The Sleeping Princess

My mother gave birth to me at home, in the small one-bedroom hut father had built for us. We didn't have the luxuries that upper class Saiyans or the royal Vegeta family had. We didn't have electricity or plumbing, and we slept on straw mats our mother had woven together. I was the first member of the Son family to be born on Planet Vegeta, and in that sense I was lucky. I wouldn't have moments in my life where I would look up at the sky wishing to see that green and blue planet that had plenty of trees, grass, and only one sun.

A week after I was born, my mother had the honor of delivering the royal twin babies, Prince Trunks and Princess Bra. I imagine I was at home, sucking my thumb and staring at my big brother Gohan's tail as he told me stories about Earth, or told me stories about the planets he's been to while out on missions. Even at that age Gohan was my favorite person, and I think I was his.

The night the princess and prince was born was both a joyous and sad one. Trunks was born first, with a healthy cry all newborns have. Bra was second. She didn't make a sound.

"Is she healthy? Is she alright?" Queen Bulma asked. She was a new mother and didn't know what was normal and what was not. My mother assured her that the princess was just tired, that she would wake up tomorrow and cry all day long.

A week passed. Bra never woke up.

King Vegeta kicked down our door while we were sleeping. I wailed from fear, instantly feeling my mother and brother put a protective hand on my belly. Luckily, my father Goku was back from his mission. He was calm and standing by our feet, ready to die for us if he had to. Saiyan guards entered our house, lighting the room with their torches.

"Vegeta, it's an honor to have you in my house," my father said dryly. He was the only person brave enough to talk to King Vegeta so casually, as if they were equals. The guards bristled at his insolence and would've gladly taken the time to force him to bow and address the king properly if it wasn't for the dire situation.

"Get out of my way Kakkarot," King Vegeta growled, calling my father by his Saiyan name. Only Mother and Queen Bulma called him Goku. His eyes narrowed at my frightened mother. " I didn't come for you tonight."

My father blocked my mother from the king's view. If he wanted to kill my mother, then he needed to get past father first.

"Aw, man. I was hoping we could finally settle who's stronger." Father's aura flared, boasting of his strength and throwing the guards off their feet. King Vegeta wasn't baited.

" I've come here on behalf of my queen. The princess hasn't woken up since she was born and has since been placed in a rejuvenation tank. There's been no changes to her condition. " King Vegeta pointed at my mother." I blame your wife! She's the reason my daughter won't wake up! She did something to her to make her this way! If it were up to me, I'd kill her where she sits!"

King Vegeta curled his fingers into a fist and took a second to compose himself.

"The children are the queen's charge. A hundred pods are scheduled to land tomorrow, and we'll need all the rejuvenation tanks we have. The queen wants your wife to look after the princess from morning until sunset. If the princess dies, then your wife will die as well. If she misses even one day, then I will personally see to her punishment."

"Fine. Chichi will take full responsibility for the princess," father agreed, adding a condition of his own." But only the royal family may decide her punishment. No other Saiyan can harm her. Deal?"

King Vegeta grunted. They had a deal.

Everyday mother carried me in her arms as she walked to the palace to take care of the sleeping princess. Sometimes I stayed behind when brother and father were home, but most days they were away on missions for weeks at a time.

"The princess will wake up one day, you'll see," mother would constantly assure me as well as herself. She was afraid to think of what would happen if the princess never awoke.

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This is a dbz au fanfic based on the movie "Sleeping Bride." I didn't like how Sleeping Bride ended, which inspired me to make this.