Chapter 4 Concerns and Witches Talk.

"Elijah," Rebekah called out, she still wasn't used to how different her voice is. Now that her soul is residing in a body of a witch who was imprisoned in The Dowager Fauline cottage a prison used by the covens of New Orleans who believe those who reside in there aren't capable of living in everyday life society. She asks herself how different things would be if she never returned to New Orleans. She doubts that the compound is truly empty Klaus hates the thought of baby Hope being outside the compound. He or Hayley must be with the child.

"Sister," Elijah replied walking down the stairs holding a large black suitcase.

"Brother, are you sure it's wise for you to move out of the compound? Hope needs all the protection she can get," Rebekah asks.

"I will always protect that girl, the matter of the fact right now it is in all of our interests. That I do not reside here," Elijah answers.

"Or is it easier for you to handle Hayley and Jackson being now joined as wife and husband from afar?" Rebekah asked.

"My choice to leave the compound has nothing to do with the wedding. Hayley is fulfilling her duty as must we all. I have merely come to pick up the rest of my things," Elijah responds his voice showing signs of irritation.

"I've come to share some unfortunate news," Rebekah said.

"I'm sure it can't be as unfortunate as news we have received of late," Elijah says, hoping Rebekah was just being dramatic.

"I saw Freya earlier, she was making a shrine for Mikael," Rebekah started.

"That is to be expected it will help her move on in time," Elijah interrupted.

"I don't think so, she has given the two of us an ultimatum," Rebekah said as she brushed aside a stray strand of hair from her forehead.

"What kind of ultimatum?" Elijah asks.

"To pick a side her or Nicklaus our brother made a mistake in killing our father. He has cost the one person who knows how Dahlia works what she is truly capable of," Rebekah answers. Elijah processes the information he has just receive before letting out a deep sigh. They really couldn't catch a break.

"I will speak to her convince her that it is all in our best interests to remain together despite her loss. We are her only family now, who could she possibly choose?" Elijah tells Rebekah.

Meanwhile, over at Lafayette Cemetery, Davina is alone in the tomb which hides a safe-house which Kol use to have witches perform acts of magic for his own gain. One that could only be accessed by a witch of Davina's bloodline. It never really occurred to her just how many grimoires resided in the place. Most were Kol's across the many centuries he has lived and others belonged to witches he had recruited not just in New Orleans. But other witches across the world who he shared a brief amount of time with when he wasn't dagger-ed. Despite coming to this place for weeks. She still hasn't fully completed in her task of organizing the grimoires and reading through them all. When suddenly, she hears a knock on the tomb's doors.

She assumes it must be Rebekah unless she's too busy these days. Outside of Kol, Rebekah is the only Mikaelson she finds tolerable. Although, she doubts if she will keep her word in regards to help bring Kol back from the dead. Sighing she walks over to the doors and opens one of them and is surprised to see a complete stranger standing before her.

"Davina Claire?" The stranger asks.

"Who wants to know?" Davina responds.

"My name is Adam and I believe you and I have some things to discuss," Adam says offering his left hand out to Davina.

"What kind of things?" Davina asked.

"Matters of the heart and that of family, it is best if we speak inside. We both know how nosy and crafty witches are," Adam answers. Davina wasn't sure if she could trust him but right now, she guesses she could take a risk, she knew how to take care of herself. She fought Klaus and won. Davina accepted his hand then taking a few steps back allowing Adam to enter. Once inside Davina closed the door and turned to face Adam.

"Talk, I haven't got a lot of time," Davina says rather harshly.

"Is that the way you would speak to someone who could bring back the man. You've grown so fond of perhaps even love?" Adam replies with a grin.

"How do you know about Kol?" Davina questions.

"I don't know him in person but I know of him, he is after all my uncle," Adam answers making Davina gasps.

"Ugh, Klaus bred before Hope," Davina said the universe just loves tormenting her. She tells herself.

"I take offence to such an assumption. I am neither of the Originals offspring. Freya their eldest sister is my mother," Adam responded.

"So, where have you been all these centuries?" Davina asked.

"With my great-aunt Dahlia biding my time to be free of her. And I believe you and I can help each other. We both want similar things," Adam answers.

"Shouldn't you be running to your mommy? If you haven't seen each other for centuries," Davina says.

"I would love to but right now it's too risky, not while Dahlia holds all the pieces. Now you want Kol back now it's common not to look far ahead in the long run of a romance. But have you asked yourself if you are successful in resurrecting him? He will be in his Original form. A relationship between a mortal and immortal can't truly last. What will you do become a vampire? When you've seen first hand what trials vampires have to face for centuries if not forever. And what about Kol would he be content with being an Original again when he has experienced what's like to be a witch again?" Adam replies.

"I don't know I'll cross the path when it comes to it. Kol never wanted to become a vampire, he was content with being a witch living a single life," Davina said.

"So, either way, your resurrection of Kol ends in tragedy," Adam says.

"Your point!" Davina snapped.

"My point is I want Kol back to just not as an Original if I have the right tools by the end of this year we can perform a ritual. One were we get Kol back in his true body but reverted to his mortal state, he would have his mortality back and the ability to practice magic. Neither one of you would have to worry about immortal concerns. The two of you can live life on your own terms," Adam said, he didn't mean to come off as harsh as he did.

"Why should I believe you?" Davina asks.

"Because I loath the Mikaelsons just as much you do. I just want my family made whole. To repair the damage that has been caused. I want my parents back an uncle or three. Let me earn your trust. And do not speak of what we have talked about for both of our stakes. I'll be in touch," Adam explained before leaving.

End of chapter 4.