My first DR story and I've been wanting to write one for a very long time. This will be an AU of a fanmade DR story featuring the Super Danganronpa Another cast (not the second one, but I plan to do an AU of that one too). This story will also contain a harem as well as an OC I've made for this one. So just feel free to ignore this one, if you're not fond of harem content. With that out of the way, enjoy. :)

Welcome To Hope's Peak

Hope's Peak Private Academy. A school with a long tradition of fostering talented students from all fields of society. Approved by the government, this privileged school aims to gather and educate hundreds of world-class high school students. Graduating the school is even considered as guaranteed success for the rest of one's life. What its purpose of raising the "hope" that will bear the country's future, it certainly deserves to be called the 'School of Hope'.

Well, that's what it said in the student package at least.

However, this year there was a new addition to the student recruitment. An international exchange program was brought into the academy's system, meaning that students from outside the country were able to sign up. The other rules remained the same though, a student had to currently be in high school from another academy and they had to excel in at least one true talent. Which was the main reason why I was here, standing outside the academy and near the school gates.

I'm Dylan Richardson from the states, and I am that exchange student. My talent is the Ultimate Peacekeeper, but don't be fooled by the title. Someone would assume that by peacekeeper, I'm a student who does whatever's necessary to maintain peace in the world and that's sort of true. But I'm more of a riot guard peacekeeper, in other words, I take part in dangerous jobs in keeping the peace, with a riot shield and a shotgun. However, I wasn't allowed to bring those along, makes sense.

As I gazed at the sheer impressive size of the academy, I began to wonder what it will be like. Studying and living here as an exchange student, getting along with other students with various talents, taking part in club activities, maybe even sign up to be a student council member. The possibilities were overwhelming.

"So, this is it. This is the academy I'll be attending." I said to myself. "Just you wait, Hope's Peak. I'll graduate and fly back home a winner!"

"Oh, you're attending the academy too?" A voice asked.

I was snapped out of my thoughts and I turned to my left to see a male student. He had orange hair and was dressed like a normal student.

"That's right, I'm not from around here." I answered. "Call me Dylan Richardson, Ultimate Peacekeeper."

"That's a cool name, it sounds better than mine." He replied. "I'm Yuki Maeda, Ultimate Lucky Student."

'Really, having luck counts as a talent?' I thought. "That's an interesting talent. Does this mean that you win a lot of lotteries and raffle prizes?"

"I guess so." He laughed sheepishly. "As you can see, I'm not handsome or tall. Nor do I have a strange aura surrounding myself."

"So you have luck as a talent with a normal appearance. I think there's some potential in there, maybe we'll be able to study sometime."

He smiled. "Yeah, it's nice to meet you."

Just then, the gates opened, looks like it was time to go in.

"Guess we better make our way to the entrance, it's where every student has to meet." I said.

We walked past the gates and opened the entrance doors. The interior looked very classical, I guess even an academy needs to have high interior standards. Yuki smiled at me and I nodded in return. I opened the next set of doors and we entered inside the entrance hall where we saw several other students looking at us. They had various responses.

"Oh? Two more students?"

"I heard that there are 16 students this time, so they must be the last two."

"Hello! You're both freshman too, right?"

"What are you both doing there? Come here!"

"O-okay." Yuki replied.

I nodded and we walked up to the group. Now I had a better look at the others. They all seemed unique in thier field of talents and I had to admit, there were some girls who were quite good looking. Well, I can't be blamed for thinking like that for a moment, I am a guy after all. Still, better to introduce myself to this group.

"Hey, are you this year's freshmen?" Yuki asked.

"Yep, you two are the last ones." One of them answered.

"Guess you lot must've got here early." I said before blinking. "Wait a second, I recognize someone here."

That was when I noticed a guy with a police uniform came up to me and he was surprised.

"No that you, Dylan?"

I gasped. "Tsurugi? You made it to Hope's Peak?"

"Yeah, it really is you! So you were the exchange student that got picked?"

"Yep, that's me." I grinned. "Wow, I didn't think I'd be attending with someone I already knew."

"I guess we're both lucky in some regards." Tsurugi shook my hand. "Good to see you again."

Okay, little background here. When I made a name for myself as a peacekeeper back in the states, my word of accomplishments spread across the world. That was when I bumped into Tsurugi Kinjo who was part of a reserve team when there was an rioting incident taking place. We got to know each other through that experience, since he had taken part in several cases relating to crime, due to his talent as a police officer. I never expected to see him again, especially at an academy.

