Diana sat on her sofa finally able to watch a movie Kal had recommended her a little over a month ago.

She smiled to herself thinking of how thoughtful he has been. From the embraces, kisses on the cheek and oh Gods his massages works wonders after a long tiring day. This has become like a special ritual of theirs.

As she watched the movie, some of the scenes reminded her of Kal. For brief moments she pictured them in the role.

Interrupting her from her thoughts was the WatchTower alert.

She sighed. With only 20 minutes left to the end of the movie, she'd hope she can find time again to finish it.

"Wonder Woman? Come in, Wonder Woman."

"Wonder Woman here."

"There's a disruption in Argentina. Calls himself Magnus, the greatest warrior on the planet."

Diana smirked. "I'm on way, Vic."

Her battle with Hercules wannabe, Magnus, didn't last very long. She was glad of that ready to get back home.

But as usual...

"Wonder Woman, it's Canary. Vixen and I need a little assistance."

"On my way."

Hours later...

Diana sighed walking into the WatchTower Lounge. She prayed to the Gods for no more calls for the day. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

"Wonder Woman?"

She huffed tilting her head back forward and opened her eyes. When she saw Kal walking towards her smiling, she pepped up a bit.


"Hey." He sat next to her. "Been busy today."

"Four calls back to back. I thought today I would be completely off duty."

"I know the feeling..."

"Before I got the first call I was actually watching one of the movies you recommended."

"Really? Which one? What you think?"

"The one with the hilarious party scene. I would love to go to something like that."

"A wild party like that?"

"I would just like to really have fun. Really let loose."

Kal smiled and started massaging her temple.

"Oh, you really want to spoil and baby me?"

He laughed.

"But shouldn't I return th-"

Before she could finish, Kal shook his head.

Diana adjusted herself laid down on the sofa and Kal sat on the edge.

He placed his hands at her shoulders as he began rubbing gently. He smiled hearing a soft low sound of approval.

As always Kal's strong hands took control and Diana gladly let him lead the way. His thumb dug deep into her shoulder causing Diana to let out another moan that she had tried hard to subdue.

He worked his way down her back. This wasn't just soothing to her, but in a way very soothing to him, too. The feel of her smooth sun kissed skin. He tried his hardest not to think of the noises she was making. As hard as he tried, he couldn't get the sounds of bliss out of his head as she continued to make them.

"Your hands are like magic," she sighed.

Kal hit another spot that sent a wave of pleasure through her body and Diana immediately groaned her pleasure.

"Your boots, Di?"


He smiled and took her boots off. They were silent. But it was a very pleasant silence.

Diana bit her lip holding in a moan as he rubbed her feet and ankles, then slowly from her calves and the back her knees, working his up her thighs. It took all Kal had not to let his hands slide down her body to show how great his hands could really be.

Diana felt his fingers slide forward a tiny bit and rest on her bare skin and she held in her gasp. It felt like her skin was on fire and she didn't mind at all.

She exhales deeply and slowly as he was so dangerously close to touching her rear.



"Could you press a little more in that spot?"

He let out a quiet sigh and smiled. He was relieved that she was so comfortable with him like this."

As he applied more pressure, Diana breath out slowly again.


"Yes, thank you."

"Anything for you, Diana."