1. Skull is not allowed to drive, control or otherwise manipulate any vehicle containing other people. Never again, Skull!

2. Verde is not a robot and counts as a person. That screaming wasn't happy screaming!

3. Reborn is not the devil and also counts as a person.

4. Just stop driving people places Skull or you're paying for the therapy!

5. Skull cannot choose his own clothes for important events.

6. Viper cannot choose Skull's clothes for important events, we know he paid you for that clown suit Viper.

7. Skull is not allowed to be alone with Verde in Verde's labs, we don't know what you get up to but the maniacal cackling is worrying.

8. Viper is not allowed to take Skull's ideas for illusions. They are terrifying. Please stop. Please.

9. Skull is not allowed to die at the dining room table. It put's everyone off their meals, if you know you are about to die just stay in your room.

10. Skull is not allowed to die in public areas of the house.

11. Skull is not allowed to die in public.

12. Skull just stop randomly dying, it's unseemly.

13. Skull and Vongolia Ottava are NOT ALLOWED by any circumstances, to be unsupervised. They get along terrifyingly well and cause enough chaos to make even Reborn gape.

14. Skull please stop acting as an enabler for old mafia ladies. I saw them cackling after everyone noticed the punch was spiked. Drunk mafia is not good mafia.

15. Skull is not allowed to buy strawberry baileys for Viper, they are terrifying when drunk.

16. Skull is not allowed to cause Viper to be terrifying in any way. Seriously, is it a game to you. In the last week you got them drunk 5 times and proceeded to ply them with horror movies and released them on famagilias that oppose Vongolia. Tsuna is touched but traumatized.

17. Skull is not allowed to bring death as his date to balls. I don't even want to think about how you got close enough to death that she let you take her on a date, or the fact that there is a personification of death at all.

18. Skull is not allowed to let his girlfriend unleash Armageddon.

19. Skull is not allowed to let his girlfriend watch horror movies.

20. Please just avoid all negative influences on Death, she is trigger happy and is already informing us of the horrific ways she wants us to die because of our less-than-stellar treatment of you.

Skull and Death giggled as they saw the poster laminated on the fridge, the rules had been unofficial before and Skull enjoyed skirting around them to screw with everyone.

"Well" Skull said looking at his girlfriend, "I believe we have some rules to bend." Death looked at him and grinned manically.

"I vote something with hippopotamuses. They have cool names." Skull nodded as he took a picture of the poster and maneuvered Death towards his rooms.

"Maybe a zoo" he murmured to the delight of Death.