"Putting that aside, I guess you all made it early?" I asked.

"Not really, most of us arrived at the same time." A girl with long blonde hair answered.

"You know what? How about we introduce ourselves now that we're all here?" A girl in a maid outfit suggested.

"You mean, a self introduction?" A buffed guy responded.

"It will take a while for the teachers to arrive and we don't know each other's names yet. Well, with a few exceptions of course."

"She's right." I agreed. "Apart from me and Tsurugi, this'll be a good chance to get ourselves comfortable while we study here."

And thus, the ice breaker session began. Yuki and I agreed to stick close as we went around to each student. Starting with the guy who had a pair of goggles on his hat.

"Hi there you two, the name's Haruhiko Kobashikawa." He greeted. "Nice to meet you."

"Kobashikawa?" Yuki replied. "The one who became a hot topic for the passenger plane test flight at Narita Airport?"

Oh, now I remember. Among the student promo package, there was an article on some of the students that were picked for this academy, that was why I was able to recognize Tsurugi after I thought about it. Haruhiko was the Ultimate Pilot, a man whose piloted a lot of planes. He then turned to me.

"So you're the exchange student, right?" He asked.

"Yep, the name's Dylan Richardson." I answered. "Ultimate Peacekeeper."

"Peacekeeper? Oh, isn't that to do with security?"

"Yeah, in some ways it is. Some people get the wrong idea and they assume it's do with having a talent in the world of spiritual freedom."

He nodded. "Ah, I think I get it. I hope we can get along with each other and everyone else here."

"I'm sure we will."

We moved onto the next student.

"My name's Akane Tiara." She introduced. "Nice to meet you two."

"Same here, Akane. I assume that you're some kind of maid?" I guessed.

"Yes, I'm the Ultimate Maid and I specialize in cooking, cleaning, hospitality, management and mostly all other services."

'Mostly all other services? She's probably referring to some that would be seen as indecent.' I thought.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Yuki Maeda." Yuki said.

"Let's get along, Yuki." Akane replied. "You too, Dylan."

"Yeah, agreed." I nodded.

Next up was the girl who had red cape and gym wear on.

"Ayame Hatano, nice to meet you." She said.

Now this was one who was in the featured part of the article. As the Ultimate Sprinter, she holds the record for running a hundred meters in nine seconds flat.

"Same here, Ayame. The name's Dylan Richardson." I replied. "Feel free to call me Dylan."

"And I'm Yuki Maeda." Yuki added. "Nice to meet you."

She folded her arms. "Right...I'm not good at talking with others, so please understand if I speak nonsense or wander off by myself."

"That's not a problem for me." I replied. "I'm sure we can get along at a pace that's good for the both of us."

She smiled. "That's kind of you, thanks."

Up next was a short blonde hair guy.

"Yo, nice to meet you both. It'd be weird not to introduce myself." He said. "I'm Mitsuhiro Higa, or Mitch, as you might know."

"Ah, so you're the Ultimate soccer player I've been hearing about." I replied.

"Haha, so you can tell already?"

"Oh yeah, the ace player of the national youth athletes team, right?" Yuki asked.

"Right, I'm glad you know well about me."

"In any case, let's get along at this academy." I said.

He nodded.

Next was the tall buff guy, but he didn't look confident.

"Ka-Kakeru Yamaguchi. Nice to meet you." He said, nervously. "I'm here as...the Ultimate Lawyer."

"Huh, are you really Kakeru Yamaguchi?" Yuki asked.

Kakeru suddenly got angry. "W-what's that supposed to mean?!"

"Calm down, I don't think Yuki meant anything bad by it." I assured. "That said, I'm a little curious too."

"Well..." He twiddled his fingers. "'s that, I have a little...timid side. H-how should I explain this...I was just trying to look frightening! I kn-know I don't look like a lawyer."

"Okay, I'm sorry." Yuki said. "But you said you're a lawyer, doesn't standing up in court make you shy?"

Kakeru sighed. "The a different matter. I can't be confident in everyday conversations for a strange reason. Ugh..."

"That's okay, don't push yourself." I said. "It's only the first day, we'll have time to get along while we study."

"R-right, thank you for understanding." He chuckled in a shy manner. "Nice to meet you, uhh, Dylan was it?"

