Chapter 2 Plans and a reminder.

The hunting lasted for two hours, Adam although wasn't surprised by Mikael's brutality when it came to hunting as Mikael is a Viking warrior. But the drinking part was entirely different. Not what Adam exactly expected the two are now sat in a small booth over at the bar Cami works at. Mikael compelled the bartender to not acknowledge the fact that Adam appeared underage.

"Haven't had alcohol in a hundred years. I've forgotten what it tastes like." Adam says.

"One of the few inventions that have stood the stand of time," Mikael responded.

"Klaus had made one of his mistakes in how to deal with Dahlia," Adam said.

"He has no doubt lost his trust and allegiance with Freya," Mikael replies.

"Not just that my mother although will no longer be willing to work with Klaus, she will still want to stand by Elijah and Rebekah. Elijah and Rebekah are like dogs who run to the bone. They are the dogs and Klaus is the bone. They will stand by Klaus when it suits them and damn everyone else. It's those three against the world now excluding the baby. He made the assumption that he has for a long time. That everyone sees him as a threat and someone not to be messed with." Adam spoke.

"And you don't my boy?" Mikael assumes. Adam just chuckles.

"Let me put this way grandpa, I am Thor's hammer and he is just a mere bug. One that has managed by some miracle to live as long as he has. He has no power over me, my main goal isn't just to end Dahlia and gain my freedom. But it is to reunite my family and to bring the Mikaelson trio worse nightmares to life." Adam tells Mikael.

"How interesting Adam, just how do you plan on bringing Nicklaus, Elijah and Rebekah their worse nightmares to life?" Mikael questions.

"A true warrior never reveals all his secrets grandpa. But the first steps are crucial I need you to fetch certain items and take them to my cabin," Adam responds pulling out a small note and passing it to his grandfather. Mikael looks at the note and reads it silently in his head.

"Is this going to be a problem grandpa?" Adam questioned.

"This is a mere trifle, my little witch," Mikael replies.

"Good," Adam spoke the two spent the next hour drinking before Adam had to leave to return to Dahlia.

Adam is true to his word and returns to Dahlia's hideout which shall remain a secret for now. Adam wasn't drunk not even tipsy he has had plenty of experience when it comes to drinking despite his sleeping cycle.

"Auntie, I trust things went well," Adam commented.

"Things did their encounter with me, is no doubt troubling the siblings. Three Originals subdued by my barely a mere fraction of my power. Although they did fight rather passionately for their loved ones." Dahlia replies.

"My mother was there wasn't she?" Adam asks already knowing the answer.

"Yes, but that is not your concern," Dahlia answered quickly wanting to dismiss the conversation.

"My concern! Let's not forget one crucial detail Dahlia it is my power alone that broke your sleeping cycle. If it wasn't for me, you would have only just woken. And if you were to lose my power your sleeping cycle would return. And you and I are not naive enough to think that Nicklaus' child would have the power to break the cycle." Adam snapped. Dahlia just chuckled.

"You almost gave me a valid point. If your power wasn't tied to me, I have no doubt I would still be bond to sleep and that Nicklaus's daughter and her children wouldn't have the power to break it at least not for a dozen centuries. But how quickly you forget its not the magical potential that makes a witch's power. Its the knowledge, wisdom and skill that makes a witch powerful and dangerous. If you were as skilled as I, you would have been able to unlink yourself and find your mother." Dahlia reminds Adam of a lesson, he has never seen to truly learn. How Adam craved to rip out Dahlia's lounge and skin her alive.

"I don't care what your desire is with the mutt's child, however, what I do care is what happens to me and my mother. I know you won't kill her death is a punishment you never give to those that carry your blood. You probably consider it a gift death. Just know this I can bring you a bloodline of witches that Hope nor any other witch could ever produce. So keep that in mind when we make our next move." Adam says. Dahlia lets out a very brief smile.

"That is a thought that is frequently on my mind dear, child," Dahlia spoke.

End of chapter 2.