AN: This is my First Story ever posted so please be kind and honest in the comments.

My name is Rosabelle Gold, now I'm not your avenge run of the mill country girl, most country girls shop and attempt to get the attention of good looking country boys well not me I'm too busy getting out of trouble I always seem to land myself in, Living in Hazzard County and being from a family of moonshiners tends to do that.

My family the Gold's were the second best Moonshiners in all of Hazzard until they got into a car accident while escaping from revenues leaving me a orphan, but it hasn't been all bad, Jesse Duke and his wife had taken me in and cared for me since I was 14.

Living with the Dukes has always been hectic but there's no place i'd rather be, When the Dukes took me in I never felt like a stranger, I was family and this family has been through a lot but we've never given up, Not when Uncle Jessie's Wife died or when me and the boys got caught by revenues and thrown in jail until Uncle Jessie signed a treaty saying he won't make or sell Moonshine again if we got probation now we can't carry guns or leave the county so now we fight the crooked system.

When me and Bo turned 18, in our final year of high school I confessed to Bo that I had a crush on him and he said he had one on me so we started dating but the thing about Duke boys is they don't like settling down with just one girl so we only lasted about 3 months until I spotted him kissing Sara-Jane Wickett by the lake so I ended things with him but what he didn't know was that over those 3 months I had fallen in love with him. So with the help of my best friend Daisy and some time and some time alone I got through the break up and now 3 years later we're still best friends and I will always love him but he doesn't need to know that… now.