"Yep, same to you, Kakeru."

He doesn't seem like a bad person, I guess lawyers come in all shapes and sizes.

With those five introduced, we moved on to the second group of five. First up was a little girl dressed as a doctor.

"Nice to meet you, Yuki and Dylan." She said. "I'm Kanata Inori."

"Same to you, Kanata." I replied. 'She's cute for an Ultimate Surgeon, like a precious cinnamon bun.'

"Nice to meet you, Kanata." Yuki said. "Let's become friends."

"I'm pleased to make your acquaintance." She replied.

"Oh, there's no need to get formal with me."

"No, it's okay." Kanata shook her head. "It's kind of a habit I've developed to show respect to all patients as a doctor."

"Well, I think it's alright with me." I shrugged. "I'm sure we'll get along in good time."

"Thanks Mr. Richardson. Please come see me if you or Yuki happen to get injured during the school year. I'm confident that I can treat you better than the school nurse."

Next up was-

"Heya! I'm Kizuna Tomori! Nice to meet you!" The pink-haired girl greeted, cutting my thoughts off.

"Oh, hey there, Kizuna. I'm Dylan Richardson." I replied.

She must be the Ultimate Cheerleader that I read in the article...she's beautiful, I'd certainly be motivated if she cheered me on.

"And I'm Yuki Maeda." Yuki added. "Nice to meet you."

"Yuki! I like your name." Kizuna said happily. "Can I call you Yu? As a nickname."

Yuki felt a little taken back. "But we only just met."

"Is it okay? It's to get as close as I can to you guys."

I looked at Yuki, I had a feeling that his personal space would be invaded very soon, I had to take the heat off him.

"Well, if you wanna give me a nickname, I sure don't mind." I said.

"Oh, really?!" Kizuna replied, looking at me. "Yay! I'll call you Dilly! Let's get together!"

'Dilly...that's my nickname? Are you serious?' I thought with a confused expression.

"So, do either of you play any sports? I'll cheer for you really hard as your classmate."

Yuki shook his head. "Not really, and you're getting too close to me."

Just as I thought, Kizuna invaded his personal space by hugging him.

"What's the problem? It's natural for friends to have some psychical contact."

She then let him go when I tried to take a step back.

"Oh no, you're not getting away from me, Dilly."

She then latched onto me with her arms wrapped around me, is she blushing?

"Dah! Well...I can understand that now." I replied before putting my arms around her. "But okay, I don't mind this as long as you don't hug me too tight."

"Hehehe, it's a promise."

Kizuna let go of me and Tsurugi came up to me.

"Looks like you're fitting in, already." He said.

"You could say that." I replied, trying to take a deep breath. "I need air..."

Tsurugi and Yuki introduced each other before we moved onto a girl who was very silent throughout the whole event.

"Umm, hi there." Yuki said.

She looked at us and said nothing. This was the first sign of awkwardness rising up, not a good sign.

"Hello there, if it makes you feel comfortable, I'll introduce myself first." I suggested. "I'm Dylan Richardson, what's your name?"

She looked away and then back at us. "Mikako...Kurokawa."

"Nice to meet you, Mikako." Yuki said. "So is it true that you do a lot of...exorcism?"

"Yuki, I don't think that was the right time to ask that." I sighed.

Mikako looked away and shook her head. I guess she didn't mind that, I'll need to find a way of getting to know her and I think Yuki's wondering about that too.

"Yo, hullo!" A young guy with green hair said. "Ma name is Teruya Otori. Nice to meet ya!"

I heard of Teruya, he's the Ultimate Merchant, I once read about him in a report over how he traded supplies to a refugee home in exchange for just a long sleeve shirt to keep himself warm whenever he had to make merchant deals at night. I assumed that the long sleeve he's wearing is the very same.

"Nice to meet you, Teruya." I replied. "That's a cool shirt you got."

"Oh this, I got this and made it part of a school uniform." He smirked. "Gotta keep up with what's in the trend among the merchant world, ya see."

I rubbed my head. "Right..."

"Here, why don't you have it...huh?" Teruya was about to take it off when he gasped and his face changed colour. "Daaaaah! I got the wrong shirt on!"

"Oh, that's a bit unfortunate." Yuki said.

"C-come on..sorry, but I'll give you both one each later when we've settled down. So don' be disappointed."

I had the feeling that I was going to be, with those five done, the last four were up.

