This will be a short one, but a very good one to end the story on.

The Epilogue Graduation

So that was it...the final trial was over...just like that.

"Wait, it's all over?" Kizuna asked.

"So...we did it?" Kiyoka added.

Akane just laughed. "Hehehehe, did you enjoy this killing game?"

"What's there to enjoy something like this?" Ayame responded. "If this is over, you should know what's coming next."

"That's right...and there's no need to vote either, cause there's no Monokuma to declare it anymore."

Akane then took out a second remote and placed it on the podium closest to the throne chair.

"That remote will open the vault doors, you better leave and go as far away in the world." She grinned evilly. "Cause when I'm gone, the rest of Void will hear of this and they will return to bring despair to the world again soon."

I stood firm. "Well as long as hope exists, we'll always find a way to keep despair away from the hope that shines above our lives."

"Hmhmhm, we shall see...anyways, it's time to put this to an end."

"You're going to be punished, right?" Mikako asked.

"Exactly. Now stand back and watch as I experience the punishment to end all punishments!"

We stood well back as Akane's eyes went into a spiral motion before she pressed her hand on the red button.

"Let's give it everything we've got! IT'S PUNISHMENT TIIIIIIIIIIIIIME! KYA-HAHAHAHAHA!"




The walls of the trial room collapsed as Akane waved at us before she was dragged away by the chains that had taken the lives of all the other students.


Akane was strapped to a giant football and was kicked around by Monokuma clones dressed as soccer players. She is then hoisted away from the ball and cuffed into a moving chair that made a dash over a sprinting track before one of the wheels came off and the finishing line which had a razor sharp line cut a bit of her left waist, causing her to bleed. The cuffs were then removed and the seat ejected out of her, she flew away from the field and onto a cross at a church, her hands were impaled onto the cross with large nails, her hands were now bleeding. The cross then whooshed up like a rocket before it came crashing down, but Akane was dragged away before the cross hit the ground. Now she was inside a wooden barrel that was inside a circus tent, Monokuma clones appeared and threw knives into the barrel, she then coughed a little and some blood came out. Her body was then thrown onto a car that had a huge bomb wired on the back, it was heading for a collision with another car. But when there was ten seconds left on the bomb, Akane coughed and hissed...she had gasped her final breath, the car stopped and then the bomb stopped ticking.

We assumed that the last punishment was over...and it was, like she was all over. The game is over...we can finally leave. I looked at Ayame, Satsuki and Mikako, they were in shock at the punishments they could've gotten, if it wasn't for me. I kept my head cool though, I walked over to the remote and grabbed it. I went back to the girls and pointed to the elevator. We had what we needed, now it was time to finally get out of here and leave.

But there was one more thing we needed to do and I didn't dare forget, I remembered to pick up Inventor Ego from the headmaster's office, I took the USB flash drive and plugged it back into the laptop before taking it with me. We made our way past the locker room, one of which had an empty bag which was ideal for me to carry the laptop in, before going over to the main entrance with the giant vault door.

"Well, here we are." Kiyoka said.

"Let's see if it works." Satsuki added.

I nodded and pushed the red button. The gatling gun at the top suddenly shut down and then, the vault door started to move to the side and a massive bright light came into view. Our long overdue freedom was almost within reach. The vault door then stopped and in our view was the outside world. I had my hands out and they were held by Kiyoka and Mikako, the other girls stayed close to me as we slowly walked out of the academy and onto the open ground.

*BGM: R-type Delta OST - Peace*

We made our way to the gates and opened them up. We didn't look back, not one bit. We moved further and further away from the academy as the early morning sky came into view. Once we were out of the city area, we stood together on a small hill, looking back at the academy. We were finally far away from it, we sighed with great relief, grateful that we survived to the very end of the game. Now we can finally move forward, with hope, peace and love combined.

"What can I say girls, we did it." I said with a big smile.

"Yeah, we finally got out." Kiyoka replied.

"'s peaceful." Mikako added.

Kizuna nodded. "Awww, heck yeah! We totally did it!"

"We beat Void at thier own game." Ayame said.

"And best of all, we're out of there with our main lead." Satsuki added.

"Indeed, but now I wonder where we can go from here." I pondered. "Because the Future Foundation will surely be wanting Inventor Ego back at HQ."

"You're right." Kiyoka held my left arm. "There's also the chance that we'll have to go into hiding until the whole incident passes by."

"In that case, we'll need to find someplace we can stay for the time being." Ayame said.

"Yep, we're all connected by Dylan here." Satsuki added. "Our man that we believe in and love."

