Chapter 1 Grandfather.

After Klaus, Mikael and Elijah with Freya's fight against Dahlia ended not the way they expected. Klaus stabbed Mikael in the chest with what he believes to be the White Oak Stake the only thing in all of existence that has the power to end an Original's life permanently. Freya fell apart one of the only two people that ever truly loved Freya was gone. Meanwhile, over at a small cabin, we have a boy who has a physical appearance of a seventeen-year-old who has pale white skin green eyes and light brown hair. The boy is wearing dark navy blue denim shorts, a light ocean blue t-shirt and navy blue converse trainers. Along with a pendant around his neck, the pendant is a dark amber crystal shaped to be the symbol of Cerberus the three-headed hound of the Underworld. In the middle of the cabin, we have a wooden chair and around that chair is a circle of various kinds of flowers that have been blessed by magic. Sat in the chair is a very alive but desiccated Mikael! The boy picks up a small knife makes a small cut on two of his index fingers. He then mutters a small spell before placing his two index fingers on Mikael's lips the tiny amount of blood slips through the cracks of Mikael's closed lips and within only a few mere seconds Mikael completely revives and comes to his surroundings. The boy moves his two index fingers away from Mikael.

"Where am I witch?" Mikael demands to know, he then tries to stand up but finds himself unable to move.

"Don't bother trying to move I've spelled you so you can't move from the chair until I lift the spell you're stuck there." The boy replies.

"What is it that you want boy?" Mikael asked.

"We have someone in common your daughter Freya," The boy says.
"Stop the riddles boy." Mikael snapped.

"You really do have a lack of patience grandpa." The boy responds.

"Grandpa! Answer clearly boy because you won't be able to hide behind this spell forever." Mikael snapped.

"I don't intend to hide behind any spell gramps! Now, my name is Adam Mathiasson. Your first and only grandchild." The boy reveals to Mikael.

"Impossible my daughter's child died while in her womb." Mikael pointed out.

"Only for a mere split second, grandpa when my mother passed out. Dahlia saved me, and made my mother believe I was dead not long afterwards my mother fled." Adam explains.

"What do you want?" Mikael questions.

"We both want the same thing, grandpa, we both want Dahlia dead and my mother free, I want my freedom. Dahlia does not need Nicklaus' child to break the slumber part of her immortality spell. She never did I showed potential with magic from the moment I was born. She cloaked me from my mother and raised me and taught me the arts of magic. While she broke the slumber cycle for her immortality, she made sure I and my mother would continue being tied to the sleeping cycle. To keep my mother's still thinking Dahlia hadn't yet gained enough power. Me slumbering was punishment for my mother betraying Dahlia." Adam answered.

"If you are really my grandson than release me, and we will speak as though we are grandfather and grandson," Mikael says with a simple click of his fingers lifting the spell he placed on Mikael. Mikael gets out his seat and stretches for a brief few seconds.

"And how do grandfathers and grandsons speak?" Adam asked.

"Drink and hunt." Mikael answers.

"Sounds like a plan you won't have to worry about the mutt or anyone finding you, I've cloaked us," Adam tells Mikael.

"I run from no one." Mikael snapped.

"It's not running my and Freya's fate depends on keeping you a secret. Dahlia has the power to take on all existing Originals at once and beat them. As do I but her knowledge surpasses mine." Adam replies.

"While we hunt you will tell me of your plans," Mikael said practically ordering.

"Of, course gramps," Adam says.

End of chapter 1.