"Well, the name's Rei Mekaru." A girl with long orange hair said.

"Huh, Mekaru?" Yuki responded. "So are you Professor Mekaru from H university?"

Rei looked at me first and hummed before turning her attention to Yuki.

"Hey you. Mind if I ask what your talent is?" Mekaru asked, a little impolite I might add.

"Ah, well the truth is, my talent is the Ultimate Lucky Student."

"You came to this school as a lucky student?" She groaned. "I thought something would be different in Hope's Peak Academy. And all I get is a bunch of morons?"

"Woah, I wouldn't go that far." I replied. "Sure, some of the talents here are...mixed at best, but that doesn't mean they're all dreadful."

Rei however ignored my response. "Just look at this self-introducing stuff. I'm wasting my time, thanks to that dumb-looking maid."

I glanced at Akane who thankfully was over at one side of the room, she didn't hear that remark.

Yuki tried pleading a little, but it didn't go anywhere, looks like we had our work cut out. Next was the girl with long blonde hair, another good looking girl too.

"Hello? I'm Kiyoka Maki." She said.

Suddenly, something clicked into my head. "Wait, the same Kiyoka who visited a riot station for voluntary rifle training six months ago?"

She gasped. "Yes, how did you know that?"

"Because I was part of the reserve squad that had to work in pairs with other volunteers." I opened my eyes wide. "I was paired up with you and we got to know each other well."

Her eyes opened wide, it seems like she remembered at the same time I did. This was a memory from long ago that just came back to me when I saw her.

"Then it's really you, Dylan!" She suddenly hugged me, at least it wasn't tight like it was with Kizuna. "I can't believe I'm seeing you again!"

"I can't believe it, either." I replied as I hugged her back, smiling. "I'm happy to know that you're doing well."

"Yeah, same to you. I'm so glad we'll be able to study together, just like how I do target practice."

'Guess she's picked up a few one liners as the Ultimate Sniper.' I thought.

We then pulled away, almost forgetting that Yuki was right by us.

"Oh sorry, nice to meet you, Yuki." Kiyoka said.

"It's okay, it's nice to meet you too." Yuki replied.

She nodded. "Gotcha, let's do well in the same class."

"So Kiyoka, do you still have that issue that you once said?" I asked.

"Yeah, I still have that bad habit of speaking before I think, which often leads me into trouble."

I thought so, I'm sure she won't cause any issues, apart from Rei who I was certain would make a big deal out of it.

Yuki and I went over to the guy who was dressed like someone from out of the church.

"What is your matter of concern?" He asked.

"Oh we're not here for a confession." I answered. "We're going around and introducing ourselves since we'll be in the same class."

"Of course. I am Kinji Uehara."

I didn't need to remember the article for this one, he had to be the Ultimate Priest. Although, I once heard of a rumor that he had ties with an orphanage.

"I must ask you both. Have you been to a church or attended mass services before?"

"Unfortunately, my line of work as Peacekeeper didn't allow me to attend every Sunday service back at home." I answered.

"As for me, I don't go to church on a regular basis." Yuki added.

"I understand. Just remember that I do not force my faith onto random people." Kinji replied. "Besides that, I cannot think of anything else to say."

Yuki and I agreed to leave it like that. There was one last student left and she had to the Ultimate Clown, the getup certainly gave it away.

"Yo, how are ya doin'?!" She greeted. "Surprised? Gotcha! Hahaha!"

"Umm, random appearance aside." I sighed. "The name's Dylan."

"Oh right, I'm Satsuki Iranami. Nice to see ya!"

"Same to you, Satsuki. Should any of us be expecting a few circus tricks during the first year?"

She laughed. "Well, if you want that to come true. You better have a good reaction ready. I don't give my performances for free."

"Oh you can be sure that I will. Let's get along well from today on as well, alright?"

"Okay, I'll be serious for a moment. I'm sure we'll have fun here."

Yuki was silent, he was probably wondering how I was able to handle a clown very well.

And with that, the ice-breaker session with everyone was done. I had a feeling that I was going to have an entertaining time as this academy...or will I?

So the reason why this is in the misc. games. Honestly, I'm just not so sure how this will be received due to very high levels of expectation. But if it works out well, then I'll move it to the DR section. Either way, I feel quietly confident that I can do an okay job with this rewrite.

Next time! The infamous bear makes his appearance, let the killing games begin!