? ...Ah, amazing! You're on fire today, Ren!" (Rinko)

"Well, I'm not really sure it'll work, though..." (Ren)

Enter Password


Invalid Password!

"So that's not it, after all." (Ren)

"What's this whole 'invalid password' deal about?" (Rinko)

"We're on the wrong track. Or perhaps it's because I put it in English and it's meant to be put in some other language." (Ren)

"So does that mean it has to be put in kanji?" (Rinko)

"Not necessarily kanji, or even Japanese. The original 'Book of the Dead' is in ancient 'Archaic Egyptian'" (Ren)

"Ueeh? I don't think anyone knows a language that old." (Rinko)

That's indeed correct. Archaic Egyptian wasn't even a language, it was a series of hieroglyphs it seems, and it predated even Sumerian for that fact.

That's was a language that went extinct nearly over 6000 years ago.

"I think so too. But will Rin even make up a password that difficult to begin with..." (Ren)

"Hmm...Mmm." (Rinko)

"I don't think this train of thought is bad, though. We might just be overlooking something." (Ren)

I try inputting the password as the equivalent line in kanji, but it doesn't work.

I had a feeling it wouldn't, but I still couldn't help but try it.

But as I expected, it still didn't work...

"*sigh*" (Ren)

"Hey, hey." (Rinko)

Unable to just sit by and watch, Rinko speaks up.

"Do you think the password might be in the data she left behind, instead of these documents? Like in her computer's hard drive or something?" (Rinko)

"Yeah... maybe you're right." (Ren)

What's wrong with me? Why didn't I realize something that obvious...?

"Stop biting your nails." (Rinko)

"Huh? Huh? Y-Yeah..." (Ren)

As soon as she points it out, I consciously move my fingertips away from my mouth.

"You don't want to go snooping into Rin-chan's private stuff... I understand that too." (Rinko)

I don't want to see Rin's data?

"But because she decided on her own to run away from home, I don't think she would have left any data in there that she didn't want you to see. It would have been simple for her to delete it." (Rinko)

"I see..." (Ren)

Rinko's words make my own emotions feel surprisingly trivial.

"You're right!" (Ren)

I've been thoroughly trying to close off my heart. But Rinko just continues to pound on its door.

"Ren, if you shout like that, you're gonna annoy the people around us." (Rinko)

"Oh, right..." (Ren)

I guess I'd gotten too caught up in the moment.

"More importantly, I found something interesting..." (Rinko)

As Rinko says this, she points at the paragraph from one of the documents we copied from the library.

"I had some free time, so I read this. If I remember correctly, that sexy lady called Saten-sensei 'Nuit', right?" (Rinko)

"Yeah." (Ren)


"Look, right here!" (Rinko)

What's written there...

"Neith: A Egyptian Creator God.

She was known in Thelema as Nuit, and is one of its principal speakers. She is the God all other Gods worship. Mother of Ra... She created the world, and before humans... populated the land by the numerous gods she created. Don't tell me..."

Nuit is an Egyptian God, just like Isis.

And a Creator God at that?

"I don't know if we need to look into this in-depth, but I feel like Saten-sensei might also be very closely related to {Eden}." (Rinko)

A woman intuition? But if that's the case...

"Hold a minute..." (Ren)

Rin made preparations for me to come to {Eden}, because if I go there, we can be reunited. And if Saten-sensei is connected to the very same {Eden}...

"Everything's connected? Did I just not see anything until now just because I've been shutting my eyes until now?"

I felt my sense of reality slipping away. {Eden} was slowly overlapping with everything in my real life.

Why didn't I question Sensei even further?

Someone who knows the facts should be able to clear up things much more.

If that's true, then what we should be doing in the future is...

That's it for the chappie ^^

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