Chapter 3 Freya's mourning and early memories.

Rebekah has just left, Freya at the small altar, where Freya is making a small memorial for her once more deceased father. The one for a very brief time she had back in her life. As Freya stares at the altar unaware that someone is watching over her.

"My love, how it pains me to see you like this." A man spoke, Freya believes is lost forever.

"Mathias, how I wish you were here," Freya says to herself; he always had a special way of making all of her worries fade. He made her feel safe and happy.

"I am my darling, I always will be," Mathias said it hurts him so much that there are no words to describe the pain of being so close to her. But unable to touch her, to feel her and for her to hear and see him.

"The only man who loved me beside you is dead just after I only just got him back. If the plan against Dahlia fails, I will happily embrace death just to see you and our child again." Freya says. It hurt Mathias hear Freya say that yes, she has lived longer than what nature ever intended.

"No, no my love you mustn't say that soon you will be free from Dahlia, you will live the life you deserve, and you will be happy. I promise that you will see me again." Mathias tells Freya as he gently strokes her hair.

Freya then left and decided that she should build on her skills more and add more magical wards to ensure Dahlia couldn't find her while she was alone. Not long after Freya awakened one of the first things, she did was to gain access and record spells, rituals and information from most of the witches in New Orleans' French Quarter. They were some grimoires she couldn't get a hold of such as Esther's, Davina's and Kol's grimoires. Over in her hideout after Freya cast multiple of new cloaking spells. Freya sits down on a small chair and picks up a small silver band. She smiles at it fondly remembering the time she received this gift from Mathias, she hid it from her aunt but whenever Dahlia wasn't around, she wore it. Although the design was plain other than the engraved flowers on the band, she cherishes it every day.


Dahlia had told Freya, she needed to collect certain ingredients, special ingredients and instructed Freya to train more to hone her stronger magic. Right now, Freya is walking alone in a small-town market. She needed time away from their hut, she needs to be free from the silence. Walking around the market Freya greets most people kindly who cross her paths. But she can hear whispers of villagers who are talking about her behind her back.

"Ignore them miss." A man said from behind a stall, near Freya, shocked turns and walks over to the stall where the man is.

"Excuse me, sir," Freya says looking at the man.

"These people are just mere gossipers; they find joy in spreading rumours." The man tells her. Freya examines the man with her eyes guessing his height to be about five feet, his hair dark blond and his eyes blue wearing humble clothes just as she does.

"And you don't believe what they say?" Freya asks.

"No, I choose to let those they talk about to show who they really are." The man answered.

"That is quite considerate and thoughtful of you, sir." Freya complimented.

"Not at all it's just how my parents raised me, miss." The man responded.

"Your parents sound wise and considerate," Freya said.

"That they are, so tell me, miss, where are your parents?" The man requested. Freya is taken back by this request.

"I-I..." Freya stuttered.

"Apologises miss, I do not mean to offend or hurt you," The man apologised.

"No, no I wouldn't suggest that you did. My parents and siblings were lost to illness, I now live with my aunt," Freya explained, it wasn't a complete lie she does live with her aunt. But as far as she is aware her mother is dead and her siblings and father are some forms of an abomination of nature. What kind of abomination she has no idea only that they are some form of an immortal creature similar to her. However, her younger siblings are unable to procreate. Freya would pity them if they desired to procreate because they would be oblivious to the curse placed on each and every firstborn of Ester's line.

"I am sorry for your loss miss, no one deserves to suffer such heartbreak," The man apologised once more.

"Thank you, but nothing can be done sadly, Freya and you kind sir?" Freya replied.

"Mathias," The man answers.

End of Flashback:

End of chapter 3.