They moved apartments a few more times as they got more financially and emotionally stable. The war had done a number on them both, discounting Klaus' history, and they were healing from it slowly but surely. They had Sunday dinners with Dave's mother and sisters, and they would come home with Klaus sobbing in his arms, missing his own siblings. They kept the briefcase with them no matter where they lived, but they didn't touch it more than they had to. It was a fair trade-off in Klaus' opinion, a happy, healthy, and peaceful life in exchange for his siblings. He hated it, and himself, for feeling that way, but it was true nonetheless.

They'd been at their current apartment for a little over a year when they found their dream house, and offered for it. They had the money, they'd been setting aside every cent possible for years now. They did nothing that cost money, and they worked small jobs on the side to out away more. Klaus led a knitting group, where they sold their work and split the profit. He also worked for the city, going out into the parks and picking up trash, cleaning, whatever they needed him to do.

Dave continued to work construction, getting up to the point where he was taking his own jobs, and running a team of workers.

And then they got the house. And then they came back.

And here they were.

"And that's that! My life for the last seven years! Yay! Who wants a drink?" Klaus clapped his hands and spun in a circle, looking at each of his siblings, as well as his husband. "No, nobody? Just me then?" He walked to the bar and poured two glasses, and handed one to Dave, who accepted it gratefully.

Luther stood up violently, pushing Klaus out of his way as he walked towards the door. "I thought you were going to be serious for once in your life, Four, but I was proven wrong once again, congratulations for wasting three hours of our lives though." He stalked out and slammed the door behind him. Dave, who had caught Klaus from falling, gently set him down, and handed his drink to him. Klaus caught his arm before he could walk too far.

"Don't bother love. He's always been this way, and I think it's a little too late for him to change his spots now. Besides, you'd probably break your arm if you tried punching him." Diego cackled, loving the idea of this stocky man walking up to his giant of a brother and giving him a good whack.

"Boy would we love to see it though!" Allison elbowed him at his exclamation, though she was trying to hide her own smile as she did.

"Just ignore him Klaus, hey we need to go shopping like, immediately! While the 70s were an interesting time period for style, you guys are waayyy outdated. Ooooh, Klaus, we can get our nails done too!" She looked towards Vanya, who seemed to be slipping into the shadows as she always did when they were children. "You're coming too, right sis?"

Vanya looked up with a jerk. "Um, yeah, sure. I just wasn't sure you'd want me hanging around. I can go home, it's fine. Leonard is probably worried about me since you pulled me away from our date."

"Oh… well we would really like it if you decided to come. It's okay if you don't want to!"

"You know what? I would like to. Thanks Allison."

Vanya had barely finished speaking when Five flashed into the middle of the room. He plucked Klaus' drink out of his hands before he spoke. "Well, this has been fun, but we still have an apocalypse to stop. Congratulations on your extra years, Klaus. Diego, you coming with me?"

"Uuuh, n-no. I'm staying with Klaus for a while."

"Useless, every single one of you. Alright then, see you later." With that he flashed out.

Klaus giggled, a little hysterically. "Well that was fun. Wasn't that fun, Dave?"

"That's not really the word I would use to describe it, but sure love." Dave's eyes were still glinting. He didn't understand how anyone could treat Klaus like this, let alone his own siblings. The people he grew up with. No wonder he was so willing to stay in the past with him.

"Definitely not the way I'd describe it either, Klaus. Luther is a jackass." Diego clapped Klaus on the shoulder. "I like your husband though." He sat and watched them for a moment before gesturing to Ben. "So, you wanna tell me how you're doing this?"

"What? Oh that? It's no big thing. Got a lot of time to practice in the past. Dave helped me a lot. Turns out locking a child in a mausoleum full of violent ghosts for days on end ISN'T the best way to handle their fear of ghosts, or their eating issues. Just another thing to thank dad for, huh? Wanna see what else I can do?" With that he started floating, drifting over to sit above Dave's head and play with his hair. "Fun, huh?"

Diego gaped. He'd had no idea Klaus could do anything like this. Wait… "That bastard locked you in a tomb? When?"

"Well… most of my childhood. It started when I was eight. He stopped when we were about fourteen, when he realized I was getting to high for it to have any effect on me." Klaus shrugged. "It's not a big deal Diego, it's been over for years. Decades really, and besides, he's dead now! Yay!"

Dave reached up, pulled Klaus' hand out of his hair and clasped it tightly. "It is a big deal love, remember how we talked about not dismissing your own trauma?"

"Ok, yes, it was a big deal, it was terrible and awful. But it's over and I'm in a much better place now. Happy?"

"With you, always."