I looked at the girls. "Girls...honestly, I don't think I would've survived if it wasn't for you either. I am so happy to be shared by you beautiful girls."

"Oh, Dilly, I love you." Kizuna hugged me. "I love you so much!"

"I love you as well, Dylan." Ayame said.

"You were the one who gave me those dogtags and I have never let them go." Kiyoka reminded. "I will always love you for that."

Satsuki winked. "Yeah, what these gals said, I love ya too, Dylan."

"Dylan...I'm able to talk to everyone, because of you." Mikako then kissed. "I will love you forever."

"Girls...I love you all too." I replied, nodding with a tear in my eye. "May we stay in love, forever and always."

We shared a group hug that was filled with kisses from each of the girls before we pulled away.

Just then, we heard a pair of helicopters approaching, they then landed on the big open area of the park, there were a pair of soldiers and three people who were in uniforms that came up to us with smiles. One had spiky brown hair, one had long purple hair and the third had short blonde hair with glasses.

"Excuse me, are you the ones who survived?" The purple haired girl asked.

"Yeah, we're the ones who managed to escape." I answered. "We also have the laptop containing Inventor Ego."

"Good to know, we'll be taking that to HQ, along with you all." The short blonde hair guy said.

"Anyways, I'm Makoto Naegi of the Future Foundation." The spiky brown hair guy introduced. "A survivor of the first killing game, just like you six went through."

"Ohhh, I thought I recognized you from the photo." Kizuna responded. "You look a lot older than I thought."

"That's because many years have passed since that killing game." The purple haired girl corrected. "I'm Kyoko Naegi of the Future Foundation."

"The name's Byakuya Togami, heir of the Togami corporation." The tall guy introduced. "And I'm willing to give out a small donation if you see fit."

I pondered quietly and then thought back to Kinji's wish.

"Well, there is one in mind." I replied. "Look into Kinji Uehara's background and make a donation to the orphanage he grew up in, it's what we would've wanted."

Byakuya hummed. "Hmm, we'll look into that sometime and get in contact with the founder."

"Putting that aside, is Inventor Ego with you?" Kyoko asked.

"Yeah, it's in the laptop inside the bag." I answered before giving the bag to her.

"Very well, I will hold on to it." She took it from me.

"We're gonna make a clean sweep of the academy first." Makoto said. "Then we'll take you guys to Future Foundation HQ, from there, you can decide what to do whether you want to contribute to Future Foundation or not."

"Because if the information is true, Void will no doubt be throwing all of their resources into finding you." Byakuya added. "Until we finish our work here, I suggest you consider the option carefully."

"We'll be back here to pick you up soon." Kyoko said. "Make sure you don't go anywhere."

We nodded and the three of them left, although I couldn't help but notice Kyoko and Makoto holding hands, they also have the same name, I guess they're married?

"Anyways, I hope there's a really good hotel when we leave." Kizuna smirked. "We need a big room for all of us, ya know."

"A hotel sounds good." Ayame then blushed. "Maybe there will be one near Future Foundation somewhere."

"Oh, I hope it's one where you get a discount if you bring a love partner to a love hotel." Satsuki said.

I was confused by that bit. "Huh? A love hotel?"

"Yeah, there's one in the city somewhere, perhaps we can stay there after this is all over."

"Hehehe, sounds awesome to me." Kizuna smirked. "We're gonna treat you all day long."

"That's right, ya better be ready to find out how much we love you."

Kiyoka blushed, happily. "Oh my...well, if that's going to happen, I won't say no."

"I would like that." Mikako said, blushing as well.

My face went red at what they were implying. "Uhhh, putting that to one side. Let's just stay focused on finding a place, and when we do, we can start making plans for the future. One where we can maintain the peace and deliver on where hope is needed most whenever despair tries to envelope everything. We'll be there and we'll keep it at bay, no matter where it is!"

"YEAH!" The other girls agreed in unison.

Well, that almost hurt my ears, but that was okay. Things were going to be quite a few busy days before we can settle down.

The idea of a love hotel sounds like a good option, although I hoped we would have the money for it, I wondered if that hotel would accept monocoins. Oh well, who knows. You just never know what the future holds. I came to this academy to prove that I can bring peace to those who need it, and despite witnessing several lives lost along the way, I felt like I achieved that goal.

*End Of BGM*

I leave the fading memories of the killing game with one fact, I searched for peace and found love along the way. Therefore, the search is over!


Surviving Students: 6

Item Obtained: Graduation Keyring


Story Ending theme:
Survivor - The Search Is Over

IT'S DONE! Thank you, thank you! Hope you folks enjoyed this AU fangame story as much as I enjoyed bringing this to you.

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